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Veteran internetter. bad tweet connoisseur. I make games for Riot Games. currently working on @playVALORANT.

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@_steve_mack Not as well as yours @JoeyMessick @KottGraPje lmao that's them passed out from attacking the tree without pause for like 3 hours @ValaArna @KottGraPje Hún er gullfalleg, og þessi bumba keisarynju sæmandi! (það eru 3 kettir í þessum polli þarna :) )
@KottGraPje Kisur eru æði has *no* chill this series #FirstStrikeNA @hectrix @Qatten @Pr1ncessP1ggy @Ishmae1 @Earnesty @Dico_CA @mini_squish @ShireWisdom @CysionBE @RealKLobb @iocat @RiotSuperCakes @Max_Grossman Thank you! @RiotSuperCakes @Max_Grossman Thank you? @Max_Grossman I feel like usually I ruin your day so I'm very happy to be able to give a little back today.Happy Wednesday
@danielblock @pfitter_ go to sleep at 22:00 tonight, wake up at 7am. soblem provled. @pfitter_ go to sleep
@valesports_eu @PlayVALORANT @MitchMan @pansy @YinsuCollins @LotharHS @hypoc This is LIT @TimIsenman ew
@wowbaolam @_steve_mack you're just throwing stuff at the wall at this point @wowbaolam @_steve_mack what @wowbaolam @_steve_mack my cats might be 80's british punk @_steve_mack dang :( @_steve_mack How do you keep your cats from shredding through your plants and knocking dirt all over the floor? @UnburntWitch It took me way too many reads to realize what you just did there @Pastrytime @seangares Did I hear snake lady cosplay? @_________Tyler @npcSara @wowbaolam No idea what this means but I'll like it @seangares This is a STACKED panelIDDQD
@JessBrohard To be fair Jumanji is amazing @JessBrohard so the answer is yes?
@onidavin Happy anniversary you amazing people <3 @Teanah hnnnng :( @RiotPHRISK @seangares that's... precisely what i'd expect from you @RiotPHRISK @seangares I'm not sure either of us want that @cuppy clearly! @cuppy uh. @RiotPHRISK @seangares Main Chick is good, for sure, but Howlin' is just better. @BridgetDavidson We are, thank you and have a great birthday weekend!
@seangares Howlin' Rays is nothing to trifle with, whenever you're in LA next you should grab one. @BridgetDavidson Happy Birthday! @Chef_Lu_Bu @Yamazuya @seangares Oh damn. I can't wait go get back to ATL and try that. @Chef_Lu_Bu @seangares deal @Chef_Lu_Bu @seangares Best in LA @MorelloNMST @seangares It's amazing. It's Howlin' Rays. Get it.Having a watch party-party with my friend @seangares to see my home country representing. GGs and hope you make it to FS. Sick play right there. singers dubbed with dial up modems
Retweeted by Arnar Hrafn Gylfason @stevemz I hate this because of relatability @TimIsenman It won’t @TimIsenman Sorry man I know it’s a disappointment. @TimIsenman NoThese cats are not normal about food @Kisumamma Parler?
@Teanah I mean if it was a movie it would be fantastic, but it's real life and I'm in cognitive shock @Teanah This is just... just absolutely awful. @hazedCS actually lolled @SWAGGERNAU7 @npcSara 🎸😮 @npcSara @SWAGGERNAU7 You gotta pay the toll either way @SWAGGERNAU7 @npcSara This is a monetization strategy I'm enthusiastic about. VALORANT stories? And you can pay to remove them?? @JessBrohard 👀🍿🌶️👌☝️ @bobbydigitales How does it feel?Oh, FFS!
Retweeted by Arnar Hrafn Gylfason
@PWYFF @Improbableio @PlayVALORANT @riotgames Bye nerd go away shoo I won't miss you . . . . . . . :sad spiderman noises: @RiotNu that's a yikes @oniram177 Best birth dateSomebody sent a bottle of champagne to my house. It did not come with a note or name. Thank you somebody. @Samantha November any year is a great month! Happy birthday! @katrinat @CCP_karkur en hvað það er ógeðslega langt síðan en samt ekki!
@CCP_karkur @katrinat Hefur ekki verið toppuð fyrr né síðar @Greenglass I love it @nikkianetra I got 5 years baby!! I’m gonna live forever!! @Koalifier @MorelloNMST It’s weird for me because I... don’t feel any older than I did at 30? @Koalifier Might be something to that. Except reaction time. Can’t mentality that away. @SeaZCVAL thanks?Also I reserve the right to turn 40 again next year so I can properly celebrate and throw a partyWoke up older. Turns out hitting 40 doesn't feel bad at all. Although I think I can by all measures be referred to as a boomer now. @Chef_Lu_Bu this is an insult to a lot of things
@itsjustBru i have 3 and i think i'm borderline @seangares @WARDELL416 uh. i'm not sure how to feel about this.
In unrated I topfrag, outmaneuver, highlight play and dominate while my teammates are staring at the ground and pla… @katrinat Reyndar.... @katrinat Góð spurning. Gætir verið góð í því.
@petkasp @katrinat @riotgames @PlayVALORANT It’s crazy how much in the other Scandinavian languages you can understand if you speak one @RivingtonThe3rd @riotgames @PlayVALORANT Thanks Riv! @Hiko @SWAGGERNAU7 @riotgames @PlayVALORANT Thanks 100T Hiko and Riot SWAGGERNAU7 ❤️ @onidavin I've always envied you for having all that spring in your hair @thejanellemj @TimIsenman I'll let you know in a couple of days @Max_Grossman why do you do this to me? @NTiras @riotgames @PlayVALORANT aw shucks man, thank you! @hitstreak woah could you at least nsfw tag posts like this in the future?I will never not plug amazing Icelandic music, especially when it hits the aesthetic vibes this fucking hard @Rick_Lesley connects to the HUE bridge so can control it trough phone/alexa @KottGraPje kisur eru þaðReally liking my new desk lamp. And the cat. And stuff? @Teanah @agersant @pocinplay @LimitedRunJames @capnsmak @DanRLN @brockhaurd @DKo5 @jonshiring @jitterbot @npcSara It's in the constitution. You should read it. @npcSara He said that according to the constitution, if 700,000 ballots can't be viewed in Philadelphia, the incumbent candidate wins. @_________Tyler BRO?? U ok?
@RiotWhiskies @riotgames @PlayVALORANT you too! @_steve_mack @SNazerine @riotgames @PlayVALORANT I appreciate you so damn much bud @MarcMerrill @riotgames @PlayVALORANT Hah! Can't say that I do, but I do miss the sun staying up for 24 hours sometimes. @strattacaster @riotgames @PlayVALORANT <3