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Quinn 😼 @ariessqc Toronto, Ontario

18 🇨🇦 @awhnutss😼

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@emfroggy @monkeechi OkSimpler times
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @flttn Ight I got youHead hurts, body in pain. Want to go home and nap. @scottiyioioioio Wasn’t me @scottiyioioioio Bullying her @rizerxzx Omw @STRAXZYY True @rizerxzx YooCan’t believe I’ll be 19 in 2 months 😹 @thegoat6541 Grinding @Pyreon_ Ight @ErrisVEVO Felt that @thegoat6541 W @Pyreon_ At work, long day tbh. Got a headache :/Yo what’s up guys how are we today morning @EIafiiev2 So true @NotAdamJW @awhnutss @awhnutss 😹😹😹Do you want me to make you a grilled cheese @awhnutss @madacsgo Np mada @thi9f 🙀 @bologna_eater79 @ramuelcs 🔥🔥🔥Goodnight @eptimaa Still twitch partner tho @reckftp Happy birthday king 🥳imagine being the lead designer of icebox, putting it through alpha and beta testing, thinking the map is perfect a…
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Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @leaf_cs @foxwounds for real 🗣🗣 @AlexExamples @foxwounds @foxwounds I’m just very antisocial and make no effort to have a social life irl 😹 @foxwounds My mom would think there’s something wrong with me @foxwounds I support you queen @vanitycsgo @TriumphGamingGG W @emfroggy Ideal lifestyle
all i’m sayin is this dude better stay deactivated
Retweeted by Quinn 😼niggas got action figures but can’t get no action... figures 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @endiezyt @SevinskiL @vanitycsgo She doesn’t have it @giraffley @tweissCS @SevinskiL @vanitycsgo @SevinskiL @vanitycsgo ITS NOT!’ @SevinskiL @vanitycsgo CAUSE I DONT !!! @SevinskiL @vanitycsgo I don’t have one @SevinskiL It’s @vanitycsgo @SevinskiL NO CAP @SevinskiL No cap @SevinskiL Yeah @Mitsuki_BOW True @Lord9737 Ight I’ll try the 74u when I unlock itCold wars pretty fun, the MP5 is disgustingGood morning"Alright, wheres the queef compilation at" - @ramuelcs @scottiyioioioio Amen @madacsgo Mada gaming @rikugoat Yopolitics twitter be like AOC this AOC that... AYO SEE some bitches
Retweeted by Quinn 😼Ty for watching stream @tweissCS at the tip call that a headshot
Retweeted by Quinn 😼 @madacsgo GeneticsNot good at video games because I’m not a tier 3 shroud subyup afk watching tik toks mid match in spawn @vrfys @mariecomewalkin Still wear shorts @madacsgo @Immortals Mada 😾 @jmohGG Godmohhold my dick hahahahahahahaha
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@awhnutss Hey baby 😼 @scottiyioioioio Yeah @aliwinchesterr YeahReal shit 💯
Retweeted by Quinn 😼I’m just vibin in the ritz car
Retweeted by Quinn 😼nude barber haircut > stress of Counter strike Before After @NotAdamJW @ramuelcs hacked @NotAdamJW @ramuelcs I can show you I can queef with this thing😈 @ramuelcs @NotAdamJW @scottiyioioioio Scotty @NotAdamJW @amnesia_cs @NotAdamJW She better not @NotAdamJW @RLINEFPS Me @NotAdamJW @STRAXZYY Thank you king @6motm In da gym 🦍