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Armand D'Angour @ArmandDAngour London and Oxford

Lover of ancient languages, the cello, wordplay, verse, and the Meaning of Liff. And the Oxford comma, obviously. Author of SOCRATES IN LOVE (Bloomsbury, 2019)

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Still one of my favourites: "Waiter, this coffee tastes like mud!" "Well, sir, it's only just been ground". @_paullay nice to see @llewelyn_morgan 's lovely little book snuck in there. @hnjsamuels Probably refers to the kind of person who would use such a word too. @JohnBirchall @MaartenDevant Sogar Selbstlob durch Anderlob. Was it Bernard Shaw who retorted, when someone gushed… @MaartenDevant “Genuinely” honoured, even... @MaartenDevant I would be honoured, proud, and humbled to join you. @MaartenDevant And by praising you in gushing tones as being far wiser and more modest than I, it should be clear t… @DocCrom @TraffordLj @p_historians @AimeeMaroux See, the Greek did use H to mean H. @MaartenDevant Most positive self-description is cringeworthy. I know that because I’m both wise and modest. @manymanyplies ‘Elegant variation’ can be overrated. @manymanyplies Now why didn’t Keats think of that?One of my fave epigrams of the first century Roman poet from Spain, Marcus Valerius Martialis AKA #Martial. Funny,…
Retweeted by Armand D'Angour @HoraeOtii @YaamirBadhe Ita (sed ‘Poema’ vocabulum Graecum, neutrum igitur). @HoraeOtii @YaamirBadhe Poema pulchrum. @HoraeOtii @YaamirBadhe Et mundum totum continet. @ShawHardy The Reunion With Menelaus was particularly racy by ancient standards. @HoraeOtii @YaamirBadhe Bucolica omnia, sed praecipue II, IV, VI @Mededitor @HMittelmark @QuoteResearch Martin Mull. @ShawHardy ἔννεπε, μοῦσα, γυναῖκα πολύτροπον, ἣ μάλα πολλὰ κλαῦσεν ἐπεὶ Τροίης ἱερὸν πτολίεθρον ἐπρήσθη. Sing, Mus… @Mededitor @HMittelmark Most famously said “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture”. Allegedly. @QuoteResearch knows best. @ShawHardy There are variant readings, of course. One says ‘kvetched a lot’.
Morbos aut pellunt pelles, aut carne replentur: has pariter medici carnificesque parant. Skin can repel diseas…
Retweeted by Armand D'Angour @jeffwren01 @HaggardHawks Psycho-panicky. @19Averil @DavidFAHoinski Janov was more than a subliminal influence! @DavidFAHoinski I wrote about the possible significance of this in The Greeks and the New (2011). It suggests one e… @sentantiq Οὔλυμπόν <δʼ>O Mors, an redimes aMARA DONA? O Death, will you redeem your bitter gifts? @badphilologist Like Rilke of course. @CatherineJBott Absolutely right to use long 'ee'. Her name in the 3rd century was pronounced Kay-keel-ia. The c w… @merelinguist You can learn a lot from @sndorf @JohnBirchall @NJ_Timothy @magicdmw [nunc transit per iter tenebricosum illuc unde negant redire quemquam:] O Mors,… @ClarkesLatin shame! @angeladjackson7 ita, mirabile dico ego!Morbos aut pellunt pelles, aut carne replentur: has pariter medici carnificesque parant. Skin can repel diseas… @TommasoMarrone @julianpopov Has pariter medici carnificesque parant. Doctors and butchers both make use of skins! @TommasoMarrone @julianpopov Morbos aut pellunt, aut pelles carne replentur. The skin either repels diseases or is filled with meat. @TommasoMarrone @julianpopov Argh. I've set myself up, haven't I? @NJ_Timothy @magicdmw RIP. The goal to which we are all heading. nos fato morituri in finem hunc tendimus omnes. @VickyDonnellan @rogueclassicist Supreme in conception and execution. @jondharvey Was...oh no... @Nik_Gunn Odysseus to Nausicaa - "What are you, mortal or a goddess?" @sentantiq @CornellPress Congrats! @eduardo_garcmol Zing. @DavidFAHoinski As long as you’re perceived to be a Berkeleyan you are a Berkeleyan. @knightjennyk @qikipedia @AdamCSharp “I shave daily with Occam’s razor”. @MarcoManasseh @YaamirBadhe Just trying to emulate the Ciceronian eloquence of @saggafw - but there’s a way to go yet... @DavidFAHoinski Jordan Thermidor @DavidFAHoinski Tautological even (though that’s saying he same thing). @JohnBirchall @YaamirBadhe A whole article is forthcoming in the Record! @HMittelmark Well, there is that Virgilian line Zappa mihi summum cantorum acmenque videtur but the classical wor… @keithfrankish Freshly ground coffee. @JackGMitchell @YaamirBadhe Harder to find ways of saying what you want, otherwise similar!Just conducted my first literary tutorial (on Virgil's Eclogues) entirely in Latin with brilliant student… @copyhound But his opinions are quite variable and his eloquence surprisingly rare... @sloweyres Yes indeed. @benjcartlidge You are, actually. But no fool. @JohnBirchall You’d have to kill me first. But I can tell you it’s not someone on Twitter. @thehistoryguy You must know the type I mean. Quite impressive until you realise they are empty vessels... @thehistoryguy Your opinions are quite nuanced...Someone can be clever, have firm opinions, and voice their thoughts eloquently, but still be a fool. @mandahill “You’re a Vice President?...” @sonianolten @EmmaDixon_EU Not something one wants to see.
@MagisterConway But anser came there none. @JSimonNathan die Tiere gingen 2 mal 2 @MagisterConway Well done! Certainly not a justifiable variant. @MagisterConway Your service will be remembered. @MedGoldenAge Not the first Athenaeus but a new version with aulos; the first ever fully (conjectured) reconstructed Orestes chorus. @JSimonNathan maybe Danish isn't one of them? 😃 @DannyBate4 Nominative would get nuls points. @VoynichSolution @TimeOutChicago Essex, obvs mate. @FuflunsPW @classicsforall Thanks Fufluns! @carlgomb We Are All On Edge. @HistPhilosophy Many congrats! @DavidFAHoinski And the time of day? @DavidFAHoinski go on. @JackGMitchell @FrederickArmour or even psolists @FrederickArmour a medical term @FrederickArmour silent p? but psophos means 'noise', so perhaps apsophists? @FrederickArmour Maybe. People who whisper in the hope of not being heard? @RobJLow @DannyBate4 et 'mens bogglit' ago contentus, "bogglitur" et mens. @JohnBirchall @philosophybites Quotations, like retweets, are not necessarily endorsements... @philosophybites "The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx @davebancroft why would they do that? @DannyBate4 If anything it is 3rd conjug. bogglere. Mens bogglit, mentem bogglit. As in Virgil's monstrum horrendu… @DannyBate4 Maybe this is men's bog lit. @DannyBate4 I mean, really, quid nunc? Mens bogglit. @DannyBate4 Stop wondering immediately. @llewelyn_morgan Where to even start. @alexmassie “Whilst”. Ugh. @neo_pythagorean @classicsforall “Plato would have hated Cardi B”. Discuss. @classicsforall @A38028311 Sappho’s poetry was all sung, and one can speculate about the kind of sound it had (we h… @classicsforall @A38028311 Lyric poetry was sung (to the lyre mostly), and there was also a practice of recitative… @kaitabasis The real Cato-tonic would be to hear the words CARTHAGO DELETA EST.
@EmmaMAshford And dealing with extortion. @1Aretikalo @classicsforall Yes, he hated ‘pop’ music... @KhattabAsser @classicsforall Thank youOrphic Gold Lamina, 4th century BC, Necropolis of Thurii, Sibari, Italy, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli. Th…
Retweeted by Armand D'Angour @BCDreyer #Itoo @janemerrick23 Yours too..happy co-birthday! LXII for me. @g_e_i @a_gerardus ēdit?