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Ari Cohn @AriCohn Chicago, IL

First Amendment & defamation lawyer 🎵with a long history, of fixing people's takes about #Section230🎵. #Illini, music junkie, oofnik. Tweets/opinions are mine

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@TeRealCrisyCris @Popehat @JudgeJeanine Did someone fuck with her autocorrect so that it deleted all spaces or something?Guess it's time for me to never feel bad about that one time I accidentally filed the version of the brief without… @Popehat @BradMossEsq @nycsouthpaw DISTHICC COURT @Popehat @BradMossEsq @nycsouthpaw Is Districct like thicc?I would say something about wrestling with pigs but I realized that it would apply to both of them and therefore ne… @AGoldmund What are the dip switches set at? @MaverickKain517 1969. Black armbands. Vietnam War. Students don't shed First Amendment rights at the schoolhouse gate, @adamsteinbaugh @sarahemclaugh Or was it a typo @adamsteinbaugh @sarahemclaugh @sarahemclaugh That's only mildly horrifying @sarahemclaugh Oh you were that hovering eye I kept seeing around the house @sarahemclaugh write a day after we finished off all of the extended cut editions @Scarwartz @DevinCow (I say as if I had literally anything to do with making it) @Scarwartz @DevinCow Thank you! I love that piece so muchI stan a teacher who teaches Tinker and its progeny @LVJolieBeth That's honestly heartening to hear @TXantislapplaw He's from California so naturally he loves the idea and wants to design something about it. Any par… @bootydust17 🙈🙈Thank you! ♥️ @Equivo_Kate I can give you a 50% guarantee that it isn't a horcrux but that's about it. @ellefsenrachial Thanks! Finding a quality supply took some time but it was worth it! @DucatiScott @DevinCow You got me there @walterolson @AkivaMCohen @BadLegalTakes Information that would have been useful a long time ago! @MaverickKain517 Or I am *really* going to have to figure out how to pull out all the stops to make it impressive... @AkivaMCohen @BadLegalTakes He is physically incapable of stopping @NoelWSterett @MEdwardLewis1 Honestly, I would not be surprised to see a testy docket entry pop up next weekPardon my pre-Black Friday boost of my uber-talented S.O.'s jewelry, all on sale through Monday. If you see somethi…
@DrBradJohnson Generally no, a personal account probably wouldn't turn into an official "speaking for the employer"… @glennkirschner2 My god stop while you're behind @MEdwardLewis1 Also can we talk about filing a motion "for" your own initial disclosures? What the hell is even that? @MatthewStrugar I'm glad you asked! (Is there any district where that's a thing?) of me wants to be petty and file a motion to strike @MEdwardLewis1 How do you think I felt just seeing the subject line "New Activity in Case: Motion for disclosure?"Love to get an ECF notification the day before Thanksgiving that at first glance looks like an unprompted motion to… @hufflepufflady I'm certainly gathering that there is indeed a very active/involved teacher community from the resp… @DesertRaindrops @CarmenRAndrews @CowlesR @mbno1 @hufflepufflady @Vegasginga @NVBats @unionprd Don't overlook your… I'm seeing a lot of Nevada educators and community members who are rightfully concerned by this proposed polic… @js_hicks I don't think it's fair, in my experience, to say that staff is treated as an impediment to free speech.… @js_hicks Are you talking about non-faculty staff @js_hicks With the caveat that I don't speak for FIRE, I am curious about why you feel that way. I hammered on Garc… @andy_geronimo I hate on Garcetti every chance I get @js_hicks The courts aren't always sure where it is either, to be totally fairPS/ I know the public employee speech doctrine is an unglamorous and nerdy/niche thing to concern one's self with.… @js_hicks And here I thought I was the only one that nerdy20/ It's clear that whoever wrote this policy has only a superficial (at best) understanding of the relevant legal… Is there an argument that in certain circumstances that kind of speech may impact the school in a way that tips… Bethel v. Fraser & Morse v. Frederick don't stand for the proposition that public employees lose the First Amen… Then there's this. The first two just try to state the Pickering-Connick balancing test, but that last one is a… First we have this lovely paragraph. Surely some of those things are not constitutionally protected. But there… Not content to only get the public employee speech doctrine wrong, whoever wrote this policy also decided to ge… Nor are "specific issues" relating to an employee's work automatically not matters of public concern. Plenty of… So no, a teacher does not lose their First Amendment right to publicly opine about the quality or methods of in… But that's definitely *not* true. In line with the reasoning from San Diego v. Roe, the Supreme Court has expre… Continuing along the path of getting something wrong about every public employee speech doctrine case, the poli… The third part about it being a good idea to keep official and personal social media accounts separate and noti… Obviously if part of the rationale for protecting public employee speech is to encourage those with uniquely inf… But in developing protections for public employees, the Supreme Court has reasoned that these employees often ha… Nor does public employee speech lose constitutional protection simply because the speaker identifies themselves… An employee's tweets don't magically become "pursuant to official duties" by virtue of when they were tweeted. N… First of all, it is absolutely not the case that any speech made "during work" is ipso facto not made as a priva… The policy starts to go off the rails when the district tries (very poorly) to define when an employee is not sp… And whatever its problems (and lordy are there problems), Garcetti v. Ceballos is law and public employee speech… It starts off innocently enough, correctly noting that the First Amendment protects a variety of expressive mean… Really Bad Policy Drafting: A Thread (Or "Why You Should Probably Have Someone Versed in the Subject Matter Writ… should be a cause of action for fundraising emails that say that they are the final fundraising email but the… @ewanm89 I admire your willingness to try to explain both Section 230 and the First Amendment to me, but I'm pretty… @ewanm89 Incorrect. Section 230 absolutely protects the users of Twitter as well as Twitter itself. @ewanm89 With respect to the First Amendment issue of government officials blocking constituents, yes. But if I rec… what it's worth, the court's decision strikes me as obviously correct. It wouldn't make a whole ton of sense to… won't toss First Amendment suit against a mayor who blocked a constituent on her Facebook page, refusing to d… @DevinCow I swear if you're his mom I'm going to be even more mad than if you're him20,000+ song digital music collection on shuffle and S.O. slides out of the bedroom to ridiculously belt out the ly… offense @AdamSandler Big Daddy was a great fucking movie)Would it still be calming and appreciated if the most comprehensible way of doing so would be to set Adam Sandler o… @DevinCow @DevinNunes Wait till they find out that the "shit" in shit sandwich isn't an acronymLin Wood's inadequacies as a lawyer are only outweighed by his inadequacies as a person by a very slim margin @DevinCow @DevinNunes If his dipshit lawyer can find his way to NDIL's website without getting sanctioned it would… mean I guess @DevinNunes' identity could be good on the black market if you need bus fare and don't care if peopl…'s a good thing that anyone who gave their social security number to Parler is nobody whose identity anyone in th…
lol oh just now? @oliverstein15 @UnrelentingM Whatever point you're trying to make, it's not relevant @oliverstein15 @UnrelentingM Even if Eugene is right, which I don't believe he is, he still doesn't say what you sa… @oliverstein15 @UnrelentingM Ding dong you're wrong @attyzachmiller Did you retain anything from law school? @attyzachmiller Point out the defamation @OhMichael3 @thatluckyolsun @JuvenileBluster @kelly_carlin @seodashows @ggreenwald @realKittyBruce Or consider that… @OhMichael3 @thatluckyolsun @JuvenileBluster @kelly_carlin @seodashows @ggreenwald @realKittyBruce @OhMichael3 @JuvenileBluster @kelly_carlin @seodashows @ggreenwald @realKittyBruce If the market will solve it why… @OhMichael3 @blairyposa @kelly_carlin @seodashows @ggreenwald @realKittyBruce @OhMichael3 @blairyposa @kelly_carlin @seodashows @ggreenwald @realKittyBruce What's your address, I would like to…'s a wonder that his profile picture isn't a statue. Big Mediocrates energy. @OhMichael3 @kelly_carlin @seodashows @ggreenwald @realKittyBruce God your shtick is so tired. Social media compan… @OhMichael3 @kelly_carlin @seodashows @ggreenwald @realKittyBruce Then why are you proposing infringing on the spee… @OhMichael3 @kelly_carlin @seodashows @ggreenwald @realKittyBruce It says a lot about a person when their commitmen… @marcorubio You are a fundamentally unserious and dishonest person who went along very willingly with "America's de… is it always the ones who claim to love capitalism and hate Marxism that they want to seize the means of commun… @OhMichael3 @kelly_carlin @seodashows @ggreenwald @realKittyBruce Lololol ok buddy @OhMichael3 @kelly_carlin @seodashows @ggreenwald @realKittyBruce You can propose a constitutional amendment if you… @OhMichael3 @kelly_carlin @seodashows @ggreenwald @realKittyBruce It can't be an "end run around the First Amendmen… naming any of the rights it protects, apparently people don't even know what document the First Amendment is… @Catifornia1 @Popehat @senatorshoshana "Reread the First Amendment" lol