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just two girls with a podcast, standing in front of the world, asking if everyone is deadass ♥

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When the temperature dips below 70, that's the real me.
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Thinking about grossing myself up and letting go of all self care habits so someone can nominate me for this showBobby never gets the credit he deserves. I wish these episodes showcased more of his work as it’s happeningI can’t believe it’s been 8 years since Amy Winehouse died. I’ll never forget that day, finding out the news and ca… Antoni carry that corgi around what the fuck why is Karamo forcing this meeting with the dude who shot him? That is exploitative af #QueerEyeWesley is the best episode of #QueerEye i have ever seen 😭
Knowing when to leave the party is an essential skill (that I’m hoping to still learn at 28)
*ariana grande voice* THOR IS A WOMANNNNN casting Angelina Jolie and Rachel Weisz while also making Natalie Portman Thor
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Marvel to DC every year
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?why they give him this Inspector Gadget, Jenny The Teenage Robot ass logo
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Like do yoU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS SHIT IS GONNA SNAP it’s grace and I’m freakin the fuck out about all this marvel news thank you lawdThanks for getting back to me
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MOOD 4 EVA fucked me up
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?This album got me like #thegiftalbum
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Bonnie Raitt & DaBaby . Which would kill. is worth the follow, especially on ig. Her work is so fun and beautifulPeople are clowning on this BUT I WILL SAY the cover art is by Sara Shakeel and she’s so talented it makes me reall…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?15 years on, it's hard not to wonder, what would Winehouse herself make of it all?
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Trump to Rohingya survivor asking for U.S. help: "Where is that?"
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Mood 4 eva is a real.....moodLive look at me in Charleston this weekend MY DAWG!!!
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CBP is reportedly detaining 3 US citizen children in Chicago to get their non-citizen parents to come forward. We n…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Hi poodles! Call us for your messages to be read on air. Mercury rx problems? Got some thoughts on the teen moms? H…’m proud to announce I’ve finally gone public on here in honor of a new episode&the best story yet for our podcast…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Latest episode available now on Spotify, Apple podcasts, anchor and more! Tune in as we catch up on R. Kelly, mtv m… sports vape mike utterly deadass though? Like I can’t get over it
I'm not saying today's girls aren't doing their thing... but they're not doing it
Retweeted by Are You Deadass? @ronibubani Apple says you can do it right from the FaceTime app but I just hit the ft button from a group chat @Gramatik Just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more @kimprich @Gramatik You do realize he doesn’t owe you anything just cuz you enjoy his music, right? @ronibubani Ya u can!Beautiful portrait of khloe right there video is s t u n n i n g . Get a lotta solange vibes in some of the shots. The song itself is like..fine.Guys, I’m kinda shook, the guy who attempted to hide an abortion pill in a milkshake for his pregnant mistress migh… reads a quote we first we reported on in May in our profile on him. Speaking to a group of college students…
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Retweeted by Are You Deadass?😍 @bastardspod @IwriteOK Toss up between Steven Segal and the origins of the KKK, but segal‘s slightly edges out the… that ending socked me“I don’t believe in astrology” Mercury Retrograde:
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Donald Trump hates America. Donald Trump hates America. Donald Trump hates America. Donald Trump hates America. Don…
@ira @KaceyMusgraves KACEY PLEASE. P L E A S E !!!Twitter has ruined me for several reasons. • I can’t wash my legs without thinking about this hellscape • I now c… Johansson would make a good rachel dolezal tho
Will you show her by being able to afford $9 a month? really murdered Sadie Roberts-Joseph. She was one of the last black oral street historians of Baton Rouge…
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{Brand New “Sowing Season” voice} I’m not your god I'm not your father I'm not your boss YEAH
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?At least 24 migrants have died in ICE custody. Outbreaks of scabies, shingles & chickenpox were spreading among det…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Yo anybody know of this shit and can explain it to me! Cause WTF!
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Lil Wayne cuts set short and says he 'might' quit joint Blink-182 tour fucking Vice President basically did a victory tour of a concentration camp tonight and the official House Demo…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Takeaways: - people will prob flip on him - gonna be expensive as hell to defend 3 sets of multiple charges across… got nabbed walking his dog by their home in trump tower (🚮) and this is a very good and detailed look st the cha… that I’ve seen little to no talk on the TL today about R. Kelly’s latest arrest4 steps if you witness an @ICEgov raid: 1. Do not walk away. 2. Get your phone out. 3. Record 4. Report it at 1-8…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Never forget that @RendPiece has maintained for years, with no basis in reality, that he could fight both Tyler Seg…
“i get why my dad left. i would have left too. he's out doing his thing, saving turtles, fixing his truck. i'm here…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Pissed that Zack Fox (@zackfox) leaked the political platform for my 2020 presidential run...
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Eddie Murphy did an interview in 1990 about John Landis and COMING TO AMERICA and it is wild.
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?what
2019 to see @billyeichner is still out here supporting those of us in the Craig hive cc @tayl0rann birthday Dewey. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about you and miss you. Love you duder
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Just a quick show of hands, men: how many of you are sex monsters
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?A classic. Love u forever bb. Always wishing fertilizer was longer though more can I say? 🕷🎶
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Ok guys, hear me out......
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@ronibubani LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOKSKDHEHAKSBEJABAMAGSHQNSVJAKAHWNW BITCH I FORGOT ABOUT RAJA @AshieOhLikeWoah @emoblackthot oooo wait I wanna know this!! Can you dm it to me please??I would buy several tickets
between rapinoe and thee stallion, big year for megans
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?the USWNT preemptively turned down an invitation to go to the white house and all of MAGA was like “actually go win…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?This commercial has me very casually sobbing
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?I’m so hype for this World Cup Final!
Retweeted by Are You Deadass? @spinzxx The odyssey shuts all those other bitches downChris Tucker when people start to question why he ever rode on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane The Lolita Express
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?H O L Y S H I T
humidity is so... childish and disgusting
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Build affording housing you fucking psychos.
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Warren and Sanders say canceling student debt could help close the racial wealth gap for families. This startling g…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?Me having to deal with consequences of my actions thinking about how folks literally want us to eat insects to save the planet and live in a sleeping bag in an 80…
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@AskTSA can I bring an unopened box of pedialyte freeze pops in my carry on?
how did I miss this photo of celine dion wearing a spiked dog collar riding a giant scooter underneath the eiffel t…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?♥️ 4th checklist: 1. beer 2. hotdogs and hamburgers 3. the existential disappointment in the direction our c…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?With Whitney Houston as the fairy godmother no less THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZING. @netflix stream it you cowards holding trauma from slavery, systemic racism, & oppression then seeing a company u work w/ using imagery th…
Retweeted by Are You Deadass?I believe this plot twist theory more than the R*e is d**d one @IWriteAllDay_ @EW @Zendaya In related news, did anyone catch in the first episode after Kat loses her virginity an… when they were casting for ariel
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