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apex live at is what grimes have to endure every night
Retweeted by az blueWhile upper management at Amazon’s majority Black Alabama warehouse is almost entirely white, their anti-union meet…
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@BeefedUpBro what’s my stench
@PercReynolds mango delete this 😂😭😭 @BrandonSonju wait a second..Bobby Shmurda's hat today:
Retweeted by az blueif you don’t like foreign language fílmes, honestly fuck you @mygfreal huge wjust woke up
@mykneesbecold np! @excesstential always thought he was kinda lib socially but def not now lol @excesstential an atheist, but the fundamentalism is strong with this one somehow. it doesn’t make a ton of sense.… @excesstential yeaa, i’ve kind of given up on the idea that there’s any way to break through, honestly. were in a late stage.despite my best efforts my dad has officially fallen all the way down the conservative rabbit hole. i mean all the… SHMURDA’S RETURN IS GOING TO BE LEGENDARY
Retweeted by az blue @mykneesbecold i used vit c for a while for it and it helped. Differin kicks ass for me too over the long term. i a… look at all these “antisemitic myths” in the news.
Retweeted by az blue“Citizen” is doing a lot of work here. Incredible.
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Retweeted by az blueRoll back reactionary Right to Work (For Less) laws and build fighting unions again. Pass the #PROAct.
Retweeted by az blue @TheHyyyype your career is over hype. bring yourself into the station.don jr. with the effective use of foreshadowing? color me impressed @MediumWilly wiping too! so tired of doing it eeevery siiingle daaaywtb that tongue tho...would you fuck a bear 😳 @davidturkasz yes. @davidturkasz yesgo crazywho up that’s stupid @polo_man404 Aite.....time to log off 😑🤦🏽‍♂️
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@lynndewitttoya puschy? @tittyclout there’s something mesmerizing about a theater. i miss it sm😢the other night i watched a group of 4 feral cats scatter across my dimly lit street before disappearing into a ran… @PercReynolds gods plan? @PercReynolds hotline bling80s action movies are a different story, i am ready at any moment miss watching movies but it is so hard to focus for two whole hours without being in a theater @ivonnealiciiaa welcome to my mindcan't stop laughing at these early jim henson commercials where one guy just kills another for not liking wilkins c…
Retweeted by az blueStay strong, king. Take all the time off you need to deal with your crisis at home.
Retweeted by az blue @SafeWebUser apolitical stuff like the financial crisis and the warstrain to busan remake is gonna be shot on a greyhound bus 🤒 and gentlemen..... we got em’all act like da nigga losing mike dean let’s relax 🤣
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@TheHyyyype every good shitpost i see it’s like the “Simpsons already made that joke” but with mitch @TheHyyyype no poster has ever come closeIt's hard to watch the school debate knowing there are more than 30 different rapid home tests sitting at @US_FDA,…
Retweeted by az blueSo much for the "tolerant left" 🙄
Retweeted by az blue @2StarYelp ya, tipping shouldnt be a part of the wage structure as a way to pay lower wages when people can’t affor… @2StarYelp they could easily program the app to calculate in a higher wage for workers, instead of just asking for… @2StarYelp they’re employees tho of a massive company that takes all the extra profit and shares none of it with th… is a big victory - Uber drivers have battled for years for the most basic recognition and rights. Solidarity a…
Retweeted by az blue @theneedledrop that kids OBVIOUSLY a tiny Deep Cuts, not a tiny melonthis CANNOT continue. first year of quarantine was hard but now that the parts of me that felt things are all dead I think we are hea…
Retweeted by az blueoh boy we could stay forever or we could leave gee what should we do?
Retweeted by az blueTed Cruz packing his bags after being in Cancun for like an hour and a half
Retweeted by az blueit’s a dude!white girl dreads daughter or chet hanks soni go into dicks sporting goods sporting good dick
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Retweeted by az blueThis Crime Shall Not Go Unpunished.
Retweeted by az bluedan crenshawty ok!
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@raindropraises without what?BREAKING: ted cruz has officially released his notes app apology more person say “that’s called taxes” like Fled Cruz
Retweeted by az bluethis is the best tiktok i’ve ever seen
Retweeted by az blue @BigTucsonDad i didn’t believe it either. dude just loved disneylandI just looked it up: In 2020, @GregAbbott_TX took more than $180,000 from oil, gas, and energy companies—and he wa…
Retweeted by az blueNEW: A Facebook manager warned internally that the company made revenues it “should have never made” by overstating…
Retweeted by az blueNEW: The 60 generators FEMA sent to Texas are, as of this morning, sitting in a staging area in Ft. Worth waiting f…
Retweeted by az blue @BigTucsonDad idk if you want to do that man, this is mike at 9 at disneyland. already has perfect definition
@Lubchansky grim dark Paddington is what we needed @JJ_Kresl gotta be stolennetflix with an actually good tweet?’ll see if that magic is the same without Paul King but god damn it i love that little bearlet’s. fucking. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by az blueno’a’bi’o’good taxes bad then why roads ????? checkmate libertarians
Retweeted by az blue @icedoutomnitrix my replies are just everyone thinking everyone else is dumber than them @_Samston wishful thinking @thegallowboob funny thing is? i’m just a regular guyguy who thinks all rube goldberg machines are rip offs of the 1997 film Flubber (me)i was playing apex legends and almost had a 20 bomb with mirage when Okay fellas now that the ladies aren’t reading… @badboychadhoy @goddessquinn @emcgrogan @Luckisprofanity far off? more like far out 😈🤙your honor, they say it takes one to know one, and by God i know for a fact that man eats human shit favorite part about the internet is when you get to lie @rosiejasmijn they don’t even have go fund me in the netherlands 🙄 @rosiejasmijn no it’s not. i just invented this idea myself. @LeePanners nut and hop on apexWe're in for the most brainless election of all time
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