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22 years old 6'3 alpha chad female, 🏳️‍⚧️ | ex NA @PlayBattalion legend competing in @PlayVALORANT with my roster, @N2LVAL #N2L! HRT: 2018/01/24 she/her

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The seeds and opening matches for Thursday's $50,000 @Verizon #VCT Game Changers, presented by @dignitas! Exclusiv…
Retweeted by ARIbet? I ever think about switching to the Phantom again please spray me with one of those lil spray water bottles you use to train cats @jammyzx pain @RiotBallerina I'm a glitchpop frenzy type person
@hush_nw kinda @sapphiReGG @Verizon @dignitas @NyxCosmetics This is actually really sweet I never really had anyone teach me much… YOU MORE SURPRISES! All competitors & talent participating in the @Verizon #VCT Game Changers, presented by…
Retweeted by ARI @beezercs nt. @bearOBS @RiotBallerina :) thanks you king @NaToSaphiX me too thanks @RiotBallerina That's part of why I like to keep the Battalion part of my bio, it's an important part of my life th… @justnyxnow absolutelyyeah I have a crush on Killjoy but to be fair who doesn't @artofplo Those are great, honestly @artofplo 👀👀👀
@Y0URENIGMA The 50 decay buff patch buffed her into being a meta pick and ever since they've been trying to bring h… @zekkenVAL @realmocking DART SMOKAHS CONFIRMED GETTING SIGNED"Improved matchmaking accuracy" is slowly becoming the "-removed Herobrine" of Valorant patch notes @rev0hh Riffle inaccuracy was only changed for walking, still the same for full run all good @zekkenVAL I hope someone takes this seriously and posts it on reddit @qtpanini I've never played under 40 ping :[ @Yonji_x1 god I wish that were me$50,000 on the line. Who will be Champions? 🟨 @dignitas 🟨 @ShopifyRebels 🟨 @JustBreatheVAL 🟨 @clgaming 🟨…
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@extrnal duality? @tariannkan sometimes mostly waiting for wipe though tbh @aEvilcat "boss" being a close #2 @witnessqq I have tier 4 experience 🥴 @480Wrap gotcha, thanks you~ @480Wrap By "Game Changer" Tournaments do you mean Female tournaments (I.E Sakura Cup, Super girl gamer) + Big Game… @LynnieNoquez @VLRdotgg #1 F/A female team baybeeeeeeeeeeeeOfficial female team rankings on @VLRdotgg Feels good to climb our way up, slowly but surely 🙌🏼
Retweeted by ARI @regan_travis I'm all for for prac and vod review everyday but ain't no way am I streaming everyday no sir LMFAO @NaoriMizuki @TeamParadoxVAL @24HavenVal @NoShotVal @N2LVAL means a lot coming from you considering how you saw me…'s this ORGLESS "NOTHING2LOSE" team and how are they keeping up so well against all these professional teams? 🥵💦…
Retweeted by ARICongratulations to the Top 8 teams that will compete in next weekend's @Verizon #VCT Game Changers, presented by…
Retweeted by ARI @LynnNyaa It's alright. The Eurobeat mix will still be there for next tournament. ALL GOOD.I would like to thank "EUROBEAT MIX for winning at videogames" for helping us win our games & therefore qualify to…
@maddiesuun LET'S GO MADDIE! (btw Maddiesuun is Maddie, I can use her first name because we are tight like that. ye… @N2LVAL I never trash talk 🤥one of the many graceful aces from the best entry fragger @ARIANARCHIST
Retweeted by ARIA 5th team is IN! Congratulations to @N2LVAL for securing a spot in the coveted Top 8 at the @Verizon #VCT Game Cha…
Retweeted by ARIQUALIFIED FOR #VCT GAME CHANGERS WITHOUT DROPPING A MAP TODAY BABYYYYYYY 2-0 @TeamParadoxVAL 2-0 @24HavenVal 2-0… to the girls at @NoShotVal. We win 2-0 and have made top 8 for the @Verizon #VCT Game Changers, presented by @dignitas #N2L!
Retweeted by ARIAce from our first match of the day won 2-0 vs @TeamParadoxVAL , playing @24HavenVal next~ #N2L! @artofplo nay, not worth giving away our stratsOur only chance to make it today is to win 3 best of 3 series in a row in the lower bracket, eliminating everyone e… @Y0URENIGMA uwu @dusteeFPS It's real cozy in top 3,000, you sure you don't wanna drop lower? ;)
Played like shit today, and I take all our losses as my fault. I couldn't entry properly and lost way too many aim… @HitBox_Hiros @aEvilcat @LynnieNoquez it's literally the same crosshair w different color ROFL 1-5-1-3 Inner lines, 1-3-3-6 Outer linesWe'll be participating in the #VCTGameChangers qualifiers today~ Come support us! Our second group game will be st…
Retweeted by ARII want to be someone who people in similar situations as mine can look up to, but I can't be that if I keep constan… @902Creed All of my teammates have boyfriends 😔🤘Instalocking Jett and holding W with this running in the background during qualifiers tomorrow good luck all begins tomorrow. #VCTGameChangers
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@Pterodactylsftw I'm still surprised at how similar our very specific family situations were @Sissycortina thanks dadfuck, dude I won that fight if I had a vandal fuck, dude I won that fight if I had a phantom fuck, dude I won tha… being a patient Brimstone main, waiting for months for a buff just for the patch to arrive and now your mol… @Enbyus haha no Sova still 100% pickrate on all maps but split ROFL @maddiesuun u got this
@cauapicetti ah jeez lol all good @cauapicetti I can't tell whether you tried to insult or compliment me @OxiWun_ Probably not @tariannkan I'm bad at this but I want the @ to feel cool @lunarkats I LOVE YOU @TheUltraLex That doesn't count!!! @ThankYouOW Sadge @Luca_AU_ do dudes regularly do this? fuck @dusteeFPS GOTTA mention it everytime*literally anytime I post a clip that contains my voice on reddit*'re only allowed to talk shit about me if you're taller than me, actually @902Creed hi @Enbyus Not the choice I wanted to make but definitely the choice I had to make @ItzBoltzy I've been scrimming with it for a bit, this isn't a sudden decision lolAs much as I've been using the Vandal for 85% of my career's frags, the phantom makes WAY more sense to use both as…
@LaxxyFPS you want to see him without pants? 😳😳😳Presenting the @valesports_na teams competing in the @Verizon #VCT Game Changers NA, presented by @dignitas! $50,0…
Retweeted by ARI @zekkenVAL same @alchy_dexxer thanks you kingpulled a clutch in a ranked game and one of my teammates comes out with this out of nowhere wtf I love you LOL @N2LVAL @Sarastarrs2_ @LynnieNoquez @katriggered @lunarkats this clip is why I use the phantom nowMeet the N2L girls @Sarastarrs2_ @LynnieNoquez @katriggered @ARIANARCHIST @lunarkats
Retweeted by ARI @RealStrongLegs oh so KJ gets the molly pass but I don't I SEE HOW IT IS @katriggered that's my teammate right there
@chloe_hime7 are you okay @Upmind_ I have a day off tomorrow and I'm only at 200 elo 😳😳😳 @hazedCS I think he has your heaven @regan_travis nice ace would've been cooler with a vandal tho 😏 @wattxson unlucky @awkwaVAL @sukhdeepFPS That's the duo that kept making fun of me and asking me if I had an only fans a few months a… @crunchyyworld @JerkTBE When crunchy says that it's all fun and games but when I say it it's "weird" and "unprofess…
@SilverNyx_ Silver, how is my favorite $500 boy doing? @dusteeFPS that single ? Is more toxic than any combination of words you can think of rofl @JerkTBE MY BAD.The goofy round that keeps on giving @Solus_55855 @regan_travis I used it a lot tonight, worked out pretty good ngl @regan_travis ok that is one BOLD statementlearned Astra + won 7 ranked games + had some weird highlights was fun streaming, had been a while thanks for sto…