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23 years old 6'3 alpha chad female, 🏳️‍⚧️ | ex NA @PlayBattalion legend @PlayVALORANT restricted F/A for @XSET #RepTheSet❌ she/her Business:

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@902Creed I tried it for a good week and concluded that it has to be placebo, I noticed no difference in my performance @seshiriaa_ @Sora_fps1 frfr @seshiriaa_ @Sora_fps1 we played exactly 4 games together lolThe ranked gods have been treating me very well lately bless up. prayge. 🙏 @bumpaah bumpah, I do this shit for free
@NickCarbs all good @Y0URENIGMA 😳 @swampyhag this is exactly why I didn't wanna @ LOLALL I HAD TO DO WAS ASK????? WWWWWWWWWWW THANKS YOUUUUUUU @swampyhag HOLY SHIT THANKS YOUXSET ARI#6ft3 would like to request (1) Riot buddy please reasons why I think I may deserve one: -I was very poggers during t… @Junafour on, I don't want a spooky ghost sneaking up behind me
⚠️ Announcing Date Change for Toronto Valorant $10K LAN ⚠️
Retweeted by XSET ARI @TirayeK mememememememe @LynnieNoquez @AdrenalineCS_ I will absolutely laugh at my situation rather than cry about it, yes @LuisaJoel111 @AdrenalineCS_ you might wanna check your sourcesstreaming is the gift that keeps on giving
@leaf_cs fun yet selfish agent that brings nothing to a team comp yeah, pretty much @AdrenalineCS_ I did then they cut me ROFL @PhysiFyee no @PhysiFyee okay so first u wanna go ahead and not stay up for 39 hours straight @Pterodactylsftw flirting with men: "wow... you're tall" 😬 flirting with women: "wow... you're tall" 😳 if I want… @KP_fps JUST HIT THE SICKEST 1V9 ACE OMG RT RT @Glorinsz @Inf4mousEnergy eh I'm ok @Glorinsz @Inf4mousEnergy Bert and a guy that can't spell "renegade" stood absolutely no chance frfr @Cam_Sova ima chalk it off as her having a bad day or something lmfao @BetrayedFPS @Glorinsz @TorontoVALORANT ima dunk on kids no cap @Warden_fps yes @EskayOW smh(new) come over to ARI's stream where we have: ✅ -poggers clutches ✅ -poggers multi-role/agent gameplay ✅ -poggers…
@punsandbunsgg this mask is so cool the fuck @diaamondTV you don't. @KP_fps feels like a brimstone ult on the skin too ngl @Average_Jonas 👁👄👁Reminder that I'm still available to trial/sub in for rosters, whether it be female, mixed, NA, EU, or even a pug t… a new evolution of ARI that uses the phantom and entries on KAY/O @Inf4mousEnergy best duo NA ong @ArleighKaufmann @KingFPS__ complimenting my friends does not make me down bad @KingFPS__ handsome @sSef_tv @khangtthai viper ultimate is the wave no cappa
@erinasimon I used to be a lil shit 😅 @KingFPS__ @VIRTUOSOVAL dude my heart jumped don't do this to me @KingFPS__ just make it like 1800-1900 and honestly it's balanced @s4rrzur @bumpaah say it on your main kek
@bumpaah I ain't here to be pretty I'm here to make boys mad in rankedI survived the great Ares meta of 2022 and all I got is this lousy t-shirt @Glorinsz forced to duo with crosbyCS for his next 25 ranked games"get my awp" @jrush512 @JessGOAT I was told the same thing, that it'd be easy and they were available everywhere, sooo, only a day or two, once I landed @jrush512 @JessGOAT In december, I had to get a PCR test to go back to Canada and it was a nightmare trying to find… @bumpaah ................
officially benched from @XSET female, I am now a restricted F/A LFT: Flexible player specialized in entry fragging…
Retweeted by XSET ARI @18_Fate_ all ain't over til it's over @m4yuhri don't do this to mefirst stream in 6~ months? praying that the OBS settings I've been given can help me keep a stable 144 FPS no mak…
@avidoggler if only @Purgeiwnl deserved, tbfall good. 🥲 @cosmicviyx @XSET @XSETRezin nt. @KOLER1337 stare at the ceilling @katriggered @XSET @XSETRezin thanks you, kat @benitanov me too thanks
@marynah_1 @XSET @XSETRezin <3officially benched from @XSET female, I am now a restricted F/A LFT: Flexible player specialized in entry fragging… for breadcrumbs of 5 am ranked elo @Nurfed @b0ssyCS ayo @punsandbunsgg all good.what if I started streaming when I get my new pc? 👀 @threeFPS @NightVbn tough @NightVbn he probably don't know how to either all good @JessScharnagle @XSET @starriebun @LynnieNoquez @ellietwitches 👀 @ArleighKaufmann @XSET ayo
@aEvilcat I still feel bad cuz that random dude took @ mimicasts because I suggested it ROFL @1dianazzz best duo @Agentsolo thanks you kingBeen playing Sova non-stop in Ranked for the past few days after playing an entry fragging role in officials for mo… @aEvilcat honestly, mine is worse @ori1gin ayo @alpine_fps 🙏 hope soturns out the toronto LAN is during the end of Game Changers qualifiers, most likely won't be able to go :/ all good.
@rev0hh ayo? @mayuhri_x1 😳 with candles?anyone building a pug team for this? Would love to go for some more LAN exp, can entry or flex & can pay for travel…
@cynprel best girl 🙏 @XSET ayo
@frostyZK same, samepros definitely do fake, actuallyGrateful for what I have in life, even if it's not much.
Retweeted by XSET ARI
@NotReduxx I miss him. @CreationsViper yes @Glorinsz @PlayVALORANT I just want a french canadian agent that yells out "ow tabarnak" when hitremember when the Yoru trailer came out and people were freaking out about how OP he was gonna be lol @mayuhri_x1 start hovering over certain characters silently, you'll start being able to play them every now and then @scourge_val LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @JoshNissan reddit moment @tdawggVAL I'm a female player dw I wasn't gonna look at the VOD's chat regardless of what I play LMFAO
@RiotBallerina one day I'll hit a better clip one day.