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@bIakandwhite hii
i love one man and one man only @bIakandwhite i love you :(goodnight to niall ari and my moots only
boston moots how are we feeling MEEEEEE mubarak to my moots who celebrate it !!! @putloveonlou we love to see it @putloveonlou the way im literally a theater major and this is what mine is omg @NiallOfficial @BBCR1 love you legend @putloveonlou hi @NiallOfficial yes sirthats not even the same horse eye @stargazingnjh PERIODwanda is the strongest avenger and i will stand by that statement for as long as i livethis is my first time watching infinity war since i last saw endgame and the scene where strange is telling tony th… forgot that loki d words so early in infinity war help im sobbing
@hbwbutera i miss you so much you have no idea @lilflicker yes pleasehe knows hes playing with my heart looking like that i love you all 🐝
@NiallOfficial @Spotify IVE NEVER HEARD ANYTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL @nialIsangel WE LOVE YOU NIALLgoodnight to ariana, niall, and my moots 🐝🐝🐝his voice is so soft pls 🥺hwlp im sobbing DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME THAT BLACK AND WHITE STRIPPED WAS COMING OUT TONIGHT ???? ive hardly been on twitter today… @ArianaGrande @ladygaga beyond proud of you i love you so muchI WAS EXPECTING NOTHING LESS THAN A BOP FROM QUEENS ARI AND GAGA BUT STILL THEY EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS ITS SO GOOD #RainOnMe
@ArianaGrande sensing so much love, please be taking extra care of yourself @nhtears @ArianaGrande @fIlckers @bIakandwhite baby 🥺people will literally find any reason to call niall rude, all he was doing was clearing up something that could hav… stream heartbreak weather, he deserves better @bIakandwhite PERIOD GO OFF @newangelia love youuu @bostonniaII I LOVE YOU
@thistowndani the most @NiallOfficial MY BABIES @thistowndani DANI 🥺🥺i had a dream about pride and i woke up so sad knowing its not happening this year :( @bIakandwhite PLEASE I LOVE YOU SMjust me and the stars can get lonely #HBWAngels @NiallOfficial @ohnoflicker BIANCA OMG @ciaonhoran @lilflicker i love you sm omgeverytime i watch hoco im reminded why i love him as much as i dopeter parker appreciation tweet
goodmorning to niall and my moots only @heavenlyweather look up harry potter at home on spotify, its a bunch of the actors reading chapters from the firs… @nialIsangel 💚💚💚💚💚💚HA PLEASE @heavenlyweather i will never forgive them for writing a scene where draco gives harry his wand at the battle of ho… @heavenlyweather ive said this a thousand times before and ill say it a thousand tomes again... DRACO DESERVED A RE… @heavenlyweather YES AND just the whole scene leading up to it watching draco struggle with weather to kill him or… @heavenlyweather EXACTLYYY also how they all light up the sky and the dark mark starts to fade away, its all just t… @heavenlyweather honestly its the reactions of everyone else that gets to not so much the death itself @crossyourmind12 happy birthday !!! 💕
shes here and shes beautiful if only my hbw merch that ordered months ago could be shippiedjust got an email that my signed hbw cd should FINALLY be arriving today probably within the next hour @bIakandwhite hehei love you did not lie, the only man we can trust had a two week break from my marvel marathon but now that im done with classes and 99% done with my finals im getting back on track yay
@bIakandwhite tea but this is the most difficult one ive done bc i had to choode between touch it and tattooed hear… for a letter! i got T @bIakandwhite 🥺 @bIakandwhite you deserve @NiallOfficial @fireproofamber AMBER @NiallOfficial @bIakandwhite ELOOO BABY @putloveonlou hiiwho let her look like that @NiallOfficial @everywhereniaII @stilllinIove DARIAAA @stormtoweather PERIOD @stormtoweather fav movies are ragnarok, hoco, and the winter soldier and my fav characters are peter, bucky, and w…
niall get your slides off the couch 4 am why am i awake @bostonniaII love you 💕 @dearniallangel love you always 🥺just a lil self promo but im a brand ambassador for a local skin care company that has actually woked amazingly for…
@bIakandwhite nariana teas @ArianaGrande THE POWER @ArianaGrande @ladygaga PLEASE IM SO EXCITED @ArianaGrande @ladygaga I CANT WAIT OMGGGG @bIakandwhite love you 🥺💕 @bIakandwhite aladdin or princess and the frog, i just wayched both of those earlier this week @ArianaGrande pls i love this and u so much @pocket_rocket96 @bIakandwhite @rymeria calling his album manufactured pop music proves that you havent even listen… also remembered that i have a $20 gift card for barnes and noble as a graduation gift that i havent used yet so its perfective been wantong to get back into reading for so long but ive always been so busy but now im done with classes and i dont have a job i about to order all the books i dont have ??? yep @tbynasty youre actually so gorgeous omgi dont even have all the books though, i have the 1st and i think the 4th and 5th so thats really annoyingwait i still havent read the percy jackson series, i started reading it like last summer but had to stop half way t… @stormtoweather eye... why would you hurt me like this 🥺 @NiallOfficial @stilloverose go to sleep
i was going to work a lot on my final ess*y today but i can hardly stand to look at my phone screen for more than 1… have had such a bad migrane for the past like 5 hours helpNiall Horan being politically vocal, a much needed thread:
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