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Apparently you guys smell this air once every two weeks for it to pop up on my timeline this often @notdred My job offered free testing last Thursday, was promised results in 72 hours. Still waiting. @Yassir_Lester there’s a list of orgs to donate to here (this was made by somebody from lebanon):
Retweeted by AYD?Beirut is burning and the fumes are poisonous ☠️ People are searching for their family members and friends and thi…
Retweeted by AYD?More than fifty dead now. Probably many more. Blast tremendous. I am so sorry, Lebanon.
Retweeted by AYD? multiple tornadoes in MA this week are a reminder that we need a green new deal and we need ed markey and that…
Retweeted by AYD?Ima let you in on a little secret, some joie de vivre: Vitamin c shower filter @ke__warner Please god yes @jessgawrych This was one of my primary issues with the fact that they announced new luxury condos to coincide with… @AreUDeadassPod What's wild too is that the issue isn't a lack of space either. I just read that DC's ~luxury~ unit…
Retweeted by AYD? @ke__warner Found another bday twin for ya @toekneepraysick @JarettSays Baby that’s the joke. @TheRichardLewis Congratulations Richard!!The looming housing crisis is going to be unfathomable in its scale. And it has been building up to this point syst… @ke__warner Face shield, mask, encourages distance: We thought we were idiots but it turns out we were visionaries @kerrin_h Also that is a beautiful pile @kerrin_h Wow literal earth angel tysm @kerrin_h should I just consult your list orrrrrr😦😦 these extravagant promises? (We think not) @ecareyo I would like to circle back to this multiple times because I love it so much. Happy rebirthday Carey!!!VERY difficult to stay hopeful in America if you have the ability to recognize cause-and-effect and even, like, two percent of a conscience.
Retweeted by AYD?Today is @ke__warner’s birthday. i love her so much that I’m trying to be joyful and not to spend the day lamenting… I would like new book recs, preferably fiction, please thank you @DannyShhhmurda @DannyShhhmurda Pulling for you today big guyMartin Sheen is the original Tom Hanks in that he might be the true American president and we don't hold that one kid against him.
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The truth will set you free, but first it’ll screw your day up
Retweeted by AYD?🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Link to donate. PLEASE BOOST!
Retweeted by AYD?Three Black Women have lost their home this weekend due to an accidental fire. We at Black Boston have seen the pow…
Retweeted by AYD? @ClayHartedGhoul Sous vide goes hard and doesn’t take up that much space!Sunday night routines should include • preparation for the week ahead • a relaxing shower • ceaseless existential… @DannyShhhmurda An-bee-fa @quellian_ I had no idea you liked it! Finally someone with taste I can share this with @quellian_ Wait you’re watching UA too?!?
@caseykfrey Cc @tayl0rann avengers endgame crowd cheering video except it's little women when bob odenkirk shows up
Retweeted by AYD?Secret twitter reminding me this has been ongoing for minimum 6 months’m tired of having feelings and i’m ready to be dead inside like stephen miller
Retweeted by AYD?Every part of MA’s COVID report is worse again today. Rising cases, more hospitalizations, more in ICU, test number…
Retweeted by AYD?Nooooooooo what 😭 he’s just a baby. prayers for the Breaux family ♥️ month brings a new bad take from Neal and that gives me a sadI swear to god if this sets off another day of leg washing debate on this website. Wash your legs or keep that nast…'ve found that any mental illness is more manageable if I add the word "island" to it.
Retweeted by AYD? @JackRhysider Is it rude to say I especially can’t wait to hear it now?We are all horrible and wonderful and figuring it out.The Year 2020 as told by Arrested Development
Retweeted by AYD? @SenatorWawa Lmaoooo I’m flattered but fully a joke. If I see him on the mean streets of this town I’ll ask him whe… @SenatorWawa Only fans dot com slash catch me near the light bulbsSmh coulda stayed on my Brand New tip and called this one The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me need Lisa Bonet to write a book.
Retweeted by AYD?....The Strokes // Reptilia
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lmao ed at the end
Retweeted by AYD? @splashthatcat Masks: on Freak flag: flyingThe Daddy hat really ties the ensemble togetherSir, this is a Stop n Shop. annual reminder that After Laughter is the perfect summer album, as evidenced by the fact that I was just list… even that hot today and a book binding melted in the sun before my very eyeballs. Devastating @splashthatcat Unless the geese are a euphemism, I say go full on golf girl @splashthatcat Do it! I’m here cheering you on!“Plus should I like, have pepper spray or something? All I have is febreze” - [redacted] re: first date jitters @ShameelShameel Endorse. Keep us posted. @tayl0rann Van wiggity szn all summer 2020Love a website that makes me err on the side of cynicism bc I woke up feeling incredibly grateful and was like bitch you can’t tweet thatGood morning I got five hours of sleep and am up before my alarms let’s get this bread 💪🏼It’s now August and because this government blows and couldn’t mitigate the risk, I’m unhappy to report I have not… I’m coming perilously close to becoming part of #RiseAndGrind #NoDaysOff twitter through Worcester at midnight made me real nostalgic right up until someone tried to drag race me on 146 @VineDakota I will see myself out now @VineDakota Pegged you for the type to appreciate itComing at you soon with our most unhinged episode yet
Retweeted by AYD? @gabebergado Tell em @MatthewFerrari @RendPiece kinda convinced this is actually Thatcherwasn’t michelle obama’s whole thing telling people to pick better cereals or whatever
Retweeted by AYD?Formally apologizing for disagreeing when @maweeessa said it’s only the bottom lip growing out of control because t…’ve restarted the same (muted) episode of 90 day fiancé literally FOUR times now bc all my morning has consisted o…
Retweeted by AYD?Me trying to make small talk with men
Retweeted by AYD?Trying to decide between watching #BlackIsKing or Umbrella Academy s2 first @BosniaPM This thing is rad and it looks like a surprised Bert ScHoolboy Q // Man of The Year
Retweeted by AYD?Umbrella Academy is ultimately about the havoc that can be wrought when your dad is an asshole billionaire who does… biggest flaw is probably being from the United States
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RIP Cajun Chicken Linguini
Retweeted by AYD? @caitiedelaney Oh my god I knew you had to be a MA girl lmaoooo @e_wilbs SURE IS! Also in sky high. Kelsey and I are obsessed w his character on succession because though it’s ✌🏼m…
Retweeted by AYD?the worst part of it is, i can think of like 50 equally plausible reasons why this might be happening
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what my NSA agent sees at 1137pm
Retweeted by AYD? @TrueNateDogg If you think that’s true you should join the fight for Ed Markey and help all of us #StickingWithEd to organize for him!!Begging Massachusetts to reject this loser so we never hear from him again.
Retweeted by AYD? @earringdealer HSSRDDHMKHDGMSF#BREAKING: The Town of Carver is raising it's EEE risk to "high" after finding more infected mosquitoes. In respons…
Retweeted by AYD?pants off pants off pants offim actually crying why is he the funniest person? this song kinda goes hard