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Art Barillas @Art_Barillas Toronto, Ontario

Devout Catholic in love with Christ. DC Comics Fan. Wrestling Fan. Passionate writer. #WritingCommunity Author of Sisterhood of Light Series. Husband and Father

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I think that the #StarTrekDiscovery #Writers enter a room and just think what could piss off the #trekkies fandom t… @Karantov @BurnettRM Being both fan and writer, these bastardizations of beloved franchises are a double tap to the creative intellect.
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When people claim that #indieauthors aren’t real authors but fake wannabes unworthy of traditional publishing: On…
Retweeted by Art Barillas @CassThomps13 #WritingCommunity! Thank you so much for your support over the years!! I am helping to #lift with many retw…
Retweeted by Art BarillasHow is the back @CassThomps13 ?, #horror writers: check out Callum's award winning piece 'Familiar', then share your own work in his thread! 💀…
Retweeted by Art BarillasOkay. I’ll read this thread.’t wait 😝 @caseyofm God Yes! @MLynnJohnsonOP #WritingCommunity today's #WritingQ Do any of your characters have anxiety? How does it affect them?
Retweeted by Art Barillas @GabriellaBuba Three of themWriting Short stories is a completely different skill set then writing novellas or novels Who in the…
Retweeted by Art BarillasMust be tough working on a project for two years... just to abandon it, in order to tend to personal tragedy only f… @CassThomps13 @ReneeGendron I say close to both in the same degreeIs your MC closest to their mother or father? Why is that the case? #writingcommunity
Retweeted by Art Barillas @CassThomps13 Fierce I read that Joss Whedon has exited The Nevers. #LifeIsGood #JusticeMatters🤣😂🤣😂🤣 @DanDDoes @CassThomps13 @Aaaamberr2255
@writingiswar @RayeDanny @CassThomps13 @cmramsburg @thedutchsimmons @KaitlynEKeller Special shout out to… @writingiswar Friends I made on twitter: @RayeDanny @CassThomps13 @cmramsburg @thedutchsimmons and @KaitlynEKeller's weird making actual friends on Twitter. I never thought I'd like you Tweeple so damn much. 🙏
Retweeted by Art Barillas @JAL_BuckShot They are definitely not! @JAL_BuckShot They are at a football field outside their high school @e_stavs @CassThomps13 @lofivampire What’s your favourite scary movie? @CassThomps13 Ahem
@RayeDanny @CassThomps13 @RayeDanny @CassThomps13 @RayeDanny @CassThomps13 is me right here 🤣😂 @CassThomps13 @Aaaamberr2255 @TheZeusJuice Well... it has been a very productive afternoon on twitter 🤣😂🤣😂 @NatashaLink1 @geostylegeo @CassThomps13 @Aaaamberr2255 @TheZeusJuice It was a stupid narrative choice. No reason to put that there. James Masters hates that scene @Aaaamberr2255 @CassThomps13 @TheZeusJuice @CassThomps13 @Aaaamberr2255 @TheZeusJuice @CassThomps13 @TheZeusJuice @CassThomps13 @TheZeusJuice But just to show this is a friendly argument about a show that aired twenty years ago,… @CassThomps13 @TheZeusJuice Again this is character development. And you will hear no argument from me on this fron… @CassThomps13 @TheZeusJuice Spike in no way shape or form showed marriage material as a man during his entire run.… this is the year that would happen @TheZeusJuice @CassThomps13 I believe in redemption as much as the next guy. But there are things that I just can’t pass. @cmramsburg judging me @cmramsburg !! relationship with @CassThomps13 has reached a formidable impasse. She’s a #Spuffy fan while I am a hardcore… @KeytarCatholic
@RayeDanny Thanks for the memories! @CassThomps13 I am your guy to get you motivated me @CassThomps13 No more high heels 👠 for you publishing industry giving me nothing but rejection and closed doors: Give up already Me:
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Retweeted by Art BarillasThis is one of the many reasons I love @thedutchsimmons 😂🤣😂🤣 @thedutchsimmons When @thedutchsimmons drops a King 👑 tweet @CassThomps13 @Spyder_Collins @RayeDanny
A little Ancient Ones plug for #ShamelessSelfpromoSaturday! Snuggle up with the gothic novel that will transport yo…
Retweeted by Art BarillasThe virus has a tail whip like the Balrog. Don’t let your guard down. Protect the vulnerable.
Retweeted by Art Barillas @RayeDanny all- this is 2020. Dont expect a white Christmas, expext a DIE HARD Christmas
Retweeted by Art BarillasHello #WritingCommmunity! Thank you for all the support! Networking helps our authors immensely! Let's have anothe…
Retweeted by Art BarillasMom vs Kids #ParentLife 😂🤣😂🤣😂
@elRodriMtz Just Awesome! @RayeDanny
Attention! From now on, whenever someone brings up any of the usual trad discourse topics, it will be referred to…
Retweeted by Art Barillas @KaitlynEKeller'm SO happy to officially be a #NaNoWinner2020!!! 🖤 This was my first #NaNoWriMo, so I didn't know what to expect…
Retweeted by Art Barillas @CassThomps13 And your only in your 30s. 😫 @thedutchsimmons @thedutchsimmons @RayeDanny @CassThomps13 @writingiswar @cmramsburg @RayeDanny @CassThomps13 @thedutchsimmons @cmramsburg I can mention @RayeDanny @CassThomps13 @thedutchsimmons right of the bat
@TPSOperations I see a lot of dry eyes on the replies on this tweet. know aspiring authors sometimes feel left out of the #writingcommunity because they don’t have links to published…
Retweeted by Art Barillas💀 EPIC HORROR WRITER SHOWDOWN 💀 Two authors, one prompt, who will be the victor? - Comment a prompt below - Four…
Retweeted by Art BarillasCome on, baby, light my fire. But don't inflame my ire. A vampire I might be, but I still want you with me. THE DE…
Retweeted by Art BarillasLaughing, she twirls, exuberant in a smoked cherry dress. "Didn't see that coming, did you, darling?" Her husband…
Retweeted by Art BarillasWe all have different milestones for how we see our book journey as "successful" To me, one sign of "making it" is…
Retweeted by Art BarillasI am a #ZackSnyder fan! #ReleaseTheSnyderCut #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague @CassThomps13
Glorious!!!!! #UsUnited #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague #ReleaseTheSnyderCut a shot! @CassThomps13 @KaitlynEKeller @CassThomps13 @abhorrently_urs my eight year wedding anniversary today. Who knew I had it in me to make marriage work. 🤣😂🤣😂… @abhorrently_urs I love @CassThomps13 too! One of the best people I’ve meet on twitter. Love her no BS attitude. @thedutchsimmons @NatashaLink1’s that time again! Time for another #writerslift! RT and Like! Post your books, blogs, links, etc. Or, say hi…
Retweeted by Art BarillasGot to love the #SnyderHaters 🤣😂🤣😂 @thedutchsimmons @LuisHWrites @CassThomps13 @Spyder_Collins
@thedutchsimmons @CassThomps13 @Spyder_Collins @thedutchsimmons @CassThomps13 @Spyder_Collins @CassThomps13 @CassThomps13 out my AWESOME Book Trailer created by @anna_mocikat! Atonement (Heaven Sent Book One) is a Fantasy Paranor…
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