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Have own trombone but don't know where it is. Ditto ukulele. Please note that spoilers for the show currently touring will be removed by the management. End of.

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Get in touch with drum@komediaentertainment, can I have a big fat Happy Birthday to my darling Da, who’s 85 today? He’s not on twitter but he sort of lo…
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongThank you. Very nice to meet you lot!⭐ This Week at The Atkinson ⭐ Featuring @Arthur_Strong @NoiseNextDoor @murdmystprod @limehouselizzy and more! -…
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongComing Soon... Count Arthur Strong @Arthur_Strong returns to #Malvern on 23rd November with his brand-new show, ‘Is…
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I was there for about half an hour Sheila Sue! Nice to meet you!🙌 The lads have arrived!
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongGood morning cats & kittens. #BehindClosedDoors with me and @GaryLineker resumes this week. Can you contribute to:…
Retweeted by Count Arthur Strong @Arthur_Strong please can you retweet ?!! Happy to post out , #countarthurstrong #scarborough #scarboroughspa
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Ditto! it now Sid beg your pardon?!! @Arthur_Strong 2 tickets for the veritable Counts “sell out” performance at Southport Theatre on 23rd Oct available…
Retweeted by Count Arthur Strong @Arthur_Strong Looking forward to seeing you again in Bexhill on Sea next month. Hope we find out if anybody IS out…
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongUnbelievable! @Arthur_Strong Not at all surprised. My wife and I saw you last year and nearly laughed our kidneys out.
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongThe hilarious @Arthur_Strong brings his brand new tour here to #demontforthall on Thu 20 Feb. Avoid disappointment,…
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongIt'll be a bit spooky sure how this is possible?📢We have just released limited tickets for our SOLD OUT night with @Arthur_Strong Sun 24th Nov🎟️…
Retweeted by Count Arthur Strongany takers?
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongProud of both
Cheeky are you having? came to the show last night. A lovely man! Sennapods like the, ‘Don’t let tonight ever end’ 99p sticker! soup bowls are in our cupboard! and the sock is on my foot. (left). And now I've seen the picture of Ken I feel… to hear that. Wish him well from me. Maybe someone will see this retweet and get in touch re tickets love @Arthur_Strong merch! Wearing mine to college! #student
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongI'm afraid I'm out at the moment you Louise! you! Lovely to meet you Cheryl!
Is that tonight?’s possible Rob
Hello yourself! allow you to have a tattoo of me on your left shoulder a minute David. I'll have to look that up time I needed directions I was in short trousers'm already doing that one in French you thought so Beverly! it wouldn't Steven. Count Arthur Strong: Is There Anybody Out There? The widely acclaimed comedian @Arthur_Strong b…
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongIt really doesn't sound like my sort of thing I will! Afterwards. thanks. I've got a show on that night’ll see what I can do!
Don't worry about me Benny! We use a hologram for shows I can't make.'ve seen that too! you enjoyed it! album! is. This Friday!
I was very good in that Bruce. Exchange and Mart said I was like a young Frank Findlay’s actually quite fruity do Sam I’m a cote du Rhône manI tell you something the Radisdon Blu has had a consistently good Malbec for the last couple of years.In which case I can understand his resentment my work here is done Marc theatre was full of people fella
Oh dear, lookout!'s not John Jobson! Call the police. Or have a shave! Pete!Sorry to hear that Marie. Hope you feel better tout sweet! @Arthur_Strong Count I’ve two tickets (auditorium) for your sell out show in Southport (congratulations) but I’m ab…
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongI don’t know
Thank you Teacakeman!’t get Lionel Blaire involved @MelindaCapewell @Arthur_Strong Hi Melinda, @CurveLeicester will be in touch with you and let you know what to do,…
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongI believe they're porting them across Melinda. I don't know how. note everybody! Had to switch to a bigger venue to get my vast pantechnion of stage equipment in.
NEXT SHOW! Count @Arthur_Strong returns on Thursday 24th October with his brand new show: Is There Anybody Out The…
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongD A Y 8 🙌 What's On: ⭐️ @mcshands - O'Neil's Aberdeen ⭐️ @CatherineBohart - @tunnelsaberdeen ⭐️ @Arthur_Strong
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongVery best to you in your dotage Vin! Remember you’re as old as you look.
Fan of cult TV and radio star #CountArthurStrong? @Arthur_Strong is coming to @TheBrindley
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongIt will be confiscated at the door if you do Gus!'re asking the wrong person. I'm more on the artistic side.
Next week I will be onstage talking with @WhisperingBob . Just two old heads yakking about stuff, old bands, and lo…
Retweeted by Count Arthur StrongClassic! have Jill. My people are all over it
Part time
I hope you’ve washed that T shirt since the last time I saw you?’ll be thrilled to know I am in the right place at the right time for tonight’s show! don’t! Thought it was a four o’clock show. I was shopping on Oxford Street!, Bless them. Send my love! agree woke you up should apologise to us all! Ginger! A nutter but what a drummer! you Patsy!
It is! A LOAD OF THIS! Buy tickets for Count Arthur Strong's Xmas Radio Show! 2019 at The Dancehouse, 10 Oxford Rd, Ma… PEOPLE! More Radio Show Specials for 2019. Ticket information. | Count Arthur StrongCount Arthur Strong
Fan of cult TV and radio star #CountArthurStrong? @Arthur_Strong is coming to @TheBrindley #NorthWestHour
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