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Armen Vardanyan @Armandotrue Armenia, Yerevan

Senior Angular developer at @volo_it, mentor at the ACA, writer at @indepth_dev Tweets about Javascript, tech in general, football, music and chess

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But take a moment and just imagine being an musician, writing a song, and then Johnny Cash himself covers it. Proba… Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails had come out to say that Cash's cover is so great that the song no longe… fact: the iconic song "Hurt" by Johnny Cash is not in fact his song, but rather a cover of the song of the same…
Obligatory joke about Chelsea's new kit and conceding 3 goals @worldwise001 Good company culture and atmosphere, rewarding and interesting projects. Money would be secondary, as… you currently hiring for a role that uses Node.js? Reply with a link to the opening and any relevant context.…
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@AnfibiaCreativa Why thoufh? I thought it was a bit too messy, but it tied everything together beautifully and gave a satisfying conclusion
@Bitcollage - What did you understand from Dark? - Everything! - And what did you not understand? - Everything!!!Netflix's "Dark" is the greatest thing to ever hit TV screens after Breaking Bad #CantChangeMyMindI just finished my side project. My key to success? I bought the domain name AFTER I completed it 😉
@josepheames @aaronfrost @angular I once saw a piece of code that literally read [hidden]="visible". So yeah, bindi…
@LayZeeDK @SantoshYadavDev I liked this tweet as it was in my feed because @El_Extremal liked the retweet made by… @dan_abramov Glad you enjoyed your time. TUMO is a huge project, entire Armenian industry is turning to IT now. You… @dan_abramov Saw you talk at React conf in Armenia last year. How was your overall impression of our country?
Now this is a software development position I can get behind! Palpatine was also promptly joined by the Dark Lord of Mordor, who sent three drone-Nazguls and a battalion of orxsEmperor Palpatine has also sent aid to Azerbaijan ministry of defense posted this ridiculous edit, so I'm gonna make some fun @DThompsonDev I like postgres 🤔
@NyaBlk @JavaScript @JavaScriptDaily @_100DaysOfCode @CodeNewbies Also worth noting that tap should only be used fo… Error Handling is not NEARLY understood enough. Thread on RxJS error handling here 👇 1/8
Retweeted by Armen Vardanyan @josepheames Thank you for this thread! Super helpful overview
@KyleRyanBanks I think more helper functions would be great. For example, in my project I used functions like "crea… @KyleRyanBanks Interesting, didn't know that. Seems reasonable
@Bitcollage Fully agreed, that's exactly what I thought. Sometimes the pursuit for less code does not yield what would be best for an app @SantoshYadavDev Yeah that's what I thought, entity + effects are a very nice abstraction over plain Angular servic… don't get it: doesn't ngrx/data sort of defeat the whole "facade design pattern" idea of ngrx as a whole? And I h… @El_Extremal I accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy 😁 But anyway nice tip, never knew there was such a vaidator @MCFCCAM_ He wouldn't say this, if he wasn't sure he won't be paying any money 😉 @Bitcollage @reactjs @_reactdev The thing I dislike most in React is the lack of directives and the resulting lack…
You are in the free and independent state of Artsakh @FrankKhalidUK In 2013 after beating Barcelona home 4:0 everyone was talking that maybe Bayern will be relaxed at C…
I have a joke about Angular services, but there is no provider for PLATFORM_JOKESSo you say @Haken_Official's "Virus" went viral? 🤔
Will Angular overcome this challenges? And what will the future of the community be if not?
@ngkharkiv Looks amazing gotta say
Great thread explaining why Azerbaijan, and not Armenia, is the aggressor
@SantoshYadavDev You're welcome broSantosh is an expert in Angular. If anyone knows about job openings, contact him
@ArmanOzak @semyonic Thanks for sharing this! @TheRealIJM Benedidy xungergarchWhat is it if not state issued terrorism?
Yes, I'm this desperate. I put up a bounty on the question about building a NestJS app on Heroku, which keeps crash…
@rafrasenberg It's not a rock. It's a mineral, for the last time Marie...“The Azerbaijani side has surrounded its own population with artillery batteries, making them a target, and then co…
Retweeted by Armen Vardanyan @AnarImanzade @ColdFacts2 @ANCA_DC You are the one claiming Armenians INTENTIONALLY killed civilians. You are the o… @AnarImanzade @ColdFacts2 @ANCA_DC If people die by accident it's and accident. No one aimed to kill those people.… @AnarImanzade @ColdFacts2 @ANCA_DC If you think that several civilians accidentally dying because Azeri cowards use… one, and this is why "lands in exchange for independent Artsakh" is not a working solution @AnarImanzade @ColdFacts2 @ANCA_DC You keep using the word "genocide". I don't think it means what you think it means.
This is Armenia right now @d5tar_ Excellent
@LayZeeDK @esky847 @samjulien This is what I can agree with. Documentation for lots of features on Angular is eithe… @LayZeeDK @esky847 @samjulien NG_VALUE_ACCESSOR is pretty is simple though, I don't know. Just implement a simple i… @LayZeeDK @esky847 @samjulien How are they not? I've done that multiple times. The only problem is the none-type-sa… @LayZeeDK @esky847 @samjulien I see. I think it isn't a universal point though. Some packages are easy to extend, l… @LayZeeDK @esky847 @samjulien Isn't that a good thing though?Also I thought this tweet violates my "don't post about work on weekends rule", but then I saw it was posted exactl… believe that if an app is large enough to build with Angular, it's large enough to benefit from state management… @LayZeeDK @esky847 @samjulien ...because dependency injection and such @LayZeeDK @esky847 @samjulien Well I wouldn't say so. But I enjoy OOP more or less, to be honest. I'm not against c… @LayZeeDK @esky847 @samjulien Wouldn't say ComponentFactoryResolver is THAT bad, haven't heard about the second one… @LayZeeDK @esky847 @samjulien People bringing AbstractFactoryBuilderAbominationClusterfuck classes to Angular 😂*in Palpatine's voice*: DEW IT @LayZeeDK @esky847 @samjulien Hell, now I love Angular even more than before
@_ericelliott @LayZeeDK Thank for responding, Eric. I'll seize the opportunity to say thanks for helping me get int… @LayZeeDK @_ericelliott Same here, I also enjoyed lots of his articles, but I imagine his book is much more than just a compilation of themPlease at least switch to antibiotic-free food year old me: baseball is a weird game played with sticks 25 year old me: baseball is a weird game played with st… @LayZeeDK @_ericelliott How is the book though? Do you like it? I consider reading it sooner or later @Bitcollage That would be good. But again, it will at least spark controversy - some people on the side of Islam wi… is probably going down (or covered) in the near future as Islam strictly forbids religious imagery of any kind…
Me seeing "Goya" trending: oh cool, finally people started appreciating Spanish art Me learning what that actually means: well fuckDon't miss it! Can't wait. Also can't wait to be a guest myself 😅
@IDEASOFICE_FIRE Can relate. Breaking Bad: Walter White is so clever, cunning, sometimes really dangerous and power…, one of the most ancient Armenian cities is located in a remote part of the country. According to the histor…
Retweeted by Armen Vardanyan @LayZeeDK @samjulien You just ruined React for me 😂
@Bankslvrd While Skyler was insufferable (almost no one in this series is a good guy, that's why it is so damn good… who has worked with NestJS and/or Heroku - I need some help. Details in my question on stackoverflow #Armenian #Genocide is a crime - not a conflict, disaster, tragedy, or catastrophe. An international crime, de…
Retweeted by Armen Vardanyan @dSebastien I think promises aren't remotely as bad. You can work with them using async/await which is very good if you don't have RxJS @dSebastien Honestly, I don't even know any pro for using it. Only cons @SantoshYadavDev Or maybe you're a sociopath 😂Why would you want to "export default" anything? @CHERdotdev Why not though? If the machine does not have as much computational power as a $2000 laptop, like an IoT…
I've recently muted the words "coronavirus", "trump", "politics", "pandemic" and a bunch of others. My feed instant… @brandontroberts @NetanelBasal This is great, never knew about it @dan_abramov One could argue that 65daysofstatic's "The Fall of Math" is very much emotional math rock
@mwycliffe_dev Honestly it's just crazy how people that made a huge name get away with poor decisions in the future… @mwycliffe_dev Definitely agree. I just don't understand how clubs keep offering jobs for Mourinho at this point. I… @mwycliffe_dev I think it was a great mistake on part of Spurs to let Pochettino go. He is a great guy and a very g… @mwycliffe_dev Can't remember a team where a friendly atmosphere wasn't ruined after Mourinho took over.Legend @ANCA_DC @TheYoungTurks Tehlirian's prey, lolLando Calrissian was of Armenian descent. #ChangeMyMind
Now we're talking!
@NehemiahKiv You find thisBreaking bad ~ cinematography
Retweeted by Armen VardanyanFinished @witchergame today with the DLC-s and almost all side quests. It was so good I started playing it again fr… actually honestly makes me happy. Sometimes I may even try to code something to find out a perk or two,…