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@GoogleChrome CSS DevRel; @CSSWG; #VisBug maker; dev += design; parentNode + 2 leafs; CSS/JS/UX addict; repeat(∞, [empathize, design, develop, deploy]); 💀🤘

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@davicho I'll answer with a hypothetical question! hehe I see you use Babel instead of Coffeescript? Why? The rea… is rad 👍 is ready to prototype flex gap 🎉 gif alt: fresh prince doing the running man IN… @digitarald @meyerweb fugu-ize sounds pokey not shiny! shiny would be to make it become more of a rare pokemon! hehe @meyerweb Chrome isn't hacking on it, Chromium is though 😉Nice healthy spaced section with some negative margins for aligned text but a nice healthy padded well demo 👇… @jaffathecake 🤦‍♂️ Multi-Directional Layouts
Retweeted by Adam Argyle @nikeroy Like Babel but for CSS, postcss-preset-env 👍 @addyosmani @DanielPox 🤓 @ayfaraz“CSS plays the very important role of translating Design, and User Experience on the web. It’s how we take all the…
Retweeted by Adam Argyledark mode first 😎
If you're looking to learn CSS or get better with it, here are some of my favorite resources 👇🏻
Retweeted by Adam Argyle @obvi_as for snippets like this I use 💀🤘 @brendansparrow here's the output based on the browserlist I supply for this project I'm hackin on 👍 @brendansparrow yep, that's a great idea, you can do it manually, run code through something like…🙂
@haroenv @rektide can find it in border-radius as well it's been around @calebwilliams12 @RollupJS alas, i have no acorns experience @j3ll3yfi5h Here's a great breakdown! @calebwilliams12 @RollupJS me, but i used Babel with Rollupthis is rad 👍 @SaraSoueidan you would like to keep up to date with the news about CSS Houdini, the next generation CSS in which @csswg is w…
Retweeted by Adam ArgyleAwesome explanation of how this works by @kilianvalkhof @jensimmons @MiriSuzanne It looks like the Chrome team listened: "It was discussed yesterday during the planning…
Retweeted by Adam ArgyleHeck, let's straw-poll the mod issue: What should be the answer to mod(-8px, 5px)? (feel free to RT for reach)
Retweeted by Adam Argyle
@perfmattersconf what a line up! @simevidas not exactly what you asked about, but perhaps in the same vein or usable for the purpose? cc @innovati @iam_synapse built in dark mode 👍diggin this new media UI in Chrome! it's even pickin up that I'm playing from the Spotify PWA @burgessdryan @devonbl @saltnburnem @holtbt @johnnyxbell @thebillygregory @eugeneyevhen @stacylondoner @burgessdryan @devonbl @saltnburnem @holtbt @johnnyxbell @thebillygregory @eugeneyevhen @stacylondoner @burgessdryan @devonbl @saltnburnem @holtbt @johnnyxbell @thebillygregory @eugeneyevhen @stacylondoner @burgessdryan @devonbl @saltnburnem @holtbt @johnnyxbell @thebillygregory @eugeneyevhen @stacylondoner you're a @googlechrome user, you NEED to check out these tips from @KezzBracey on how to use @argyleink's VisBug…
Retweeted by Adam Argyle"there is no clearer indicator of more content than a bit of underlined text" @jensimmons This sounds super helpful! For me, I think the simplest & most helpful implementation of this would be…
Retweeted by Adam ArgyleSo cool that @FirefoxDevTools shows inactive CSS and how to fix it.
Retweeted by Adam ArgyleWoh sweet, featured!? Coo 💀🤘 It's a box model visualization, link here!
@brad_frost Just this week I'd challenged myself with something similar! Which is to switch operating systems more… so often, I re-read Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. While some of the injustices may have changed,…
Retweeted by Adam ArgyleBeen having a think about different menu designs for the @CodePen challenge 🤔 Here's a pure CSS randomly generated…
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@jh3yy @jh3yy I use @adobexd and auto-animate! AKA: carefully crafted artboards 👍
rgb() ⇒ rgba() just to add transparency? 🤢 hsl() ⇒ hsla() ... 😭 GOOD NEWS! fixed in CSS color-level-4, rgb() & hsl… CSS transformations (transform, independent translate/scale/rotate, motion path) are affected by transform-orig…
Retweeted by Adam Argyle @nucliweb @simevidas @sitnikcode @kungfujanitor @CodePen @PostCSS @csswg Great points Joan, you can also adopt as m…
This year my goal is to help people understand CSS as the gnarly language that it is. I'd love to creatively explai…
Retweeted by Adam Argyle @innovati @equinusocio @titungdup @nucliweb @CodePen @PostCSS Babel + preset-env? Try preset-env + PostCSS! it's the same idea, but for a different language. they even sha… @svperflvid I'm hella mortal yo @svperflvid @firefox web components struggled to work inside of extension/addon environment, specifically the class… index of 67 web APIs, well there went my evening.. 🤩 @None10359373 @appsforartists @mjackson LoL, I was directly invoked @mjackson This CSS seems to be doing well 😁
@fvsch @firefox found a clever workaround thanks to @DotProto!!Huge breakthrough with VisBug and @firefox today! 🎉 If you've been waiting for it, great news, you can try it out!!… @MicheBarks @code some visbug source to show the theme a bit! some sweet in browser design debugging tools into your shiny new browser! is rad 👍 @titungdup @nucliweb @CodePen @PostCSS i hope so! it's got a spec! you can use it with postcss-preset-env (it's l… @davatron5000 Yo! 💀🤘
@jonlprd layouts for the price of 1, thanks flex 👍 css` form { display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; & > input {… is rad 👍 @Gravnetic @webflow agree it's a design tool! Webflow should be super proud of their future sightHow long until design tools offer layout capabilities like CSS grid? They're barely getting started with flexbox. @davatron5000 Say more ramps are great for launching monster trucks over 20 buses, but terrible for natural looking animations, sha… @Ganticdotco i'd love that! @equinusocio Exactly, figma could offer full flexbox, hopefully it will one day! @equinusocio @sdw @brad_frost User picks in system, designer/developer author optimistic @Ganticdotco And yo, let's GVC sometime! @Ganticdotco I'm not shitting on design tools, I'm commenting that their new features are old web ones lol @Ganticdotco I love it! No offense 👍 I think you're missing it, because I agree with you. I think design tools w… @sdw @brad_frost It's automatic, whatcha want instead? @jongold Every tool I vet is still flexing half the web's potential
@shortdiv I'm always sitting there like... "I could slip a USB stick into the back of this thing soooo easy..."… this like: if you're tool has this feature now... it's a clue it's inspired by the web: - ... AND coming s… @BrendanEich @mikeal lol yep, and it was still wrong/short!design tools are behind the web now. clues that lead to this assertion: - any type of a "stack", aka wack wannabe… - 2019 Design Tools rule expressive communities by leading & driving features of platforms and GUIs 2020 - bey… @Mamboleoo @AmeliasBrain agree that will-change creating a stacking context is confusing! BUT, i've also leveraged… design tool: 6+ hand placed, messy layers 😢 the web: we've got shorthand for that 😎 the hue matc… @fyodorio i bought it for size and battery, but it's an Apple laptop, they're great. It runs great.swapped a 13" 2016 macbook pro (with touchbar) for the 13" 2019 air (with touch ID and not touchbar), and the amoun… pastel pink extravert darkish pink tuppenny deep pink
Retweeted by Adam Argyle @mikesherov @FredKSchott @pikapkg @_developit @mgechev @Vintharas Sweet! I'd checked as well, glad to hear it's arrival is imminentHow Browsers Work: recommended reading A series by @kosamari 1️⃣ 2️⃣…
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@z0oks after some great feedback - options instance prop should be private - default values aren't instance releva… @jaffathecake that's what I had, and i agree i got private prop happy, thx for the feedback! heh.. now I gotta sal… @jaffathecake oh, options change/update, defaults dont! whatcha thinkin!? @jaffathecake different per instance yep, and also changeable post initialization via a setter