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@twentee7 haha her escape but yes, clearly should have gone the jetpack route 😁Logged into Twitter for the first time in a while and apparently my account was locked? What a joy 🙃
10 shirts left in stock (6 S / 2 M / 2 L) — but don't worry, we're doing a pre-order as well for the next round!"There was somebody for a little while, but it was too much of a brother. Bother." [ submission by @shoomlah ]… @SueTheFury Literally just got this text response from a friend so I am WITH YOU
Obviously, we are the target audience here..."W-W-Wait. 18th-century agrarian business, but I guess it’s all the same principles." #GameofThrones
So congrats to Dad, I have no idea how he thinks this show will end but he’s in for a wild ride“Oh, Dany and Jon were in the throne room and Dany had just told Jon he had to obey her” “And... you stopped right… to Dad last night, and he mentioned that he started watching the #GameofThrones finale but “got bored halfwa…
@DMSkeletor"And that's why you always leave a note." #GameOfThrones #ArrestedDevelopment
@cracklow Eep thank you! I’ll update!Here's the link to the pre-order—these will likely be shipping out early July, and have an extended sizing range:! I just found a stash of Arrested Westeros shirts (we're talking 20... and limited sizing!) and I am throwing th…
Me as the credits start to roll: So I guess we're *not* getting Lady Stoneheart?I forgot to check to see what posts were flagged in Tumblr's Great NSFW Purge and... this is incredible:"Hey, that's the name of the show!" [ submission from @shoomlah ] #GameofThrones #ArrestedDevelopment @parkMYwords Def doing “take to the sea” but let me see if I can make that work 😄 (it’s one of my fave lines from AD haha)Sansa to Edmure: @arresteros
Retweeted by Arrested Westeros @OG_09er @BryndenBFish the plus side: - Brienne - Sansa WE NOT COME UP WITH A BETTER, POTENTIALLY LESS ABLEIST, NAME????This choice is... a choice #GameofThronesDid Sam just invent democracy? #gameofthronesThe shade of the evening is flowing freely (only time will tell if my lips get stained), the Azor Azhai pies are ea…"I’ve got the worst [bleep]ing attorneys." [ submission from @KimberlyOAdams ] #GameofThrones #ArrestedDevelopment
Well, today’s the day, friends. I’ll be honest, it feels *very* strange to finally be hereShout out to multiple people at the flea market who asked me why I was taking this photo, none of whom were familia…“HE STOLE.”
"Let’s burn this son of a bitch. It’s going to be our best summer ever, buddy." [ submission from Frankie Ó Connal… @Reegs316 BOYFIGHTS COOKOUT #GameofThrones #ArrestedDevelopment
"I've made a huge mistake" #GameofThrones #ArrestedDevelopment [ submission from @lbtreiman & @amandaach ] @dcjenkins1 @JennySlife87 in this case we are explicitly referring to cersei sending him to winterfell & threatenin… thread, especially tonight: a moment to wish that they had instead done a parallel battle / homage to the Battle of the Bells @JennySlife87 honestly!!!Oh Drogon was the valonquar, I see #GameofThronesGregor Clegane, or as I call him, Buff Varys #GameofThronesCleganestair, get... hype? #GameofThrones“Let’s burn this son of a bitch. It’s going to be our best summer ever, buddy.” #GameofThrones"What did it inspire you to do, kill somebody?" #GameofThrones #ArrestedDevelopment [ submission by @shoomlah ] @Axechucker I did actually giggle at this one: #MothersDay to the realm
@MaraWachho 🥰
"What have we always said is the most important thing?" #GameofThrones #ArrestedDevelopment
@tyler_maximus truly, trulyOk, who is the Prince of Dorne? @nicolaslimbc he's born in the crownlands = waters! stone would imply he was born in the vale—which is why mya stone is thus named @real_lil_d haha true, though let's say from when Davos told him onward 😁(It should be Waters!!!!!!!!)Gendry: finally reveals his bastard name is Rivers Me:
“For set dressing, silly. Those Hollywood shows are so incredibly detailed.” @bluthquotes @arresteros
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"But where did the lighter fluid come from? #GameofThrones #ArrestedDevelopment [ submission by David S. ] @skingsley85 and this is with some serious adjusting of levels + dodging in photoshop 😰"You’re going to get some hop-ons." #GameofThrones #ArrestedDevelopment
@jrcby picquet is an advance guard (usually to alert troops to enemy movements) so would be before the hop ons 😉 @JennySlife87 the more I think on it, the more I completely agree with this @DarthRachel @AV_Newswire "personally, it's more about emotional impact, for me" is a helluva stance to take 😂 @cracklow Have we talked about how Elder Brother is Rhaegar? 😉 @cracklow I think that too. Books-wise, I still think it's Dany... I think? But who knows haha @cracklow individual soldiers that basically give you a head's up when the enemy is coming. my olden tyme spelling…
@SueTheFury @Reegs316 RIP all my favorite subplots! @joshua_stuckey I suspect they're not interested as well, but then man, we spent a LOT of time with Melisandre for.… @kevin_hairless There is definitely a Great Other in the books: "The one whose name may not be spoken is marshaling… @patman23 ooooooooh (also yes prophesy can be bullshit but I will happily put on a tin foil hat with the best of them 😁) @kevin_hairless I mean, killing the Night King defeated the long night, which he didn't do?like melisandre was obviously wrong about jon but also we saw no hallmarks of the prophesy (salt, smoke, red star,… everyone share how your PTWP speculation has now changed now that the long night is ended! #GameofThrones- did Jon/Sam/whoever not convey that corpses should be burned? - did Jon/Sam/whoever not convey that NK can't be k… have a lot of... logistical questions #GameofThrones @HeatherHerz true true, but does the show even have room for it? (I mean... I hope so! I just worry) @divinemadness Glad to help haha! Dang these character limits on usernames! @divinemadness 👋🏼 we’re still here!All right, not gonna get a chance to watch until late tonight, so logging off (for now). Current 💀predictions: Th…
cut to me just angrily typing WIGHTS WIGHTS WIGHTS over and overOK I need my iPhone to stop autocorrect from sending texts like "Eights in the crypt obvi?""Sweet blade." "It's the Sword of Destiny." [ submission from @1banana10dollar ] #GameofThrones
@cracklow *slowly rocks back and forth* she’s happy, eating lemon cakes in the Vale, she’s happy eating lemon ca—oh boy 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯 @cracklow oh no @cracklow Hahaha omg did I tell you someone mentioned Young Griff the other day and I got like, whiplash because I… @cracklow 100% calling him Branraven from now on! @Muellercleez That’s what I thought, but realized I wasn’t quite sure!What happened to Cat post-RW? Did her body ever make it to Winterfell? (aka are we going to see her as a wight?)… @Joabyjojo It was so good! I cackled 😄
"You must teach me the ways of the secular flesh." #GameofThrones #ArrestedDevelopment @arresteros
Retweeted by Arrested Westeros @yelkcalbnai Ahh, PTWP doesn’t have a name or gender—which is why so many people keep thinking it’s them (Rhaegar,… if you live in a sword and sorcery world and you don’t have a mournful song memorized in case of a war, you’ve absolutely fucked up
Retweeted by Arrested Westeros @hunniebeezer Tyrion / Oberyn don’t explicitly name them, though! Checking notes on Ned... @krrmcc She’s his younger sister, so she’s ok! @RowanKaiser At least the show has saved us from remembering Aenys I first of his name @boarsgoreswords 😘 @RowanKaiser *throws dart at Targaryen name board*I’ve heard the like “oh but they named Jon after the sack of KL” buuuuut I’m not sure I buy it? I guess the real Q…