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Tonight on The Beat we have Former HHS Sec @Sebelius and @robreiner and @JoeMande and @WValderrama Plus…, I thought you and I were just having breakfast?! Oh I’m going to need to bring a few folks—ya’ll need to show…
Retweeted by Ari MelberGoing back to Cali ... see you Saturday morning if you’re at @Politicon
Novelist Alice Walker making headlines on The Beat for her views on Trump’s “Obama inferiority” complex — and her f…
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"The problems that Colin Kaepernick was trying to call attention to are the same problems that black Americans were…
Retweeted by Ari Melber“I think he's understanding that is the truth of it — especially for poor people and people of color in this countr… up all the teachers / time to teach a new way...“A national experiment that will alter the country’s social, cultural and economic fabric—and present the nation wi…"If we don't heal ourselves we can never heal the world" - Pulitzer Prize winning author Alice Walker on a new book…
Retweeted by Ari MelberPulitzer Price winning author Alice Walker reacts for the first time to @kendricklamar quoting her in his lyrics to…
Retweeted by Ari MelberSo many gems from this 5-min segment of @TheBeatWithAri, yet the best part is that Alice Walker had zero clue that…
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Novelist Alice Walker on Kendrick Lamar quoting her on his song “Alright” — he gets “the truth of it,” having to fi… about this to Katy Bear Tur... @KatyTurNBC🐻
Tonight we're joined by The @DorisKGoodwin & @Eugene_Robinson @StretchArmy & @koolboblove of @StretchandBob has often been behind the ball or willfully blind on efforts to abuse the platform -- this is a potentiall…!... quick THANK YOU to any viewers our there -- it's wild to us that more people are watching The Beat now than any h… we have Ralph Nader on for his new book and then a special #Fallback — Nader Sandwich Edition... put my nicer clothes on wood hangers!
Retweeted by Ari MelberNo great reason except Twitter remembers everything... and otherwise you probably would have forgotten our exchange!“I know all these things, I’m not a baby.”Trump tells @LesleyRStahl he knows Kim Jong-un’s human rights record because “I’m not a baby.”
@AriMelber Yes! My special clothes, although very few, go on velvet hangers that were my grandmother's.
Retweeted by Ari MelberFrom 6 years ago, I still do this and believe I’m not alone?“How many people understand that there is no asset that is ‘so good’ that it can’t become overpriced and lethal — a… on race and independence in the fashion business: “People don’t want the language used to describe me to be th… Cohen out-Kanyed Kanye (from The Flame)
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@AriMelber Hate to break it to you, Ari, but "baby carrots" are just whittled down "parent carrots!"
Retweeted by Ari MelberClementines are sweeter than oranges, plantains more delectable than bananas — and baby carrots are way better for… the show is actually inside a barbershop? interview: Method Man Calls Out John Boehner and Martin Shkreli while defending @wizkhalifa -- plus why musicia…
Context HUGE thanks to @methodman for coming on The Beat -- and fyi I'm filling in on The Last Word tonight where we'll…🙏 🤓 @methodman is on The Beat tonightYou could call this the REAL FAKE NEWS but that would be confusing those who say we should just ignore the Trumps and Kanyes of the world, I would argue that @arimelber was corre…
Retweeted by Ari MelberTHREAD 👇 ain’t safe out here with these memes... ERIC. DYSON. #Blitzkrieg of #BlatheringIgnorance @TheBeatWithAri @MichaelEDyson"I have good news, we're out of time." -- @AriMelber 😂👍
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I don’t know what to say @MichaelEDyson on @AriMelber was amazing just now. Some of the most enlightening perspective I’ve seen in a wh…
Retweeted by Ari Melber @AriMelber he just says stuff... it makes zero sense
Retweeted by Ari MelberKanye now proposing @Kaepernick7 unite with Trump at the next Superbowl -- this is the idea he called @oldmanebro a… talking over Trump literally more than any other person he's appeared with since becoming President.
Mueller defendant Richard Pinedo gets 6 months in jail — longest sentence to date, but Manafort and Cohen have not been sentenced yet.The earth is now getting severely hotter in ways that endanger us all — our report from tonight:
Retweeted by Ari MelberAren’t the denials necessary to show what the debate is? And would movies be as fun if they were accurate?... 🙃’s the hottest story on earth is a follower when it comes to denying climate change, not a leader — his words echo years of industry talkin… earth is now getting severely hotter in ways that endanger us all — our report from tonight:
🎸🌈.... on The Beat tonight!! @cthagod Rep. @JoaquinCastrotx @TheRevAl @MaraGay @HeidiPrzybyla of you are replying to the nepotism law saying, Does fed law even constrain Trump? Yes. It's what narrowed th… law bars the President from appointing relatives to an executive agency overseen by the President. (5 U.S.… @FabianNicieza @mlcalderone what do YOU know about visual storytelling?... the Times reports a bombshell about the President lying about where he got his money and no Sunday shows mention… without dissing -- maybe we could use more of that in news and rap! Thank you sir Blackwater has even changed its name *twice,* to Xe, and then to Academi.
I should say that @jillstein4americ3 is my Dad
Retweeted by Ari MelberSeveral bots are tweeting *outrage* about @ikebarinholtz joking on The Beat that he voted for Jill Stein. So while… a secret
On newsstands today: The New York Times investigation that shows how Donald Trump participated in dubious tax schem…
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So @bigdaddykane speaks for all of us when he gives props to #Swelleanor’t no half stepping 🙌💫🤓 @ The Beat With Ari Melber @AriMelber Damn! Who would have thought Mrs Clift would have already had a rap name... “Swelleanore”! Classic momen…
Retweeted by Ari MelberCovering murder conviction in shooting of Laquan McDonald with @JarrettFocused and @rashadrobinsonTonight on The Beat: @EleanorClift and @bigdaddykaneAnd why Kavanugh tried to take back his tanty -- but not his testimony...
Kavanaugh meets the judicial code of conduct:
Decisive fact-check of Trump’s mockery vs. Ford testimony:"Because this shooting was caught on video, those defending it are left arguing that what you see on the video, isn…
Retweeted by Ari MelberTrump U. was a business selling business advice that went out of business over fraud NYT report shows that kind of… politics, guns, Trump and, of course, “21 Questions”"Art of the Deal" writer says New York Times report ends myth of Trump as "self-made man"
Retweeted by Ari MelberTalking to @50cent about politics, guns, why Michael Cohen flipped and if Trump changed from his days doing G-Unit… you know how high the bar is for the NYT to directly accuse someone, let alone a sitting president, of tax fraud…
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50 Cent on The 85% Rule that put so much pressure on Manafort, Cohen & Gates: says Garland qualified but shall be obstructed I can’t find the words to say how I feel / So I take a quote from Menace — “Look at the WHEELS!” / Addict… @50Cent is on The Beat tonight...Bots and propagandists overwhelm Star Wars debate on Twitter — “51% of those tweeting negatively” about the movie w… @TarynSouthern @fox5ny This is next levelBig congrats on tonight’s EMMY to @chrislhayes @allinwithchris @trymainelee for All In Chicago!!!!! Journalism! 🙌 to #Beatniks making David Corn’s dreams come true 🙌🍾"He made statements that were directly contradicted by facts" "There is certainly reason for the FBI to be investi…
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Trump now accusing Feinstein of leaking Ford letter — which reporter @ryangrim has already publicly refuted. @AriMelber @MaraGay @nytimes @TheBeatWithAri @MSNBCPR @JesseRodriguez @AriMelberFans She's kicking new flava in ya…
Retweeted by Ari MelberWe are excited to announce @MaraGay of @nytimes is now an MSNBC contributor — please join us in welcoming her! For…
Investment advice, does *anyone* think what the Kavanaugh debate really needs is James Comey inserting himself to play a tiny ai… Comey jumps in to meld a defense of the FBI’s role here with yet another self-interested defense of *his* decisions in 2016.Everyone knows “one week” is an arbitrary deadline here. It’s a product of Senate compromise (which is the process)… Comey jumps into the Kavanaugh debate to observe it’s “idiotic to put a shot clock on the FBI” — he doesn’t m…