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@aweary I love it
The Crystal Gems say BE ANTI-RACIST! You have to acknowledge racism to act against it. Don't be silent, use your vo…
Retweeted by Anni 🍒 @agentklabbers Cuuuuute ✨Is this Mitsuwa? @kavi_ssbm Hope you’re alright 😭
@amadeus @discord she thankfully was already sniffing around! just had to get her to look up 😁im in california for 1 day and it's on fire ya love to see it @highway2hale_ @discord 👀
@georgiadelaine ya!! @georgiadelaine I try out foundations for fun all the time (it’s not cost friendly). The nicest drug store ones I’d… @georgiadelaine yes! what’s your budget? @BFerrendi @discord It was 4-5 months ago but I’m finally back in California to unbox it! Ty 🥰thanks for the 1 year anniversary gift @discord! finally have a PC to play on after 8 months @SolarionFX ❄️❄️❄️ @BubblyDreamJenn I really really wish. @Yolo_Tengo weird weather textures going on over thereback in california! can you believe the Midwest is covered in snow??
@modmice LMAObitches will see a boy from a video game and be like “he’s my sweet little kawaii bb my husband my boyfriend kyaaaa…
Retweeted by Anni 🍒 @tehemopenguin @CrowFluff nah
just sent this gif during the company all hands chat without watching the full animation. i mooned everyone… hate automatic quote retweets @Calucifer_ @discord Calu this is INSANE. 😭 you’ve done it again @Faucius relate to this at a visceral level
@Procreate @Kuvshinov_Ilya 🥰😍
Retweeted by Anni 🍒 @inkdota nope was staying with fam, going back this weekend!some more pics of autumn in indiana 🍂
@hyp_e goodness @tehemopenguin @arukun14 I became too obsessed with filling out rings I had to take a break and give myself rest days to purposely…’ve watched several “holy shit they’re using Discord” moments with my co-workers and it never stops being exciting…
Retweeted by Anni 🍒 @arukun14 YAY!! that’s great progress. Good job 🏃🏻‍♂️ @jaytronzero 😉
@brittanyforks Those are so cute! 🌱On this guy's hack week team and also have very serious photo @ImInspirasian very bold of you this year!
@Faucius JESUS @twunks girl I was munching on a whole cucumbers for lunch today. I feel this! @Sharcoone oh my god I haven’t ty @Sharcoone the soundtrack also has no business being that good. @tehemopenguin @CrowFluff ?Outer Wilds is an unreal game. play it.for xyz reasons I couldn’t online file. ive been worried I did them wrong for months lol. the IRS also had no clue… GOT MY TAX RETURN. im never mailing this shit in ever again. @Yolo_Tengo wow. @inkdota yikes @twunks Good luck girl!! <3 you can do it @SSBM_Faceroll That + beard is a good look. Very adult 👨🏻‍💻 @SSBM_Faceroll GRIFFIN YOUR HAIR!! It’s curly!
@ImInspirasian For sure ❤️ I can’t relate as a first born son, but I’m the first born child in my family. Parents c… @ImInspirasian Just finished reading this thread and appreciate you talking about it. I’ve been working on asian Am… @Vixella Been listening to Christmas for a week+ now! Only thing I really forward to now☑️ 2 months of therapy checkpoint - becoming much better at setting boundaries + prioritizing self. - less conc… @aweary +1 @HostileGForce LOLreally awkward seeing people who used to trash on my work be so nice to me now just because of my job lol
Retweeted by Anni 🍒 @itspatrickt Happy birthday friend! @muffinsAKA did anything happen? @muffinsAKA touch it @fricktino ty queen
banana in sushi is an abomination that only midwest folks can come up with'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'esIn Stardew Valley 1.5, there will be splitscreen co-op!
Retweeted by Anni 🍒 @kevinvqdam forbidden fanfic @kevinvqdam firm handshakes @Faucius comfy @Vibronium peak performance posture @entemper did you or her succeed in replication
2020 @sanyeechung omgthose of you who format after you work, what's it like not being anxious?what type of google docs person are you @tehemopenguin 😭😭😭😭😭 @mindeedly @RigoTheRiot handle is this bc I can’t go 24 hrs without someone asking me it @GlitterXplosion SEEING YOUR SUCCESS IN MY FEED MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! 🥳 @GlitterXplosion WOOOOOOOW!! WELCOME AND CONGRATS!!!
@hyp_e very on brand @holysqueak 🤢 @kevinvqdam @Yolo_Tengo throw @entemper in there 2 @MyFutureEvilEx It actually isn't a big portion of my life, but I did help explain it to her! She's incredibly unde… @GlitterXplosion looks like a gorgeous day for a hike! @Yolo_Tengo @kevinvqdam 🥺 it’s perfect. Kevins are perfect @Karieta_ 😭😭😭 I’m so happy for you Jenn. @Hantao they’re the sweetest human no!!my therapist told me she’s super unfamiliar with the video gaming word and unsure how frequently online friends email each other to game @muffinsAKA this tweet is so funny to me I’ve been ugly laughing in bed for the last two minutes @tehemopenguin @Shiralyna understandable @georgiadelaine same
@arcchael @MalloryLoar @hyp_e i asked for 12love it when my boss subtweets her boss during a meeting we're all in of wfh im in: asked a friend to hang out and they said give me 30 min im going to elopemy zoomer brother just said “you can message people on FACEBOOK? I didn’t know they had that” @arukun14 wow slimey boy! @georgiadelaine time to learn Dota 2
i have reversed the damage and lost 15 lbs. W’s Indigenous People Confirm They Don’t Need Special Holiday, Just Large Swaths Of Land Returned Immediately…
Retweeted by Anni 🍒she wanted to play but @brainstarlkey was in a meeting @daniel__designs AAAAA CONGRATS!!