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Producer/Host - @thegamemke iHeart MKE. Marquette x2. 100% Armenian. Pickles. Rice still fumbled. "Sometimes when you've eaten a lot, you're not as hungry"

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@KaleoChrist22 @ESPNNFL Cause he is quite obviously the most talented of all-time, maybe? @buckybacker09 consuming me**that food trucks @tarksmarks44 @BrewCrewBall13 My thoughts are profound Tark @loveof_diamonds @alysaz23 😯😯😯 @ArmenSaryan I haven’t been this perplexed since you asked if cheesecake was pie.
Retweeted by Armen Saryan @kerrywolfe Yes we had to give a lesson today
Isn't it weird that the only food trucks are the only thing that doesn't deliver?Wow Wow @Nighthawk15WI @Dario_Melendez @nbated @TheGameMKE @DavidSime1 @MKEPhotoSteve @mitchnelles @TheGameMKE Why so unfriendly Dave?News: Stanford is dropping 11 varsity sports at end of 2020-21 — men’s and women’s fencing, field hockey, lightweig…
Retweeted by Armen Saryan"It's COLD-slaw not cole-slaw" @Dario_Melendez @QuotesByDarioYES!!! With the call in from @mitchnelles (the Thunder character) on #TheCrossOver GREAT hearing you again on the 📻…
Retweeted by Armen SaryanIs Adam Sandler funny? @Dario_Melendez @ArmenSaryan @nbated
Retweeted by Armen Saryan"Tater Tots are disgusting, they taste gross" - @Dario_Melendez @QuotesByDarioToday on The Crossover 12-3pm @TheGameMKE 97.3FM @WNFL Green Bay we take you inside or Studio Bubble, we play the n…
Retweeted by Armen Saryan @sabrina__bean It's not hard to remember if they are days you look at fondly @brendansweeney I believe there are 6 in the movie and three in the finals alone @mschwartzcenter @Dario_Melendez
@Luke_LeNoble @OnAirKB I've said it on the air a lot, i'm consistently shocked by that decisionMan, @OnAirKB could not be more right about this one @pellscuse11 😂😁😂 @pellscuse11 I'm watching lol, I forgot how much of a dork Devendork isPlaying Match Game with my dudes @DrewandKB and the only one who gets applause - @ArmenSaryan - today. 4:30p on…
Retweeted by Armen Saryan @AaronNagler @Dario_Melendez @OnAirKB @QuotesByDario @mikewickett @nbated with @Dario_Melendez right now what @mikewickett would have to do to get @nbated to unblock him. "A blanket… @ButchieGee @Dario_Melendez They have also contended every year. Because they lose close heartbreaking playoff game… @Kato_Kaelin @kfc @DanBarreiroKFAN @Haudricourt @Todd_Rosiak @AdamMcCalvy @Brewers @OnAirKB @DrewOlsonMKE @WizardWorld my favorite! @mikewickett @Dario_Melendez 😂😂 @BenBryan @30for30 i'm ready
@Fox6TedPerry you saw Trubisky trending you knew the Mahomes deal was announced. @Dario_Melendez @TheGameMKE @WNFL Greatest airline ever. IDC haters. a TRUE BEST FRIEND , I got @ArmenSaryan some sweet Great Middle West Airways swag ✈️🍪 @TheGameMKE @WNFL
Retweeted by Armen Saryan @sabrina__bean @Dario_Melendez @korn01us I respect the hustle @korn01us Thanks. Wedding will be in Illinois though @Dario_Melendez @pellscuse11 @ChuckFreimund @nbated @TheGameMKE Hey Dario he was talking to me. Thanks man, Ted is… @Brettfavreee @WinksThinks haha all good @Brettfavreee @WinksThinks I feel like someone is making fun of me @rich_zanon LolI’ll be rolling in from Noon-3p, subbing for @nbated .... with @Dario_Melendez and @ArmenSaryan . We had some fun…
Retweeted by Armen Saryan @schotziejlk I wasn't alive for it's release so it has less of an effect on me lol @JeffPawlinski 😳I saw Frosted Flakes trending and was worried something happened to Tony @kcornell I heard this but haven't gotten to watch. @brendansweeney I hate to be this guy, but even though popular internet trivia says 3, it's actually more. I've wat… wants to feel old? DJ Pauly D just turned 40. @NPetrashek So awesome430 million years ago during the Silurian Period, in the area that is now #Milwaukee had shallow water with reefs 1…
Retweeted by Armen SaryanMany shots go in the basket over and over
@Dario_Melendez @NADB13 If you learn to fly before the wedding I promise you a spot @Dario_Melendez @NADB13 Well so far the bird is more entertaining. Sorry Dario! @schwek99 I like this attitude @Dario_Melendez @dstichnb @nbated YES!! I WIN
@NADB13 @Dario_Melendez I named him after DarioHe's back. Making quick work of my screen 😫😫 @ericgitter @MKEPhotoSteve @mikewickett Gitter hands out the diplomas @KurtInMilwaukee @wylie_incognito @czabe Im sorry 😫
@KurtInMilwaukee @wylie_incognito @czabe Unfortunately Willie Wampum was a mascot, it's basically what's kept them…
You have $10 to create the ultimate 4th of July Barbecue. What are your choices? #4thofJuly
Retweeted by Armen Saryan @garvey_debbie @Dario_Melendez @WNFL Thank you so much for listening Debbie!Love listening to @Dario_Melendez and @ArmenSaryan 😊😂 Thank you @wnfl
Retweeted by Armen SaryanJumping on the airwaves of @TheGameMKE (Noon-3p) with @Dario_Melendez @ArmenSaryan @TheGameMKE
Retweeted by Armen SaryanThis is how long Kobe dominated the league. #NBA2K21
Retweeted by Armen Saryan @Buckeyesales Nice!!
Travis Diener (@DienerTravis) hits a deep game winning three in Elam Ending time as the Golden Eagles Alumni (…
Retweeted by Armen Saryan @mdpilch There are definitely much more at the grocery store @WIsportsKramer @edgar13c @keenbj11 @TheGameMKE @muathletics @UConnHuskies @BIGEAST YES YES YES 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Bobby Bonilla Day everyone @mKnightSky @radioshanno @Roberthaack 😬 @B_Toom_3 softball surprises me less because it is an outdoor distanced exercise but the fans are another thing @spitmywinkle @mschwartzcenter @OnAirKB @DrewandKB @DrewOlsonMKE Yeah you have a good one @NPetrashek I recommend the custard treats @RSpace32 Lara loves itYup. @BarryNelsonWI Seems like youngsters mostly @ProfSquarez 😂Mask frequency at Kopps tonight is maybe 5-7%, anecdotal estimate.
@mitchnelles @ArmenQuotes @Dario_Melendez @ChuckFreimund But I had an explanation for this @mschwartzcenter @OnAirKB @DrewandKB @DrewOlsonMKE That's actually a good name. Mine was never good because I didn…'more campers have arrived. #ThisIsMyCrew
Retweeted by Armen Saryan‘The worst part of fireworks... is when they start.’ 💥🎇🧨 @ArmenSaryan @Dario_Melendez @ChuckFreimund
Retweeted by Armen Saryan @JoeRopsonJr @ChuckFreimund @nbated @Dario_Melendez @TheGameMKE Thanks Joe!!
@trekfan468 @JenLada @Dario_Melendez i'm hungry too! @sabrina__bean No I gotta hear that!! @czabe This is still a banger! Every year up north! @mdd2525 You gotta jump over to get your box in before they start @mKnightSky Sure
@DaveNelson8 @Dario_Melendez got a copy. I figured it was about time I read it.
@bullriders1 @dannyjnoonan @brett_mcgurk @dandrezner have my three boys tonight and after a week of @nbated on @TheGameMKE talking about @Palermos_Pizza I treated the…
Retweeted by Armen Saryan
@jassch82 @TheGameMKE Probably not lol @kakupcho yeah, but is an oriole or a cardinal?