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Arlo Parks @arloparks London, England

mgmt: PR: poetry baby with a little side of soft rock EUGENE IS OUT NOW 🥵

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I miss everybody :( can’t wait to get back 2 frolicking with my peoples did a lil feature on me! smash the link to have a look > be taking part in @Ticketmaster's 'Homecoming' live stream! catch me on their facebook 6pm on april 16th 💙…’m quaking for Nottingham, @arloparks “Each city has something special about it, and I think people appreciate that I a…
Retweeted by Arlo Parks I’ve added to my Arlo’s Tunes @Spotify playlist check ittttt
.@Radiohead are bringing their archives to YouTube
Retweeted by Arlo ParksCheck in on your friends. Check in on yourselves. Be kind, be open, drink water and think before you speak.Last week I read some poetry and sang some songs for @theCALMzone - I cant convey quite how emotional it felt - it’… wrote the kindest words about my livestream performance for @theCALMzone's lock in, thank u 💕
@w1lko Big loveeee#worldhealthday 💙’s the best character on skins - fight me.Up Next: The latest line-up is here to entertain you in this week's virtual #MyMulberryLocal. Head over to our Inst…
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got so bored I talked to a bird
Thank you to all the people who believed in me - this journey has been a special one.’s the 1 year anniversary of my first born - the super sad generation EP. words can’t describe how much it has… you guys @GlassAnimals 🥺🥺
It’s hard not to focus on what we don’t have atm so I wrote a poem about gratitude yesterday: what are you grateful…’m getting a lot more excited over small things it’s kinda nice
feeling grateful for you all tonight - thanks for making me feel seenimma be performing on insta live tonight at 8.15pm (BST) as part of the #CALMLockIn with @theCALMzone - CALM suppor… need artists like @arloparks more than ever.
Retweeted by Arlo Parks.@joycrookes, @arloparks and @AlanPowwer to perform for @MulberryEngland's My Local Series as part of its…
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I love this
aaah thank u so much again @claraamfo and @BBCR1 💞 💞 @ArloParks turns “Eugene” into a spoken word poem.
Retweeted by Arlo Parks @alimkheraj you! are! an! angel!... it’s an exercise in restraint, minimalism and elegance - I’m grateful it exists’ve decided to cover some of my favourite songs of the last decade: this is “Cranes in the sky” by Solange from he…💚 thank uuu @witbpod @allymccrae 💚 was so proud of having made that song. Thank you George for your beautiful drawing - smash the link n cop one for… wrote and produced Romantic Garbage when I was 16 and I’ve teamed up with @everpresshq to make some tees to comme… @thefader are doing a lil video series of performances for everyone stuck at home - mine will be up tonight at…
We think @arloparks is the perfect antidote for these stressful times 🧘 See also @easylife @celeste & @joycrookes
Retweeted by Arlo Parkswelp looks like @gaytimesmag put a 6 page Arlo feature out in print - i wanna thank em for encouraging love and acc…
To anyone who needs to hear it today - I’m rooting for you
Hey everybody - just wanted to let my North American ninjas know that my first USA shows have been rescheduled unti…
I did a session with where I covered the legendary Patti Smith's "Redondo Beach" 🖤 📸… you’re a creative soul who’s not feeling particularly creative right now, be kind to yourself and let it come.
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.@Spotify have started up covid-19 music relief! they are going to be matching any donations they receive to help s…🥵 @jackxsaunders thank u so so much for ur kind words - truly appreciate it 🖤 many artists like myself and I were gutted not to be able to get out to SXSW - I was grateful to be invited by…
I miss you angels 🥴 made a lil lyric video for Eugene that I hope you enjoy - I know things are hard right now - I miss you guys a lo… 1:30am last night tired, sleep deprived and trying to crack the code to the secret @Morrisons delivery slots, th…
Retweeted by Arlo Parkshit me with ur favourite records of all time
i did a couple songs with @3FM for their 'vera on track' sessions! x u @claraamfo for playing Eugene on @BBCR1 💜 have made me the cover of their Pollen playlist and made a video about me - I’m so grateful n I hope I’m…
Welcome to @arloparks' creative space 🎸 You can hear her latest track Eugene on the #POLLEN playlist now →…
Retweeted by Arlo Parksthis situation is making my skin so damn dry like who is moistra?? Where is she??
hey guys - have a little something coming for y'all to sing along to soon @Fender you roguessss you’ve really spoilt me this time
This is my favourite favourite poem about mums - I love and am grateful for mine - Happy Mother’s Day to the loveli… be on @bbcintroducing tonight from 11pm for @huwstephens show <3 i recorded a couple tracks for a session, tun… think being indoors has encouraged me to look myself in the eyes and really think about who I am and who I want t…’m feeling fortunate enough to be able to create, be quietly introspective, read and finally drink enough water du… yOu angels 🥺
this whole thing has made me realise that I really took a lot for granted like damn🖤 thank u @laurenlaverne for putting eugene on your @BBC6Music show !!! on all sales this Friday - to me this is a little beacon of light in this weird weird time so if you feel able… world is feeling very chaotic for everyone at the minute - everyone is unsure of the future and slightly afraid…
see u there @HaldernPop ! 🧡 you @AnnieMac for playin Eugene on @BBCR1!! <3'm number 1 for the @Bandsintown weekly buzzing artists chart in ny 🥵💚 u @BBCR1 n thank u @gregjames 🥵my heart is full !
2020 spent some time at home, reflecting on what I’ve lived and what’s made me into who I am today I decided to w… meee at the top of @Spotify's 'ultimate indie' playlist!!!!! 🥵💚 picked @arloparks' 'Eugene' from @AnnieMac's Power Down Playlist to play this morning ⛅️ If you're abl…
Retweeted by Arlo Parksfaaaaaank u fank u @triplej! ❤️
hey my lovelies - my brighton and london shows have been rescheduled 🖤 all of your original tickets remain valid.… has picked 'Eugene' as his tune of the week!! 🖤 u can tune in to @BBCR1 from mon-thurs from 11pm (u… @neverworld festival 💙 see u there! grab ya tics x
Al Green is honey for the soul rn - I hope everyone’s taking care of themselves
Tour has been an experience I’ll never forget - the rooms were full of positive energy, laughter and colourful outf… wrote about meee 💙
Please contact your ticket vendor if you are unable to attend the replacement date. Stay safe. AP xin this time of chaos and uncertainty it’s important to do everything we can to keep each other safe. We’re still w… angels - it breaks my heart to say this but we’ve decided to postpone the shows in Brighton and London next wee…<3 thank you @diymagazine @LoyleCarner
IM JUST CHECKIN CAN I BE UR BABY @girlpool 🥺We sold out the whole European tour!! - thank you for your eyes and hearts and words - I’m feeling content for the…💚 thank you @SpotifyUK 💚🥵 like I’ve found my purpose on this tour y’all - thanks for spending time wid me
imma be at @EPfestival! ⚡️ see u there chickens! 💚!! I love u fank u @applemusic 🖤 - catch ya boi at Lovebox this year on Friday !!! 🥵 we're here - I'm so happy 2 be back n I can't wait to perform for all ur lovely faces tonight 💙
thank u manny, u have my heart - glasgow les gooo ❤🤯 thank you for putting lil old Eugene on 'the best new songs from NPR member stations'!!! 🖤 🖤 🖤 @NPR @kcrw
Playin Manchester tonight - had a lovely pizza - the room is 100% pink - can’t wait to play in front of y’all 💜 out @easylife for playin Eugene on @BBCR1 ! 🖤 listen from 49m in the 3rd time I’ve restarted my cooking podcast n fallen asleep 15 seconds in - Manchester r u ready for me
for my favourite security guard at Heaven, for Gwendolyn Brooks, for every woman that fought for my rights - it’s I…’m grateful for my grandma and her warmth, for the best friends who reminded me to be kinder to myself, for Bikini… one from my live session for 'wonderland' with @korneeldc for @radio1be, here's Cola 🥤… you guys rocked my world - watching you boogie made my week I can’t wait to come through n party with y’all a…