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Comic Artist -- Currently working on THE DREAMING: WAKING HOURS @ DC Comics (2020) He/Him

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@chaoticute *or a grump on twitter. What are words. @chaoticute (Not really. I'm just being twitter grumpy!)I hate Flynn Rider now. @gryzmoly
Jason Todd on the cover of Gotham Quarterly.
Retweeted by Nick RoblesTFW Samnee is gearing up for another Batober. convention in 2020? I don't think so. @matthewmercer @SupergiantGames @Marisha_Ray Welcome to the Hades addiction! Haha @Heartsib Hi! Miss you. <3 I hope things are well!! @Lilofirst Very kind! Thank you! @Insert_name135 Thank you! No more nsfw than here! HahaPatreon is all set up for Oct 1st! (I think.) Now there is just..aNXietY! @ten_bandits Drawing them comics! Got anything exciting planned for today?
@_matlopes_ He planned it. He's getting ready for the AC Halloween event! @monkey__marc @jordilafebre Gorgeous!!! I need to get some of his books! @heyjenbartel I just really like Bebop and Bartel art okay?? 🖤 @heyjenbartel's done it again!!! @juliaereck Welcome to H(ell)ades!Zagreus⚔️
Retweeted by Nick Robles @my2k @CriticalRole @samriegel I love her!! @afwassel @emilypearsonart I didn't see this one! I would like to live here. 😍
@transbillykplan @bc_leecomics It needed to hold a full breakfast! 😂 @afwassel 😍 @ohnoJustinO Who likes saucy art? No-one near this twitter!😏 @ohnoJustinO Ohno..I am targeted.You guys are following Justin. Right? 😍 @SeeDaviGo Launch it!! You'll do amazing! @TaliaMirai YUP YUP (also YAAY!) @OttoSchmidt72 Love it, Otto!I can't recommend this book enough! @ten_bandits One day I'm going to actually join a game a play again!! 6 hours sounds fun and exhausting! haha @oheysteenz Happy Birthday! @gryzmoly @Nadia_Shammas_ Did they discus it to you from the street? wtf @riasaur Thank you, Ria!!(YESYOU DO!)
@aureliacetinn Yes! I definitely want to share some step-by-step stuff on my patreon. :) Thank you! @ParkerAnniemay 42 runs? or is there a thing where you run unlimited levels? lol @noeIiosis @ParkerAnniemay I've made it through twice! Both times with a spear. :) It's my favorite along with the bow and gloves.Hadestown and Hades. Myth and Music combo. @olliegerlach @olliegerlach THERE will probably be more fanart! @RandyS0725 Yes, but fan art of the Hades game! :)Zagreus⚔️ @_matlopes_ Making them look 1000% better! @StefanoTruth Busy day! @DialHForHagai Thought you were making them these days?! :) @SillyNakkers Sounds about right!What's on the Saturday agenda? @sxbond Happy (belated) Birthday, Shelly!!! 🖤 @GWillowWilson I've been meaning to rewatch it too! @gryzmoly @gryzmoly YUP! Ahaha @gryzmoly I did this too. LOL
Food: Serves Four Me: ""Serves Four"" @geneticghost It feels good to be RIGHT.FF7Remake: Mako Me:..."MAY-KOH"Charon: *present in any media* Me:....."CHAIR-UN" @pentachilles I feel like I've seen it done over the years and it always stuck in my dumb brain!!Morning Jason ☕️
Retweeted by Nick Robles @monkey__marc You're the best, Marc! @weredawgz @cosyfemme Happy Anniversary!One Hades run, then bed! 😴How is it already 2:30? Ughh @ItsDaniCarr I have to hold on to these feelings for 2 weeks!!AHHHHHHHH! #CriticalRoleI'm ready, but I'm not. #CriticalRole @93418 I need it to happen. I'm so curious. @definitelyvita ahahaha #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleSpoilers @93418 I'm still waiting for Matt to do a chair enemy. @93418 It's just gunna be this:'s Critical Role night! Let's see what's inside that portal!
@therightram Nooo, Ram! Take care of yourself! I know you're always working at 120%. @therightram You got time. Just a little side project. No bid deal. Haha💙🖤'm a little worried about starting this without a buffer of work. I guess that's kind of the point though. Patrons… @thesteveorlando Congratulations!!
@ohnoJustinO BE NICE TO HIM @NicolaScottArt 😍! @therightram When are you gunna take a nap, Ram? (CONGRATS!!)
@sousourocket 😂!!You know...if I had done the quarantine long hair thing I could've had a great hair model for all these Shakespeares I'm drawing. 😂😭and yes, I want to draw them all. @TheDamnThinGuy A mood.Hades is very fun! 😍 @maliciousglee My bread and my butter.THIS LEVEL OF NARRATION DESERVES TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED
Retweeted by Nick RoblesDo you remember? @joshixson @thevaultcomics Love it! @_matlopes_
@marissadraws out @ReadRazorblades! It's almost the 👻official😱 spooky month. Get yourself a horror magazine/PDF to celebrat… very good mail day! on while I draw and paint this angry reply. @JosephGlass @DarkHorseComics @comiXology @cemiroz @pleurgh @sheriffstocky Congrats, Joe! @DailyRathaway I did! I was still devastated from Ghost, but I lovelovelove what God of War did. I’m ready for 2!