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Arielle Ivy 💕🧜‍♀️ @Arielle_Ivy New York City and FMTY✈

High femme sea witch, always looking for my next adventure. 💕✡🦓♿🏴 #ActuallyAutistic

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smooth brain: my dad pays all my bills big brain: i pay my own bills galaxy brain: i get someone else's dad to pay all my bills
Retweeted by Arielle Ivy 💕🧜‍♀️I made fudge from scratch. My arrangement skills leave something to be desired, but I promise it's delicious. 😋 @MiaMoreFun 19 whole people RTed his pinned tweet. 😬 @StarTwain My family is white lmao, white supremacy doesn't really have much to do with this particular complaint. @SirenSelene16 I wouldn't really care about fictional languages if they had already covered most of the real langua… @Eric_Draven69 I started using a password manager after I had already created my Spotify account, but using a phras… @KyrahRayne @USPS Some companies make it IMPOSSIBLE to speak to a real person, it's so annoying! @baileyflower001 That's ridiculous, why are they so easily hacked?? @SirenSelene16 My family actually speak several languages due to the changing borders/occupations in the last few d… @fantasticmstfox Yeah they have multiple fake languages and don't have a language 10 million people speak as their native tongue. 🙄It still bothers me that apps like DuoLingo have languages like KLINGON but not the very real language my family ac… @themonacapone @ellesuttonnyc @awendybyrd Yet another reason why I can't start this up, I know nothing about ay of that haha. @CelestialCharli At least that's still representative of you! Mine is shit I've never heard of. @StevieMadisonXO The stuff my hacker listened to is NOT anything I'm into at all lmao. @BeckiLabine I really wish there was a way you could delete songs from your listening history, idk why they don't have that option. @Derrickrob00 Excuse me?This is my first year using Spotify but my account got hacked nearly immediately after getting it so my 2020 Wrappe… @Sweet_Saffron @AWuornosFan Omg WHAT lmao. That's the funniest shit I've ever heard, what's wrong with people? @ellesuttonnyc @awendybyrd Pretty much a system where we can make a list that includes links to specific items (lik… @awendybyrd I've thought SO much about starting something like this but I don't have the tech knowledge or really t… @MiaWolfeMtl @malenavonteese Huh weird! @BCTallTrees @LadyIdlewild Well I know what I'm downloading tonight. @LadyIdlewild What the FUCK is this gif from?? @BCTallTrees @TheRileyEffect Well we won't be doing any dinner dates that aren't accompanied by a speaker blasting right next to my ears. 😜 @malenavonteese From what I've heard, if they catch any whiff of you escorting, they'll delete your account. Probab… @TheRileyEffect Oh I know lmao, I have no internalized ableism about that whatsoever. It's other people who are the problem. @toplesscapo_ Wow I look so good in this pic @LadyIdlewild Some people really eat like fucking animals, idk what their deal is.
@AnabelleRoscoe_ Truly the worst sound in the entire world. I'm not generally a violent person but those sounds make me one. @TheRileyEffect I was diagnosed with autism relatively young and it STILL caused a ton of problems for me, people r… @TheRileyEffect It is my #1 sensory problem, mouth sounds make me want to straight up murder that person. I legit h… wonder if actors who make the choice to eat incredibly loudly in a scene realize they're making that scene comple… @AWuornosFan @thetarho3 I bet you she's gonna say she had no idea about that either even though people have been ta… @JadeKnightz @AWuornosFan I've had people do this a zillion times. I'm always like... ma'am, I'm disabled and you'r… @thetarho3 @AWuornosFan Firstly, I wasn't being rude. Secondly, people do not have to be up to your prissy politene… @AWuornosFan @thetarho3 This is coming from someone who uses a racialized slur i her username so idk why I'd expect… @awendybyrd @ellesuttonnyc I second this, this movie is so good!! @thetarho3 @AWuornosFan If there's something a marginalized group is doing that you don't understand, spend some ti… @AWuornosFan I hate every version of disabled that tries to work around saying disabled. Differently-abled, special… @thetarho3 @AWuornosFan If you don't know what you're talking about, perhaps consider not talking about it then. 😉 @thetarho3 @AWuornosFan If you can convince social media platforms to stop postblocking/deleting people for voicing… @AlexanderOlcay The 18th! @TheOnlyFancyB @ellesuttonnyc Omg I'm inviting myself to the haunted suite, I've seen that before while researching… @LauraCohenSolo I would never say why they failed screening, I simply say I pass on seeing them. There are a zillio… @josileeadams @CaretakerJae @ellesuttonnyc If you've ever had any of those Quaker oatmeal packets or anything like… @Odessa_Bless Lmao I'm holding a very similar pillow in the pics I posted earlier today. 😂 @AudreyWestNYC Thank you!! I'm right at the end of Sag season haha.It’s my birthday month!! If you’d like to show me some love, here are a few ways you can do it: Venmo- @arielle-ivy… @ivyrosequinn I'm glad you have something that brings you joy! I just won't be giving you my address any time soon. 😋 @ivyrosequinn Haha it's a very cute pic but I'm way happier seeing it here digitally than having another piece of eventual garbage lol. @TSLana_Heart Truly @latkedelrey They saved the dayyyyy!!!Remember when everybody was clapping every day at 7pm for nurses and doctors and then they completely forgot about… @Derek8791 PRETTY MUCH
@toplesscapo_ I was legit just yesterday telling my roommate that this couple is the most SWer shit that has ever been on television lmao. @VioletSilksPics @AWuornosFan This is the most retail shit I've ever heard lmao, apologizing to a customer for HER shitting on the floor. @simoneinseattle I don't have any close friends who do it, I have only ever gotten them from people I don't give a… @BCTallTrees Good to know for if I ever luck into a 30 million dollar apartment in NY that has a fireplace lmao.I don't understand why people send Christmas cards in this day and age. Why would I need to get a physical photo of… @AmberMeowMtl SWers are pretty much the only people I know who actually get tested regularly lol. @AjaMercury Lmao this is such a funny distinction to me! I never thought about people using both spellings but for different types. @abjectwhore Wake up SHEEPLE @escortassistan2 I almost always get bad side effects from meds and I didn't have a single issue with PrEP! @AnyoneBearly What? @MeetDanielleE @AWuornosFan People talk so much shit about candy corn! More for me. 🤷‍♀️ @AWuornosFan I fucking LOVE candy corn and could eat that shit every day. I also think fortune cookies are delicious. @IamThePuppet I just don't see what the point of it was lol, everyone knows doughnut is the original spelling. Nobo… @BCTallTrees Someone else just said "it's a nut made out of dough" and I'm wondering wtf they think a nut is lmao. I lean towards donut. @IamThePuppet That's not what I asked though....What's your preferred spelling? @sunny_symone Obviously there are some safety concerns in some situations, but the vast majority of the time, I tel… @AWuornosFan I've also had several retail jobs where people peed/pooped/vomited in the dressing rooms and obviously… @AWuornosFan I once passed out at my retail job and when I came to, my manager just told me to take a 10 and come b… @EverlyLin It's not even a verified page, is this just some rando who spends their free time doing this? @werthers_orig @EverlyLin Omg 😂 @BCTallTrees Haha this is adorable! @EmmaDarling206 @Alexa_Pulse I guess she thinks she can control everyone around her and people who she can't, she wishes harm on them. 🤷‍♀️ @MrNonChalant_ Sir do you not know what an escort is...? @DevorahReine The food shaped things filled with catnip seem very popular haha. @TheOnlyFancyB My plan was to do an Egypt/Israel/Turkey trip this winter to knock out my 6th continent and see some… @joeynova_nyc Omg it doesssss 😂 @Alexa_Pulse Truly bizarre to pretend the client is going to get a future date and just hope they eventually give u… @Alexa_Pulse Want to lead the client on with the promise of future dates only to have to eventually tell them I'm p… @Alexa_Pulse I said the way I usually phrase rejections is "Unfortunately I'm going to pass, but I wish you luck on… @ellesuttonnyc But sex work is ~unnatural~ @ellesuttonnyc One reason I like a lot is so they can attract other mates to come fuck them after, thereby guarante… @ellesuttonnyc It varies depending on the species, but there's a lot of info online about it if you just google that term. @switchtim65 Thank you so much for offering to pay for that for me and travel to and from the post office every tim… @ellesuttonnyc Men are only allowed to have one emotion- anger. No other emotions exist for men. HOWEVER lots of sp… @nora_bones_ So fucked. @autakink I'm not shy, it was @/LaraBreccia lol. It was all on Twitter so unless she dirty deleted, it should still be public knowledge.
@nora_bones_ Like I wasn't even saying I'd tell the client it was a bad reference??? Just me rejecting the client a… @MiaMoreFun If by throwing her away you mean blocking her, then I'm way ahead of you lol.Remember that time that girl said she wouldn't warn me about a bad client if I asked for a reference because I don'… @CaretakerJae @theblossombratt 😂😂😂 @theblossombratt @CaretakerJae Ah yes nothing says cuck like... actually having sex?? @graceyswer There is no doubt in my mind that the royal family had her killed, you cannot convince me otherwise. @VeronicaRoseXo Always! 💕Catch me considering moving back to the Bronx just so I can vote for @elisacresponyc @Toxic_Kissez19 I don't make content so I'm really just never fucking anybody lmao.