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Also aren't countries banning US from travel because we're a #COVIDー19 petri dish? They going to detain foreign s… how they got played in the Tusla Rally, seems like a logical decision. Distract. Distract. Distract. T… ICE & Trump admin playing a tactics game. Putting schools, primarily universities in an awkward position…
In broad daylight, because they thought they had every right to do so. The climate for this sort of behavior only…
Retweeted by K.L. SmithDamn this is sick. Twitter do your thing. Fox News is such garbage. As are most news media outlets. This though, is too funny. 🤡🤡 #BlackLivesMatter protests everywhere, even as Trump declares them anti-American
Retweeted by K.L. Smith @realDonaldTrump It's silly that you deflect any responsibility. Yeah China's decision to delay information about… @skyzyn Also not really related to this at all. Highly recommend you check out Ultralearning by Scott Young. Like… @skyzyn Had to use the Encyclopedia and library books. Thinking about my researching skills as a 12 year old...I sucked. 😂 @skyzyn Garrison I have a little in the memory bank. I should read some in-depth on him. I did a history project i… @HosFross I saw it recommended (maybe on Twitter recently). I'll have to give it a listen. @skyzyn Yeah had to be, considering Underground Railroad network. I could see most lawmakers getting the side-eye at the time.Very good thread. Highly recommend reading. Quite a few nuggets I wasn't aware of myself. @GoldGloveTV Join us.
It is now July 4. Breonna Taylor was killed March 13. Justice delayed is justice denied. Arrest the cops who murdered her.
Retweeted by K.L. Smith @AlanNoon Conan can never be boring.
@skyzyn @Loomin__ Im going to have to check it out when I'm back playing shooters. Will probably play some Diabotic… @skyzyn Give me the low on how this design is beneficial. Does the grip difference help with tracking stabilization?😂
Tesla Q2 2020 Vehicle Production & Deliveries | Tesla, Inc.
Retweeted by K.L. Smith @IamJovonW It's a game changer. If you haven't, you should read some about how Volkswagon is struggling with the ID… @IamJovonW I think I watched this awhile back. The recent GPS III launch reminded me how badly he's setting up Tesl… @PezRadar I got in a bit late (compared to some friends), but right around the 180s. Felt so good about selling.… did a portfolio consolidation right at the beginning of the pandemic thinking, "selling these Tesla stocks can't… Tesla stonks going 📈 Can't believe those delivered units during this pandemic. Also how crazy is it Elon has… @IamJovonW And Marc tried to back her up like, its more than just that but she wasn't on the same wavelength. She t… @IamJovonW She has an agenda with that topic specifically. She acknowledged the extremities that media portray the… @IamJovonW Yeah I always want to see "gotcha" moments, but rarely get to witness them. They tried to give healthy s… @IamJovonW Her point that meritocracy should matter is valid only if the measurement helps fulfill the end goal whi… @IamJovonW Debates rarely end in concession. One subject that Candace apparently wasn't well versed on was diversit…
Sleeping baby for your timeline. ❤ @IGIhosT Yeah I've bought and sold at various points. Every time I wish I would have held longer lol.This is wild... @johnny_giufa @ChrisMurphyCT Joined June 2020. Likely a bot. Disregard. @akhmourne For w/e reason pancakes were the first thing that popped in my mind 😂 @akhmourne Oh that's nice! Well I'll give it a try. Never heard of it but seems like something I'll try with pancakes. @akhmourne How do you determine measurement amounts for paste-to-extract conversions?
@nickchester What a great man he is. Does Charlie know he's doing this? Charlie should get in. @skyzyn Yes that sign is abhorrent. It's hard to imagine what small business owners are going through right now.… @ParaLarek Nope can't at all imagine it. Currently being blessed enough to provide for my family, I feel like I wou… to drop this on the timeline. @IamJovonW I couldn't even finish watching it.
@akhmourne @rawrsnacks My mom lmao is just laughable. Really now? @NathanMooney Meta
@TenseHawks Alexa, "change my lights to sunlight." @TenseHawks Buy some more Hue lights 😂🤣😂🤣 @ScottAdamsSays @BicknellAlf @DMAC11015305 Assuming Scott hasn't watched Hate Thy Neighbor? They're definitely there and young. @ScottGandhi Trump retweeted the video I linked. Said they were "great people" similar to Charlottesville nonsense.… someone who meticulously studies persuasion and communication intent, Trump tweeting the "White Power" video is… @ScottAdamsSays In the protests that turn violent, because there are few of them, I agree that masks increase the o… @_Niterider Echo chambers are killing critical thinking. @jbirdtweets
@hutchinson Mississippi? @BANparty Lol thanks you would have never known with how many emails we had going all week.Most of us did a similar experiment in either junior high or high school. Humans go way outside of their way to de…
Karter Smith's birthday today! 8 lbs 11 ounces! My wife is an absolute trooper, had a 23-hr labor. Excited to take… @Geerzy @jack Threats of violence and misinformationGod this brings the biggest smile on my face. Im over here Grinch smiling. @KraigLooney @jack I was just looking at @hutchinson's post about UV light injections and then it hit me. All the m… real possibility that after Trump is done being President, @jack will probably ban his account. @hutchinson Geesh, I forget he said that.
@hecterrific @skyzyn Not sure on firing up my PS4 for it. Nothing's made me want to hook the PS4 up in my office. @akhmourne I'm trying to gauge the size there. Maybe cut that delicious specimen right in half and make a gigantic… @akaBORT You know when you think about something so much, you check it back out? I did that and read it again beca… this hours ago now, but can't shake it. Neosporin preventing necrosis? 😂🤣 I just can't with you all sometime… month: "The plot thickens...." irony of not wanting to wear a mask here in the US and fate hitting us with a giant dust storm. I'm laughing an… @skyzyn It does feel like that long. I've played dozens of games trying to fill time the last couple months. Nothing sticking. @Galvith I have a 1080. I'll probably upgrade. @skyzyn Twitter account will be dormant for awhile starting mid November-ish. @Fightincowboy Listen I was so mad when I saw that I couldn't even bring myself to talk about it on social. Ridiculous. @DIRTYON3_ Lol no not at all. I'll tell her to expect it. @DIRTYON3_ Cassondra I wish you were friends with my Mom on Facebook I think you'd love seeing her daily posts. @jdcollado It's super frustrating man. I tweeted at the Mayor of DC as well for the BLM Plaza. MLK has roads all o… are some of the emptiest political platitudes. A mural? Your city's police force tried to run people over. WTF??NYPD literally drove through a crowd of protesters... drove through them. Its one of the most damning mental images… @SenateGOP @SenatorTimScott The #JusticeAct was shockingly inadequate. You knew well in advance. It's no surprise… @seriouslyclara @MyLawyerFriend @skyzyn @KuroEquinox This is nutty. @KuroEquinox @skyzyn Going to have to start going to Lagos (Nigeria). Joking, but not really. @skyzyn This one is super concerning. We visit that beach regularly. Need to make sure that officer is on a list… yikes. @rawrsnacks @skyzyn Actually... no not all lol. I can make a heart...sometimes. Perfect taste though...perfect. @rawrsnacks @skyzyn @KallasDominic That looks delicious. I'd totally make sandwiches immediately. @skyzyn @rawrsnacks No joke. Legit home coffee shop in here now. Covid got my barista skills on point now.😂🤣 @Fwiz Oh shit good luck man! Really happy for you two! @MaevriPlays Since this week started I've been thinking about making some.Also in order to enjoy them myself, I have to bake an entirely separate batch for the kiddos. As you can see they… @akhmourne 🤣😂🤣🤣 Yes that's exactly what I said. @rawrsnacks Iced salted caramel latte and peanut butter cookies have been my lifeline.Stress baking. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. @hutchinson She points her finger at the county reps. "Are YOU CRAZY?!" I'm just looking in astonishment. Does America have a reset button? @DrLupo @DestinyTheGame Destiny x SpaceX collabo.
How is this no longer getting national attention? Have we already gone numb? This was the scene outside City Hall…
Retweeted by K.L. Smith @SenatorTimScott My issue with this statement is that you knew well ahead of time that the proposals in were woeful…