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Well @PlayRuneterra would do well to show phases of turns and responding to enemy casts. The biggest frustration i… did they make putting down carpets in animal crossing near impossible.
@kaceytron Welcome back queen @ScaramoochTV Must be your super powerSonic 3 & Knuckles is the greatest video game ever developed. Don't @ me.We're giving high fives all around going into Day 2 of #GFG2020! ICYMI: Over $100,000 was raised yesterday 🎉 Our m…
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@Asikaa604 PEEING IS A GIVEN, rigged poll!! @thatenolacat @TonzyMixer Had me until the last bit. @whackyzach @Asikaa604 Why go through the hassle of several stations when you can do it all in one? And I LOVE hot… @whackyzach Do you see @Asikaa604 @whackyzach No because I brush my teeth in the shower. :).Nintendo Online trial code for new members. Accidently used my coins to redeem it: C08GP7BT0HGWY7R3Turns out I might really really like counter strike... At least with friends.
Hey guys! What are your favorite workshop maps on @CSGO ? I am working on a project and need some fun suggestions
Retweeted by Ardenteon🍒 @ScaramoochTV OMG BRAVELY DEFAULT II!!!!My Twitter feed is constantly riddled by follow and retweet giveaways for money. I really hope people actually win… @tutturutv @tutturutv First thing that comes to my mind is the ability to add gifs in chat, and moderation access.Reminder for our members to sign up for the Fortnite Tournament this upcoming weekend! Tune into @B_Dubb_Jr stream…
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Asuka is ready to teach her opponents a painful lesson! Rainer brings her fighting spirit to life with this amazing…
Retweeted by Ardenteon🍒 @IamFortyLions My sentiments exactly, but Papa Murphy's comes to a close second for that. @HeySpencerSucks Aw damn. Mine is literally auto walking so it's a big issue for me. @ScaramoochTV Tried multiple times without luck sadly. @cortbatease @ScaramoochTV know how to fix joycon stick drift? Mine is pretty bad. Just ordered a pro controller just in case.Needless to say, @Ardenteon and I are never allowed to play Animal Crossing together.
Retweeted by Ardenteon🍒 @Asikaa604 Depends, is the first ingredient tomato or high fructose corn syrup? @Hrothmar_tv Hroth!!! I completed a 3 mask run! @ScaramoochTV I'll never let goThanks for growing me a pear @scaramoochtv @ScaramoochTV Mine is open if you need for three more hours
@HeyLochNess @HeyLochNess Can you? I'm scared about losing them so it takes up an inventory slot. @GuilloGaming @Warcraft Arcane Mage pew pew @JonathanWinbush @StreamFamMixer @XboxGamePass @XboxGamePass Are Final Fantasy games still on the table for game pass?We’re proud to launch #allinseattle, an initiative that helps those who are in danger of going hungry, losing housi…
Retweeted by Ardenteon🍒 @cortbatease I work early fam 😴☕My Classic Paladin is looking fresh and ready to deliver judgement. we just hit 1 million views on @WatchMixer
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@Hanagasaki @Hanagasaki Wait I lied they are peaches lol @Hanagasaki I has some @Asikaa604 Animal crossing @ReadyToTINA'm actually an idiot... Thought today's hot item was stone tools so I made mass stone axes... Turns out it's stone stools....Hello from Sassy Acre @heyspencersucks @tonzymixer
@HeyLochNess Omg! I'll hop on and open the gates! Was charging the Switch bless @HeyLochNess Nobody has come to mine ripLooking for iron nuggets? Learn from my mistake and don't eat fruits. You lose whacks by one shotting rocks. Use a normal shovel or axe. @ScaramoochTV Ah okay good idea. Don't have any in my island. @ScaramoochTV Bro where the hell do I find iron nuggets for the shopI'm not usually one for political shows, but somehow I got hooked on Madam Secretary. She's basically a superhero. @GOCharityTeam Ardenweald
@HeySpencerSucks's @Asikaa604 and The Chipmunks #streamlootsmoments and gathering, world if warcraft prepared me for animal crossing and I didn't even know it. @ScaramoochTV Yeah! Just got my axe made. House under construction, made an island expedition too. Visit soon! @HeyLochNess Is that possible? 20,000 Bells for this ARDEN VUITTON apparel. @HeyLochNess Count me in! @HeyLochNess Meee, I want to try an arcane mage for funsiesEnjoy 100% bonus XP in World of Warcraft all month long. 📅 Effective Mar 20 - Apr 20 🔥 Stacks with Heirlooms 💯 App…
Retweeted by Ardenteon🍒 @JaredDovers did a thing! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch of my favorite things about animal crossing so far is that the voices aren't gibberish, you can kinda make out… @JenEricLive Sent @JonEffingSnew Fast recovery friend 💙
Okay I'm going to get Animal Crossing. I don't know how to play the game and I need friends. Send help when the time comes. @HeyLochNess @taylorgvynn @play_pso2 Haha hint receivedAnyone know what the closest thing to a ret pally is in @play_pso2? @JenEricLive last night's launch of @Asikaa604's @streamloots collection? Check out the chaos in this video. (Warning: p… @Asikaa604 @PlayHearthstone @Talicso @CuteNoob_18 Oh? gift cards to support local business during COVID-19 🙏
Retweeted by Ardenteon🍒 @thatenolacat 💯 @HeyLochNess @Asikaa604 @ReadyToTINA Amazing creators and community builders. I've learned a lot… @JenEricLive Woah that is so cool! @ScaramoochTV Nope, prolly not for another year :/My favorite new card in my Spring/Easter mix collection! Check out my chick squad! 6 spots remaining! Peep peep!
Retweeted by Ardenteon🍒 @HeySpencerSucks Thank you ;__; @Thrall_King @Asikaa604 @streamloots What is his majesty's streamloots handle?Checkout out the new @streamloots collection, collect cards and win prizes! hours of dev and passion has lead to this @Asikaa604 Spring Mix @streamloots collection! - Pack tiers now have…
@Hrothmar_tv 😱 blursed @Hrothmar_tv Is this the power of max ranked cape? Truly blessed. 🙏 @Hrothmar_tv Well done!!! @HeyLochNess yaaaaasssLet me explain it for the gamers: This is a Mythic boss encounter. Don't take unnecessary damage so the healers—o…
Retweeted by Ardenteon🍒 @ZarrettED How dare @Asikaa604 @kaceytron We are with you queen!🐯Our designers kicked butt getting these #AnimalCrossing card designs done early! 📢So we reveal to you, the #ACNH
Retweeted by Ardenteon🍒 @RiotTazrri @PlayVALORANT Nice to meet you Tazrri. @Asikaa604 @GuilloGaming say hi!
Some cool new updates coming with @Asikaa604's next @streamloots collection: - Cards will now show rarity on them -… :yolo emote. You were my favorite and I will miss spamming you. 😭 @TonzyMixer @GuilloGaming You need to leave a trail of Dr. Pepper. good to each other in and outside of Azeroth ✌️ #Warcraft #WorldofWarcraft
Retweeted by Ardenteon🍒 @JenEricLive @streamloots @Honeycutt_ Noted, but also mini games!Navigating Netflix is like a mini game, trying to avoid videos from auto playing. You have to scroll...just...right.