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Comic Artist -- Currently working on THE DREAMING (2020) - DOCTOR MIRAGE - EUTHANAUTS - ALIEN BOUNTY HUNTER Contact: He/Him

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@ShoandTwit Bahahaha! 💙 @ShoandTwit I love both!
@Mellisaurus_Rex Well I can NOW. 😭💙 @Mellisaurus_Rex I- has started Critical Role! Mwuahaha! Look at his amazing Mighty Nine! 2 days ago: Doing some of my best work!! Today: The hell is even a “line”??? @bananawarmer @toastasaurus @jp_jordan Always looks better in blue! 💙 You’re awesome, JP! @SamSykesSwears @gryzmoly SAME😍I have a need. quick in-the-car sketch of that Nightcrawler fella. First full iPad sketch I’ve posted(?)
Retweeted by Nick Robles (C2E2 C-3) @steve_foxe @EpicKidsBooks Congrats, Steve! 🤩🤩 @DailyRathaway @thegaycomicsguy an A+ movie. 🖤 @phillipsevy @MidtownComics @DarkHorseComics Dude, you know if you open it up there’s real art to be found!! @phillipsevy @MidtownComics @DarkHorseComics 🤩🖤 @PatrickLarcada Truth!!“Nick, are you watching Stardust now?” @Midnighter_DC Ahhh 🖤 @whatthe_shea @PatrickLarcada Meeetooooo!!!!Since someone mentioned Charlie in Stardust, a favorite of mine! 🖤 @PatrickLarcada I KNOW! I almost went on a tangent about it. Fantasy romance? My heart is there lately!!😈 @SadMeganGirls *good taste! 😂Charlie Cox in general though. @maliciousglee I should read a Daredevil comic. ever think about Matty? @meekmiki_ I love it!
@AnnChoviArt Thanks so much!! @AeeDee I’ll punch that cosmos into a better house. IdgafI still need to do Melanie to complete my Magnus Archives portraits. 😢I might like this version better...
Retweeted by Nick Robles (C2E2 C-3)Spritz me human!
Retweeted by Nick Robles (C2E2 C-3) @Trungles I am soon and far-away excited! @Trungles I’ve been looking forward to it!!I can’t wait for you all to meet these faces!I’m inking a Dreaming page tonight that might be one of my favorite pages I’ve ever done??? @chaoticute @ItsDaniCarr One day I will make it happen! @grantandstuff I love it.*i would say yes. @meakoopa Lmao @geneticghost I need to do it more often! I like it, but still keep coming back to my cintiq. I think I’m just sett… @byelacey I loved their dynamic! @AdamTGorham @OKatrinaFox @boomstudios @eharburn @JamesTheFourth Adam!!!! 😍 @heyjenbartel @PUMA @footlocker Jen! This is so cool! I love everything!!!
@NavarisDarson Hey Navaris! Thanks so much!! @ChrisRantin I like all those things! @SamSykesSwears Meeee!!!And Bear Mccr*eary is like, hey Nick I love this comic! Can I write some music inspired by it?!With a bittersweet romance focus. just need to combine my revived sword and sorcery love and Nightcrawler to make a sad faerie knight story or something.2020: The year of I’m still in love with drawing a fuzzy blue elf heartthrob. @frightdaythe13 Also TY!! @frightdaythe13 I used the real and design pencil in clip studio. 😀 @AshleyVRobinson Someone animate them twitching!A quick in-the-car sketch of that Nightcrawler fella. First full iPad sketch I’ve posted(?) ever blink so hard at a tweet you catch a power nap? @Wheeler A+ Thread. @maliciousglee @DavidRP91 😂😂 @BethanyWPope Hahaha! It’s perfect! @AshleyVRobinson Right? 😂😂 @francishsie thats you on bottom right, huh?*ugly laugh* Someone posted this on FB?? @brawl2099 Hahaha!! @AeeDee A great thing to keep in mind!A lot of good stuff in here! 🖤One day I should see that SDCC monster, too.Signed up to be notified when applications open up. Why not?! @jp_jordan You KNOW I'd have to hop on over to Ireland, too! @jp_jordan @DirkPower Right? Ian mops the floor with me!Ohdang. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a vacation before? I went to Florida once when I was a kid?Lol What if I applied to thoughtbubble, got in, attended, and then had a mini vacation running around up there? Loljk Unless?
@steve_foxe Secrets!!! @troubledmn Gosh I struggle with this.Hey, Creative Twitter— What’s some inspirational advice that’s never left you? @DafnaDOOM Oh @TotinoTedesco You never fail to stun! Gorgeous work! @cpfokken I can't vouch for the others, but I will see you there!!! :) @cpfokken I should try! I've never been to one. Haha#CriticalRole night! Ohno. I think I need to get the travelercon hoodie... @TriforceFusion Also -- Thank you! :D @TriforceFusion OhgoshNonono. That was purely a joke! Everyone has been kind! :)"!!Nick stop retweeting old art!! GIVE US NEW!!" DREAMING STUFF IS BEING CREATED! I promise!Or maybe Cloud...I don't know if I've ever seriously drawn Cloud before.
I need to draw him again sometime...and the rest of the FF8 crew. @thegaycomicsguy Same. Hahaha @Wheeler He will if I have anything to say about it! 😂 @Wheeler Another for my wing-of-night ref folder, I see. @bc_leecomics @meakoopa Omg 😭😂😭 @therightram DMing you! @therightram Raaaammm!“Nick, it’s 3 am...what are you laughing so hard at?”'m gunna get really good at art, y'all. Just you wait!I’m so mad I had blinders on growing up and developing my work. Be open to new and different art styles, youngins! @93418 That’s one I got! I haven’t had time to read, but I’ve been absorbing the art.Man, I’d kill for prints of his 30th anniversary Sandman covers. 😍