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Celebrity, After Dinner Speaker, Award winner and writer, Author and writer of the Inspector Marsden Mysteries series of novellas. Also award winning winner.

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It was 1968/69 WORLD PREMIER 7.30pm GMT+1 tonight @TheDialingTC and @GITIKASINGS new fab virtual choir video...countdown red…
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongBrilliant news! Good luck!
It’s in one of the Radio shows, available for purchase!’s better hope it was only because your 4 year old required the lavatory? upstairs and stay there until you can be civil Don! point'Gravesend' is a funny name for a place to liveLewk?!!! believe I was
New eye test will no longer involve going to the opticians to read an eye chart but going on a 30 mile drive to the…
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongI wouldn’t like to be his 17 year old nieceCome back when you've won three in a row long as it's not been used for anything'm somewhere in the middle Vince
That’s where it is! need to get to the opticians's not me
@philsteele04 I've got my 'Who's having what for dinner' turban on of course!I think so Sarah! Terrific rally car in its day too. Croque Monseur is to die for! City Council @southamptonCC: Save Nuffield Southampton Theatres via @UKChangeFalse Alarm! oh dear! @stevecurb177 Baz is in the first episodeYou're just making extra work for yourself Annie's on the house Jules Mark... as far as I can remember... Dee, Dozy, Beaky, DOOR CINEMA CLUB!
I don’t think any of you old folk know what contemporary means! The competition is now over. No one won it! The ans…’m liking it. It could be called Julian Bravo. With me playing the titular role! Call my people. repeat the pop group is currently plying their wares! What’s up with you people?I’ll give you a clue. They’re current. And that’s your lot!Third time he’s rallied round in as many years right! Tonight’s competition! If anyone can guess what pop group I’m listening to currently there’s an autograp… @AlanRoebuck1 No as far as I knowSorry no. It turns out Larry Trafalgar didn’t have any film in his sodding Instamatic have they done to you @Robin_Askwith this is outrageous - This months VIZ 📖
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongOh it was wonderful. I got a terrific response. I'm thinking of making it a regular Thursday at 7.55 type thing won't know until I get to the end will I!'t quite believe it the first time eh Jill! I get that all the time! first, then audiobook to follow writing my next Inspector Marsden Mystery think you're doing fine Steve. Nothing at all to worry about there! Aloof (a spoof) via @YouTube
Well I dreamed you had 8 bottles of milk off my doorstep, so we'll call it quits shall we? did put his name forward, yes think you're there for a lot longer than that Duncan bit authorities have asked me not to say. Due to crowd control issues. would think so Cheryl. A salutary lesson. Does no-one use a fireguard anymore? poor fools! should be you buying? think you'll find it's 'Googies' Withers KevJ will, of course be observing current protocols and socially distancing at all times. Though you will be able to…'s got an organ! What's up with you? afterwards Guys, Wonderful news! I will be out in the street at 7.55pm tonight, singing the other side of my double A side… hanging loose. You no wat I'm sayin
Not that I’m aware of About 3 years ago it is good! That’s that sorted out then Is that you Vaun? had it on a complication LP in the ‘70’s. It had some great stuff on it. Do you know what the LP was by any chanc… saw it at the pictures it’s on it’s brilliant were the days @prodnose It’s very good mind! @prodnose It’s Stories. ‘Brother Louie’You see I should have said, ‘I think’ and chips you know, you’re not the first person to say that today! 4 or 5 years. Had a lot of welding done when I first got it. Very little work on the engine though. A previou… about if you had a fire extinguisher? You could put the fire out with it and then use it for propulsion. Next… @simonday24 He scored a cracking goal against Leeds from about 40 yards out, I remember that!Correct! '72 I had a go to say's the late 4 stroke V4. It sound like a tractor! to hear that Peter wat Im talkin' bout! didn't need parachute lessons David. Having jumped out of a plane on numerous occasions. two and a half hours. Including contractual toilet breaks. That was after four days meticulous rehear… Too far fetched Steve da man Steve Ducky! grief! You're right. I've just looked at the back. Me and Michelle must have been indoors too long