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marcus @arsedustig dja dja wurrung country

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@jrihen @mickyb273 @nopoweradeinusa isn't he a sex pestget the deal, virgin Spotify user: showing your rewind to your friends and family to share in the good times you had this ye…
Retweeted by marcus @shinyspell 😱 @circuspandex good for her
@allahliker @laksaslut the glow up is real @circuspandex I hate this place @Kelsie spiders @mr_gilmour πŸ˜‚
@bennyymann because I don't live in alice springsdidn't get the job in alice springs
@michaelacoletta thank you @justinboldaji @ejstacey ebay @michaelacoletta toast, avocado, tomato, onion, coriander, mint, chilli, olive oil, balsamic vinegar @wills_account yes @wills_account oh @richardmelb05 yes!going to the tip again. tomorrow @richardmelb05 thank you! it was! @bonerman_inc good idea @themichaelcaine @dannolan thank you!what now @richardmelb05 hmmmm @oohweehuman @joshdivision @elizavetatweets thank you @exhaustedloser thank you @oohweehuman @joshdivision maybe @oohweehuman problem?dinner @Kelsie good job meat husband @sport_biscuit @sport_biscuit the waste transfer station @sport_biscuit it's where you tip your rubbish @sport_biscuit the rubbish tipat the tip. again to the tip. again @nicegirlmeg not yet. but one day @Kelsie maybe they don't have passion8 dessert cafe in kellyville @auntcontent you'll have to ask the passion8 dessert cafe @credittotheboys it's only fair @mmon_j now @babyfurby1999 you're welcomemy girl wants dessert I get her a mister choco brown snow mountain @babyfurby1999 @babyfurby1999 ok. how manycouldn't have happened to a more deserving band
Retweeted by marcus @bonerman_inc unsureterrible news about being one of the only places in the world to eliminate covid, really wish we'd just let it rip…
Retweeted by marcus @babyfurby1999 which one thorubbed chilli and onion in my eyehow much money do I have to spend on black friday to make myself happy @babydoll_lamb no @Kelsie the dancing plague @chrisjoregan that's right @rasta_dad thank you!breakfast are fucked up @abcnews @phocks
Yanis Varoufakis calls for Black Friday boycott of Amazon
Retweeted by marcus @AngeMaryClaire πŸ‘Ž @Kelsie just google speed test. it will tell you @babyfurby1999 big boof @ThisisAlexei @takealookpod rip @denvergolfclub @moltopopulare his house is v good @MoroseJerk πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ @moltopopulare netflix. stan @MoroseJerk yes @satanicauntie @satanicauntie yes? @satanicauntie WHAT @plantmumma leather and cookies @a_big_pigeon no @awkwardfoxes @babyfurby1999 😬 @awkwardfoxes @babyfurby1999 he probably will @babyfurby1999 @awkwardfoxes oh @awkwardfoxes @babyfurby1999 it was an accident @Bites_ @IllyBocean holy shit @IllyBocean πŸ‘ @babyfurby1999 @babyfurby1999 🌯 @babyfurby1999 not recommendI stood on a bee @lukewiwa I have made an expensive mistake @lukewiwa I've got a Sony with Android tv and I hate it. crashes/freezes at least once a week @babyfurby1999 you're welcome @babyfurby1999 pumpkin @babyfurby1999 same @7elevenlatte 😒
@z_tash wtf @MatthewBevan what @jennineak you're married now @babyfurby1999 good morning @circuspandex thank you @local__celeb @bingodaddyy who @bingodaddyy @wills_account thank you @wills_account ok