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rain on me

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“I’m not black but I see you” We want you to make sure you see us after this calms too. In courts fighting for just…
Retweeted by Ariana GrandeGeorge Floyd’s murder is not only an outrage. It is the latest manifestation of a system that callously devalues th…
Retweeted by Ariana GrandeThe NYPD is using a bus to transfer arrested protesters at the Barclays Center. However the bus driver refused to…
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is. nine states have a primary on tuesday. the items on these ballots impact our day to day lives. we’re voting for…
Retweeted by Ariana Grandea lot of things feel scary, dangerous and uncertain right now... but there are things within our control: voting, c…
Retweeted by Ariana Grandeis. nine states have a primary on tuesday. the items on these ballots impact our day to day lives. we’re voting for… lot of things feel scary, dangerous and uncertain right now... but there are things within our control: voting, c… protestors vs Black protestors
Retweeted by Ariana Grandea murderer is being held in protective custody.
please keep signing these petitions, making donations, having conversations w family and friends about it, reading… to #Chromatica with me tomorrow, here on Twitter 📡 The #ChromaticaListeningParty starts at 11am PT / 2pm ET
Retweeted by Ariana Grandeouttakes @alfredoflores. in case u ever question my love for u @ladygaga please refer back to this. @AlfredoFlores u sm i did it’ll do anything to earn my umbrella back @ladygaga pls text FLOYD to 55156 @colorofchange to put pressure on DA Mike Freeman to charge and arres…
2020 VINYL ⛈💿 ↳
Retweeted by Ariana Grande#RainOnMe 🌩️
Retweeted by Ariana GrandeWe'd rather be dry, but at least we have @ladygaga and @ArianaGrande bringing us the #RainOnMe forecast! ☔
Retweeted by Ariana Grande @ladygaga @joangrande omg#rainonme 🌧 @applemusic
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so excited. love u more mama. love himmmmmmmmm 🥰 mood think so. or just @joangrande alone. @ladygaga #rainonme 🌧 @weatherchannel we thirsty or what @arianagrande?? BRING ON THE RAIN ⛈ #RainOnMe @weatherchannel
Retweeted by Ariana GrandeTHIS IS A MESSAGE FROM #CHROMATICA ⚔️💓 3 DAYS
Retweeted by Ariana Grandewe love u UK :) thank u
Retweeted by Ariana Grandealso rain on me makes me so mf happy @ladygaga thank uand just wanted to say thank u for everything u make this life so fun i can’t wait to perform for u again and see u… i miss and love u all so muchsame is stored in the boobs. @ArianaGrande
Retweeted by Ariana GrandeIn #Chromatica no one thing is greater than another ⚔️💓 4 days
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The front page of The New York Times for May 24, 2020
Retweeted by Ariana GrandeWerrrrk @ArianaGrande for dancing in Chromatica! We lived! @ladygaga #RainOnMe
Retweeted by Ariana GrandeIt's here. ⛈ @ladygaga x @ArianaGrande Listen to their new collab #RainOnMe now:
Retweeted by Ariana GrandeCalling all Little Monsters 🚨 @ladygaga just dropped #RainOnMe with @arianagrande. Dance to it on the…
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Retweeted by Ariana Grande#RainOnMe on #AListPop@applemusic
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rain on me 🤍@ladygaga
Retweeted by Ariana GrandeThere’s a 100% chance it’s raining on me
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2020 music video out now on @ladygaga’s vevo 🌧 hour 🌧 #rainonme music video ANGEL out now! ⛈🗡 Video premiere at 10am PT / 1pm ET TOMORROW on my YouTube channel ⚔️💓
Retweeted by Ariana GrandeOne time I felt like I was crying so much it would never stop. Instead of fighting it, I thought bring it on, I can…
Retweeted by Ariana Grandeshe then held my hand and invited me into the beautiful world of chromatica and together, we got to express how bea… time ..... i met a woman who knew pain the same way i did... who cried as much as i did, drank as much wine as… on me 🌧 @ladygaga out now 🖤 music video tomorrow at ten am pst / one pm est 🧚🏼‍♂️ emotional day okay wish i could hug u rn @ladygaga #onehour #rainonmethis isn’t real but fuck me i love it so much. i love u, u incredible, unstoppable woman @ladygaga 🤍one hour !… hrs #rainonme 🤍four
always hours !!! #rainonme @ladygaga“I never asked for the rainfall At least I showed up You showed me nothing at all” ⛈ #RAINONME SIX HOURS
Retweeted by Ariana Grande“gotta live my truth not keep it bottled in... so i don’t lose my mind” 🤍☁️🌑🌬🌧 seven hrs #rainonme8 HOURS ⛈ @arianagrande #RAINONME
Retweeted by Ariana Grandethank u pop / dancing queen mama hrs @ladygaga #rainonme @ladygaga love u so much more. nothing could stop us before either, we just had to realize it ! i’m so excited ☁️ thank u🤍…⛈ tonight ⛈ rain on me @ladygaga
love u
u really have no idea means a lot to me love u all more than u know & appreciate u so so much my angel friend🤍🥺
Retweeted by Ariana Grande... water like misery ⛈ #RainOnMe 5/22 @arianagrande
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#StuckWithU #1 🤍 THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this song. And THANK YOU @ArianaGrande @justinbieber
Retweeted by Ariana Grande Hot 100: #1(new) stuck with u, @ArianaGrande & @justinbieber.
Retweeted by Ariana Grande“It’s about time @ArianaGrande and I gave you a duet.” @justinbieber said it best. Keep listening to #StuckwithU on…
Retweeted by Ariana Grande⛈ teardrops on my face ⛈ rain on me 5/22 @ladygaga
love u most
🤍⛈ rain on me ⛈ may 22 @ladygaga WITH @ARIANAGRANDE ⛈ FRIDAY 5/22, MIDNIGHT ET WORLDWIDE
Retweeted by Ariana Grande#stuckwithu on today's top hits with @justinbieber on @spotify
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Next 5 hours only and only a certain amount as we can’t do too many lol. If we run out we run out. But we hear you…
Retweeted by Ariana Grandelimited amount of signed singles by me & justin :) available til midnight @justinbieber hours left #stuckwithu signed single ♡
Retweeted by Ariana Grandeariana & justin signing all the cds:
Retweeted by Ariana Grande🏹🤍#stuckwithu signed single ♡ 24 hours only
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