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Arsenal blogger. Will RT what I like, not what I'm asked. Fan of Bourbon, Bowie, German Shepherds, and Pires (not in that order). Also @andrewmanganVO.

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@snjsbs @jamesbenge Ahhhhh @jamesbenge I can only read that Leicester Tweet in Alan Partridge’s voice"All the years trying to make it, it took me so long to get here." What a day for Sam Bennett 🇮🇪
Retweeted by arseblog @RedAndWhite11 Ridiculous it took so longNew: Arsenal 2-1 West Ham: Nkeitah’s late goal gets sloppy Gunners out of jail – #arsenal
Retweeted by arseblog @GiantGooner “No, not really”, haha!New: Trae Coyle making an impact on loan at Gillingham #arsenal #afc
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Retweeted by arseblogNew: Nketiah: It’s all love with Ceballos now #arsenal #afc
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Retweeted by arseblog @thearsenalscout obviously sell him for as.much as you can. He's not at the level requiredNew: Arsenal 2-1 West Ham: Nkeitah’s late goal gets sloppy Gunners out of jail – #arsenal
@3cbPerformance Yeah, the last minute element would have been particularly unhelpful @7amkickoff Enjoy! @LGAmbrose Yes, I liked that a lotWest Ham wanted it one way. But it’s the other way. Yes Eddie. ⚽️
Retweeted by arseblogPhew! Sometimes you have to win ugly, and that really was very ugly. Tonight a demonstration of how particular… Arsenal 2-1 West Ham -
Retweeted by arseblogArsenal sub: Pepe on, Willian off 64' -
Retweeted by arseblog @ArsenalQc Yes @PaulSoulAvenger Yes, Holding poor there too - but we didn’t do enough to stop that move developing @jaketurbett @arsenalboy1234 @zaeta__ No he can’t - he never hasTerrible goal to concede just before the break. Kolasinac and Xhaka just backing off … dreadful. West Ham have ca… West Ham. 1-1, 45' -
Retweeted by arseblogGOOOOOALLLL!!!! Arsenal 1-0 West Ham, Lacazette 25' -
Retweeted by arseblog @lilo11 @arseblog_live’ve got live blog coverage of Arsenal v West Ham. Text comms, goal clips and chat. For Twitter updates of key e… confirmed. Tierney out, Kolasinac starts. Willock now added to the bench.
Retweeted by arseblog @khabipov_art @R_GOONER haha @R_GOONER Yes, until it happens to us!This is ludicrous!Saka and Ceballos in – rest of the team the same!Dublin is full of amazing restaurants and bars, now temporarily closed. If you can order takeaway from somewhere…
Retweeted by arseblog @Macho_Grande1 @AdjustRankings0 I was being paid off by Big EmeryIf you’re coming into Holloway or Highbury to support your favourite Arsenal pub or restaurant tonight stick to the…
Retweeted by arseblog @TYoung__Money haha, you’re welcome! @AlexGillespie1 Icelandic keeper @buxtongooner @_jasminebaba @PaddyArsenal heh @hugooNYC 👍 @LePhantomDennis haha @_jasminebaba @PaddyArsenal I had to travel back from Paris to Barcelona on the train with 100s of them after 2006.… @PaddyArsenal I love the city from having lived there, but too many of their fans have annoyed me down the years for this not be hilarious. @fkhanage No idea - but he’s clearly a very good young player. @AFCmackie The point remains howeverKoeman is an absolute bum. @zana_r_a Headwrecker @Tellitubb Yeah, we spoke about that specifically on the Tactics Podcast we do on Patreon!New: West Ham preview: A bit more of the same? – #arsenal #afc
New: The importance of a good number two – #arsenal #afc
Retweeted by arseblog @berniethegooner 😉 @arseblog hey mate, don’t suppose you could put a shout out for where to watch the game tomorrow in Istanbul? Thanks!
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Retweeted by arseblogPODCAST! A brief chat with @mattspiro about Runar Alex Runarsson and a bit on Houssem Aouar/Guendouzi. Then it’s T…
Retweeted by arseblog @JVCAfc 😉 @ArsenalPuzzles haha jesus @Therealnickyru @_TheArse_ We’re fixing it! @ParteyTimeFPL 😉 @robertomaldini I think it was It’s no game (2) from Scary Monsters @_TheArse_ Thanks - we’ll take a look! @LordyC85 Yes, I remember it well! @TallAsHer hahaProtest Singers; a synopsis. Billie Holiday: Racism Edwin Starr: War Bob Dylan: Injustice Bob Marley: Inequality N.…
Retweeted by arseblogNew: The importance of a good number two – #arsenal #afc @gafc_lovesnyc Thanks, forgot! Will sort it out now. @Stillberto @TheSquidBoyLike It’s defintely tied in with this plane chasing, cloud spotting, definitely a Hertfords… @ballsdotie haha wtf @Lucygooner 😉 @itsquiggers He's actually a triplet, his elder brothers Dan and Stan got the good names. @mojo777 😜 @jimmytozer 👍 @JoorabchianFC It’s morningAlso via: @acast: @ApplePodcasts: @Spotify:…! A brief chat with @mattspiro about Runar Alex Runarsson and a bit on Houssem Aouar/Guendouzi. Then it’s T…
@arseblog @gunnerblog The closest thing to feeling like a ghost is listening to the podcast when you guys can’t rem…
Retweeted by arseblog @CraigBanks29 @gunnerblog That is a genuinely amazing description, I love it. I wrote something about Willian 'the human rhythm section' who has spent his career holding…
Retweeted by arseblog @harryantino @BeltransMole23 @Stick_to_Sport Herd immunity is almost always achieved by vaccination - is absolutely *insane*
Retweeted by arseblogNew from @Stillberto: Willian part of the plan – #arsenal #afc Emi Martinez: A sad departure but Arsenal and player win out – #arsenal #afc
Retweeted by arseblog @chiefteta @urnavthakker 😜 @urnavthakker Yes, you’re right. Blog updated, thanks.New: Emi Martinez: A sad departure but Arsenal and player win out – #arsenal #afc @AdjustRankings0 Those shoes are an outrage @AdjustRankings0 That’s a grim picture on so many levels.
@themattmyth @LGAmbrose thank you! @alistaircoleman @sctighe hahaNew for Patreon Members: The Tactics Podcast with @LGAmbrose - chatting about the evolution of Arteta’s back three,…
Retweeted by arseblogNew: Official: Aubameyang signs a new deal – and it’s great news – #arsenal #afc
Retweeted by arseblog @llewellyn_art @clivepafc @Arsenal Congrats! @alistaircoleman Nice! @ChrisAshYes who? @timl_85’s blog on the official announcement of Auba’s new contract 👇 Sheffield United confirm approach for Balogun #arsenal #afc
Retweeted by arseblogNew: Wrighty chats to Aubameyang – the best bits #arsenal #afc
Retweeted by arseblogNew: Confirmed: Aston Villa sign Emi Martinez #arsenal #afc
Retweeted by arseblog @Okwonga @IanWright0 Awesome, congrats Musa! @dbrownlow03 Will do when it’s official official