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SFF writer & critic, author of A MEMORY CALLED EMPIRE; as Dr. AnnaLinden Weller: city planner, climate policy advisor, Byzantinist. She/her. agent: @dongwon

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My piece on minority rule, our new 6-3 court, how it took people so long to wake up, and how, no matter what happen…
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however: a) I can vault into a dumpster and out again b) I FOUND THE PEN, IT IS TINY AND PERFECT AND GREEN STRIPED… I have just gone (successfully) dumpster-diving after my favorite vintage Shaeffer Balance fountain pen that wa…
How does science fiction help us understand the present? Find out more from this article from @thelindsayellis via…
Retweeted by Arkady Martine (Dr. AnnaLinden Weller)Arkady Martine's "A Memory Called Empire" @ArkadyMartine won the 2020 #Hugo #Award for #best #novel. I spoke with…
Retweeted by Arkady Martine (Dr. AnnaLinden Weller) @tlecaque I never know how to feel: profoundly and viciously relieved I left or just so goddamn sad. @catacalypto somehow I've ended up splitting my votes between 'deface' and 'eat'. @catacalypto ... ooo point. I'm going to have to keep thinking about this. @catacalypto ... oh, I like the Hermes Chthonios angle. (I was thinking XIII as "death, but not for you"/transforma… @tsawac @tithenai @catacalypto slurp @catacalypto ... so in terms of Cards for the Tigers, I'm leaning toward XIII. Your thoughts? @catacalypto @tithenai @tsawac ... I am so glad it wasn't just me @tithenai @tsawac @catacalypto for a very horrible moment I was sure that what would follow 'we see you' and 'we he… blaseball: I commend to you the teachings of Diane Duane: "don't be afraid to make corrections." even to cer…
TigerBeams series pride! 🐅🌞 @Blaseball_radio maybe if we go up, or climb, we can do that instead of going to wherever the Crabs went @tsawac @catacalypto ... three-way round robin final would be neat @catacalypto ... what ... happens now. everyone has three wins @catacalypto I KNOW RIGHT @catacalypto My current and delighted understanding is that we both lost Game 1, and we both won Game 2. This is an… 2: MAXIMUM DRAMA HELLSERIES DELIGHT CONTINUESHere's the link to my tribute to the deeply missed Ruth Macrides, published in Byzantine and Modern Hreek Studies 4…
Retweeted by Arkady Martine (Dr. AnnaLinden Weller) @ouranosaurus honestly with you thereI see it is Build Ekranoplan Time, come round again at last... @BethLynnF totally fine. yep. @DevinLSinger did you ever expect us to go differentlyThat was the most ridiculous and great blaseball game. Go ... tigerbeams. (everyone won! sorta!)🐅☀️Have just listened to the first of two Mountain Goats digital concerts and oh. /Ow/. Hey, @mountain_goats -- I miss…
@essdubem ... technically yes bit weird, but valid (you have to assume that 'shades-of-grey' is a single Teixcalaa… love this interview. (And MACHINE. and ANCESTRAL NIGHT. and also @matociquala.) MOUNTAIN GOATS NEW MOUNTAIN GOATS NEW MOUNTAIN GOATS have a moderate like @JoeBiden talk about the reality that we’re going to replace the oil industry with renewables is a BFD.
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My pronouns are she/her. I think it is important for those of us who are cisgender to normalize stating our prono… @lissaharris yep. pretty much. (always been in favor of civil marriage being separate from religious marriage ANYWAY)it's very blaseball, this one
@jimodonnell2 Came back a bit ago. Nine hours out.Power! Internet! The freezer is still frozen! That was only ... nine hours of no power! @jimodonnell2 We’re at maybe-10:15 now!
@jimodonnell2 it is a hollow laughing that I was trying to work on grid reliability research when this began (appa… now for power restoration. Soon it will be quite dark here. This is so much fun!Apparently we won’t have power til 6:15 now. This is great fun. Especially since pandemic means I can’t go charge m… sure am enjoying this inexplicable power outage. Yep. @PizzledMilk Smiley's People! @tweedymcgee I am going down with you hand in unloveable handOne of my biggest influences. Adore his work.
@ceruleancynic awfully convenient, this <3 @tsawac @catacalypto ... same @catacalypto @illalesbia there's a lot of third-century imperial disasters, this is quite understandable @catacalypto @illalesbia NICE. (right era, wrong emperor, Cat!) @catacalypto ahahaha I really do think it's Gallienus-era -- soooo. Cat. Who on the blaseball dev team is a Roman numismatist or KNOWS ONE @catacalypto @wilton_quinn I mean -- all of those options are plausible. My current interpretation is that the coin… @catacalypto @Blaseball_radio every so often the very specific set of talents I possess are /immediately/ useful!I also feel narratively very good about the Hall Stars being Released; coupled with Wyatt Mason/the Microphone also… @FirstClassHack you win one (1) internet @portersf 🐅! @Blaseball_radio I'm deeply delighted to have been USEFUL to blaseball lore, the call for Roman iconography interpr… @hmouthsunbeams hi Sunbeams! 🔆I am delighted to have created this thread @portersf omg, say hi to Matt! I am deeply into blaseball and the fact I just got to do Roman iconography analysis… TO BLASEBALL, this is the clearest example of a political fuckup I have ever seen and it kinda delights me @catacalypto @ceruleancynic can't decide if we should start calling the boss Iustitia or the Gold Lady re: text color/Thatcher reference @catacalypto -- yup I just got there. @ceruleancynic is right, I think. We're in Blaseball's Thatcher era. @AmesCG My quick reading is Aequitas Aug., 'the justice/equity of Augustus', so yes, deeply imperial.(The wheat is very common in Roman and Greek coinage representations. For example, see this coin, which is very sim… figure is Iustitia, the goddess Justice. She holds scales and a sheaf of wheat; the wheat is different from her… so firing up the numismatics on that coin, what have we got so far (Roman, silver -- initial thoughts are thir… see we are having more blaseball @shaunduke I would love that. I think they've been amazing. FIYAHCON hits every mark, and the Nebulas set the bar b… @shaunduke It's one of my biggest regrets really! That I simply don't have the energy to dive in to online communit… @shaunduke Because my dayjob means I am stuck on Zoom/listening to people talk in committees most of the day, I'm h… haven't been able to participate as much as I'd like, but everything I have seen/been honored to be part of? This. @catacalypto aaaaaahwe sure are /blaseball (actually I am 1000% HERE for the complex arc of Jaylen Hotdogfingers, saboteur and revenant)cronch.LANDRY VIOLENCE INCINERATES ROGUE UMPIRE NECROMANCY DEFINITELY GOOD IDEAwhat if necromancy was a good idea after alldarling wandering revenant @catacalypto ... oh. feedback. flickering. microphone. I got it. @catacalypto okay I missed something whilst crashed, how did Jaylen end up swapping sides (again) @catacalypto YOU ABSOLUTELY DID (also my goddamn feed has crashed)aksjdfhf JAYLEN /blaseballhere we go again
@ActuallyAisha @C_L_Clark @MattFnWallace @k_villoso ... better yours than mine, Aisha, mine is all technical Greek epistolary form wankery @MattFnWallace @k_villoso @ActuallyAisha @C_L_Clark It was INCREDIBLE. Seconding that @C_L_Clark is a brilliant mod… concretesaurus eating rebars
Retweeted by Arkady Martine (Dr. AnnaLinden Weller)So excited to participate in this! tomorrow morning, 11 AM EDT. (... 9 AM here, so you know I will have a Vat of Co…
Oh god. I only had just met him and I was hoping to get to work with him in the environmental justice space for dec… @catacalypto @tsawac six of one, half a dozen of the other :) @tsawac @catacalypto your Jaylen and mine are quite similar this is probably why Cat likes both of us @tsawac @catacalypto holy shit, YES @tsawac @catacalypto also, re: sekrit music project, it may now need to include a variant on this: (hi Jessica) @tsawac @catacalypto ... dang, it really is. @catacalypto The clarification of the heel/face is especially well done. (... no wonder I am deeply narratively at… @catacalypto I did miss this, and it is WONDERFUL. @evilrooster I love them. They become part of my face after a while, I stop thinking about them.
@carmenmmachado ... I love these so much, and also I envy this gig.I have done the copyedit queries. now I get to have retsina. @tithenai me!!!
@Forestofglory @vinajiemin @MarissaLingen @ohshitcircuit @jeannette_ng @singlecrow @RB_Lemberg This is lovely. Thank you so much.hey we're on the board! almost 100,000 New Mexicans have already voted. (I did!)