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Cohost of the podcast @HellOfAWay with @inthesedeserts, retired soldier, picture taker, dad joker, Ben Sisko stan. Regional Emmy Award Winner, gunfucker

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You can actually play fourth dimensional chess's "congrats on the sex" day for the boysBack on my soap making bullshit @Xaniken @mansoortshams Surprised they also didn't trot out the "shoots 96 billion rounds a minute" statTank or technical? @AliceAvizandum She knows mine with a little decoration, thanks to @ArmyStrang. Great Father's Day gift from the wife and girls.…
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When you never again have to untie your shoes to take them off or put them on @ski2point0 @TheeFantomas All old movies (15 years old) are cult classics nowBasement is the coolest place in the house. Time for an impromptu man cave for the weekend @melonpost Not legally through an FFL but person to person sale is legal and doesn't ask that question so might be a Grey areaThere is a parallel universe where people say my burger stank and it means something different and sometimes our wo…
Retweeted by American PropagandistApplying for a weed card was the fastest I've ever been through a doctors appointmentCan someone build me a lego suez canal?
@inthesedeserts Slugs and snails? Is there a labour convention happening?,?! 😂😂😂Meanwhile God she's out of her awkward teen years @ebruenig Looking forward to trying to explain Transubstantiation @swolecialism Who's doing it now? @MandHF Oddly enough, all the Christians were fine with thatMuch easier than beheading his wifeAlright fine, let's start the Church of America.*Unfurls a list of catholic high holy days and feast days* shows in America are the same as military parades in Russia. By which I mean they're cool as hell @thetomzone Tim just give me the money and I promise to not be this embarrassing @vagrunt They're all orcs to meI want to grab that scene from Lord of the rings where Sam is marveling over the war Olyphants but Photoshop all th…
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@Xaniken We stan an Ice Technical @Tankgorl You need the correct mental illness to post like me @Andr3wisnotcool We've talked about how fucked up gun laws are in general, though never done a real deep dive into… if John Wick was better? @rodneystubbs @FinessaFudges Hopefully you can lay down and have a little nap @LibertyPrimeUSA Smartest one in the roomI assure you that whatever you think I think isn't what I'm thinkingTweeting about American gun ownership rilules because when it gets some traction you have the left wing and right w… @FearTheFloof Ah I see @FearTheFloof This certainly was a South side rental until I bought it and slowly making it normal @FearTheFloof That's a solid core door and the peel and stick is because the hardwood was so fucked up I just want… Air Force getting to wear ball caps is why China is winningGot a whole house they can be in and yet they're stinking up my office @3Atomix @tracisfine @JoeSilverman7 Can you show me where I said I'm against people owning ARs? @JasonHi24758365 Do you have an actual argument or are you just going to strawman all day? @JasonHi24758365 I'm not a communist. At least insult me correctly @JasonHi24758365 Correct, specifically if your opinions are shit @logophobe It's a milkweedOh you're from Kansas, private? Wish you could go home to your girlfriend? Guess what, she's playing Prarie Pussytoes with Jody nowThis sounds like something a drill sergeant would accuse you of playing with Mary Jane Rottencrotch @CommunistHouse1 For the longest time I didn't because I didn't want them to "win" but have discovered it just makes me loseIn 2021 were using the block feature more often @Xaniken After we get done selling this meth we're headed to Vietnam to finish what we started fifty years ago @_cat_communist_ Yeah, I'd be concerned about domestic terror cells, but the myth of the Vietnamese Farmer expelling America is bullshit @GroundedReason I wish they'd get it right. If I was gonna ban any kind of gun it would be pistols @tracisfine @JoeSilverman7 I don't give a shit if you own a bunch of ARs, my guy. Go wildThe best service I offer is being the base of strawman arguments for all sides of the political spectrum @JoeSilverman7 I don't ever remember crying about ARs in civilian hands but go off I guess @juanyfbaby I mistyped. I meant a cat @juanyfbaby That's why I got a car Mix it up a bitWe gotta find the dumbest and most arrogant people to argue the sidesDeadliest Warrior: Clausewitz vs Sun TzuWhen you're a blood relative of a genocidal dick, you can either be a Noor Bin Laden, or you can be a Willy Hitler @KristianMagnus5 @musdurken Well there was a whole north Korean army we were fighting too
Where you dumbasses gonna get some T-55s from anyway?If there is one thing we can say based on history this country is good at, it's killing uppity ConfederatesTwelve Cletuses with long guns in a busted up F150 does not equal the Viet Cong @MelRanette Lego batman @earlyamhistory Instead of Barabas, they offer the crowd a minion to crucifyIt's getting weird in the discord fun history game is to pick a year and try to decide who would be the person the Minions would be following in that time
Retweeted by American PropagandistI'm sorry, I forgot an important entry BatManuel - yes on special occasions @adamjschmidt I do not hane answersAdam west - yes Michael Keton - yes Val Kilmer - enthusiastically George Clooney - yes but makes it out like he's d… miss making mix tapes and CDs. 12 to 14 songs and that's all you getUninvited guests TODAY: @ArmyStrang and @inthesedeserts talk about Army property books, missing weapons, and marvel that so…
Retweeted by American Propagandist @NeolithicSheep Tweeting it from my bed @shocks There would be a party there every weekend @offbeatorbit Big deal, I lost weight in the pandemic too and no one is asking kind of geopolitical consequences it hasI like this concept. Do we have a bouy for where Red Hot Chili Peppers decided to form up?Get in the boat kids, we're going to see where a bad song was written week on the bonus I made @shocks watch 300 part two. Listen to us discuss how ancient naval warfare is much li… doesn't eat pussy, but Catwoman rolls up like'm glad star trek is getting to be more accessible and hopefully more popular. There's a lot of centuries of feder…
Instead of this nonsense, become one of the radical leftists. We're the pipe layers love how James Baldwin speaks E3 announcements are just a rotation of their biggest IPs and whatever else they're doing with them and I'… @kcmunoz_ I'm not bi, but I have concluded that gender is just a marketing ploySCOOP: We obtained the first public tax records of right-wing site The Federalist's nonprofit foundation. It took…
Retweeted by American Propagandist @wastubbs Chromecast still relies on me using the youtube app. I don't blame Roku for a badly designed UI on a third party appGoing to jump on the Google hate train and say the youtube app on Roku is nearly unusable and moving all the stuff… hitting a pipe made me more of a radical leftist @cav_pac Y'all have obviously hit some kind of pipe @Dhiler727 I'm the 9/11 generation and all I got was this stupid deep seated fear and mistrust in people both insid…'s fun is to try to translate what a civilian thinks these are. Is a grenade launcher an M203 or an M320? What… fuck were you going to do anyway, make up other excuses to not go out?