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#argyleink { note: #BLM !important; position: #CSS @GoogleChrome @CSSWG; maker: #VisBug; luv: CSS/JS/UX; role: parentNode; path: calc(dev*design); }

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Got this in ~1997 after I wrote some Ace Ventura fan mail to Jim Carrey 😂 Now it's on my fridge, held by complimen…
@MrEdwardMilner Yep! - ZZ - philodendron - aloe - snake Touch the soil before you water Say hi to your plants occ…'t imagine life without plants anymore 🌿 used correctly, this is a *really* effective performance boost without a ton of effort and adjustment on your…
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Retweeted by Adam Argyle @cobra_winfrey @CSSInRealLife That example also was somewhere that we had drop-shadow (so the triangle was part of… @cobra_winfrey @CSSInRealLife The type of shadow spread usage I like is negative, where it shrinks inward! I'm look… @cobra_winfrey @CSSInRealLife The Shadow Stroke @cobra_winfrey @CSSInRealLife Tell me more of this! I don't think I'm familiar with this 🤩 @CSSInRealLife I wish it spread like box-shadow, but.. a walk through on YouTube as I explore and spelunk a few layouts 🤘💀
centering in css
Retweeted by Adam Argyle @sadeghbarati5 here's where that example lives! there's a few grids in there to check out if you're hunting 👍 @saltnburnem BIGTIME he's a friend too =)4 grids turned on: - see what min-content calculates to - see what auto calculates to - rich alignment verification @bolaji_ayenz New Edge as well 👍 If it's pulling from Chromium source as the engine, you should get the tools. @equinusocio apparently!Blink: Intent to Experiment: Declarative Shadow DOM
Retweeted by Adam Argyle🔥 Announcing Beginner JavaScript - a fun, exercise heavy approach to learning Modern JavaScript from scratch. No…
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Didn’t know about that one. Meet content-visibility, the new CSS property that boosts rendering performance with CS…
Retweeted by Adam Argyle @visualnaut Nice work! You can also right click and open it through the context menu 👍 @kmorope yep!got rid of tons of the info, got myself a minimal and clean measurements view the space on hover @AgentZeroNine yep!The Chromium CSS Grid Devtools team is doing an awesome job 🤩 - new options let me control styles of the overlay a… @BrittneyPostma @Una 😍 opening gif! @visualnaut i'm open to suggestions for how to do this better! 🙂 @visualnaut i get to choose it in the extension manifest You want to be able to set a cust… @autiomaa used @DescriptApp to transcribe and create the clip 👍Stacking contexts and z-index in today's latest episode of the #CSSpodcast 🗣 Here's a little audio preview! Find… EyeDropper API?! VisBug is down! 📃 read more `content-visibility`, new article by @Una:
Retweeted by Adam Argylestepped sliders make great radio groups
6 Different #CSS Centering Grid & Flex Layouts 👍 `place-items: center` `place-content: center` when used with.. `… is rad 👍 @SindreBoyum @liatrisbian i hope i guidanced the way you hoped @SindreBoyum @liatrisbian I feel like the folks who NEED the option on their device, know the option exists. I agre… @SindreBoyum @liatrisbian iOS in like ~2013 came out with the reduce motion option, their new iOS 7 UI release was… @SindreBoyum @liatrisbian I like to start with distinguishing between motion animations and non-motion animations,… & VS Code highlighting my unused selector 🤓 I did swap from an hr to a custom class and left that behind.…
@chrisdhanaraj @Netlify alphabet is a design system! i appreciate the perspective the English alphabet gives me regarding design system… @Netlify <3 <3 <3 rad product y'all, still a fan @chrisdhanaraj @Netlify heh is rad 👍
running a few Github actions is a fast way to get lots of downloads in an "npm installs" readme badge 😂great read 📖 @ChromeDevTools now supports CSS-in-JS! Unlocks using the Styles pane to edit CSS added via CSS-in-JS librarie…
Retweeted by Adam Argylegreat read 📖
this is rad 👍 @Una Jeeves lol has Covid figured out with a 1 liner: * { isolation: isolate; } more about CSS isolation Rendering Contexts are automatically Stacking Contexts Stacking Contexts are not always 3D Rendering Contexts…⚠️ critical #CSS concepts ⚠️ Stacking Context manage painting order of elements Containing Block manage X/Y coord… @srhise @BilalBudhani @adamwathan @simonswiss imagine downloading a browser update just so you can load a site usin… @mhartington @srhise @adamwathan @simonswiss Fork Chromium and make a browser with them all built in! @adamwathan I'll help you run a local build yo @adamwathan @simonswiss All you gotta do is add Tailwind to the user agent file and boom, it's on every page 🍻 @adamwathan @simonswiss Fork and make ChromiumWind! 🤘💀
@violasong @FirefoxDevTools The shadows remind me of the game Threes ♥️ a developer, that'd be like deleting a bug that's ruining my business logic 😂 part of being a designer is deleting copy that doest fit my designThe best programming language is the one you know how to use.
Retweeted by Adam Argyle @brad_frost happy birthday! different would CSS be perceived if it stood for Style Script instead of Style Sheet? Are there other languages…
@pbteja1998 @GirlsCodeMK @jh3yy @5t3ph @eggheadio this generator rules's gap + flexbox handling international document flows and directions! 💯 Something quite tedious to do by hand…
Retweeted by Adam Argyle💯 CSS flex gap is in Chrome 84 💯 play around at this sandbox on @codepen 👇 is rad 👍'm always using percents in CSS, but often have to stop and ask: "% of what?" hint: it's probably not what you th…
Retweeted by Adam Argylethis is rad 👍 was pretty good for CSS. @rachelandrew's roundup: • `gap` in Flexbox in Firefox & Chr…
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great read 📖 @DasSurma @rob_dodson Sick game. Sick soundtrack. Big RoR fan over here, and def jam out to that soundtrack. @jaffathecake @simevidas @Una @bfgeek I think I got a demo of this once.. @jaffathecake @simevidas @Una @bfgeek I tend to hand manage this legibility style issue with max-inline-size and ch… text-decoration has an "overline" value AND can accept up to 4 decorations at once! ``` h1 { text-decoration…
You know how `height: 100%` doesn't do what you want it to do? How about a new thing, `height: stretch`, that does?
Retweeted by Adam ArgyleCSS working group virtual face-to-face is happening right now and @tabatkins is talking about aspect ratio while hi… @terrifricker @css great question! easiest way to think of it is: relative to the nearest <html> tag it's being us… @alphawebserv @css no worries, it's confusing! 50vw is not the "screen" width: it's the width of the <html> viewp…⚠️ CSS gotcha ⚠️ The "viewport" IS NOT the device screen This is contrary to how we generally talk about the viewp…’ve been working as a software engineer for 10 years 🎂 Man, does time fly! Here’s a list of ten honest takes on t…
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great read 📖'm teaching an intermediate web development class online in August as a part of @blackorlandotch! Course includes…
Retweeted by Adam Argyle @check_ca Rad tip! @kilianvalkhof Tried some on 😁, liked the manual hue shift duo-tonegreat read 📖 @slightlylate @_developit Played FTL?I was makin this with that 🤘💀 @slightlylate @_developit Rad games! I rage when anyone on my team does though..
@rick_viscomi your favorite way to edit time? In a desktop or native UI, what's your preferred way to edit, scrub, manage time values?feelin like a blob? feel like makin a blob? @tricksIdeas037 @CodePen PST! sup?yo @CodePen, love this emmet expansion preview live the web
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