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Going live now! #RHAP #Sequester #Twitch'll be live on #Twitch today to recap last night's #RHAP #Sequester. We'll see if we can get a mini-reunion going… MAN @Pooyaism THE #SEQUESTER GOATAll I'll say for now is that I'm 100% not surprised that a certain Guy Friday is sitting in the F2 right now.… you for all the wonderful birthday wishes! Here's a gif I found when searching 'Big Brother Birthday'.
Going live to talk about last night's emotional end to #BBCAN8. #RHAP
Going live to talk about THE MERGE on this week's #Survivor Update! #RHAP chance to fill this out before the podcast at 5pm ET! #RHAP #Survivor live to talk about tomorrow night's #RHAP Sequester Mini game! for today: - 12pm ET: Twitch stream about the #RHAP Sequester Mini - 5pm ET: #Survivor Update/Tyson return…'t forget to give your thoughts! #Survivor #RHAP you’re someone who says “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY #SEQUESTER!!!”, @ArmstrongTaran & I are going to talk re: what…
Retweeted by Taran ArmstrongTell me how tonight's #Survivor episode impacted the legacy of the winners! #RHAP quiet exit from Wendell after the big villain build up we've been seeing over the last few episodes. #SurvivorThis first merge tribal has big parallels to the very first tribal of the game. #SurvivorThe editor that caught all of those Nick slowly sliding into frame shots needs a raise. #SurvivorJeremy looking at Nick up on that pole like he's prey. #SurvivorPeanut butter!!!!!
Retweeted by Taran ArmstrongI really needed that Tyson win. #SurvivorTYSON #SurvivorI wonder if the fire token billionaires coordinated & agreed to each have one advantage if it meant that they could…'m not prepared for this dramatic #Survivor opening after the beating #BBCAN8 just gave me.
Definitely a good call leaving Brooke & Sheldon for last. #BBCAN8Sheldon already pregaming for future seasons with Minh. #BBCAN8Watching them all get called out of the house one by one... #BBCAN8 am not emotionally prepared for tonight's #BBCAN8 episode.Going live now! #BBCAN8 #RHAP you want to know who would have won #BBCAN8? Join us at 9pm ET for our BrantSteele simulation of how the season…
Best advice to the #bbcan8 houseguests. Don’t go to social media to air your business. Use text messages. The fando…
Retweeted by Taran Armstrong
To this day, there are still people who heard from someone, who heard from someone else, who saw somewhere that som… live to talk about last night's episode of #BBCAN8! #RHAP
Going live to talk about this week's #Survivor with @KevinRobMartin! #RHAP chance to fill out the survey! We'll be live in about 20 minutes at 5pm ET. #Survivor #RHAP sure you get your thoughts in before tonight! #Survivor #RHAP couple things I'm interested to see in the Legacy Watch this week. - Will Sandra continue to move down after quit… @BlackMa04831503 I don't think it has to be fully a ruse. I'd be willing to bet there were hurt feelings, but that… @mtm2649 Under this theory, my guess would be either Michele & Wendell didn't reveal the ruse of her voting for Wen… also obviously makes sense why Michele didn't put any effort into helping Parv last week & was asking for permis… you read it as Michele, Wendell, and Nick as a trio, it makes more sense why Yul was trying to turn people on… did not see #Survivor's boot coming tonight, but it feels obvious in hindsight. Despite the misdirection, Nick ha… me how this episode of #Survivor impacted the legacy of the winners! #RHAP
This second virus update has me convinced next week's final #BBCAN8 episode is going to be emotionally brutal to watch.Going live with one final Update for #BBCAN8 #RHAP @OneLuckyGay @TaylorAllen133 @itsmelissaaa I believe this is one week prior to the finale. The final rankings I hav… live with the Roundtable to talk about the end of #BBCAN8! #RHAP chance to fill this out! We'll be going live soon! #BBCAN8 #RHAP
A thought I had during the stream. BBUS has a season that doesn't really count when we talk about the show as a who… now! #BBCAN8 #RHAP'll be going live on #Twitch at around 3pm ET to chat about the #BBCAN8 news a bit. is 100% happening. #BBCAN8 survey is all the more important now that #BBCAN8 is ending. It will be the final in-game report on where thin… also feel for the crew and anyone else that depends on the show for their livelihood. These are hard times, but I… obviously must be devastating for all of the cast, but I feel for Sheldon & Brooke, who were doing so well in a… what you will about the #BBCAN8 cast to this point, but it's a big loss that a lot of these players will never… is over, but we'll still be live tonight for the Roundtable to talk about it all. #RHAPIn light of recent developments in Ontario regarding #COVID19, @BigBrotherCA is ceasing production #BBCAN8
Retweeted by Taran ArmstrongFill out this week's survey! It might be our final snapshot of #BBCAN8! #RHAP live with today's Live Feed Update! #BBCAN8 #RHAP
Going live with today's Live Feed Update! #BBCAN8 #RHAP up on Youtube! #RHAP #BBCAN8 can find a working link here: #RHAP #BBCAN8 live to recap tonight's episode with @theladypleazer! #BBCAN8 #RHAP fact that there's a sponsored twist this week that's made *completely* pointless makes it yet again all the mor…"So in conclusion to this house meeting, you can find me on Instagram at 'I'mTheRealWinnerOfBBCAN8'. Thank you for your time." #BBCAN8What makes this worse for Sue is that there's no actual reason for Minh to be targeting her at all, and all the rea… has been really disappointing this week. she's convinced her & Vanessa are going up if Minh wins because of the… Carol's message is essentially, waste your HOH on me, or I will waste it for you by self-evicting and canceling the week. #BBCAN8"I do not want to self-evict. I just want to ask to be evicted." #BBCAN8
Going live with today's Live Feed Update! #BBCAN8 #RHAP the BEAST won the veto. Couldn't be a better outcome for Sheldon. I wish Hira had the sense to avoid this win. #BBCAN8
Currently waiting in a massive line to get into a grocery store, and I'm just imagining Carol in a line like this n… @felishachanta It's definitely possible, but for as long as Chris still has the Evictors + Hira to deal with, I th… @faizanrtv I think he's accepted that part of the game enough to still be effective. But it could hurt him if he ne… @ItsRainingBen 100%. I tried to fit that into the tweet. I think the only thing I'd add to that is that right now,… of course does not mean that they can't still lose. And Hira is definitely on their side right now. But long t… way I see the house, I think the only real strategic threat to Sheldon & Brooke at this point is Hira. There ar… live with today's Live Feed Update! #BBCAN8 #RHAP
I can't think of a worse mistake in this situation than for production to let a whole week play out where they go t… have a house meeting coming up. The subject of the house meeting is that Carol is quitting the game... by asking… can fully expect Sheldon to use this conversation as an excuse to put Ri up as the replacement as a "pawn" next… offered to be used as a pawn for Sheldon if the move was to backdoor someone "bigger". According to Ri, Sheldon… is bringing me back to when Tyler was such a wounded bird being used by people in the house. #BBCAN8Earlier, Sue was freaking out about the idea that Minh would be put up on the block instead of being backdoored. Th… live with today's Life Feed Update! #BBCAN8 #RHAP week, Shel won HOH, and Minh started the week talking smack about him to Nessa in the hot tub area. She then w… live with @DerrickL to talk about last night's crazy episode of #Survivor! #RHAP live to discuss whatever it was we just saw tonight. #BBCAN8 #RHAP'll be going live to talk #Survivor at 11pm ET, so get your thoughts in now! #RHAP already using a cross grip. Dude deadhangs. #BBCAN8Production's decision to remove Jamar was based on things that were both shown and not shown on the live feeds... b…, did Maddy & Ri just have a sidebar to discuss whether or not to accept an alliance? #BBCAN8They're showing the Carol comment! #BBCAN8Wow, we're also getting the virus stuff. This has to be the most meta episode of Big Brother ever. #BBCAN8I'm literally sitting here just like, barely able to pay attention to the show as I wait for the kicking people out part. #BBCAN8This is seriously the hardest Stock Watch we've ever had. Kyle being gone changes everything. Again. #BBCAN8I said on the stream today that I thought producers wouldn't care if it was fair to let Sheldon play in tonight's H… those who haven't seen, we have a lot of reason to believe that the second person removed from the game is Kyle. #BBCAN8Arisa working from home is fantastic. #BBCAN8
I've been seeing some debate about this. Which winner made the worse move? #SurvivorThe market closes at in just about a half hour (4pm ET). Make sure you get your trades in! #BBCAN8 #RHAP