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@BrowneDemi @CosmonautDriftr @noahbradley Wild that for you he should either be allowed to be back into the art com… @hibbary yeah how dare I remember what he said and did, the nerve! @GraphicsOzen @noahbradley @SoloSoyUnPato Dude it aint even been 6 months. How on earth is that enough punishment f… @Sukudow his mental gymnastics would win a gold medal, surely @RoryLeonore It absolutely sickens me to see him inching his way back in. You dont just get to pretend you didnt do… @rafix91 @noahbradley You know he admitted to rape right? Then he deleted his admission and apology. @CosmonautDriftr @noahbradley He admitted to raping women though. Pressuring women into unwanted sex is absolutely… @MagusDraws This motherfucker is really out here claiming all he wants to is encourage other artists. @eXecutex I would not call admitting to sexual assault being a "little failure". I am not making anything up, he op… @PapaHwan Wait did he do that too? I don't think I heard that one.Love it when rapists thank their fans for letting them slide on being a rapist. all the things to accuse rapist Noah Bradley of, being self aware is not one of them. @NyssaShaw @rhineville jfc @The_Fat_Wizard lmao. If there's one thing to accuse noah bradley of, its certainly not self awareness. @Jonahlobe One of the side effects of being a creature designer is being able to easily pick apart a lot of designs… @CrystalSully it looks so good @ActionKazimer Thanks man! This is huge.Hey holy shit, thats it, thats the last one! All goals have been reached. I don't even know what to say ❤️❤️❤️ @JoannaKobierska @Cam_ornitho really nice transition of the feathers to skin on the thigh @studiocorvo @palaeotaku yeah this is closer to my interpretation as well @shigopa @PokePony64 Any intuos pro or older intuos product is generally really solid. I use the same one I got 13… @jeffsimpsonkh @GingerCeeHayFur If you don’t do gore then definitely only watch Army if Darkness. @jeffsimpsonkh Army of Darkness works pretty well as a stand-alone. You can skip the first one since the second one… @Dragongeta031 I will sell them sometime later this year but backers will get theirs first. @Prof_Camphor Yes. Sometime after the campaign is over I will send out a survey for you to choose which pins you want. @roseflarea We can rebuild @Brynn_Metheney Yeah that’s about rightOnly one left to go now, damn! @dahliadenoire Yes I agree. @tjloog @extra_vertebrae Lmao dude I’m beginning to think you are being willfully dumb. This is utter nonsense. Please stop. @JuliotheArtist yes please, I love this @tjloog @extra_vertebrae You have been repeatedly told that is not an advantage for everyone. Frankly I do not unde… @BelleCharybdis so close!! @KingKrotchy @tjloog That's just because its not a tool optimized for drawing. You can however make precise movemen… @CalicoJackosaur @JurassicSouls @EJR_Paleo love that black tongue @ScottyBOnTheMic @rabbitcream_pie what? @CAPCOM_MHB okay but how does an american get one? I need it!!! @DarknWindie These are great @scadSBC @kianamaiart @charles_draws Wait is that really her last name? Thats a really cool last name @JarJarFan69 lmao for real? 😂 @tjloog @extra_vertebrae Dude you know what I meant. @shoomlah Yeah so long as your tools aren't fighting you, whatever you got is good. @castpixel @bio_xm I use the built in stabilizer in photoshop and I love it. @tjloog @extra_vertebrae Dude I have tried explaining this to you. You can see the cursor that responds 1:1 with yo… @tjloog I 100% can paint/draw better with an intuos than any other tool. I have experience in charcoal, graphite, p… Colossus Unlocked!! Only 2 more goals to go, can we do it?
@fishboy86164577 I think it was meant to represent the far arm @tjloog I find it disrespectful that your insistence that your chosen tool is somehow better or more advanced despi… @tjloog We're just gonna have to agree to disagree. I think you're wrong and it seems disrespectful the attitude yo… @JarJarFan69 a highlight of the year honestly @LukePlunkett it almost never has @tjloog @Artlocked I have used both kinds of tools and find one more effective for me. Therefore I would not be upg… @tjloog lmao dude you dont need to see me work in person to understand I would prefer not to have my hand in the wa… @Paleoart_TTY @SiakaDibba cute @tjloog It's not as much a difficulty as it is a preference. Why would I draw with my hand in the way if I can be m… @ArtTessal @OlgaDrebas I've used wacom pens from intuos3 to current and honestly I didn't notice much if any differ… @jimmyjimsjim My gift to you @jimmyjimsjim have you considered a character with a coiled penis that can strike like a snake? @tjloog I'm telling you as someone with experience using both that I find screen tablets to make my workflow less e… @tjloog That's fine. I dont think either screen tablets or regular ones are better than the other. For me an intuos… @tjloog You have to compensate for other things like your hand obscuring parts of your screen and the surface warmi… @alexriesart status quo bias is strong @Vullonix_ I use a wacom intuos3 @tjloog I dont understand your point here. Its very easy to compensate for this. @Vullonix_ photoshop @starwarsposting @McSammi oh no its me @tjloog You see your cursor on screen that responds to your hand movement. I really dont understand how you think i… @tjloog This is such a weird argument. By your logic I would argue that a no-screen tablet is better for this becau… @Tomozaurus @TetZoo what a good face @ailaghast @CynicalPlant I don't like having my hand in the way first and foremost. Also don't like that the screen surface heats up @Angrycanadianl1 intuos3 9x12 @YesThatArgets thank you, it is my passionOnly 24 hours left! @mmwoodcock I think its more related to the long hours artists pull and having to use your whole arm and shoulder i… @tjloog have you considered that not everyone has the same experience as you? @RyanResolute92 yup @DatGreenMonstah I mean you could put the bible to good use too, it would probably warm the fireplace for a good 6-7 minutes @DadvinOfficial porter robinson put a curse on you after seeing you IG post @hibbary @nicodelort if only we were lucky enough to have that as an option in any other game ever @paulheaston @tjloog this is exactly how I feel @rustinisrad yeah @tjloog 100% completely false. Do you need to look at your hand to perform delicate movements with a mouse, of cour… @MustangLegends @RebornRuffian12 This is silliness. I have all apple products and they last me until I want to upgr… @Sashuke25 A few canvases, oil paints, brushes, and turpentine will almost certainly run you more than cheap digita… boy the Space Matriarch is unlocked!!! Only 3 more stretch goals to go. @RebornRuffian12 Honestly I'm not sure how you missed that. Ipads have been one of the hottest digital art tools for the last 5 years. @jaynooch oops, yeah, you were right @SamKallis do they yell at people and then draw sometimes??? @RGreywind oh this is great @Sashuke25 Oh I dont agree with that. I learned how to paint digitally first and traditionally second. You can also… @Barbie_E4 @vergolophus I strongly considered these boy. So ugly and so ripe for pokemonizing @bio_xm I use an intuos and greatly recommend it @thirdeyeart these are so cool @javi_draws She looks like a different character. I think the pigtails are iconic to her design @UmbreonLibris It definitely takes some getting used to. You may really take to it but for me it just feels more cumbersome. @nicodelort They are one of the bests in their interest field imo. I wish there was a game that had their character… @Barbie_E4 @vergolophus This looks just excellent, dude! @Space_Dragon14 I use an intuos3 at home and an intuos4 on the go. @nicodelort This has some real dizdoodz energy and I mean that in the best way @jaynooch Just want you to know that you're one of the most consistently funny accounts on here. Take that "comedian" twitter!!!