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Matthew @arielissofty Columbus, OH

Programmer/Musician/Melee&SC2 enthusiast

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twitter don’t get amnesia once nintendo does something you like challenge
Retweeted by Matthew @lilbadsnacks Splice for cheese👀
Never forget this😭
Retweeted by MatthewGoFundMe CEO:
Retweeted by Matthew @zuccbreadboy Bro I got awful newsliberal friends had no idea how badly pelosi fucked up the covid relief package but are fully aware that giuliani f…
Retweeted by Matthew @lildashback Friends and family hopefully?? @lildashback Probably super easy to jack off I bet
@MrPinchyy Let me rtBeen making more dark house stuff than like hiphop or jazz the last two weeks and I kinda love the evil vibe it fills me withNot anymore
Retweeted by Matthew @LiquidKen @Twitch Didnt know you played SC2 also, what rank are you?? @BanYoshi2015 Part of SC2 history 😭
@wokefox My boy will be back stronger than everFuck this dude, this shit cannot keep happening to innocent people @wokefox #TeamBootsLook at what I stumbled upon 😂
Retweeted by MatthewOn this day in 1865, the US adopted the 13th amendment and abolished slavery and indentured servitude — except as p…
Retweeted by Matthew @BanYoshi2015 Lol Imagine playing against them 😩😩 @BanYoshi2015 Yea bro that was dicey lol but lets goooo, good camera work too :) @BanYoshi2015 HE CLUTCHES IT @MrPinchyy 🤯
you ever have one of those days where your Jake Paul poster keeps falling down?
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@Free_Balloon @ZealotSSBM Jesse shaking down the weird round exotic animal trader guy “wheres my money bitch! Bitch wheres my money?!”We are already at over 250k views. Self-produced pandemic special! Lets fucking go! I’ve had a few drinks. Full spe…
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Retweeted by MatthewIt’s Friday so you should know that if the minimum wage had increased at the rate of productivity since 1960, it wo…
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Retweeted by MatthewDeaths in Pearl Harbor: 2,403 Deaths on September 11th: 2,977 Covid-19 deaths yesterday in the US: 2,885
Retweeted by Matthewa drunk woman is trump team’s star witness in michigan
Retweeted by MatthewA pepper from a different dish slipped into my tandoori chicken and it took me to hell and back, I feel reborn
@MrPinchyy Holy shit thats incredibleDid some soundwork for another collab with @ Jon who maybe deleted his twitter?? But I like how it turned out Kenneth Copeland. The internet is undefeated...
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Retweeted by Matthew😳 shot of the full moon passing through North Windows Arch in Arches National Park, Utah by photographer Zach Co…
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@R2_SSBM Right up there with Neds Declassified Beard and Hair CareI feel like the chance that all 3 of them got that much better looking is actually pretty wild @non_sig_pvalue Pan* sorry not perfume lol @non_sig_pvalue After several more listens the relentlessness of the djent-esque rhythms paired with the super brig… notable the most famous trans person in the country was targeted in a transphobic attack and there's just *no…
Retweeted by MatthewTelltale Heart references is a really good twitter trend, it pleases me. is worth 500 million dollars. She's is the wealthiest United States senator. She is running against a man who g…
Retweeted by MatthewMARIANNE???????????
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Jake Paul said he's from a small town in Ohio and had to fight his whole life... LMAO you're from Westlake bro. On…
Retweeted by MatthewHow Its Made is dope because you get to see how its madeLol this exactly how Jesus became white
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Retweeted by MatthewSpotify gave me $2.25 for a song I wrote that was streamed on their platform 125,000 times. Seems fair.
Retweeted by Matthewcalling covid a hoax wasn’t even the weirdest part of that jake paul interview
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My cat sexy AF. she woke up like this.
Retweeted by Matthewif we want to save smash, all we have to do is take out the Nintendo characters
Retweeted by MatthewTrimmed my beard so I feel good about myself as I continue to bum around the apartment today @ottomaddox_ POV: I DM you an unsolicited fox pic because I dont understand social norms and you block me and post…
@non_sig_pvalue Its great! @MrPinchyy Whiney little rat @MeleePapa All of those drum breaks fucking rule, nice
i did half a xan then sent a drone strike to iran
Retweeted by MatthewZeus when he sees a mortal woman in a lake
Retweeted by MatthewVoyageur w @anomaliebeats
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first beat in a couple weeks
Retweeted by Matthew @Berihuneadam Man honestly UNLOCKED got completely sniped on that one imo @Berihuneadam Big agree, well take it though
I released some music I made and this is a tweet about it! You might like it who knows? people should be exterminated @Free_Balloon @altan62 @BanYoshi2015 Yea Altan youre too pro a gamer not to be crushing me in starcraft, Tyler does…
@altan62 @BanYoshi2015 Play me Im bad!omg he actually just....said it. legend
Retweeted by MatthewBinging All My Heroes are Cornballs again, its just too goodToo many Covid Vaccines droppin. Can’t all be good. One of them gotta be Great Value
Retweeted by MatthewI used to play bass in a white church band that shit was easy
Retweeted by MatthewRemember when me and the other Black Lives Matter protesters got shot at and pepper sprayed in the street because w…
Retweeted by Matthewanother day of staring at the big screen while scrolling through my little screen so as to reward myself for starin…
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Retweeted by Matthewniggas hate meg cus she got everything they want. the rap career, the height.
Retweeted by MatthewThe ruling class voted to defund food assistance. This was the people's response.
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@ottomaddox_ That rules lol @ottomaddox_ Loooool that last pic is amazingREMINDER: less unsolicited eggplant pics and more Keeping it Clean in the DMS, please! #KeepItClean
Retweeted by MatthewHappy Birthday Melee. I'm sorry your Dad is such a deadbeat 😭
Retweeted by MatthewSoonsay is gonna be a massive problem for a lot of people in a year or so I think #FreeMeleeI adore this thread.
Retweeted by Matthew @ryanstronberg Yessss dude DM me and Ill add youHaving someone rage at you in starcraft is really just such a satisfying feelingWatching Axe play never stops being so wild to me #FreeMelee
i wanna dedicate this year's trans day of remembrance to one of my viewers who passed away recently, molly. i saw…
Retweeted by MatthewI feel like not showing up to my corporate engagement survey is pretty much all the info they need on my engagement levelthe 'Covid was a hoax to get Biden elected' is such a hilarious US-centric thing to think. like I lost my job, my f…
Retweeted by MatthewRedditors be like
Retweeted by MatthewMy Japanese mom said if I got on America’s Got Talent she’d pretend she doesn’t support my comedy career & no longe…
Retweeted by MatthewSad to see @NintendoAmerica shutting down one of the coolest esports out there. #FreeMelee
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Hay dudes... Don’t say anything to a women that you wouldn’t want a man to say to you in prison.
Retweeted by Matthew @MeleePapa Would throw Iron Maiden in there too I thinkPoliticians getting their pay checks
Retweeted by MatthewNice!
Retweeted by MatthewPSYCH 🛸
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“But without profit there will be no incentive to innovate!”
Retweeted by MatthewHomeless? How about you get a house? Have you tried that?