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ryan. bi. (he/him) comic/concept artist. #BlackLivesMatter

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Missing my 3 year old robot son @moby_dickhead I’m boysPlaying around @EastWindBlues THank youuuuu !!!!
@miyuliart Friendly nipples6 days left to back Hard Drive vol 3. This is the only chance to get a guaranteed copy of Hard Drive vol 3 or Hard…🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Preorder TWINS here:
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴ @TheDamnThinGuy HeheheheheheheheI haven't explicitly stated this yet but I will not be ordering a lot of surplus books for this kickstarter. I will… honestly so wacky... Bonkers even... that we've already hit our 4th stretch goal! It really does mean a lot tha… @ProfChestnut I don’t think I understand what’s happening haha @ProfChestnut Easier for them to adjust to the collar? Or
@shingworks Love youram and goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴsomething inspired by the neighborhood I used to live in in providence, ri
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴ @dopadee use him to kick out the other smug🦖🪞
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My friends dog is sharing a moment of peace and quiet with me. are already 500$ away from our next stretch Goal!!!! this is BONKERS?!?! @nicodelort Ty Nico!!!!! @ActionKazimer Tysm!! @JennRavenna Ahhh ty ;-; @mazinaanzo I think I’m around 130rainy morning 😌 @shingworks dolphinately.
@ArtofNickRobles Love youuuuu 🥰 @heysawbones @PepperErhghhf @ArtofNickRobles joocy even @PepperErhghhf @ArtofNickRobles :3 @PenBerzerker @ArtofNickRobles Thank you Konner ;u;Hello. We reached our 3rd STRETCH GOAL!!! On top of the reward I'm also sharing this fabulous print made by… @Marshmallow_owo Yeah I’m having a hard time recalling. Idk must have been a dreamremember when i cared abt overw*tch a year ago
Retweeted by ʀʏѧɴ @Dezz_Rodriguez And I’m crying thank you @Dezz_Rodriguez @Dezz_Rodriguez WHAAATT?!?!? @steve_foxe STEEEEVEEEEEE 🥰😭😭😭Oh man less than 250$ until our next stretch goal!!!! Can we get there today? @killswitchkatie Yesss!!!!! Welcome to the family Aroma Rice cooker!!!! @killswitchkatie Which did you get!?
Did a quick lil painting of a friend on my couch. It was nice to take time to draw something with absolutely no exp…
@courtneyexists I hate that this worksMet a couple lgbtq allies at the beach this morning image of my son @moby_dickhead Ill have to find some near me @Loudwindow But also* @Loudwindow Lifelines buff is so good but these new skins slapAnd the drawing I’m doing for work should be sparking so much joy and be fun but im just anxious as all hell about it for no reason @ngoziu @shingworks Bad dad @moby_dickhead That cookie looks so goodIt absolutely isn’t a time thing literally takes all of my being and bandwidth to just half ass take care of my res…’t drawn for fun in what feels like forever 😞 I think the last drawing I just did for fun was about 3 months ago???
@cyberpunkwarlok !Animal crossing is updating right now !?!?!!!!!!!! @ActionKazimer He in fact did it! He’s all good now
Update: Prismo pooped and his bloat is gone! @galaxiesto It’s made of plastic haha idk @toastasaurus I’m cleaning the room that he’s in and the commotion alerted him!!I haven’t posted a picture of Finn in like 3 years. He’s doing great btw 😊 @deathcab4booty Not playing overwatchBloat isn’t deadly it’s just a fancy way of saying he’s constipated. If he doesn’t poop soon I will have to feed hi… I specifically didn’t feed him yesterday so he could have some time to acclimate to the tank and now he’s got… @hamishsteele YAAAAASSSSSS @proclioevilo BITCHHHHH!!!!!!! These colors mawma
@BATHSmusic YesPrismo said trans rights!Everyone meet Prismo! I picked him up while grabbing some supplies for my lizards :3 @paradiseinvite Every day for the last 5 months @claystorks I’m so sorry :(Leave Otava the fuck alone.Crying is okay I’m behind on emails right now because life is happening a lot all the time always but like it’s all gonna be wo… @kianamaiart Holy shit this is beyond good I’m SHAKINGSIGN ME THE HECK UP
@shannondrewthis love you very much Shannon <3 @moby_dickhead I love this version of onlyf*ns you created @ESProductions55 😔😔 @TheDamnThinGuy This is also on my list along with HerculesI can’t even count how many times strangers have called me (a bisexual) the f slur for just existing in their vicin… @hamishsteele Thank you but I knew thisA little bird told me these two are gonna f*ck in Hard Drive vol.3 @gracedesbenz 🥰 love you Grace @proclioevilo NOOOOOOOOOOO @Justinoaksford Yummmmmmm @shannondrewthis I almost peed myself at Detos @shingworks I will say though. Peach herbal tea with hazelnut creamer is good. @shingworks It...s drinkable. I can’t say I’ll do this again. @shingworks I’ll report back in 2 minutes it’s steepingI’m trying a mango black tea with hazelnut creamer let’s go @TheDamnThinGuy Teammates to enemies to enemies who fuck 🥵🥵🥵really close friends..... or sworn enemies who are sexually attracted to eachother?
@tia_gilles Oh definitely @JessFink Tulio has a whole conversation with Miguel with his whole dick out and how did I not catch this earlier lmaoThis movie is 100x hornier than I remember @ActionKazimer I’m not lying !!She was the blueprint im revisiting my bi awakening today @Peter_Wartman zoinks.............. critical hit...