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Artist/Designer, former Arkansan. She/her. 〰️〰️〰️〰️ IG @artwormsbrown Creator of the Ryland Museum on

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@evan_greer @magmidd This one gets it. very much appreciate it if you guys would share this. millions of people live with epilepsy and most people have…
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚My acorn-themed napkins rings are missing. MY ACORN-THEMED NAPKINS RINGS ARE MISSING!!
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚If you are hesitant about it being a kids movie, just fast-forward through the moon-Katy Perry songs. Those are sou… first I was afraid Chin would be a Meelo-type character (the worst part of #TLOK) but he was wonderful.Watched #OvertheMoonNetflix this morning. We need more boys caring about girls for non-romantic reasons. We need mo… @audonamission Snakes on a Plane. I will never experience its like. Goddamn magically stupid but everyone as all in. @KendraWrites These tweets make me feel ok.
DAMN DANVERS #RebeccaNetflix @JenniKonner OhJust here to let you know that my therapist reminded me so now I’m reminding you that extremely rollercoastering em…
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚 @sadydoyle @farwent Agreed. I never understood why he was cast in this. His character never fit in, even as a good foil.
@corywolbach @nextdoorsv @SanJoseNAACP @ACLU_NorCal @penforeveryone @SCCDP @EnviroVolun @paloaltoweekly @ctuan @corywolbach @nextdoorsv @SanJoseNAACP @ACLU_NorCal @penforeveryone @SCCDP @EnviroVolun @paloaltoweekly @ctuan @pIantporn posted a photo @SaraGonzalesTX @AOC If that's how you talk to service workers you've drunk a whole lot of other people's spit. @johnmoe Brown 2020 Don't Follow Me @magmidd The Chris Crisis.Flint still doesn’t have clean water... #Debate2020
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚 @brokeymcpoverty What the HELLC’mon US witches, turn this fool into a pig like Circe. what you need in your week is a cockatoo introducing himself to some 19 day old kittens, I have that for you.
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚 @EcoAndrewTRC Yeah, I e never heard “neutered” outside of animal hospitals and MRAs. @EcoAndrewTRC Is neutralized too close?I DID IT YALL 🥳🥳🥳 The FIRST YARN VENDING Machine EVER!!!! And guess who did it ?? A black girl from Philly 📍🐐 You…
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚this is such a serve
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚
If you MUST use quilting cotton (often all that’s around in a small town) make sure the lining is something soft su… might seem just a little uncomfortable at first and you ignore it because the cami is so cute. You will regret this.I would like to offer advice to beginning sewists, something I wish someone had told me. You may think a print in q… @EcoAndrewTRC Is this whence “spoopy” was born?:( @goldengateblond @RexChapman ???'m not really a cat person AND I am allergic to them but there's a cat I always see on my night walks and it has s… @shannonrwatts "You know! YOU know why... reasons.. YOU KNOW. You KNOW!"I still can’t believe that Pope Francis decreed that all marriages are gay.
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚
@oldmeanroy @CarlyChristineW @CityofSanJose @SJSpotlight People don't go straight from living on the streets to an… @megancarpentier One of my proudest work/boss moments was standing up for a work study student that simply had a ve… @magmidd OMG I just read that as “drofts”. @jref He gave a talk at a camp I attended in high school. Taught us the importance of “bullshit detectors” (our own brains). @magmidd I’m currently making do. @magmidd I will go in on halfsies. It’ll probably work better in your current country. Mine is a weeeeeee but dry.This is from a dream I had as a child. I’ve always wanted to spend time in a place like this. @ayyysymone That’s a donation- for your work!Poverty and violence are the fabric of society under capitalism. Capitalists get rich by exploiting people and the…
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚 @ayyysymone Would I be able to pay for a download so I can print this out for a family member?And don't come in here with, "What if people are lying". Friends, if anyone is lying about not having money odds ar…'s simple-- check the list, venmo/paypal/cashapp somebody and enter in how much you sent. That's it.Do you have money you don't actually need? Can you give some to people who desperately need some? This Santa Clara… @cyclelicious Oh-- it wouldn't have been beyond the pale to find out a Republican senator had just been found out t… ain't this a kick in the pants! The #RylandMuseum got a write-up in the Spartan Daily. Vol. 155, October 20 2… @cyclelicious Wait- what? What did I miss? @EcoAndrewTRC My dad used to harp on about this, has never been homeless and has only relocated for a job. I would… @JessicaValenti When I was a teen in the 90s I do remember having a strong personal preference for each at differen… over to Margaret's site and check this out, especially if you are unsure how this is helpful. Little tweaks to… to find out more about formication (bugs-crawling-on-skin sensation) on twitter and learning that a lot of p… @deaxoruheda I'm sorry- that sounds absolutely terrible. I just learned about formication.San Jose city council voted unanimously to buy the Best Western San Jose Airport Hotel to use as supportive housing for homeless residents.
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚 @GrandSonofCoco Everything's coming up roses!!I can only imagine how triggering watching Emily in Paris is for this Emily #EmilyInParis
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚 @xLeeGe I would have been happy if it turned out Emily was bi and realized Camille was not only a good friend but a… watched all of #EmilyInParis and yes I will watch more. It is deliciously stupid and exactly what I need.
@HBO @BBC @hbomax I think this is a butt, every time. @MrCamW Neverending Story!whenever you question your rates remember that there is a white man with half the talent charging more
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚 @danjlevy This is a dream. @mountain_goats Favorite exciting/awkward/disappointing experience was playing this album for my dad when I was 19… Survivor Song by Paul Tremblay. The women were written like they were quipping podcasters, in the midst of… @JamesRPinkard @StelliniTweets Nah, everyone's complicit in this. It's too easy to ignore the powerless and we are all guilty. @SJSpotlight @RamonaGiwargis Woof- figured it out, it's 8.2 if people want to comment- 10 minutes left til it close… @SJSpotlight @RamonaGiwargis It interpreting the City Council agenda an incredibly byzantine skill? I would love to… @SJSpotlight @RamonaGiwargis How can it be an option to close a shelter? @TasharaParker @ayyysymone Spherical shapes are so pleasing. @TasharaParker @ayyysymone They are simply jealous. I couldn't get my hair to do this without multiple experts arou… @MorganW_B @oldenoughtosay I have finally found a code for my own personal dress.Will there ever be a way to do e-commerce through Instagram that doesn't require a Facebook account? Going into my… @priya_ebooks And congrats! 🎉 @priya_ebooks I have an IUD now but damn did I love my Keeper cup. Even if a person has squeamishness about gettin… @bishnu_b @priya_ebooks We must make sure they are in a safe space. And always walking with a friend. Never at nigh… @kjfbw @AlexDe_Luca I do not believe there is ever a positive intention to adding "Miss" to someone's name. @AlexDe_Luca Can we add "girl" to that list, please. @peaktransit I'm too knew to know if it's obscure, but Holy City always seems to emerge from a mist and all I can r… @oldenoughtosay I have a full-length black velvet, from when my mother was a teenager. She has never told me what it was for... @magmidd @museum_matters So it sounds more like they fear repercussions of illuminating white supremacy and angerin… @magmidd “Really, a museum unequipped to exhibit Guston is barely a museum at all, or else only a museum in the mos… @magmidd Wait- what now? How is this not exactly what they should already be doing? Are they fearful of militias boycotting the museum? @oldenoughtosay 37, Arkansas/Mississippi. What now?? @wittmershaus @akilahgreen Oh lord
@printtemps Skaneateles! Friend from there.plants rlly be like ‘I do not vibe with this dirt’ and die
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚 @Karnythia Life is too short to change the way I learned to type 25 years ago. Who can even tell?? @RandiFoorDalton Fuck nice! They are all kind and there’s a big difference. @ThatEricAlper LeVar Burton, and please change that to “kindness”. Nice is a front for getting what you want. @davideastUK Uggggh I did a none pizza with banana peppers on the left once but I was very, very high. @LuxAlptraum Living in a small town in the 90s, access you Tori was only through shares from older people- she wasn… long/short vowels matter in Kalaallisut, my Indigenous language. nalliunneq - birthday naalliunneq - suffering
Retweeted by Scary Amy Artworms Brown 🦚 @akilahgreen Loved it when people would ask me if I got "culture shock" moving here from a progressive college town in Arkansas. 🙄 @Matic82Otto @heilabilun @Millerheighife It's fun to dunk but the children are our future. ❤️ @Sarah_Yael_Gold Did my 7yo neighbor steal them? She has given all my outside pumpkins ponytails.