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Ariana @AriValde Washington, DC

Blatina 🇵🇦 Chicagoan. Sarcastic bad feminist. Political comms. Talk to me about: the Golden Age of Hollywood, books, dance, pop culture, sports, travel.

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This subtweet brought to you by feeling incredibly overwhelmed and unable to make any real decisions beyond mealsThe thing I always forget about grief and mourning is that it's almost impossible to answer the question "what can…; if the writing is good. Writing is king. I’m not gonna skip Succession to watch The Oval in the name of race l…
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This book is fascinating but seeing that Lee Daniels is producing...this seems more soapy than satircal 🙃
For @bustle, I wrote about @nodunayo and how her platform @thestorygraph has gained a cult following in recent year…
Retweeted by ArianaHe means questionable but lovable was a magical team/year because of this core groupWe knew this would happen but it stiill SUCKS can't stop buying books. I have no shelf control.
Retweeted by ArianaWhen Google Reader disappeared, a version of the internet was lost forever. But in many ways, it’s not forgotten.…
Retweeted by ArianaAnd most days I don't think I even want that experience for my hypothetical kids. The trauma was just not worth itMy parents did a decent job considering the mostly white schools we went to but I think a lot about how I can do a… loved this answer do not like open concept. Give me separate rooms and definition.
Retweeted by ArianaKnew it could happen, but still heartbroken. For a century the @Cubs were lovable, but more often than not, losers.…
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Y'all know I love a good incumbent challenge. Could not be more proud of Nicole 💕 Watch the video and donate $$ din…✨SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE THREAD✨ Reply to this thread with the following: -A photo -Three hobbies! -ASL/ if ok…
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Retweeted by Ariana*whispers* I didn't like Starstruck as much as I thought I would...mostly the finale ruined it for me
Today, I am announcing my candidacy for California’s 40th Congressional District, my home and the community that ra…
Retweeted by ArianaOk, in honor of Bob Moses' life, here are books I think you ought to read:
Retweeted by Arianacorrect me if i'm wrong--im on vacation and not paying close attention--but it seems like the only people who are m…
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And if the science says otherwise.... mean this is WILD is fascinating (and makes me want to try in DC). I've seen similar pieces about a year of only buying Black an… or six episodes into s1 restaurant deserves a Michelin star
Retweeted by ArianaI saw Kofi and honestly I didn’t need to know much else about it. I will be watching.
Retweeted by ArianaWhy do people keep saying Issa’s relationship has been a secret? She did an Essence cover with her engagement ring…
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@LyssInn2is Only one episode right?Black women i’m BEGGING yall to ignore these niggas on twitter i get it, it’s frustrating to see the awful shit the…
Retweeted by ArianaNo one is more shocked than I but thanks to @alexidarling we finally watched Ted Lasso and I.....LOVED it. Especial… @vulture I wrote about how THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, THE GOOD LORD BIRD, and SMALL AXE spotlighted how the…
Retweeted by ArianaColorism on TV is pervasive, exhausting and at this point, expected. The #r29unbothered team and I go deep on one o…
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Those competitors lose from time to time — 👏🏾 AND 👏🏾 SIMONE 👏🏾 BILES 👏🏾 DOESN’T 👏🏾
Retweeted by ArianaI can't believe I didn't know this came out yesterday! Weekend plans set“Highlighted by host roles for the Olympics and the NFL – including as a host and contributor for Football Night in…
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@theglamacademic For food: Feed the Malik, Flights and Foods and Black Girl Eats DC. Things to do in general: the w…"We can’t out-organize that. We can’t out-litigate that. We need voting rights legislation." - @cliff_notes, Co-fou…
Retweeted by ArianaThe way wypipo just sit directly in the sun all day will never not be crazy to me. Like…your flesh is red and burne…
Retweeted by ArianaJustice Tastes Better Than Complicity: Ben & Jerry’s must now end all business with apartheid Israel. Read our ful…
Retweeted by ArianaThe beginning twangs of Formation still gives me small small goosebumps
Retweeted by Ariana“this week, man” - me for several dozen consecutive weeks
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THIS. My mantra: If it’s worth saying, put it in the mouth of half the population. Because all issues are women’s i…
Retweeted by ArianaImagine if they took intimate partner violence this seriously
Retweeted by Arianaif all your transit is in an air conditioned car you own and drive your relationship to climate change is very diff…
Retweeted by ArianaWait I need this to last all summer so I can participate coel, danai gurira, angela bassett, and lupita nyong'o all on my screen at the same time i might pass tf out
Retweeted by ArianaSometimes, out of the blue, I remember that Pacey grew up to be who I imagined he would be AND I FEEL SO VINDICATED.
Retweeted by Ariana @SheWentTo_Jarid Yeah we go to the dc one every few months
"Love is colorblind" No it's not. Most of y'all dating & romantic "preferences" are rooted in white worship and antiblackness. Stop lying.
Retweeted by ArianaPeople who say they prefer summer over any season just be lying….
Retweeted by ArianaMy first foray into guest-editing and guest-writing @FortuneMagazine’s raceAhead newsletter is live now:…
Retweeted by ArianaI miss the old days were billionaires’ vanity projects was to build 1000 public libraries or giant music venues.
Retweeted by ArianaWho will chip in to my unofficial early bday Baldwin GoFund? Because the way I NEED this edition....
Retweeted by ArianaGonna say it: The Olympics have deeply cursed energy this year
Retweeted by ArianaVan Jones just got a $100 million from Bezos? I did everything in life wrong
Retweeted by Ariana @AlexDe_Luca Absolutely made me into the history nerd I am too. Would be curious how many EL alums were also into t… @nuggs_ova_drugs I've heard that too!This content is EXTREMELY my shit a shelter volunteer, this is a frustrating framing. At least in DC, the shelter is FULL of pups needing a home -…
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And that is why I'm too scared to get one needs to answer by what they mean when they say "we will stay in Israel through a different arrangem…
Retweeted by ArianaWhat are people's favorite DC bakeries? That will do a small cake with short (a week) turnaround 😅do not slack me directly after a long meeting I am in the kitchen making a little iced coffee and watching three ti…
Retweeted by Ariana @SheWentTo_Jarid Focus on not dying in vegas @SheWentTo_Jarid Go to bedI need a separate savings account for books tbhI both dread and look forward to these previews every year 😅 the way my to read list just EXPLODES once I read thro… as to-read: Martita, I Remember You/Martita, Te R... by Sandra Cisneros as to-read: Silent Winds, Dry Seas by Vinod Busjeet
Was thinking about this the other day. Multiple copies, laminated it and nobody cares 😅🙃
@katietamola 💗 thank you @nuggs_ova_drugs Thanks babe @chbooksdc up really missing my grandma. Grief is weird @feed_the_malik Absolutely love this!Rest in power, Icon
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Ok her historical fiction is lowkey problematic when it comes to Black people but I'm sad. I was absolutely introdu… example of how historic firsts are almost always an indictment of the entire system.
Retweeted by ArianaFor @Dance_Magazine, I’m hoping to speak with a dancer who has had to take a mental health break from performing an…
Retweeted by ArianaWe are getting to the point where certain pundits are all but declaring there are good black people (Clyburn) and b…
Retweeted by ArianaI will never not resent that Black leaders are having to appeal to Joe Manchin to defend rights that so many thousa…
Retweeted by Ariana @AishaAdkins Lol the NMHAAC!I am literally in love with my job. Is this healthy? I don't know and I don't care
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Big news: THE FINAL REVIVAL OF OPAL & NEV is in the running to be the #FallonSummerReads pick! Exciting! But I need…
Retweeted by ArianaAnother sign DC is back: my inbox is once again full of people looking for Blacksonian tickets 😂 nature is healing… genius is constantly erased or stolen i wanted an official record of it. something that couldn't be taken away…
Retweeted by ArianaAs a Miami Cuban, I’ve gotta say — I really wish more of the talk in DC about the situation in Cuba was about the C…
Retweeted by ArianaImagine saving this information for the publication of a book rather than speaking out immediately
Retweeted by ArianaMarked as to-read: The Fugitivities by Jesse McCarthy
@JalisaNichole I am not a good driver and also taxes!The reason I leave dc is primarily going to be because of this horrible metro ISTGCan someone please explain to me how the red line is ONCE AGAIN about to go through single tracking when we just we… @THEakilahbrown Living for these live tweets!Can confirm complaining because we stan but very confusedI just really wanna know how/why Stromae is the music of choice for the new tik tok trend?? at @TheUndefeated, we're doing a series on how Black artists grappled with the pandemic and what they feel wit…
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