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lmt arth @arth @SilverAimers

valorant lead @limitggs // @jayluhs

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@LimitGGs @d4vddd WOOOO CONGRATS @144hero @KovaaKs very nice @flexaspiree @angeIZL @tyzi i love u wow @angeIZL @tyzi CHILL CUH @tyzi nothing that place succsgoodmorning thanks for the support :Dcool valorant video
Retweeted by lmt arth @drauziii vouch @tyzi im just getting my cool valorant video on the tl for 200 whats wrong @fvckhiroo alot of it is smurfs in diamond but 3 are on my main @149566 juurs its been a while @bxrrylol my youtube is so dead thats why i never post on it @vaIics i dont even have a playlist @tyzi thank you real tazi @lz4yas ty ty @uhhzeem @ssav1or @wlyrrr 500,000 likes and igu @uhhzeem @ssav1or @wlyrrr same @ilybeastz - comm manager @oxyypooh lose @kayvalorant why u still awakeall rters appreciated @vort88 thanks real riven vorticus @nhuciferr ARTICUSSY!!!! @nhuciferr articussy video! @Loading_Val aim you must aimcool valorant video @junpeifps i can already tell these are good @wolfyval also delete before i get hella angy @wolfyval didnt u get ratioed @tyzi i swear i dream for like 20 mins and wake up 16 hours later i dont get it @wolfyval this what i mean like bro no one cares u goin to sleep @9023 safe travels my friend @9023 that was me yesterday and then i slept 16 hours this shit is so fucked mansleeping is basically time traveling @junpeifps jus something good @wolfyval W @wolfyval SHEEESH W @ssav1or best player ive ever seen >.< @ssav1or @wlyrrr u jus like me @kayvalorant holy fuck… @1nxsh Won vcs ty for opportunity @Mile1x made by same ppl who made death note @Mile1x now watch platinum end @JeoSZN a new mousepad @fckdru HBD @kayvalorant thats why i never play without my duo @babagirl thats what im sayin @yuta_val i didnt know i didnt follow u @ufwarod impossible @ufwarod ill be there with u soon @sekkiosa @tyzi @TingoVal ratio @TingoVal @tyzi u drop 60s every game kid shutup @TingoVal @tyzi yeppp @TingoVal @tyzi click the circles!!! @TingoVal @tyzi we should run it some time @tyzi @TingoVal cuz he to good @dreamsterxo your lucky dream ur lucky @tyzi no shi @ion2x_VAL @zekeiVAL SHEEESH @tyzi its unannounced ik everyone whos in it and i was offered to lead @tyzi DL gimme 20 @rivenvort fye @Mile1x @tyzi never would i ever
@chocomintVAL NICE @wlyrrr u can go for 1,000 here @mikesterval so goood @notrxchel rank? @Nighty100k ly nighty hope it gets better @ufwtel @Sorrriy GIVE ME EVERYTHING MFER @ufwtel @Sorrriy oh i do wanna buy me some @ufwtel @Sorrriy i dont get it @pmpy44 LOLLL @mikesterval @LimitGGs Welcome @TingoVal i wish i could shut myself down and wake up whenver @wolfyval jus suprised at how good the clip was @Ino_VAL same @tonyserrata @jayluhs same height @wolfyval wtff @lvcasxo W imo @ddhizzy bro @wydrimu ik but i need another 1 for someone elseSEN WON LES GOOOOOO
@wunjii sooo goooood @angeIZL @TingoVal @yauvaI i cant tell if ur bein serious when u offer me to teams anymore u jus be doin it whenever @angeIZL @TingoVal @yauvaI is this the real zulu hqs owner @lightskingf wat he do @TingoVal LOL @5ULKS I KNEW IT LES GO MAN @5ULKS what happened @chick3nval i jus saw this dude hbd @lightskingf tf is tude @tyzi 6 pm @aeluls 6 pm i think @florscnt @YukiAim holyyyyyu @5ULKS @softcorebaby thanks for paying for my school and travel man means sm! @ssav1or so goood @OhBofie @LimitGGs welcome @tyzi why are u asking twitter this @wlyrrr world class fortnite montage man @yauvaI LOL