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Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi
Retweeted by Alex Rude @Julian4948 And the hitting coach the year before @KingMac1129 Mac honest question. Would you rather have him or Madrigal? Because the pick they used to get Madrigal… @SoxyBack @BDunnChiSox1 @KindaBleu @Moncada4MVP @Sox_Nick @WasteOfMind00 Thank you my dude. You put together a grea… @SoxyBack @joeysox1952 The thing is he’s not just under contract with the Sox but with ESPN as well. I’m sure both…
@theGREATdanny94 Daniels was both president of ops and GM. Probably wanted a new brain in the room since the organi… @DavidCovucci @bo_kowalski jameis would never @YasmaniGrandaI @jlazowski14 He is going to fill in for both. When Steve has his off days and when Jason has his ESPN commitments @Julian4948 Nah it would be when Jason has to do ESPN games @whitesox @ESPN1000 @bo_kowalski @YasmaniGrandaI You’re reading too much into the tweet. He’s probably right cause you have to factor in that this i… @JoshBarlog @SoxyBack I'll echo what he said 95% on my TL with the other 5% laughing at the cubsLen Kasper loves radio. Always has. I’ve been with him during playoff games, when he was dying to be part of the ac…
Retweeted by Alex Rude @jlazowski14 I went with neither but how do the defensive metrics look for both? I can at least put up with the poo… @pladinosaur I guess that number makes sense. Having watched him the past two years, I have my reservations to anyb…
@ChiSoxSchins They wouldn’t also put no deal is imminent if they were in the final stages of negotiations @ChiSoxSchins This seems like agent throwing out Mets are involved to get higher offers from the other suitors @whitesox2021 Seems like a smoke screen @SoxyBack @Thatbaseballfan Ok that’s fair. I honestly considered Brantley and Ozuna in the DH category but I’d agre… @SoxyBack @Thatbaseballfan Who’s ahead of him? I can think of maybe one guy not named springer ahead of him @JulianGuilarte1 Tank sznRight-that was the Starbucks on Mars, correct?
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@BenChiTownKid98 @MlCHAELKOPECH You’re reading into hahns lawyer speak too much @TopSportsMind @Yankees @SimonettiSource @_NYYNEWS @xiggy89x @Kristen_MarieNY @TheNYYBabe @amber00827 @palehose05 @BenChiTownKid98 Oh yeah not saying that more of this move should not be as a sign the twins are not trying to compete @BenChiTownKid98 @palehose05 There’s a reason most twins fans were celebrating the move @palehose05 Nontendering him makes them better though @ChiSoxSchins He signed a five year extension going into his walk year @_dbrown_23 @YasmaniGrandaI *-2 not 2 but you get the point, sure he can hit home runs but there's glaring weakness… @_dbrown_23 @YasmaniGrandaI Gotta look beyond just home runs. I'll put his career in terms comparable to 2020 Sox P…
@_AlohaMrHand @whitesox I think he goes elsewhere. The last 3 years all he's heard from the media has been about th… @Julian4948 @BenChiTownKid98 They declined his option @MlCHAELKOPECH January 1st of this year lol @LWilz @KenWo4LiFe I checked using the way back machine on web archive here’s a screenshot somebody captured on Jan… @usblues23 @SouthsideZo We already have lol. He’s under contract until 2024 @LWilz @KenWo4LiFe He hasn’t had anything White Sox in the bio for almost a year now @BenChiTownKid98 @AdamKC1980 I mean Ricky and Cooper were fired after a month ago, with tomorrow’s tender deadline… @BenChiTownKid98 Also why would he wait a month throw out his displeasure about the hire on Twitter @Sox_Nick I think they’ll nontender mazara and rodon first which should be tomorrow’s @soxmachine_josh @JonHeyman @MLBNetwork @MrDelicious13 @MrDelicious13 Jon Heyman reported yesterday that the cubs have decided to tender him @jonklemke @BenChiTownKid98 Most likely due to Nomar having an extra year of Service. Nimmo would be a much needed… @jonklemke @BenChiTownKid98 Can i get a why on Nimmo? Since his first full season in '18 he has a .397 OBP, 4th amo…
@Kevinwhitesoxf1 I’m not sure if they’ll ask for crochet given the arm injury but I think you can package dunning f… @nater903 @GiraffeNeckMarc Plus he has never had a WRC+ above league average against RHP in his career @Kevinwhitesoxf1 I don’t think the cost will be that high but in any hypothetical trade I’m fine with parting with… @Kevinwhitesoxf1 Nah man there are a lot of people out there with takes saying they don’t want him for the because…
@BenChiTownKid98 That’s different than what the blue Jays did how? Lol @BenChiTownKid98 So you’re saying the Sox won’t make springer an offer at any point? Lmfao @BenChiTownKid98 It means they just made him an offer lol @BarstoolBigCat Has the date been figured out for Steven to tread water this year?
@Moncada4MVP Michigan is about to give Luke Fickell the bag @palehose05 @Dzikhead That’s how I feel living in Gold Coast honestly @Julian4948 @Harp4803 This happens like every other month lol
Retweeted by Alex Rude @NDMikeBrey @NDmbb @ALionEye Illinois still has the open date 12/5, right?
@WasteOfMind00 @SoxyBack He got hammered his last two times out in the regular season and if he gets left in for Ma… @SoxyBack @WasteOfMind00 They focus on the pitching rather than the offensive struggles in the playoffs because the… @SoxyBack @WasteOfMind00 Any splash needs to be in RF. Pitching staff needs a mid rotation guy and an innings eater… @BobbyJenkins87 They had one close game. The IU fans are just trolling you. If Illinois goes out next Wednesday and…
@BenChiTownKid98 @jmiller_3389 Psst if you trade Vaughn were one Abreu injury from Zack Collins everyday player @usblues23 That’s the only Antetokounmpo to win a ring the lack of respect smh @HoodieJudge99 Rays pitching and Braves offense. It’s over
@Leonard42 @SouthsideZo Social distancing babyyyyy @BenChiTownKid98 He wants to distance himself from the sign stealing scandal and going to play for Cora, the archit… @SouthSideBardo @SoxyBack Yeah but they literally lost a season in their competitive window due to injuries @SouthSideBardo @SoxyBack Also trading for snell is inherently risky in itself since he’s been plagued with injurie… @SouthSideBardo @SoxyBack I agree with that but I think it’s super important to weigh the impact of injuries in any… @SoxyBack @SouthSideBardo Do not trade Vaughn because you do not have a surplus or depth at all. Any injury to Abre… @theGREATdanny94 @BenChiTownKid98 Dunning injury was an elbow injury originally though. Crochets injury wasn’t elbow @BenChiTownKid98 On a path for a second TJ. Currently attempting to rest and rehab to avoid it but just ask Dunning how that usually ends up𝗚𝗔𝗠𝗘 𝗗𝗔𝗬!
Retweeted by Alex Rude @JamesFox917 @MrDelicious13 @KFidds @SouthsideZo Also with the lack of depth in the system infield wise if they tra… @JamesFox917 @MrDelicious13 @KFidds @SouthsideZo If what Rosenthal reported as the price is true, Sonny Gray can be…
@whitesox2021 Heyward has full no trade clause and don’t think he waives it to play for La Russa over his former teammate @Thatbaseballfan It’s also been widely reported all winter Morton wanted to stay on the east coast. Save that energ…
@cwsdjt The positive is on the other team not Duke @BenChiTownKid98 There’s a few differences that people overloo, NBA Free Agency began six weeks after the seasons o… @pladinosaur Funny part is Cole Tuckers the same age as me so if I had to guess she’s probably 8-10 years older than him lol @pladinosaur Nah Kopech’s ex wife is Vanessa Morgan. Vanessa Hudgens is the actress from high school musical @BearsFanatico94 ISO run play brilliant
@BenChiTownKid98 @Harp4803 @grayeyesdontlie Rick Hahn owes his whole career to Jon Daniels, imagine where we would… @Julian4948 @wsxmatt 21K in that group sheesh @Julian4948 @wsxmatt Lol which group is this? I definitely want to go troll these fools @Julian4948 Yes Lynn has been called by the national guys as the pitcher most expected to be moved and Musgrove is…
@AlexKielar That’s what they call sleeping my friend lol @ChiSox158 @BenChiTownKid98 @B_Metz311 He isn’t fat, it’s just a misleading video cause the Jersey is a size too sm… @chicityshmitty It’s literally his job to be a homer and cringe worthy. I understand that and considering anybody t… @Julian4948 @BenChiTownKid98 Springer sure but Bauer isn’t signing until end of January the earliest. Look at macha…
@ChiSoxSchins Minor league depth pitcher @flemdawg97 @Julian4948 It makes no sense to trade kopech now with his value at his absolute lowest. With how much… @Moncada4MVP I would love to know how somebody that doesn’t drink would end up getting a DUI lmfao
@RamonSports He currently has peak interest of multiple fanbases watching every video he posts. Waiting until Jan/F… @RamonSports If you’re Hahn why wait until late January to see if Bauer picks you instead of being proactive w/ oth… @RamonSports Odo + trade for a top 3 SP> Joc + hoping you win the Bauer FA. Too much uncertainty with Bauer’s decis… @RamonSports We only really NEED springer out of the 3. The drop off from springer to other options>drop off from B… @RamonSports No I get that and agree 100%. My point was it doesn’t mean much to look at payrolls today before free… @RamonSports The payrolls will bloom over time as players get older. For reference the cubs had the 14th highest pa… @RamonSports That number now is a reflection of how many veterans a team has. Ex: Spotrac has Familia at ~17 mil. W…