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the moon feels like home (any pronouns) I hope jin will be proud of me :(

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you may be a fan who always listens to BTS and their songs but at some point of your life.. it is BTS who listens to you.
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️jeongin:
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️wait, so are you saying that???????????!
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️JUNGKOOK PLEASE
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️Small accs : Big accs aren't celebrity Also small accs : Omg?!?! A big acc followed me?!?#@&€@"!!@(@:!!*"#/'
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️“is it a he or a she” it’s a me mario
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @clxudyszn 🥺i cant believe yang jeongin made chan and changbin his bitches
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️and of course steam maknae on top!
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️Yeonjun's his outfit hair
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Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @btsatethyfaves @armywithcookieʙɪᴀs ɪɴ; ʙᴛs⟭⟬ᴛxᴛ𖧵ʙʟᴀᴄᴋᴘɪɴᴋ⁴ᴛᴡɪᴄᴇ⁹ɪᴛᴢʏ⁵ ᴛᴀᴇɢɪᴍɪɴᴋᴏᴏᴋ/ᴠᴍɪɴᴋᴏᴏᴋɴᴀᴍᴊɪɴsᴏᴘᴇ🐯🐱🐣🐰🐨🐹🐿ʏᴇᴏɴᴊᴜɴ🦊ᴊᴇɴʟɪsᴀ🥟🐱ɴᴀᴍᴏ🐰🐻ʏᴇᴊɪ🐱sᴏᴏᴋᴀɪᴛᴀᴇ…
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️I feel like I'm shadow banned, can you drop a dot if you see this? @nochuadore . @sseoulmatee Me too^^<3Drawing at 16. Drawing at 23
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @sseoulmatee Sure^^ @sseoulmatee Heey @snwflwrtete Everyone is saying that's jungkooks account lol @Ane83719059 Yes^^ @dtownkoo This is someone from bts? I thought this was wonho from twice smh @INTJustBroken It's fine 🥺<3 @taegucciboi no no no, you do yours, I already have enough to do 😗bangtan literally have 3 ways of handling any situation, they either slap butts, play rock paper scissors or make an acrostic poem
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️I'm supposed to be doing homework and I think i'm gonna do that rn hoseok walked in on jimin changing and said “sorry bae” HELLO??!?
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Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️hobi being funny without even trying ; a mfkn thread 🌱🐿
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️hoseok in this. period.
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️If you're sad, just open this thread of seokjin's cooking diary
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @Hank1Stefani @TXT_members @TXT_bighit OUR SWEETHEART TAEHYUN #TXT_TAEHYUN     #TXT_태현     #투모로우바이투게더    …‘Lockdown won’t be that long’ The Lockdown:
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️"Romanticize" "fetishize" "normalize" how about you shutize the fuckize upize
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️i made physical copies of rapline’s mixtapes :)
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️can anyone recommend me good horror au's?sometimes i wish i can forget korean so i can enjoy those audio edits with fake subs,,, the audio goes "tonight's c…
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️*sad piano music* the subs: hyung..... why did you leave me behind? the audio: hyung we're doing rock paper sci…
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @INTJustBroken @bubluv13 My attention span is 5 minutes or less sometimes 💀 @INTJustBroken I want to call you but I never have time 😭😭😭😭 @taephils's love for army — a loving thread.
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️the fleets of tiny tan official account... what is this omg??
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @PASTELJEONX :)a thread of bts mvs to stream these days-
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️who is born on august 11?👀 want a lingerie line dedicated to trans folks. Non-binary folks. Genderqueer folks. Where’s it at.
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @FLWRJ00N_ @idk_nan_mo11a Thank you, I hope you'll be happy too💜 @idk_nan_mo11a Please take care of yourself, I will miss you <3
no bc y’all should STOP “cancelling”, attacking, sending death threats, infanting, etc. the younger people on this…
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️I don't need the pictures for demonstration, already see them enough old picture of BTS is so devastating also look at Hobi and Jungkook 😭
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️END OF THE THREAD HOPE U LIKE IT
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Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️people line up for kim seokjin in our generation
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️Class b: hot nerd
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️me @ every family gathering
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @yoongizgloss Gn^^
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️reminder that this happened when joon was performing trivia:love :(
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️Ad ad ft bts
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️youre not korean? cool so stop using "oppa" or "unnie" and stop adding "eu" to your words, it's not cute or quirky.
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️bts as rockstars for their next album. I'm honestly manifesting
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️lately I've been way too interested in horror although I get nightmares pretty quickly Maknae on top 🌟
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️bts never forgets the loneliest creature in the world 🥺💜
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @qu0kkaji yeesIf you meet a baby army tell them about BTS's underrated bops rather than telling them about ships.
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @vantaeggukz 💜Guys :(
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️#TAEHYUNG :それらを鞭打ちました
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️class b, the jeon twins.
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @Y00ngiEboy Idc but preferred are he/him @taevoixx chaotic @guccigenggeng Heree @kpopie4chu 😭😭😭YOU GUYS ITS THE COMFORT SMILEEEEE
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @shookyygz DESERVEDDON'T MAKE ME CRY tinytan leave the girl’s room while she’s still having a nice dream and not waking her up to say goodbye. Rem…
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️When I had this layout I had my famous era 😔💔 @Bangtan_beLife Gn^^ @snwflwrtete don't don't sleep @Kitty_Not_ok *D @Kitty_Not_ok Yay :SEven got my old pinned back 🤧Who remembers this layout? :)#JIKOOK: the category is body
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️i also had to share this
Retweeted by the rose⁷☀️ @jeonzggu hey sexy layout moot @Y00ngiEboy :]UNFLOP OR YOONGI WILL BE NO MORE CAT @ienvyyeontan cats are so cute :((