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Arturas Karnisovas saved Chicago Bulls basketball and my life. All memes original. Willing to die for: @chicagobears, @chicagobulls, @cubs #BrawlNetwork

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@ShamsCharania Whoa. Did anyone see this move coming?? I sure didn’t! I think it’s great that teams are finally wis… @ChiCityEC24 @KromerZone @we_da_BULLS @wojespn absolutely. not even a question. @ro773_ LOL bro the old St Paddy’s Day unis were a sight to behold @ShamsCharania Good for them. I know they’re extremely conscious about making a run for the NBA championship this s… @ShamsCharania @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium Good for them. I know they’re extremely conscious about making a run for th… Noah deserves to have his jersey #13 retired by the Bulls. Don’t believe me? Maybe you were only looking a… @NBCSBulls Retire a Bull. Retire #13. Make him an assistant coach. @NBCSBulls I AM UGLY CRYING IN THE CLUB @KCJHoop I love this dude @TheHoopCentral Giannis will surpass him after he joins the Bulls @OGTankLoc this is a good song, sit down @KromerZone @we_da_BULLS @wojespn you clearly didn't watch those teams. if you watched those teams, you would know… last time for the maaaaaaan in the middle: The Bulls tribute video for Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose. Still m… @KromerZone @wojespn yes he was, tf @wojespn Retire his jersey and retire a BullLet Joakim Noah retire a Bull. Then retire his jersey. cc @chicagobulls @joshrpool @KOT4Q Can't go wrong either wayThis man was never afraid of a challenge. forever
Retweeted by Artūras Karnišovas Fan Club @KOT4Q If you interview this man PLEASE ask about Kevin Garnett. I could listen to Joakim talk about KG for hours. @KOT4Q Dub so big I got two pivot bucket caps @ChiSportUpdates He will. Billy Donovan was his coach in college and Arturas does these things right. Sources say… @wojespn JO COME HOME @wojespn I don’t wanna call it ring chasing, but he’s always welcome back home in the Chi @wojespn @BDA_Sports Billy Donovan was his coach in college and he’s said he wants to be back in Chicago at some po… @KOT4Q @wojespn @BDA_Sports He coming home to be an assistant for his college coach Billy D @wojespn @BDA_Sports COME HOME JOUpdate: I went with this, which you can find here: @InsideHoops Cristiano Felicio @wojespn Good for them. I know they’re extremely conscious about making a run for the NBA championship this season… @BleacherReport @wojespn where’s the bulls @AllenRobinson @FireMatNagy @ArobSZN if you promise to stay I’ll vote
@KOT4Q CALLED. GAME. @TheNBACentral Eastern Conference teams continue to be scared of the Bulls. Good luck in the playoffs, Miami! @chicagobulls @BMOHarrisBank @ZachLaVine @CobyWhite @wendellcarter34 i like this content @Bulls_Peck Accountability?? Cohesion?? What’s happening here!?!??!? @Roth34 @TheNBACentral I know! That confused me too! Lmao @Bulls_Peck Dynamic duo @TheHoopCentral @TheSteinLine Brooklyn Nets type beat @MVPBoJack true lol, he's welcome to get out of townAllen Robinson deadass said @OuttaPocketBlu appreciate you homie @OuttaPocketBlu He’s been targeting my friend group and somehow knew some intimate details about my life, which led… @OuttaPocketBlu These people jump through hoops to rationalize their horrible ideologies. They find a way. Defini… @KCJHoop CHEEKS GENERATE CHEMISTRY @ShamsCharania @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium This guy any good? @chicagobulls Billy D: "Lauri is not a one-dimensional catch-and-shoot forward" Jim Boylen: @ChiSportUpdates Lauri if he had to be told to catch and shoot from the perimeter one more time: @KCJHoop so like an actual offense then @chicagobulls TERMINATOR SZN @KCJHoop @ChiSportUpdates @KCJHoop @TheHoopCentral @egotastic @TheNBACentral Scottie has had the worst 2020 of anyone @KCJHoop The Chicago Bulls merely have positive people, as opposed to the negative mindset of years past. So basi… @Mean_Lavine @NBCSBulls @FredFilmz_ if enough Bulls fans say it he's gonna leak the address to the United Center, watch out @NBCSBulls @FredFilmz_ Good answer @NBCSBulls can you find a way to highlight the part when his phone started ringing @rob_schaef Long-term rebuild. Great work in the pressers today, guys. Are we gonna hear from Marc Eversley at some point, as well? @ChiSportUpdates Garrett also adds the middle name Bartholomew to the roster, which is a very notable addition. @RotoRadarCEO @HoustonRockets Still can’t beat the Bulls in the Finals. Sorry, Houston. @centurylt our guy has an android @TheHoopCentral @MarcJSpears Made up by teams afraid of the Bulls @JeremyLayt0n you’re opening the door for a Glennon reunion and I don’t like itArturas Karnisovas: Anthony Davis calls in the middle of a press conference? Sorry bud. Gonna have to wait. @KCJHoop If he had to name a fourth, it would be that his middle name is Bartholomew. @EatLiquidGold @ESPNNBA BUT @chicagobulls The fact that we get to be optimistic and excited again is just an amazing feeling that I struggle to… @KCJHoop AK steady plotting. Rebuilding through the draft, not overpaying in free agency. This is a rebuild to sustain long-term success. @KCJHoop TROPHY BOI @chicagobulls No steps skipped on the path to greatness @chicagobulls @BMOHarrisBank THE MOMENT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR @NBCSBulls Someone say positive vibes? @TheNBACentral @egotastic Damn Pip, 2020 was bad for everyone but my guy is struggling @TheNBACentral Joining him in Chicago instead @tylerozner @djbrovvn I’ve lived in both and each has their merits @COMtnHigh22 I like that they switch it up. @KOT4Q Fire 2k vids and all around Bulls content @TheHoopCentral @ShamsCharania @WeAreCavsNation How much help does Sexton need damn @alvarovsdaworld @PLAYYBOYY_N8 @BleacherReport @MiamiHEAT gradients on jerseys = bad @SGagovski OH! How did I not know about this sooner??? These are awesome! @TheHoopCentral @harris_stavrou Giannis must sacrifice staying in Milwaukee in order to win and be great. The lege… @TheHoopCentral Ratio that freak @albator that's clean @tylerozner westwood days @TheHoopCentral @ShamsCharania @ComplexSports @TheNBACentral Wow. Warriors continue to look for ways to not get blo… @TheNBACentral @harris_stavrou So he’s sacrificing staying in Milwaukee? Bet. @RTCEdits @TheHoopCentral @harris_stavrou @TopBallCoverage Please standby while Jesus Arturas finishes an 11th comm… @Utdpete @RyanMitt24 @wanamaker_stan @TheHoopCentral @harris_stavrou @TopBallCoverage He's a poor man's Patrick Williams @RTCEdits @TheHoopCentral @harris_stavrou @TopBallCoverage You fool. I've already called Twitter and turned off th… @wanamaker_stan @TheHoopCentral @harris_stavrou @TopBallCoverage @TheHoopCentral @harris_stavrou @TopBallCoverage Wow. That's a crazy thing to say considering he's going to Chicago… @camisasdanba These remain badassSince we're dropping wallpapers, I made this in June of 2011. Made the lockscreen too for my jailbroken iPhone 4.… @BearForceOne98 This was my background on my laptop/phone for YEARS dude lmao I love this image @joshrpool 👀I've had the same Eddie Jackson wallpaper on my phone for months now. If anyone has some fire Bulls wallpapers, drop them below. @BruningOC11 I'm not necessarily opposed to it, but I'm also of the belief that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I… @RachLovely Coby was born to wear a Bulls jersey, and that blue looks especially perfect as a throwback to his college days. @Jeffo3545 @MaxMarkhamNFL Guess which one of those three had the best game this past Sunday?