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Cohost of the podcast @HellOfAWay with @inthesedeserts, writer, retired soldier, picture taker, Ben Sisko stan. Regional Emmy Award Winner, gunfucker

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I knew it, I knew there was something going on when I couldn't find cans in spring chicken, cheddar biscuit, chantrell mushroom gravy Thanksgiving to all--even the haters and losers!
Retweeted by American Propagandist @LethalityJane @RPG_volley world needs more Boss Baby thread of people who need Jesus @JasonKirell I friggin love American shariaThe Macy's day parade is brought to us by Verizon 5G to spread Covid through the Airwaves #VerizonLive #MacysParade
Retweeted by American PropagandistMight fuck around and make chicken and biscuit todayFuckin around @Cpl_Dont_Know You can do ham. I like salamiBad pickle ratio here, should use quarter spears. Otherwise this is a nice little addition to a spread @extremely_wet @locustbones @moonpolysoft Yeah I've done it with quarter spears since they're about the same diameter of salami @Torcho @faguettini @kari_paul It's good as hell @extremely_wet @locustbones @moonpolysoft Yeah, bad ratio on those rolls. I like to do it with baby dills @JusticeForTuvix @trekonomics Who's the third?Nevermind I got it's got the Spotify playlist built? Fallen Order? I liked all the old Jedi knight gamesGiving up a whole wheat snack bread for the Instagram wish they would wait for theaters to open. Monster movies need a big screen @LethalityJane If you think that's bad, you should see the parking lot of the Barracks for the junior enlisted
Why is a waterbed store selling this? @wsquared58 @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn Hell get hired by whatever Trump does next and make obscene amounts of money @wsquared58 @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn Lol, they will hire Flynn in a heartbeat @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn CopeGetting back on my soap making bullshit this weekend @ebruenig Why are online leftist disagreeing with giving a UBI to every member of a household regardless of the labor they provide?In the Godfather book there is an entire subplot of a woman who's vagina is too loose and the only person who can s… @cushbomb As I tell people, you don't gotta follow if you don't like the flow! @FiscalSuspicion There's a 10 million vote difference lolRemembering the "Sore Loserman" shirts of 2000 and smiling serenely @DanKaszeta The further away from high school and college I get, the more I realize a lot of it was fake and a waste of timePlease, I'm begging you, watch another TV show @viperwave @ggooooddddoogg @ebruenig I feel this is more of a lounging/napping area rather than a night time bed replacement @angryliddlecrab Generally that's my move until I make a mistake and then I'm staring at a wall wondering why anyon… to make a small mistake and be reminded that I have imposter syndrome @classiclib3ral Two completely different things good for different reasons Is a shit better than a turd? That's t… coffee just arrived. Locally roasted beans. You don't even have to fuck a gun to enjoy… @SeaOfMarighella I remember liking the book @jxcorr Never saw it @GanzAnders5 I hated that movie lol. The book is way better @vagrunt They should have been more faithful to the Ellis insanity like in Rules of Attraction @MustacheDad I liked the movie better, but just by a bit because of the endingHighly recommend all those books though. The Rambo movie is great, but the book is good in it's own right and if yo… @SgtRando Absolutely not, that's what makes it so goodBooks that are better despite the good movies they inspired: Princess Bride The Godfather Lord of the Rings Anythi… First Blood Shawshank Redemption American Psycho Blade runner @iAmTheWarax @PubliusCTPaetus Tanks back in the day were a lot easier to work on @shocks I need something that also hooks up my three monitors @barefootboomer Blissfully remembering that it too three months to get one box of 556 ammo. The time to be stockpil… @AndysToysSTL Got any toy loop trollys? @barefootboomer Seb Gorka give me $1000 for an AR challenge @iAmTheWarax @PubliusCTPaetus Tankers: Never have you been cocooned in such strength. You are commanding a top of t… @iAmTheWarax PMCS magazine was amazing. I looked at them whenever we got new ones because I learned a lot about bit… a damn fine cup of coffee this morning. are on vacation, post horny PMCS magazine pics, should have gone into comedy cannot fathom what region of the USA a ham and Banana hollindaise would come from. Certainly not the Midwest. Wou…'s like people discovered flavor right about 1966 and then just went bonkers for a couple decades until they chil… @PeterLucier As Paul in his Epistles @stschrader1 That's right @PeterLucier Starship troopers @NeolithicSheep I think I have a better chance of survival and I don't prep shitGood dog
@ThirstyRando I assure you there are plenty of white collar crime here to get involved withI promise I'm a good neighbor. I make pickles every summer and give them away. We have good Mexican and kebab shops…'all, houses around me are in the 130K range. You can get a whole house for what you're getting for this nonsense to the dang podcast @classiclib3ral Which is ironic considering literally anything the Bible has in itI would simply just take the money and give it to people because laws aren't real. Are they going to arrest Yellen… Tapper was about 33 when he wrote this
Retweeted by American Propagandist @MaskTheMovie But do they have ammo? @RueCodey I'm hoping mid december. If you sign up for the newsletter you'll get an email when they come in @JimmyJazz1968 I would rather be gently laid to rest than powerbombed as a nation @swanofthedab Mick Foley said he used to blast show tunes to pump up for a match @matthewstoller The left is too racist to be racist! @archcityhistory Where am I getting copies of this? @archcityhistory Holy shit @ryanlcooper Jake Tapper loves the troops so much that he became violently islamophobic to get closer to them @jkass99 Make waterboarding acceptable again2008 is back, baby! hope we're all in agreement that this is just incredibly racist and we can't just blame Jake for it, we have to a… enjoy the entire thing boy @jaketapper damn the early aughts were wildJake Tapper was about 33 when he wrote this @flexlibris We love a leafy boi @JimLaPorta @PaulSzoldra @TaskandPurpose @NYTimesAtWar Someone needs to keep talking about this war, for the Americ… shit, we fucked it up again @flexlibris What's the point of technology if we aren't using it to make our lives easier? @Timcast Personally, I would smell the milk a bit first before I just start drinking it straight from the carton. Just a tip! @GarlicCorgi give me the meat noodle @barefootboomer Minimal personing @XOofXOs Obvious solution @kenklippenstein *Taking a white house tour in the year 2023* And here is where former president Trump gouged out s… @kenklippenstein Imagine the gif response we'd have for decades to come. Finally a Trump legacy