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Tomorrow is Wavedash Day
Retweeted by ant @shadient huge huge huge faxi love my friends, every time they do something cool i feel like one of those dads watching their kids play have absolutely no idea how emotional i am rngenuinely excited for this to finally start rolling out though. the boys poured so much into this.also ant cameo at 9 seconds inITS TIME MOTHERFUCKER @layajospe F A C T Sthere is no way. @heavysplifff our canadian ambassador showed back up lolgoodbye dingus sunday at the shop.“Rina Sawayama x Nick Knight”
Retweeted by ant @eviediary trust me when you’ve been shamed for something very much out of your control it’s almost instinct. @eviediary yep i managed to change it by just blocking all of them. @eviediary dude it’s literally EVERYONES FEED since the tiktok rip.also the air compressor broke on this immediately lmfaoooo6 more months of this i guess.’m going to beat the shit outta whoever runs adobe
Retweeted by ant @wolrdisafcuk WOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW @_soupp because apple hates convenience lmfao @_soupp fuckin for real, i was like oh i need to put some of this music on there then apple was like oh word you wa… ask me how i know this since i just lost a small chunk of music i cant necessarily get back lol @Sloppyclock you'd think after like 2 decades of this program theyd at least figure it outthat shit will just decide to yoink your entire music collection if it feels any type of way.iphones are cool and all but itunes is the most reckless program to hold music in.
@peterberkman big rt @Sloppyclock the dons fruitopia hits so much different.craving fruitopia again... @petiteyuzu be safe!!!alternatively: how to make a luv is rage era instrumental Drum N Space Calcutta Cyber Cafe album cover /artwork (1996)
Retweeted by ant @layajospe i do not miss this... @AndrewElmore @MaxKriegerVG as long as it wasnt above the resolution. @petiteyuzu i miss my leader 735
Retweeted by ant @wil_tsun social media car people WISH they had hype like you
@RellTWS exactly lol homeboy was talking about it like its shit we are gonna put off the 5 in la or something @RellTWS yeah but fucking where? telling me we gotta knock over even more shit for rest stops we already have nationwide lmfaoOUTSTANDING. @GRRLmusic new blade movie just a pov shot of being at a warehouse raveOut now, with a new version of our KKMJ. Free! Check it out!!
Retweeted by antTHIS SHIT GOOD AS HELL @Kaceycalhoon mostly because everyone used their vehicle models no matter how inaccurate they were.real shit i have no idea how we get stuck with the most incompetent candidates. i thought votes were supposed to do something. @UnbendableStraw yeah but that’s also a 100k+ car. not something a normal person would have access to. @arc_elm FUCKING PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE THATS ALL WE WANT STOP FOCUSING ON CARS FOR NO FUCKIN REASONyeah let’s totally build enormous parking lots where people have to sit for 50 min to charge their cars more electric car talk please that technology is nowhere near adoptable enough biden off the pookie talking abou… i wish the left the hot mic on this. shit is wild boring watching a cokehead have a civil argument against a man with dementia @firstclassrice curate a portfolio for that client, also timing is crucial. if you get a submission in early you’ll… genuinely cannot start and finish a sentence without losing his train of thought and it is so hard to watch.…
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@peterberkman punished berkmanhard facts @MaxKriegerVG this man works for stadia i do not wanna hear it @MaxKriegerVG maybe now theyll preserve the cool don's locations @GRRLmusic WHOA OK GONNA PANIC BUY MORE PUMPS @GRRLmusic WHY IS TEDDY LONG SINGING @DEVONDIGITAL_ you have no idea how jealous i am that someone was probably paid a rack to do this lmfao. @wolrdisafcuk @shadient moggles youre fuckin up if you don’t just make mc in tesco 2 @DEVONDIGITAL_ i thought it was some random video i literally had to do a double take. @spencersike TOP 10 JOE BIDEN MOMENTS (GONE SEXUAL)this is by far the most ridiculous political ad i have ever been served. / ⌘Y
Retweeted by ant @Sloppyclock or just sell us the fucking honda e @Sloppyclock give us a real civic pls.they want more efficient cars stop making them so fucking big?????!?!?!??!i absolutely hate hearing politicians talk about auto restrictions, they dont know jack shit lmfao. @Sloppyclock either that or clap the concierge like they did j money @Sloppyclock yeah why would they? you know how ass backwards this country is. @Sloppyclock yeah fuckin crazy right???in case people forgot about this amount of times sbc has managed to capture some wild shit happening and bring it to light is astounding. @kaibeckman write the whole proposal in windingseven if i didnt think about it i'd still dream about it & i dream all of the time
Retweeted by ant @GoodBoyGraphics im boutta fly up there and cop @GRRLmusic personal fav @GRRLmusic the shirts exist but they are EXPENSIVE. they also had soccer jerseys with all the shit on em @GRRLmusic dude all the thunderdome comps have fucking nothing but gas @xshagia shit making me not want to vote lmao
@BubbaWallace beams a fucking dogshit designer anyways doesn't surprise me at all hes a fucking racist piece of shit too. @hyp_e thats just the LA parting gift.oh okay the entire sequence that got omitted because of the choppy stream is SO fucking good @jacksondgreen if you get one lemme use it 🥴it feels so weird watching this and not hearing ultra start and stop like 5 different timesboutta rewatch this all fuckin dayやべえなあ 世の中にはそれぞれの世界にやべえ人がいる ジャンル問わず最大限に讃えたい人達ほんと好き
Retweeted by ant🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 @eviediary jeez whatever it is hope you’re okay.
@GRRLmusic they revive henry ford and shoot him with a tank @weedhitter spider timeAND THEY DONT STOPevery single person in my life today has completely stopped me from sleeping today.Happy 12th anniversary of Ringo not wanting any more fan mail ✌️❤️
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Retweeted by ant @peaceenforcer1 reject modernity embrace tradition
Retweeted by ant @_soupp already got my set made dont sweat it wait for "twitch friendly" url shows consisting of whatever music they allow you to use from their catalogue. @KEL_ENIX i would say move to youtube but they literally shut down streams immediately when you play anything content id picks up