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This new drake got my tip creamin @viz_cs @_BrianCS Doing charity work getting Brian that hltv page dude is absolute dogshit @scottiyioioioio Mmmmmmm @nat_bambi Np nat, have a goodnight <3 @zander_fps Savant @emfroggy Hope you have an amazing night Emily froggy @777eeiu @100Thieves UR A GOD
David Dobrik gave my grandmother a syringe filled with black tar heroin and told her it was the covid vaccine, So p…
Retweeted by Quinn 😼girl gets corona virus: omg am i gonna die boy gets corona virus:
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @ramuelcs @Am1racle Glad to see the grind finally paying off, a player of your caliber should be in fpl and I’m gla… @ramuelcs @Am1racle Good shit brother“She’s working at the pyramid tonight”
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @scottiyioioioio @awhnutss I’ll send it
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @nate_rett58 @awhnutss 😼 @nate_rett58 @awhnutss MY BITCH 💯Real shit 💯 @scottiyioioioio PLEASE WIN 🥺I was radicalized at a young age by witnessing the horrific working conditions at the Krusty Krab
Retweeted by Quinn 😼airdropping this to everyone in a restaurant
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @emfroggy Seth 😩🤤 @zionxiv 🤨 @brett_csgo @ramuelcs @viz_cs Good attempt, way to try and bring it back on T side there. Other team just had a bit more luck o… @tweissCS @ramuelcs
@pyxFPS Ily too king @pyxFPS Ur a god @gingaaCS @emfroggy Nope @doltnn Doltn 😩😩 @leaf_cs Cheating in this game too... @pyxFPS Happy birthday beautiful, hope it’s a good one @R1FTT_ Lmaoo @ramuelcs @Jungle_CS On god 🗣 @SchmidtZach_ I’m rockin with it ‼️ @Jungle_CS Some people shouldn’t have opinions 🤣 @Mitsuki_BOW 😐😏It’s fatphobic to be healthy ⁉️ @chloe_hime7 🤨 @anicichka @Bjorlulu Watching right now! @vanitycsgo Only bought a cat for twitter impressionsGood morning @awhnutss @gingaaCS @tyleragler That was me trolling him, dudes terrible @st9llar @emfroggy That’s why you’re goated @emfroggy I used to watch this shit @scottiyioioioio This is what I like to see @f1retard @awhnutss And you’re going to get sh** @f1retard @awhnutss Dude... @f1retard @awhnutss Don’t remember which screenshot youre talking about @awhnutss 😦😹😹😹😹
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @awhnutss Suck my balls you little freak @STRAXZYY @Pyreon_ @gingaaCS 😏So blessed to have a girlfriend like Brooke 🐒 @tariannkan 🤨 @emfroggy 🤨hey i’m david dobrik today me and my 40 year old best friend are gonna water board one of our friends as a prank
Retweeted by Quinn 😼I wonder how long Shroud was doing No Fap to aim like that @Pyreon_ @gingaaCS #NoFapForShroudgive it up for shroud
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @gingaaCS I am currently Giving it up for shroud
@rabbadagoat 🐍
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @NicholasPCSGO @NewCuIture Ooooo those are clean, might cop @arcadecs Always got you, stay keepin it 100 @arcadecs Lets fucking go, keep it up king @awhnutss Sup baby @arcadecs How are you today @ascoart 🐒Yo @Bjorlulu Jotting down notes while watching this vid for sure! @ennpeecs 🤨lmfao
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @ramuelcs @scottiyioioioio ?Good morning @fype215 Happy bday king 🥳 @NotAdamJW @scottiyioioioio @f1retard LMAOOOO @awhnutss @xKitzi ? @scottiyioioioio @anicichka Shit forget that fighting lemme sit quad @scottiyioioioio @anicichka Me with your frail body @anicichka Dudes such a fucking midget man I would kick that guy at least 60 yards and he’s extremely frail. Want t… @ZlNCC @anicichka @ZlNCC @anicichka Come hit this from the back @scottiyioioioio @awhnutss @anicichka 😕 @anicichka Adam Jonathan Weil the second @anicichka @ZlNCC W @NotAdamJW @scottiyioioioio @f1retard So true Adam @vanitycsgo Thorin man child cry baby
@ennpeecs 🤨 @ennpeecs 🤨 @ennpeecs 🤨I will simply continue to consume media without dissecting it and enjoy movies with willful ignorance
Retweeted by Quinn 😼Dude but he's wearing Margiela
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @floppyCSGO Stay mad little guy