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@ira with a crank ass 70 something lady today and as she’s yelling at me about her medical conditions her Post Malon…
I want gold Cee lo Green to fight chrome Kanye West
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Retweeted by AYD?i am a: ⚪️ man ⚪️ woman 🔘 millennial suffering from existential despair seeking: ⚪️ men ⚪️ women 🔘 a distrac…
Retweeted by AYD?my kid: dad what is christmas about? me:
Retweeted by AYD?Niggas told me to close my eyes and I’ll hear a teen Justin Bieber and this song hasn’t been the same since 😂
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May he never disappoint and embarrass us for stanning, amen
Retweeted by AYD?Someone is putting tiny cowboy hats on Vegas pigeons. There are consequences to legalizing marijuana.
Retweeted by AYD?Chris could never through snl (awful) for dababy (worth it)
Are brands okay @GayTheMagazine In addition to all the other horrible things about this piece that everyone is pointing out, what —… nigga fine as fuck but i’m crying cause he look like mermaid man
Retweeted by AYD?I went to an amazon store today and what is even the point @GoldenInfinitex @melanatedmomma I’m also 29 — I received a summons the week after my 18th birthday and got picked…
My @Spotify Wrapped top artists was surprising.
Retweeted by AYD? @JXESAID addicted to the varieties of Blistex
2019 @ke__warner Honestly kinda glad you didn’t because I would’ve talked about it endlessly and ruined my family’s tgiveswhAT lost Chairman Fred and Mark Clark to government assassination 50 years ago today. The answer to the question pos…
Retweeted by AYD?BREAKING: Update. Officials at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickman now say two shooting victims have died. Both were c…
Retweeted by AYD?I want to see nearly all of these @gudgalxri Ashlee Simpson angry where lmao @ronibubani that Karrueche has a permanent restraining order out against this man for beating her up, throwing her dow…
Retweeted by AYD?Tucker Carlson is the heir to a TV dinner and food fortune so uhh this tweet rings truer than I would like it to
I'll straight up link with someone from Grindr and grind with someone from LinkedIn I really don't give a shit.
Retweeted by AYD?I say no more than 27how many days til we get a transcript of Boris Johnson calling Justin Trudeau to gossip with Trump secretly listen… regret to inform everyone it’s literally impossible to get up for work. It cant happen today or ever I’m so sorry
Pumped about the BW trailer drop but consequently have been thinking about this tweet all day can’t convince me that Toni Collette didn’t study Kelly Bensimon for her role in “Knives Out.”
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Retweeted by AYD?sploosh Dark Materials is pretty good and made even better by the fact that my fear of Lin Manuel doing a British accent remains unrealized
Retweeted by AYD? @KingKin84847316 Certainly @Zosiaziva @C0INCELPR0 on tik tok really doing what the education system in western counties refuse to do
Retweeted by AYD?My main issue with the Irishman is that it centred the experiences of a relatively narrow demographic to the exclus…
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Was just at cumbies and the song playing was Your Body is a Wonderland with the word “body” censored. I wanna know… is it about a tree covered in snow that just sets my soul ALIGHT are only 4 kinds of sluts
Retweeted by AYD?me: so how do you guys get around? dumbledore: lots of ways. you can take the secret train me: makes sense dumbl…
Retweeted by AYD?the queen after releasing a fake story that she died to distract from the fact her son is a massive pedo
Retweeted by AYD?This is wild! Researchers blasted the sounds of healthy reefs in a dying one, and fish started returning to it...po…
Retweeted by AYD?Me when someone doesn’t come thru like the sweetener they are girl yes this fkn better be or I swear ta god the mullet is happening here @ericfisher these pictures were taken at 9:12 and 10:14 - from 4” to 6” in 62 mins.📍Grafton @saucissonsec @sundayism Thanks very much!TALKBACK TAMMY LITERALLY CAME IN TODAY AND ASKED TO SPEAK TO OUR GENERAL MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡…
Retweeted by AYD?One tiny thing I loved about Knives Out is the level of withering contempt directed at that teen Nazi. “What are yo…
Retweeted by AYD?Holy shit that is a powerful image
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“one thing ooOOPS” @camillard @codytlr @ira @drmattdambrosio Lol whoops, you would know better than I would. Now I’m even more curious Johnson and Ellen saying goodbye to one another
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Retweeted by AYD?Thanks I’ll be watching this clip the rest of the day bc im broken @MochaAnthony No you absolutely do notI just watched this again for at least the hundredth time, and I cannot stress enough how much it has become a belo…
Retweeted by AYD? @C0INCELPR0 Elegance is learned so I hope they were listening @codytlr @ira @camillard @drmattdambrosio Think he’s talking about EllenAll the kids at the malt shop are really gonna flip their lids over this one!
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@gudgalxri Isn’t the Irishman on Netflix? But yes I can not recommend knives out enough. Fun ass movie @gudgalxri KNIVES OUT AVE @ronibubani CTEBarely made it to the end of this sentence alive.
Retweeted by AYD?End of the year mad libs goin wild @RendPiece Definitely not toightYou could be in a kitchen with 100 knives and 99 of them are in, but you only need 1 to be out........ no wait that…
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Cousin Greg for pres
Retweeted by AYD?Here is a thread of dogs who destroyed Thanksgiving dinner
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Retweeted by AYD? @brockness thank you great Succession vibes now that I think about it. Damn. What a good ass movie5 stars #KnivesOutI also took an edible at some point during the movie and I could tell it was working when I fixated on a plot hole:… some getting used to what with Daniel Craig approximating his worst Frank Underwood impressionChris Evans as a villain is heartbreaking and thrilling. That SWEATER. Also not to be dramatic but I would pay for… believe it was @electrolemon who said KNIVES FUCKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who the fuck is jd power and why should I care about his associatesDefinitely edamame too it’s free coffee at Cumberland farms today so shout out to them for that @tito_matthews @spinzxx Bitch?!!!!grateful for my family, seeing my dog sprint in an open field, looking for a bunch of pictures during a depressive… im thankful for infinity war and endgame being streamable back to back
Retweeted by AYD?Chips n salsa the most reliable snack
@mariskreizman @yourewrongabout @audevwhite Love this. Britney Spears deserves to be on the next iteration of this shirt