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A.K β˜₯ @ArmzKorleone Knocturn alley

Savage Workoutz, Art & Bantz β˜₯ Instagram: armz_korleone

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@jazzainnit He is I and i is himAny other challengers? Line up know there’s a 99.99% chance I’d die, but I would fight you for that T-Shirt.
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯Open for a surprise
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯ @showmebatty SensationalHello hey u ok? I've got two tickets to Iron maiden come with me friday don't say maybe @ItsGiovanniO Hahahahaha i never start convos @MANATEKPlC @Anisahx_ Lololol @_Gibril_ Myth @joseperez_21 Black grapes >>>>>Dont be out here usin other people's towel. U might use da same part they used to wipe their ass on ur face... α΅‡α΅˜α΅—β€¦ an avid apple eater, I agree
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯ @bigm0rg Knockturn alley. Come tru @MeBitchigotTime @bigsissana like broly, i’m happy with this one :)
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯ @bigm0rg Pull up @ChunZee_ Wat was ur replyGranny Smith be hitting
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Retweeted by A.K β˜₯Green apples >>>>> red apples @chxrns @MsSmileSoBright Then follow through with "how do you like them ?" If she says "fertilised", give her these and block…
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯ @rvpochettino Idk darg da way his ting is set up might b a myth @sadbitchtweetz @rvpochettino It wont kill him character buildin n dem man init @Flatermir_Putin Amazing @elliceee_rose π˜‹π˜ͺ𝘴 𝘘𝘢𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘴𝘱π˜ͺ𝘡𝘡π˜ͺ𝘯 @elbolina *gasp* π˜ˆπ˜™π˜π˜Žπ˜ˆπ˜›π˜–π˜–π˜–! @Ani_zizo @GonimPrisca Lmaoo dats a gd one @MxjibNsg Loooool @sxdia____ Rah come we ride outYh to a Ghanaian babes .. why not πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯ @rvpochettino Exercise your other muscles not just ur trigger finger buddySo is "do u like eggs" a good convo starter orI need subs @tgtdaguy @1RealJoeyB Lmaoo @1RealJoeyB Inti dy3n?? Kawa nu tum na di @jesuisjoyy and @Scribz6ix7even vs @rvpochettino and headie tag team match after lock down 🀝🀝 I STEP OUT LOOKING LIKE @ArmzKorleone BE READY TO FIGHT ME πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯Update: found what it meant :) @Omari_HA Seen seen @ArtByKarma Lmao force of habit man I even call flies wastemanI need to do better and learn other languages. Someone could be cussin and ill jus be like thanks smh @yungstV1 My boyyy @_annatx Grow up sis @jesuisjoyy Unimaginable cubic zirconia. Don't take me lightly @jesuisjoyy Dis is wat Ur sleep paralysis demon will look like from now on @jesuisjoyy Y not? @Luke1892 @moekoromaa Stfu @namesnic0le U scared huh? @StephyBx_ :/
@moekoromaa Mfs think we look alike wanna fight?This niggas always looks like he’s done with his set then does another 5/6. Literally fighting through the pain bar…
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯ @druiven___ Grow up @keshhh Lmaoo!Fuckin ell Karen ave a laff will ya'm for this 🀣 @ArmzKorleone grab that bag
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯ @keshhh Imma gas u till we fuckin die yh! @keshhh Strange. Didnt know i was a woman interesting @tomjc187 @WRESTHINGS @BrockLesnar @VinceMcMahon @TripleH @NXTUK Da rock was my guyArmz Korleone & Brock Lesnar Ok here me out. I had no one to compare to Brock Lesnar but I can imagine Armz Getti…
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Retweeted by A.K β˜₯ @PrincessKikiBoo @modierising Get a room? @MaddiSeymour @olopakonimuwa What she said @PrincessKikiBoo @modierising Noo im tlkin to da guy :) @AishaKhatun1 Lmaoo @modierising @PrincessKikiBoo Leave us alone u wernt invited @ChidiWilliams__ Haters everywhere sure this guy was lifting weights whilst in the womb
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯ @Cubsywusby @yungsuppository aboard da banter train @yungsuppository Da gurls arch der back for me not me archin @AbstractOnion @imasuen_design @DadaBen_ LmaoooOne thing this man will do is get his hands on some weights no matter the circumstance πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯ @tgtdaguy Nankai’m convinced this guy went straight to the gym after birth
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯Throw back to when man was 3 @AfrifaDba @Pindemgh Lmaoooo @Pindemgh O m3 p3 but 3y3 long kraa. Almong miltch na mi numAnopa yiaaa @Pindemgh Wc paa tchres3 soakings anaa? @AfrifaDba Chale ach3 fockinHerh kwadu ni nkati3. Mi wi bi ankasa @tazmaniac98 Δ‚ΜˆsΜ†ΜˆkΜ†Μˆ dΜ†ΜˆΔ•ΜˆmΜ†Μˆ @lessuuuu @HUGO_GH0ST No doubt @tazmaniac98 Mum ur embarrassing me on da tl @temicrates He came back in da form of corona virusJust seen @ArmzKorleone beating up the grass on insta because gyms are closed. And honestly, same
Retweeted by A.K β˜₯ @YHappend Real tlk @1ilboozydirt Loooool i really want to @Official_WZRD Real talk manMy mum's belief in these politicians is worryin @ms_funi Thanks sis <3 @BujuBantzz
Cant even keep a woman let alone a beard sksks