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just two girls with a podcast, standing in front of the world, asking if everyone is deadass ♥ Are You Deadass? now available on Apple, Spotify, Anchor & more!

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no more jokes about being trash or whatever the fuck in 2020, this is the vibe now
Retweeted by AYD?Can’t forget this icon from the Michelle carter hbo doc the Aaron Hernandez Netflix shit and I have realized my favorite genre of crime is: anything that happens… @maweeessa My friend referenced something I sent her a few days before and I had to scroll for a LONG time to find… Pressley is stunningOrphan Black (2013) perfect phone call
Retweeted by AYD?Does this mean he and his boys went out, just. to. endupinmisery?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂 @ira IRA!!!!!!!! @sophsemm @DorindasLife @scottdougie @Johansson85 But also it’s fine if it wasn’t a gift and she just wanted to buy it for her son!
@splashthatcat @splashthatcat Not to mention the fact that he favors his maternal grandfather a lot. There’s probably more to unpa… kutcher co founded a company called Thorn which develops technology to identify victims of child sex traffic…
Retweeted by AYD? @louisvirtel Were you ever interested to watch Thor Ragnarok bc of Cate’s role as a perfect villain?The event organizer believes homosexuality should be punishable by law and converting gays will cure AIDS.
Retweeted by AYD?This shit sucks.
Retweeted by AYD?“Yeah good, okay” sent me to another realm is horrific. Co-founder of @People4Bernie here. Please do NOT support this. #WarrenIsASnake #NeverWarren It's…
Retweeted by AYD?And what of it Police: Suspect has been arrested
Retweeted by AYD?ya don’t steal this guy’s epic collection of antacids
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My brain for 16 hours a day: after posting this I burned my entire mouth on coffee. ‘Twas I who malarkedSick of all the malarkey & grace
Retweeted by AYD? @matthewjdowd @PKhakpour She’s right though this is incredibly stupidI know Democrats are hardwired to think we're perpetually doomed but I think anyone on this stage can beat a guy wh…
Retweeted by AYD?Everyone is rightly pointing out to Ayanna in the replies that Eliz voted twice in support of trump’s military budg… @jonlovett Oh good another reason to support him and his taste
Jojo Rabbit.
Retweeted by AYD?Succession season 2 as 2020 Best Picture Oscar nominees. #OscarNoms
Retweeted by AYD? @UPDOG420 Yes. @NoraishahAzman @AbbieHollowDays They have professional translators. Bong joon ho brought his on talk shows and awa… secret service agent shot dead a 35 lb dog in a Prospect Park
Retweeted by AYD? @AbbieHollowDays @jane1snakehole @hermit_hwarang Gurl wtf. Delete thisAll these gun girl videos are reminding me of the time I gave her the business
Retweeted by AYD?A timeline of Meghan Markle’s Media abuse, the Racism and Double standards And how the Royals family might be behi…
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is that bad
Retweeted by AYD?most marvel movies are better than joker
Retweeted by AYD?Well, at least we got an Original Screenplay nom for Knives Out
Retweeted by AYD?I screamed so loudly @ira
Retweeted by AYD?#OscarSoWhite 5 millionth edition Silvestri was robbed excited for Jojo Rabbit to be nominated bc it means we get to see Taika be a weirdo at the ceremony. Can’t wait’t seen such a good match since palin/fey 2008 hive let me hear yall make some noise
Retweeted by AYD?This is the equivalent of a median net worth American donating 63 cents
Retweeted by AYD?A famously racist old man Kept Iranians out with a ban. The ban still exists But the man now insists He’s Iranians’ #1 fan.
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How to infantilize an entire generation: 1) declare all the markers of adulthood to be linked to financial indepen…
Retweeted by AYD? @TMZ Applebee’s would have been the funniest but outback works
Retweeted by AYD?Thank you to all who reached out about Dina Lohan’s arrest
Retweeted by AYD? @tito_matthews There are dozens of us!!! @bgcslave Where’s the full clip of him trying to shake his ass to make dr. Phil feel better? Was that a fever dream… to hold my breath for an entire leap year 🤞🏼 || Zayn Malik turns 27 🎂 @jpbrammer Can’t wait for the day v soon when you tweet about being beclowned by mr. mistoffeleesbruh
Retweeted by AYD?) ) ) ) ( ) ) ) _(___(____)____(___( __ \ RICH PEOPLE ONLY / \ DON…
Retweeted by AYD? @PeteOtway @Mclean1Chris @RachaelABowers I’m disgustedI finally witnessed a tiktok in the wild when I was in Kohl’s and hear “this is for Rachel you big white nasty ass bitch”Thinkin about kehlani and just hoping she’s having a better day
Retweeted by AYD?IVY PARK unboxing
Retweeted by AYD?sweet Christ on a bike today
Retweeted by AYD? @jec3_ Who is this guy?😘😘😘😘
Retweeted by AYD?Hope springs eternal for their partnership again. She unliked the tweets from that cap and also…’t get why he’s dying on this hill but haven’t been able to stop thinking about this tweet all day… is he serious? Girl parris M A D E the purpose movement and that whole creative vision. How’re you gonna di… what in the boardwalk street vendor art is this tho @uuudar @AmbJohnBoIton @JordanUhl @kenklippenstein @bethbourdon But also wedding ring? 👀 you sly klipps
*drake voice* I’m upset @Jezebel Lol remember when jez was a good website and had talent Jia and Kara and Madeline? Miss those daysAt my 10 year reunion in November someone asked me who I still couldn’t stand from school. I said her name and then… @quellian_ @e_wilbs Yes and I was so smug about it we almost fought again lmao @CourtneySoliday This is artKen Jennings and Brad Rutter are Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif for people who have library cards.
Retweeted by AYD?Since @vgunvalson “doesn’t get” drag queens 💕 tag @Andy
Retweeted by AYD?It’s still fuck you julyssaThreatened with suspension senior year cause this girl and I got in a screaming match over whether or not it was go…
What percentage of your life the U.S. has been at war, by birth year: 1977: 44% 78: 45% 79: 46% 80: 47% 81: 49% 82…
Retweeted by AYD? love seeing posts about 115 year old people saying eating chocolate every day is the key to staying alive. Like,… lmaooo’s wearing the whole plot line from the Lindsay Lohan classic DCOM Get a Clue @BabyYodaBaby Give @sarashakeel her credit!!!! do you dump someone that ghosted you a big boy Reno 911
Retweeted by AYD?man what?????
Retweeted by AYD? @gudgalxri Omg been thinking about their duo portmanteau for hours Megani thee stallion Mani thee stallion Norm…
Neither picture shows freedom of choice and that is why western orientalists will always miss. The picture on the l…
Retweeted by AYD?God I ignore Instagram for one hour to “do work” at my “actual job” and I miss thee stallion and normani have a col… @jessgawrych Bourdain once said something along the lines of, if a dish at a restaurant tastes better than what you… @ke__warner @maweeessa I may not be as limber as I was when we would dance jump off tables in college but I THINK Y…