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Feet up. Pearls on. Go off. Stream now: #Riverdale
Retweeted by Archie Comics @ArchieComics I got Betty and Veronica Double Digest 186 for Christmas 9 years ago... still one of my favorite comi…
Retweeted by Archie ComicsKnock knock knock on the gates of hell. See you January 24th, witches.
Retweeted by Archie ComicsSometimes you just need to hug it out. Stream #Riverdale free only on The CW App: Veronica catch you up to speed with the past 3 seasons of #Riverdale. you remember (or still have) your first Archie comic? at this beautiful hardcover comic book featuring the faces of @kiernanshipka, @rosslynch and @gtleatherwood.… baby yoda pressing buttons meme but it's the @sabrinanetflix opening theme song @RiverdaleWriter ruins my whole day
Hey I drew this one!
Retweeted by Archie ComicsI hate it when I'm working in my father's mines and I hear a ghostly voice calling to me from behind a closed off w… @ArchieComics No warning needed. Bring it on I thrive on #CAOS
Retweeted by Archie Comics @AGoldmund @NathanBLawrence Thank you Alex Goldman, host and producer of the acclaimed podcast @replyall @traceExcalibur @sabrinanetflix don't make me tap the sign account will only tweet about #CAOS for the rest of the day. You've been warned. many times do we have to go over this? ADVENTURES OF SABRINA returns in January for Part 3
Retweeted by Archie ComicsArt by the wonderfully talented @Vincredible_23!
Retweeted by Archie Comicsaccurate 👀👀
Retweeted by Archie Comics @sabrinanetflix we've been waiting to post this
Retweeted by Archie Comics @sabrinanetflix we've been waiting to post this knock knock on the gates of hell. see you Jan 24, witches.
Retweeted by Archie Comics @TheZergoranoss @AdoringSofia_ @kiernanshipka @gtleatherwood Hotwe are all @ArchieComics
Retweeted by Archie Comics"Going for the jugular early and often can be effective, but so is building tension rather than body counts. With T…
Retweeted by Archie ComicsHave you had a chance to talk with Mrs. Burble yet? #Riverdale resilient. Stream the latest: #Riverdale
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Have you finished all your Christmas shopping? Archie Goes From Radio to TV Star in Archie 1955 #3 @ArchieComics @MarkWaid
Retweeted by Archie ComicsRainy weekend plans: read @ArchieComics Sabrina the Teenage Witch and make Salem cat cookies! 😻 Info and recipe:…
Retweeted by Archie Comics#KatyKeene is about to turn Archie's world upside down! Check out cover art and more from the upcoming ARCHIE & KA… Lodge as a vampire? That's what we call a "Vampironica." Read VAMPIRONICA: NEW BLOOD #1:… you want to talk about the newest episode but your friends aren't caught up yet. Stream #Riverdale free only… mean, no offense to my pals writing those books, but SABRINA can totally hang with Aquaman, Batman, and @zdarsky.
Retweeted by Archie ComicsI received my comp copies of the cover l drew for Cosmo #1 recently for @ArchieComics Thanks guys! ✨✨
Retweeted by Archie ComicsWhat good is a secret if nobody knows about it?'s one way to meet your girlfriend's family. Read ARCHIE AND SABRINA PART 5:
The wonderful Sabrina the Teenage Witch series by @79SemiFinalist, @itsveronicafish, @AndyTFish & #JackMorelli is n… Hill is back in town and he's enlisting the help of Betty Cooper to solve a mystery! Take a look inside next w… @BatCatShipper we are just joking too @EarpSisters22 hmm, interesting theory! @nich0lasryan So what you're saying is that you're open to a Man from R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E. adaptation? Baker is not a #Riverdale character. Please stop replying with "Hannah Baker" as your answer. Thank you.Some more great examples of how amazing @AudreyMok's art from #Vampironica #1 is. #ncbd #comics #ComicArt
Retweeted by Archie Comics @scratchtovoid Maybe he came looking for Jingles?! do you think is sending out the tapes?🤔📼 #Riverdale hits the big time in this exclusive preview of ARCHIE: 1955 #3 over at @CBR: these wild covers for Issue 4 of Archie vs Predator II! @ArchieComics
Retweeted by Archie ComicsThis is a fantastic @BookRiot interview with one of my favorite people, @79SemiFinalist, about her work on the ::c…
Retweeted by Archie Comics @livedoglife Don't worry, Archie and Katy Keene is right around the corner! for watching tonight's episode of #Riverdale with us. Talk to you tomorrow!Sweetest moment ever between this father & son!!
Retweeted by Archie Comics @Phangirl1994 Don't worry, you'll get to know her well soon enough!Wow I love this ep but it’s so sad but I get they just need therapy @CW_Riverdale @ArchieComics
Retweeted by Archie ComicsJughead grabbing all the candy: the perfect GIF. #Riverdale @oldmanfudo okay, true"You're locked in a dance of death with your father, Veronica." 💃
Retweeted by Archie ComicsVeronica’s recap skills are impeccable. #RiverdaleYo how phenomenal is @madelainepetsch?! WHAT. A. PERFORMANCE. 👏👏👏 #Riverdale
Retweeted by Archie ComicsWe love you, Cheryl! ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Archie ComicsGina Torres is on #Riverdale and we are not worthy.
Retweeted by Archie Comics @arimaedawson she'll be there soonHer Vixens are on the line, folks!! 📣
Retweeted by Archie Comics @gillibean001 hmmm, does Memory Lane exist in this Riverdale? @EarpSisters22 that's trippy“I’m a big comic book fan.” Same, Archie, same. #Riverdale @arimaedawson busy busy busy but a good busy @arimaedawson yesJust another day in the office for everyone's favorite guidance counselor, Mrs. Burble!
Retweeted by Archie ComicsThis is a @madchenamick appreciation tweet. #Riverdale dear... what will come out?? #riverdale
Retweeted by Archie ComicsShould I tattoo baby yoda on my face or
Retweeted by Archie Comics @EarpSisters22 we can always count on youGet comfy. A new episode of #Riverdale starts right now on The CW. do you think counseling will go for the #Cooper ladies?? New #Riverdale tonight!!
Retweeted by Archie ComicsWhen you are highly invested in the Archie and Sabrina series @ArchieComics #ncbd #sabrinaspellmancosplay
Retweeted by Archie ComicsI got this sent from the Philippines all the way to me in Canada because how can I NOT get this exclusive cover?? J…
Retweeted by Archie ComicsWake up. A new episode of #Riverdale starts in just one hour on The CW!
can’t wait for you to see tonight’s episode! Honestly one of my favorites 🥰
Retweeted by Archie ComicsHang on tight, just two more hours until a new episode of #Riverdale on The CW. #NewComicBookDay snuck up on me! Hey, we made Archie VS Predator 2 #4 for you! Go buy it with money!
Retweeted by Archie ComicsWhen you realize there's a new episode of #Riverdale on tonight. Watch and tweet along with us starting at 8/7c on…💫 NCBD 💫 My variant cover for ARCHIE #709 – Archie and Sabrina Part 5 is out today! Written by @nickspencer
Retweeted by Archie ComicsFinally! Ugh been waiting so long for this. I just melt into Mok's artwork and aesthetic ever since Sera. This cove…
Retweeted by Archie ComicsCan Sabrina keep the peace between Betty & Veronica? Read the newest chapter of ARCHIE & SABRINA, out now:… crossover of your dreams ❤️ cc: @KatyKeeneWriter
Retweeted by Archie ComicsThe seniors of #Riverdale High await their college decision letters in tonight’s new episode at 8/7c on The CW!…
Retweeted by Archie ComicsLucy Hale is heading to #Riverdale for a #KatyKeene crossover! Get the details:
Retweeted by Archie ComicsCrossover Alert! @lucyhale will appear as #KatyKeene in an upcoming episode of @CW_Riverdale! @CWKatyKeene NEW BLOOD #1 is out! This book has been an absolute blast to watch develop - if you're a fan of the…
Retweeted by Archie ComicsIt's Kevin & Toni against the world. ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR 2 #4 is out today: is back! In stores today: VAMPIRONICA: NEW BLOOD #1! I'm so thrilled to be writing this series with…
Retweeted by Archie ComicsGet in the Christmas spirit with classic Sabrina the Teenage Witch stories, now available on the Archie Comics App:… matter the universe or timeline, one thing stays constant in Riverdale: Don't bother Veronica Lodge. VAMPIRON…'s #Riverdale is a very different mode for the show, so here are 6 very different sorts of teases for the ep…
Retweeted by Archie ComicsForget #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, it's all about #NewComicBookDay and #Riverdale Day! Check out today's comics… appointment is set for 8p on @TheCW and you don't want to be late. Tonight's all new #Riverdale is written by…
Retweeted by Archie ComicsSorry. this the end for Archie and Sabrina's relationship? Guess we'll see. ARCHIE #709 (ARCHIE AND SABRINA PART 5) is… because you've got a plan doesn't mean it's going to work. Archie Vs. Predator 2 #4 drops tomorrow!