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Matthew @arielissofty Columbus, OH

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i did half a xan then sent a drone strike to iran
Retweeted by MatthewZeus when he sees a mortal woman in a lake
Retweeted by MatthewVoyageur w @anomaliebeats
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first beat in a couple weeks
Retweeted by Matthew @Berihuneadam Man honestly UNLOCKED got completely sniped on that one imo @Berihuneadam Big agree, well take it though
I released some music I made and this is a tweet about it! You might like it who knows? people should be exterminated @Free_Balloon @altan62 @BanYoshi2015 Yea Altan youre too pro a gamer not to be crushing me in starcraft, Tyler does…
@altan62 @BanYoshi2015 Play me Im bad!omg he actually just....said it. legend
Retweeted by MatthewBinging All My Heroes are Cornballs again, its just too goodToo many Covid Vaccines droppin. Can’t all be good. One of them gotta be Great Value
Retweeted by MatthewI used to play bass in a white church band that shit was easy
Retweeted by MatthewRemember when me and the other Black Lives Matter protesters got shot at and pepper sprayed in the street because w…
Retweeted by Matthewanother day of staring at the big screen while scrolling through my little screen so as to reward myself for starin…
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Retweeted by Matthewniggas hate meg cus she got everything they want. the rap career, the height.
Retweeted by MatthewThe ruling class voted to defund food assistance. This was the people's response.
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@ottomaddox_ That rules lol @ottomaddox_ Loooool that last pic is amazingREMINDER: less unsolicited eggplant pics and more Keeping it Clean in the DMS, please! #KeepItClean
Retweeted by MatthewHappy Birthday Melee. I'm sorry your Dad is such a deadbeat 😭
Retweeted by MatthewSoonsay is gonna be a massive problem for a lot of people in a year or so I think #FreeMeleeI adore this thread.
Retweeted by Matthew @ryanstronberg Yessss dude DM me and Ill add youHaving someone rage at you in starcraft is really just such a satisfying feelingWatching Axe play never stops being so wild to me #FreeMelee
i wanna dedicate this year's trans day of remembrance to one of my viewers who passed away recently, molly. i saw…
Retweeted by MatthewI feel like not showing up to my corporate engagement survey is pretty much all the info they need on my engagement levelthe 'Covid was a hoax to get Biden elected' is such a hilarious US-centric thing to think. like I lost my job, my f…
Retweeted by MatthewRedditors be like
Retweeted by MatthewMy Japanese mom said if I got on America’s Got Talent she’d pretend she doesn’t support my comedy career & no longe…
Retweeted by MatthewSad to see @NintendoAmerica shutting down one of the coolest esports out there. #FreeMelee
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Hay dudes... Don’t say anything to a women that you wouldn’t want a man to say to you in prison.
Retweeted by Matthew @MeleePapa Would throw Iron Maiden in there too I thinkPoliticians getting their pay checks
Retweeted by MatthewNice!
Retweeted by MatthewPSYCH 🛸
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“But without profit there will be no incentive to innovate!”
Retweeted by MatthewHomeless? How about you get a house? Have you tried that?
holy shit pray for anthony
Retweeted by MatthewNext on 60 minutes: Is our country turning the police into an unimpeachable hero cult? We asked seven police chiefs…
Retweeted by Matthew"Ritt Momney"? jesus christ, just take indie music behind the shed and shoot it
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DC Police echoed the Proud Boys claims, without evidence, then drove them around looking for the people they had a…
Retweeted by Matthewthe 2 types of communists
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Getting high (eating a rotisserie chicken) on my own supply (I bought a supply of nine rotisserie chickens this week)
Retweeted by Matthew @non_sig_pvalue Dunk?when I said “my treat” but I see my friend opening venmo
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@MeleePapa @FreePalestineRN @MeleePapa @FreePalestineRN Playing Aklo in WQs, even game 1, just general hoping he fucks shit upLets go!!! @FreePalestineRNI love listening to my upstairs neighbor rage at warzone. This is not sarcasm it is genuinely hilarious every time… fuck garchomp real niggas know
Retweeted by MatthewDear anyone trying to lose all ambition in life and start playing league, I suggest playing Starcraft instead
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Never seen a more precise example of “u scarin the hoes”
Retweeted by MatthewUnranked is so much fun when you dont give a shit about it @CornCobKyle Sorry man, thats awful :(lmfao they got 16 snack stations on every floor tho
Retweeted by Matthew @BanYoshi2015 @Free_Balloon Solo is nutsI hope y’all are seeing clearly who this is meant to target.. this will give white ppl with guns free range to make…
Retweeted by Matthew @non_sig_pvalue 😤😤
Just finished work after being on since 4, gonna pen up and record some jazz guitar stuff and find someone to kick my ass in starcraftAbsolute bombshell of a report from The Courier Journal: LMPD hid almost 750,000 records documenting the sexual abu…
Retweeted by MatthewFIXED 😎
Retweeted by Matthew @yxiao1988 @EnginoJuushichi That was really dope, that character is sick, might try it out @yxiao1988 @EnginoJuushichi Damn, what game is this??
@zuccbreadboy Tweet that shitbeen taking music really seriously lately !!
Retweeted by MatthewHahahaha I’m late to this info/thread. Oh man, garbage people
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Might be a Peach main now idk who cares @sweethearteryk And Trump no longer has time to push legislation, so I would think support for his unilateral autho… @sweethearteryk Yea I just dont know the specific legality concerning the AG and elections enough to speak on how c… "Rudy At The 4 Seasons" Song
Retweeted by MatthewThis whole “The highest prosecutor in the government and the highest executive officer are constantly trying to rem… 🐮 Beat
Retweeted by MatthewThis is so good.
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Need a shock collar connected to my Spotify account so I stop listening to PoppyLove this weather. Global warming rules, gonna litter some plastic bottles to keep this thing going. @MeleePapa Yea that Benny album slapped for sureNo more powerful feeling than shooting off an email marked “High Importance”. God, the power of crushing the workin… wanna change my work skype status to “Honkey Ass” just to feel out the energy from my various coworkers
Retweeted by MatthewScientology documentary fucked up @sweethearteryk Yea lets hope this one doesnt incite revolution roflDamn 😳 @wokefox Solid Boots @CapitalGLittleB Lololol memories of the build the wall scam 🥰I signed up for the Trump emailing list out of curiosity and its actually wild, their entire messaging is “we didnt… wonder if Corn Pop proud of Joe
Retweeted by MatthewThe Biden crime family is stealing the election. The media is covering it up
@Berihuneadam JID really holding it down in that group lolol @JuhMatt_Smith Happy birthday bro!!Listening to old @HiatusKaiyote albums dreaming about new @HiatusKaiyote albums 🥰
joe biden is going to be a terrible president. just absolute dog shit candidate all around and the next four years…
Retweeted by Matthew @MrPinchyy Yea fact check after but let him speak I feel
just funny to me when the national guard gets called in and when it doesnt
Retweeted by Matthew @17egillespie 🔥🔥🔥Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and their pals spent $200 million flooding the airwaves with ads that tricked California voter…
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