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Armand D'Angour @ArmandDAngour London and Oxford

Lover of languages, the cello, wordplay, verse and rhyme, and the Meaning of Liff. And the Oxford comma. Classics for All. Active Latin. SOCRATES IN LOVE (2019)

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Finally, the likely truth about Aspasia, the best known and most unfairly maligned intellectual woman in antiquity.
Retweeted by Armand D'Angour @AThomist And connaturalis = what we call 'second nature' @AThomist Yes, “going over in the mind”. meditari was connected to μελετάω ‘practice’ (cf. meditaris in Virgil Eclogues 1.2) @AThomist meditationes here = practice/repetitions @daisyldixon Yes, change that first guarantee to ‘Excellent chance of acceptance by peer-reviewed journal’.In this weekend's long read, Elzbieta Wesolowska of @UAM_Poznan writes about the most beautiful woman in Greek myth…
Retweeted by Armand D'Angour @caesarensis @a_gerardus “carmina, confiteor, desunt, sed carmina spectans illius, o utinam tum ipse poeta forem’. @a_gerardus @caesarensis Cum Gērardus adest, carmina quisque canat. @HaggardHawks Gentle types like Polyphemus. @KathleenBraithw ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💩
I thought tweeters would soon stop employing slick far-fetched metaphors from computer coding. Turns out it’s not a bug but a feature. @SteBel14 💗👍❤️😀😂😄 @philosophybites To give us something to talk about. @delightfulrepas @ioannespastor Actually the vocative of choice is currently "fam". @philosophybites I once asked that philosopher bloke Warburton, I did, I asked him, I said "you're a philosopher, r… @AncientPlay @ioannespastor it's mās, so "tum mas incertus..." @BrandtSlurb My frame of reference is lacking here. @daisyldixon The answer, my friend... @MarcoManasseh She refused to accept one. @ioannespastor I might get ‘bruv’.Does anyone else have a truculent teenager who responds to reasonable requests with “Are you f’real?” And do any o… @KathleenBraithw @mxmcadam #WeatherTwitter is the best. @markzelcer Yes. Even “Potidaea in 432” was more like 3 years away from Athens. @holland_tom So true... @markzelcer No fighting from 430 to 424? @HaggardHawks By selecting out the suspect text to place between obeloi (roasting spits). These are properly crucif… @markzelcer Intrigued... @lectorintende @HalehAgar @James_AL_Downs Who am I to spurn the unlettered herd? @markzelcer Also it would be up to demarchs to draw up lists of candidates for city offices, and there will have be… @holland_tom Ah. That is big. @holland_tom You wouldn’t be so blasé if they had done that to hedgehogs. @AncientGreekNex @mxmcadam @JordanHedberg The other being...consensus on the true status of Aspasia? @KevinDMackay Creep. @michaelgrr Thanks! Will check it out. Prepared to bet he pegs her as a hetaira. @markzelcer Yes - I would argue he had a choice whether, at the age of 63, to make himself eligible for election (b… is not wrong.
Retweeted by Armand D'Angour @GorysTRS Use them for protein burgers and solve two problems in one go. @mxmcadam @JordanHedberg This is the real value of Twitter. Finally a medium on which we can discuss the weather. @mxmcadam @JordanHedberg Eyup. @ioannespastor PS the last line would have worked metrically if the doctor had replied "I'd like to throttle you (t… @JordanHedberg @mxmcadam Gusting wind in London. Disgusting weather everywhere! @JSMilbank Heroes eat spit roast lamb. Let us not obelise that fact. @JSMilbank But someone had to make the souvla for the heroes on the shore of Troy? The Achaeans didn't bring women… @markzelcer Hurrah! Thank you - will read with relish. Delighted you made the connection with the trial of 406 (the… is something immensely satisfying about watching these types of exchanges in the press briefing room and havi…
Retweeted by Armand D'Angour @HalehAgar @James_AL_Downs I was foolish enough to think the window displays were down to quality, not publisher's… @ArmandDAngour On a slower read, I don't have serious questions. Nice essay!
Retweeted by Armand D'Angour @markzelcer Thanks, that is good to hear. Incidentally, I wish I had seen your and Pappas' excellent Menexenus before I wrote my book. @mxmcadam Lousy in London right now. Blustery wind and rain. @TabitaSurge Animal Farm. Mistress Masham's Repose was a treat. @RobJLow This is a pre-existing opinion - which largely manages to perpetuate confusion and mystery, and fails to s… @GilesMacDonogh @RobJLow Yes! @NahanniFinanci1 Thank you! @RobJLow Getting there I think. Some colleagues have told me they're convinced about the basic thesis - obviously s… @markzelcer sure any time @GilesMacDonogh @RobJLow Yes - cf. Aristophanes' Frogs: Xanthias: "How could he not be a jolly fine chap, since al… @RobJLow Aeschines? @ryanfb can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride!Finally, the likely truth about Aspasia, the best known and most unfairly maligned intellectual woman in antiquity. @johnthejack @patrick_kidd As the actress said... @RobJLow @GilesMacDonogh Ah yes, 'rule' in that sense is ἀρχή. I was imagining 'rule of slobs' was something one pr… @johnthejack @patrick_kidd Literally any phrase can be made to imply smuttiness if one appends "as the actress said to the Bishop". @HaggardHawks The BELLEND x the LEGEND = [insert name] @GilesMacDonogh φιλοπότων νόμος would work. @BijanOmrani @gilescoren As you would know, Bijan. @gilescoren @BijanOmrani Yes. My bro went to Westminster. @NicolaJSwinney “So when did you switch from alcohol?” @BijanOmrani @gilescoren It’s not Eton, though. @philosophybites @TheAtlantic Waiting for that debris to finish the job. @StephenPiment Diotima’s is already complete? @gilescoren 😂 “I wish I had gone to Eton”.
@ioannespastor It’s exāminare, so I amend final line to: “Nam scrutari opus est corpus et ora tua!”A man once paid a visit to the quack: “Stop pleasuring yourself”, the doctor said. “Why, what’s the problem?” Answe… @TheAnnaGat Perhaps you should have specified a rhyme Because I use iambics all the time; Five feet in English, tri… @HopeClassics @llewelyn_morgan @andrewsillett Another key difference between us.In today's piece, Jaspreet Singh Boparai explores Tacitus' Dialogus, a text that asks us to ponder whether we have…
Retweeted by Armand D'Angour @llewelyn_morgan @andrewsillett At least neither of you were ever confused with Michael Silk. @tscoughlan Would imply a 1st pers καταταξῶ, which is not likely. Some mistake surely. @ioannespastor what about your dominatrix? @ioannespastor vir quidam ad medicum quondam progressus inivit. "ne masturberis plus," ait ille monens. inde vir i… @JHDScourfield @SimonPulleyn Yesh it'sh a niche word to shay when your pished. @EdwardQuine @prussell100 @HaggardHawks @bbcnewcastle @LisaShawRadio @BBCSounds Maid Marion might outsew him. @JennyRallens @Susanne_Bobzien si vis! @JennyRallens @Susanne_Bobzien vis repetendiI once wrote briefly about this as 'the Savoy shower principle'. @theMudtheBlood Starbuck's Italian roast Cafe Verona is fabulous to my taste. Milder but very good is Monmouth's Et… @theMudtheBlood wonderful but in the end the blend (slow roast, strong, Italian) matters most. @philosophybites duck tomorrow @sonianolten @technoclassical nope, though nice for variety @theMudtheBlood nothing so fancy @sonianolten These things are personal, but for me: Blend: café Verona (from Starbucks alas), espresso ground (no.… when you start to find that coffee in a café disappoints because you’ve learned how to make the best coffee at home. @zoe_s_fox @JTasioulas delicious cappuccino in Tazza d’Oro @BBCr4today @bbcnickrobinson Speaking as if Brexit is not the main issue - still... @keenerclassics Is that it then! @mervatim Freudian dream interpretation: you would like to ‘get ahead’ by quitting your job rather than ‘march the… @holland_tom Hartlepool massively pro-Brexit. How else would people vote there? @mervatim And you missed?
@william_whyte Apart from that Keep Left sign...