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@LVKlE no bro wtf @reecesyy cute @Ringbtw @Hantao oop @norcalcritim @NorCal_Esports luv critim, wish you the best @Rohanzyy @NorCal_Esports @Hantao wishes @NorCalMitch is by far one of the best owners and i cant thank him enough for his support and the way he treated me… @NorCal_Esports, left on amazing terms, nothing but love for the team and everyone thats a part of it, amazing… @BHReload which one @benjyfishy @UmplifyFN @flikk yeh okay @aryanuwu i’ve tried all of em @aryanuwu i have @cappawtf idk why i’m still getting it @DaFraGGR wooting @cappawtf i’m on wootingdoes anyone know a fix for the double movement tab out thing @cruued be quick @cruued come playhi how are you @TheYeifHypeMan @jsnelis @revWTF @YourFellowArab @Arab far from how it works buddy @acrossfx AYO THIS IS FIRE
@ParallelEJ @khoshy thanks mate @khoshy @ParallelEJ i’m bored mate please pick him up @benjyfishy LESGO BENJY @Syl6ns @Krabbs “cable” @bollo1k stay safe please @parallelpurple he’s an exception, that guy is a walking W @AydenWrld @UziIWNL oh damni think i must’ve taken more W’s than anyone else in the last month @statuslmao i literally haven’t posted stats in weeks... @Ringbtw @ily4len wtf i want one @TeamYouTube @jimipapifn you keep disabling mine aswell and the only person in them is me, i’m 20 not a minor, i ne… @88quick mfs ran for like 15 minutes and hid in the ocean LMAO @ilymotion mhm...
@DevourElbee @nxrthy init it’s crazy @nxrthy this is so fucked @Roohanwtf @Charlbtw his mum LMAO @Charlbtw @Roohanwtf mums i just need you to send me a clip of you saying "isnt it time you went and played outside… @Charlbtw @Roohanwtf dont mind an accent me LMAO @axepect @midgetashx @rxbski don’t care mate @obeykenzi the shit thats doing well and tages with titles ik will work @bollo1k please stay inside @Ravers god alg songJuice to 300 @PrinceYousefM1 @vnshmax unfollow me too @Krabbs “Plug” @vohlii ayoooo that’s fire @benjyfishy need to learn to invest me @orangie @iHumbo @NotLucFN that dont make it legal............................................................ @iHumbo @NotLucFN if i posted actual shorts it would @orangie @iHumbo @NotLucFN get off your phone while driving @orangie @iHumbo @NotLucFN because we arent posting shorts lol @iHumbo @NotLucFN if only this applied to me @LVKlE @vexlmao @NotLucFN no @overtimeroan @YouTubeCreators @YouTube i dont even upload shorts b @mscharwie good @midgetashx streaming after if we have time, hence why my tweet was a question @midgetashx we are @midgetashx why’s it “oh” then @KRNGStallion Fortnite 800DPI @midgetashx “you should try stream like 3 days a week” @stfnh downstream today? @Hantao i don’t facetime anyone much with my iphone 12 pro max
@_lolnvck tip me 100 @tzylorr idk but this is the last follow i’ve ever wanted @LuvDylyq MUMSYAY YAY YAY @MorganFETV @4RFUH @cxltures @NotSeanieD @stfnh @Sauxy @Stabz he blocked me again LMAO @NotSeanieD @cxltures @stfnh @Sauxy @Stabz @cxltures you can’t call someone weird when you actively find ways to ta… @NotSeanieD @cxltures @stfnh @Sauxy @Stabz mf commented on my engagement and always has shit to say about me, he can’t comment on shit 😭need nuts video ideas, can be anything based around fortnite @stfnh ah i see now, weird don @stfnh who’s this about @NorCal_Esports @RhettGuyerTV @TheDramaticPaus @NorCalNatt @Iloydies @Berkiiel @GFuelEnergy W @dirtggs mums its so easy @YoWaybes unlucky sxc @opacube woah @Rewind1K im so good @opacube free beans @YoWaybes this is all i did @opacube im a pro splitter nowbefore and after fixing my clip @xfoxthy what’s your cord @xfoxthy COMEneed 1 for cash cup today @tweaaks turned me on @TheApeCris looks lit
@FaZeSway fax g @Connoreo_ LMAO @AdamxYouTube check dmsfriendly reminder i’m still F/A @FaZeSway okay faze @TheApeCris @ENDL8SS thanks man!Joined @ENDL8SS @TheApeCris gotchu lmaoo @TheApeCris safe i’ll tweet it in a bit @TheApeCris can i join endless @NotSeanieD