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"Bribery" is right there in the Constitution, writes @AriMelber. Trump could be impeached for that.…
Retweeted by Ari MelberAmid the similarities between the Trump and Nixon impeachment probes, @AriMelber examines the parallels to the Andr…
Retweeted by Ari MelberWhat is the clearest Constitutional case for impeaching Trump? He sought a bribe from Ukraine. No one can deny th…
Retweeted by Ari MelberTONIGHT: @AriMelber hosts 'Trump and Ukraine: Impeachment Crisis', a look into the impeachment inquiry and where it…
Retweeted by Ari MelberTonight at 9pm a *new* special on impeachment on @MSNBC:
Retweeted by Ari Melber @AriMelber is absolutely right about this, as I and my colleagues at @protctdemocracy - @justingflorence and John L…
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@washingtonpost @PostOutlook Any debate over impeachment boils down to *what is an impeachable offense* - how does… @washingtonpost @PostOutlook That boils down to what people believe - because if an official is *legitimately* dema… @washingtonpost @PostOutlook On intent, Trump can argue whatever personal benefit might accrue from a Biden investi… @washingtonpost @PostOutlook And it is true that the Constitution’s bribery prohibition doesn’t turn exclusively on… @washingtonpost @PostOutlook He can argue that his goal was not corrupt, that he was advocating a probe he believed… @washingtonpost @PostOutlook Now while there's a range of evidence against Trump -- including what is known in lega… @washingtonpost @PostOutlook In those trials, the Senate did not reach a super majority to accept that the alleged… @washingtonpost @PostOutlook A focus on bribery may also distinguish this case from the 2 presidential impeachments… @washingtonpost @PostOutlook The legal argument is that Trump abused his office to seek a bribe -- corruptly solici… @washingtonpost @PostOutlook Along with treason, bribery is the only impeachable offense *expressly* listed in the… is the clearest Constitutional case for impeaching Trump? He sought a bribe from Ukraine. No one can deny th… President Trump reverses course amidst bipartisan criticism and announces the US will "no longer consider…
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Trump denies there was a quid pro quo, but his acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney admits there was, saying, "We do…
Retweeted by Ari Melber9pm tonight on MSNBC 🎳
"I think he's gone off the rails," -former Trump lawyer Jay Goldberg on Rudy Giuliani
Retweeted by Ari Melber"It's time" for Trump to end his work relationship with Giuliani, former Trump lawyer Jay Goldberg tells @AriMelber
Retweeted by Ari MelberDevastating's easier to prove a quid pro quo bribe when a suspect admits a quid pro quo bribe.US House Oversight Cmte. Chairman Elijah Cummings has died, his office says.
Retweeted by Ari MelberTrump’s longtime penchant for outsourcing “dirty work” is backfiring in the impeachment probe — a special report by…
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Godfather Director Francis Ford Coppola on his film being played in the upcoming trial of former Trump aide Roger S…
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.@AriMelber got Francis Ford Coppola to opine on whether a scene from The Godfather should be played at Roger Stone…
Retweeted by Ari MelberFrancis Ford Coppola on whether federal prosecutors should play 'The Godfather' at Roger Stone's trial: They shoul…
Retweeted by Ari MelberRudy Giuliani's path from prosecutor to suspect -- our special report tonight:
Tonight on The Beat: The latest on the House Impeachment testimony, a special report on Giuliani, former prosecuto… are tapes
"Booker made his bed in the morning, Bobo said..." What *local* politics means in Iowa -- "2020 sleepovers with…’s conflict in Syria took a major turn today. First alleged atrocities by Turkish-backed Arab militias, execu…
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Lol not sure silence itself is informative but ...🙏 #pod @nytmike notes Giuliani is facing this criminal investigation partly because of his *own* public admission… Trump's defense was "Rick Perry made me do it." Now President Trump's *lawyer* has a defense that boils… for riding with us thru lots of news, have a GREAT weekend everyone! I'll be back anchoring an impeachment… @FrankFigliuzzi1 notes the details in the SDNY indictment of Giuliani allies has "the kind of detail" that coul…“Giuliani now finds himself under scrutiny from the same United States attorney’s office he led in the 1980s, when… Trump is saying he's no longer sure if Rudy Giuliani *is* his lawyer & telling people to "ask" Giuliani quest…
@michaeldeluca7 @TheBeatWithAri We can learn much from music and culture... and thanks for watching Mikey.… @AriMelberFans @MiamiNory @TheBeatWithAri Happy Birthday!! 🎂 🔥.@AriMelber questions @amyklobuchar on whether her letter to the DOJ, arguing for a criminal investigation on Rudy…
Retweeted by Ari MelberKind of amazing Trump is using the *exact same language* about Giuliani that he used before tossing his last lawyer… interview fact-check over whether Ukraine plot could violate a law (52 USC 3012) Rudy Giuliani’s harsh policing to Notorious B.I.G.’s New York — our new piece: ... a… @AriMelber @TheBeatWithAri @mobbdeephavoc @kimosorio1 @LordFinesseDITC @oldmanebro @RepJeffries Amazing segment! Od…
Retweeted by Ari MelberDope discussion
Retweeted by Ari Melber... pentagon papers whistleblower daniel ellsberg to @arimelber: trump "is turning out to be a domestic enemy of th…
Retweeted by Ari Melber @Karen_Russell @TheBeatWithAri @mobbdeephavoc @kimosorio1 @LordFinesseDITC @oldmanebro @RepJeffries 🙏 Giuliani’s harsh policing to Notorious B.I.G.’s New York — our segment tonight ... and…
WATCH: U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, the man in charge of the office once ran by Rudy Giuliani, says the arrest of…
Retweeted by Ari MelberCiting allegedly illegal donations to a Trump PAC, the top prosecutor in NY indicts associates of Rudy Giuliani, th…
@trixx_bsog @LeahRigueurJay Sekulow, attorney for President Trump, on impeachment inquiry: "Tell me what rule, law, or statute's been viola…
Retweeted by Ari Melber👀 King @PUSHA_T
Retweeted by Ari MelberJay Sekulow, attorney for President Trump, on impeachment inquiry: "Tell me what rule, law, or statute's been viola…
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On The Beat Tonight: President Trump's attorney Jay SekulowHad fun today @AriMelber
Retweeted by Ari MelberA very special podcast of this MSNBC B.I.G. event is here: @TheBeatWithAri @mayawiley @ProfMMurray @AriMelber Thank you so much! Currently watching. Fascinating special!
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We all remember when Rick Ross said he had “so many cars / DMV thought it was mail fraud...” . ... well tonight, we… @AlexWitt on MSNBC now..."Rick Perry made me do it" is *really* out there as an argument. Can't even call it a "defense," because it's not…
Tried one of those jumbo avocados. Doesn’t really pack the same flavor or buttery richness. So while I like the id… @lilwaynehq_2 @THEREALSWIZZZ 🙌Swizz Beatz Calls Lil Wayne The Most Dedicated Person In The Studio, Says Wayne Has Type A Personality [Video] -…
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WHAT LEGAL & CONSTITUTIONAL QUESTIONS DO YOU HAVE ABOUT IMPEACHMENT? We will feature and tackle some viewer questi… Impeachment special this Sunday at 9pm ET with some seasoned guests, both pro and con.... @HipHopObama haha if the reference fits.. @WillieGeist may have been feeling itJoining Morning Joe shortly... @WillieGeist @mikebarnicle
Voluntary confessions are significant evidence at a trial.New: Verdict in Nine Trey Bloods trial (w/ testimony from Tekashi69), via Feds: RICO - Both Guilty Kidnapping - Gu… this story... 👶🏻
A President who threatens new illegal acts -- such as exposing a federally protected whistleblower or arresting mem… 'Mavericks With Ari Melber', Swizz Beatz Talks Being Jealous Of His 5-Year-Old Son Working With Kendrick Lamar…
Retweeted by Ari MelberMichael Moore on impeaching Trump: “Everyone saw it. He confessed. [Democrats] must act — and act quickly. We are…
Retweeted by Ari Melber @DebraMessing Did you see the interview?.@therealswizzz wears many hats, but he lives by being “a DJ first.” In our latest episode of "Mavericks with…
Retweeted by Ari Melber @AriMelber @THEREALSWIZZZ “When I started understanding how many living artists I could actually help, it became a…
Retweeted by Ari Melber @BobBrigham @MMFlint I failed him! @MMFlintIt’s showtime! 🎶 Our latest episode of “Mavericks with Ari Melber” features producer @THEREALSWIZZZ! Swizz talks…
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The Senate holds a trial when The House impeaches. That’s what The Constitution says. And it’s what Senate rules…
It's #InternationalPodcastDay, and we have a special episode of #Uncorked! 🍷📻 @AriMelber sat down with legendary r…
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First mistake: Letting me on stage. @ Global Citizen Festival - Central Park, New York🌎
Whole squad Gucci’d down / green Gucci suit / green Gucci suit - green!... 🎶 . ... how could I not? @billnye liter… does it take to fill Central Park for a concert? Global Citizen kicks off at 4pm ET today on @MSNBC and… us at 4pm ET on @MSNBC today and yes @adamlambert will be there!!! @GlblCtzn @QueenWillRock
Anybody have a draft of the new Flame-Feingold Act? I’d like to mark it up. @AriMelber ?
Retweeted by Ari MelberThe historic Russ-Waka alliance strengthens
Retweeted by Ari MelberI'll be talking about the @WyssCampaign for Nature on @TheBeatWithAri @AriMelber Everybody off work for Fallback…
Retweeted by Ari MelberOn tonight’s show we have news on the Ukraine scandal, impeachment and former Sen. @russfeingold along with… analyzes the difference between the 2016 and 2020 elections: In 2016, Trump 'was not President yet,' a…
Retweeted by Ari Melber.@AriMelber: You're admitting here tonight, you're running on investigating Biden this time Trump 2020 staffer: I t…
Retweeted by Ari Melber"If a foreign government came and offered you help or money, would you refuse it?" -@AriMelber "That is not somethi…
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