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Ari🍯 @ari__honey Michigan, USA

10/19💜 what it do baybeee? @beautybyari012 and @ari__honey on insta.

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@Rbbanga @KrisJenner @KimKardashian Educate yourself & stop hating on women bc they're more successful than you :)How it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by Ari🍯How the signs express love — Aries: fearlessly Taurus: physically Gemini: erratically Cancer: impulsively Leo: eas…
Retweeted by Ari🍯when you’re trying to sleep but hear your cat destroying everything you own
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Retweeted by Ari🍯People love to act like having kid is the only meaningful thing you can do with your life. There's already too many… @sinfulpluto @TheSavage1 @Fatherofwarpdr @danadonly no, it's not. Abortions are not performed out of hate. They are contemplated and thought… wash your face before bed
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @Fatherofwarpdr @danadonly And the Holocaust was a result of deep rooted hatred whereas an abortion is a result of… @danadonly more like pro birth @sawthesky @ravenmwade Anotha one, sometimes the nicest thing you can say about an ex is “Well he took me to a forest once” and that’s ok.
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Yes I do charity work. I walk around public parks asking pairs of women taking cute pictures of each other if they would like one together.
Retweeted by Ari🍯who am I supposed to ask adult questions like how to fill out my tax papers when my parents have disowned me or oth… is just another reminder that even if I ask people to be here for me they're not going to. Going through l… time I try and fool myself into believing I have a family that actually loves me when they dont want something… @iamsouljabrasi @TheSavage1 sensationalWhy do women always ask if they're being crazy for being upset that their husbands lie and cheat? We should be able… ever realize you're sitting in an uncomfortable position but you still can't get yourself to move or am I just de… @eggshellfriend what about screaming "hot diggity dog" when you cum? @jiggyjayy2 @ASAP_Shotty2 High schoolers 100% act like this. It's just more dramatic and entertaining for TV. Y'all… @TheSavage1 idk what she's on but I'll go have free dinner for $30,000 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ u can never fall asleep on your back but your chest hurts so you can't ✨breathe✨in any other position. All I ne… @KenWo4LiFe @usblues23 @MrDelicious13 Buddy and pal are the only condescending things I call people. Alternatively…
Not this boy cuddling me for like 7 hours straight, singing love songs to me and then later on telling me he thinks…
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doing a free ticket / merch give away 😎😳🥰 just like + retweet to enter tix :
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @hederahtweets @redditships Fellas, is it gay to be hygienic? Is it gay to touch your own arse through toilet paper…
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my murderer puts a gun in my mouth but i just start sucking it
Retweeted by Ari🍯The first rule of Fall Club is you do not mess with the decorative gourds.
Retweeted by Ari🍯when did u learn paprika was bell peppers? for me it was yesterday
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @BigHomieKODAQ Can’t forget about “Gator Bait” 🤢🤮 all they ever did was make money off of black people in every dar…
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@kathrinepandell @JaneLebak @AITA_reddit I had my little brother staying with me for a couple months & he'd always… I fell in love and now I gotta share a bedroom for the rest of my life??
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @HaitianDvorce[having sex] her: talk to me ur too quiet me: thanks for doing this
Retweeted by Ari🍯remember like 10 years ago when any woman who didn’t wear a bra was considered an ugly feminist and now literally a…
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @val_in_tines @radiantbutch @telleznikkiee Y’all mad horny on this app. Shit wild. Keep going tho.
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @TheSavage1 but next week will be ❤️
i am so good at making myself feel bad about myself. expert level. if you hate me and want to hurt my feelings you…
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @vercet6669420 I just got around to finishing it and sameIf you don't put your cart in the cart corral we can't be friends
youth pastor: You know who’s really ‘Among Us’ everywhere we go?
Retweeted by Ari🍯Still true don’t appreciate a good bra and panty set . “Take These Off” did you even look at it 🥴🥴😂
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @badfishnchips @cal_gif it's always the most unattractive and self conscious dudes calling the pretty girls ugly
Retweeted by Ari🍯people are so gross it’s predictable
Retweeted by Ari🍯whoever created quizlet need they ass ate 😭😭
Retweeted by Ari🍯ok can we please just admit that big dick is so overrated and most of the time just hurts cause they never even bother to get you wet
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@TheGreyHaired @Proud2bPenny @DiorDaaay @1LUZECITA @SameolDuff You lost me at "females"
to whoever's using my Spotify your mom's a hoeThe iPhone mini is for people with baby hands and coming from me; that's saying somethingmichael jackson’s pronouns are he/he
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @iris_toto0 @JoyJuTsu @WafeyaYazal @hydratedangel not the wig 😭☠️
just seen someone refer to the pandemic as the panny d and it’s ruined my fucking week before it’s even hit 12 on monday
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @LLW902 Bath tubs are also not comfortable for me, a 5'0 women, I have to stretch my legs as far as I can to avoid drowningi feel more in my ferrari than i’ve ever felt with a man
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @girlinabasement For a lot of men, wanting ‘a good sense of humour’ means she laughs at your jokes, not that she makes her own.
Retweeted by Ari🍯i read the r/relationships twitter girlfriend post and my big thing is how can you be in a 6-7 year relationship wi…
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It's always the kids who say collage instead of college that are against getting an educationWhen I say I want a man to crack me like a crab leg this is what I’m talking about
Retweeted by Ari🍯I just cried during sex. Never in my fucking life have I done some shit like that before. Nobody talk to me for the rest of 2020.
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not me feeling embarrassed I wore makeup to work bc 2nd shift dudes are disrespectful and think it's ok to hit on m… who the FUCK ate my pussy
Retweeted by Ari🍯😬😬😬 hair has successfully stayed in a bun for almost 2 hours what a fuckin dreampeople will rlly be hating on makeup artists for getting one lil thing wrong on a 6 hour look when they can’t even do eyeliner themselves
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @Jringo1508 @ManStupidest @Mountai37287943 @HenpeckedHal @JackPosobiec saying that you're joking is all fine and go… @Nekrotikk @tiredmommy1010 @Mountai37287943 @HenpeckedHal @JackPosobiec That is perfectly fair. If your partner can… @Mountai37287943 @HenpeckedHal @JackPosobiec To all of you men, your partners are not your mothers. Stop creating p…
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @ABNewwine @HenpeckedHal Nearly every man I've met either doesn't know how to cook anything or refuse to keep their… @HenpeckedHal @DrakeGatsby Someone needs to teach men how to do things
Retweeted by Ari🍯That dog running to him just shows that this bitch is insane. It's genuinely so upsetting to me to have to think ab… @sonicopi_ @_KidHollister_ @CookieW_THEfro @darthguccci @Mulaflare I put my money on oxy. Bitches love pain killersthe wreckage of my past still haunts me
Retweeted by Ari🍯Jeff Bezos could give each of his employees $105,000 and he would have exactly as much money as he did pre-pandemic…
Retweeted by Ari🍯if nobody sent you a snowflake emoji in the past 24 hours it’s cause you’re ugly. Don’t ever forget that. If you lo…
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me realizing I'm gonna starve to death so APPARENTLY my sister has been writing things like BLM, ACAB, and fuck trump on the sidewalks infront of ppl…
Retweeted by Ari🍯me: *Has friend of opposite gender* my mom:
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Cute animal rhymes to say farewell: 8. In a while, crocodile 7. Toodle loo, kangaroo 6. Ciao for now, jersey cow 5…
Retweeted by Ari🍯 @danababy97 Are caskets one size fits all?
Retweeted by Ari🍯I always feel like I should be doing more
@TheSavage1 thanks. I love you. You are my motivation the last few months. Idk what I'd do or where I'd be without you and your support.I suppose I can't just hope for change, but I am taking steps to bring upon change. Some things will always just be… are things in my life that I am so happy about and I'm held back from truly enjoying it while I can by the th… in the ER the dr asked me if there’s a chance i could be pregnant and i said no. he said “we’re going to…
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A cop just knocked on my door and told me that my dogs were chasing people on bikes???? Wtf??? My dogs don't even own bikes tf
Retweeted by Ari🍯I'm pretty convinced my face just eats blushOkay then🙃
sucks how “no one is mad at you” positive self talk always inevitably devolves into “actually, no one even cares ab…
Retweeted by Ari🍯*trying to sound sophisticated about film* actually ratatouille isn’t the name of the rat,
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@trisha_agaba Bless your heart ❤️i feel everything unfortunately
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Pisces, Scorpio Message either this month or in December you will be seeing a huge change in life come your way.…
Retweeted by Ari🍯I sit here and think about what things I could possibly enjoy doing for so long that I waste all the time I have an…