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@yasminv @TheBeatWithAri Hit it out of the park! to the viewers and our hard-working staff, which has been putting together lots of shows on the fly lately 🙏🔥
Lightning round: "Yes or no, do the events and filings of today increase the legal exposure" of Donald Trump? WA…
Retweeted by Ari MelberTelling“You only have to get through the first few episodes of #TheWire to know not to send the text messages.” @AriMelber #Sheeeeeeeeeit #Manafort
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We have a lot of news on tonight’s show.Mueller also details how Cohen started talking — proactively suggesting *he meet* with Mueller’s team in August, wh… version on Cohen sentencing: Bad Cop, SDNY Good Cop, MuellerCohen’s gambit of touting that he did not seek a *pardon* from Trump backfires with prosecutors — they cite that ve… argue Cohen’s crimes, taken together, reveal a knowing effort to “undermine core institutions of our democracy.”“Cohen deceived the voting public by hiding alleged facts that he believed would have had a substantial effect on the election.”NY prosecutors: Cohen’s campaign crimes for Trump “struck a blow to one of the core goals of the federal campaign f… in NY prosecutors new filing: “Michael Cohen’s decision to plead guilty rather than seek a pardon for hi… Federal prosecutors in NY unimpressed with Cohen’s DMX defense, they recommend a “substantial” term of about four years in jail.Now: James Comey praises William Barr’s credentials. Notable since Comey is quite clear about publicly calling out… bot just dissed me by writing that I am going to “drop a lukewarm mixtape” with @PreetBharara While untrue, the… @AngeliaWS @MikeLupica All about the knishesHannity out here telling Trump aides to “stop snitching” while @MikeLupica explains Mike Flynn’s testimony with MF… alternative theory — which the Senate can probe at confirmation — is that Trump and Barr already agree about lim… is not someone you pick to improperly kneecap the DOJ. Trump has previously been on a “war” footing, trying to… that even as Mueller bears down on convicted former Trump aides like Cohen and Manafort, Trump is now movin… Barr is an experienced, mainstream conservative choice for A.G. — less ideologically extreme than Sessions,… You arrest AutoTune. How do you get to a second season? accepted the claim that Ryan was a “wonk-hawk” who would govern to cut the deficit — and that the Tea Party wa… data reveals Ryan’s speakership sold out the core promise of his 20-year career — it grew the deficit — and pav… Ryan ran on one thing above all else — cutting the deficit — and now he leaves his speakership with a record o… Ryan ran on one thing above all else — cutting the deficit — and now he leaves his speakership with a record o…
We have a special report tonight on Paul Ryan’s tenure as Speaker of the House of Representatives.Thank you — there’s a temptation for the press to cover this as “another step in a cycle of partisanship by both si… It is one thing for outgoing lame duck majorities to protect existing policy - It is another to undercut i…
Retweeted by Ari MelberWhat it means for democracy if losers of elections don’t relinquish power, @AriMelber writes
Retweeted by Ari MelberTo protect democracy, these anti-democratic schemes must not only lose in the courts and in public opinion. They mu… ethics to the side, and perhaps it's not surprising that a party struggling to achieve national electoral major… in WI also deploy gerrymandering to rig the outcomes of their elections. More WI voters backed Democra… argue the WI legislature has the power to reform these offices. That may be technically accurate, but misses t… GOP ploy in Wisconsin, echoing Republicans in N. Carolina, is *not* part of a “cycle of partisan warfare.” It i… Republicans are undercutting a core premise of our democracy — that the people leaving office have an obl… calendar emoji is way too specific. They couldn’t make a more generic look? Not every planning reference is for July 17 smh 📅 📆 @Booboosweetums @TheBeatWithAri @MikeLupica BRUHvo’s like he had one final insight waiting to burst
"There's nothing really historic about a white man thinking he should get less time in prison than a black man"…
Retweeted by Ari MelberIt’s very illegal and very uncool to bribe foreign government officials: line: Mueller is telling convicts they will be be spared prison time for testifying honestly, while Trump is… Cohen’s new sentencing memo asks for leniency based on cases of DMX, Willie Nelson, Swizz Beats and John Tr…
We are launching a new series, Mavericks with Ari Melber, for in-depth conversations with artists and musicians tha… out my interview with @AriMelber for his new #Mavericks special I speak on #WhyFearCanBeLiberating
Retweeted by Ari MelberThanks for having me! 🙏 🧵: - James Comey’s lawyer slams House GOP: Rep. Gowdy spent years and "tens of millions" on Benghazi and "came u…
Retweeted by Ari MelberThere are also contrasts to @THEREALSWIZZZ situation — he paid the IRS what he owed, he didn’t commit election crim…’s lawyer also argues @THEREALSWIZZZ paid over half a million in back taxes and did no time. This raises the… cite DMX because his *advisory* sentencing range was about 5 years and he only got 1 — so it’s a precedent for… other words, “The lawyers / the part / they are / of the puzzle / The release / the warning, "Try not to get in… cite the case depicting DMX concealing millions to avoid paying taxes, routing payments to his managers so mon… the sentencing memo, Michael Cohen’s lawyer argues Cohen’s tax evasion was not as bad as DMX, who served a year… Comey’s lawyer tells me tonight: - Mueller is way more effective than @TGowdySC - They’re not getting into…, Twitter doesn’t technically ban witness tampering in its Terms of Service. welcome - will definitely check this out thank you #Mavericks appreciate criticism of a project mixed with a compliment... 🤓 BUT we are aiming to do more than *one* thing… we will have more interviews with some pretty fascinating people going beyond the daily news/politics/grind...… are debuting a new series, "Mavericks with Ari Melber," featuring in-depth conversations with artists, musicians… also like to say "Do it for the cloture" - which is more about whipping enough votes to end a filibuster's an old saying, "Do it for the culture" - which can mean a lot of different things, but boils down to caring… have a little programming announcement...NEW - James Comey’s lawyer slams House GOP: Rep. Gowdy spent years and "tens of millions" on Benghazi and "came up…
Retweeted by Ari Melber Trump is touting Roger Stone, who was exposed last week by *his own associate* Jerome Corsi for lying to Congre… you have a strong defense in a trial, you can fight to ADD MORE WITNESSES -- people to testify to your alibi,… reminder of the very obvious: Usually innocent people don't need their friends to show "guts" by *refusing* to t…
@DrPhilipJRogers Thanks what exactly does this mean?!Useful thread from a primary source
Wait so “America First” and “nationalism” are a (melodramatic) cover story for policy that literally put America’s… @AriMelber @THEKIDMERO @desusnice Raises hand🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️. I got @hbonow for @insecurehbo. And I enjoy old episodes of @VeepHBO (still!)
Retweeted by Ari Melberwhat is Outlander this happened
Retweeted by Ari MelberJust used this thread to @Pocket a LOT of pieces... Music writers on some of the best music writing of 2018 @desusnice Like the Chappelle show skit where the Internet is a place ... Ok I’m done w your tl now @desusnice 3 am / in the morning / on the Boulevard / still at large / with my entourage... @AriMelber @THEKIDMERO @desusnice Yes. #GOT
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A stranger just told me she recognized me from (one appearance on) the great Desus & Mero show -she doesn’t watch c… and pollution keep degrading the environment, “but each generation” sees the currently degraded environment… @JoyceWhiteVance @mimmy_luv @TheBeatWithAri @MeekMill if the Trump Tower Moscow Deal and the Russia Sanctions Deal were the same deal? A must-watch @maddow breakd… George Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94 Mayweather and DJ Khaled were fined by the SEC for not disclosing that they were paid to promote the virtual…
Retweeted by Ari MelberWho writes these headlines @MarvB_ @MeekMill @TheLastWord cc @JoyceWhiteVance @MalcolmNance @JoyceWhiteVance on @AriMelber tonight: “Meek has a point.” #sheiseverything #southernwomen #unflappable
Retweeted by Ari Melberzomg Americans watched Chris, Rachel and Lawrence last night than *any other* news channels — Congrats to them and… Col. Ralph Peters on Ari Melber's MSNBC show, when asked if the Moscow Trump Tower "tied the room together", al…
Retweeted by Ari MelberThey have every right to coordinate their defense.
Retweeted by Ari MelberJay Z explains his new verse means even if he disagrees with Kanye over Trump, they can discuss it openly without l…’m in for Lawrence on @TheLastWord tonight if you’re around is when nobody else can tell us what to be / when the TV ain’t controlling what we see... @ Washington, Distri… is the Pelosi lawyer who won *the key subpoena case* against the Bush WH — he says House Dems should quickly b…
Seeing pomegranate seeds turning up in a lot of salads out here, fronting like they’re worth the effort.Is Trump’s most important “Joint Defense Agreement” actually with Russia? saw 6ix9ine as “the worst case scenario of millennial hip hop” — digital bravado, scant musical talent and…