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RJ Palmer @arvalis SF Bay Area

Concept Artist | Past: Ubisoft, Detective Pikachu | Paleoartist | Server | | he/him | Store:

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@KelgoreTrout That’s how you get the best grilled cheese sandwiches @MHKogath @SuperRADLemon Oh very neat @UbileeduCow Good @gayblader A few choice tricks @Bonpland Thank you!! @DadvinOfficial A chalupa is like a taco but with a fried flat bread shell. Probably one of their best items tbh. @DadvinOfficial you didnt try a chalupa? @Pockicchi having one of those nights Diana? @kimpossiblefact @devilwearsprana Always wild to watch someone born with a silver spoon and they use it only to shovel shit @RaphDeslandes Pretty sure we all have been there @spurtmagoo I've heard that @iseenudepeople sometimes I forget how the world outside of art spaces talks about art, it aint great @griffraff97 this is literally the main kind of content I come to twitter for, thanks Ham Mike @That_Birb sounds like something @JoschuaKnuppe would do @kotturstjarna Over promising and under delivering is the way to be @PostinMonkey @crassjerkneck bring him back @zachsilberberg Whats next, buying an aquarium??? @LukePlunkett her boyfriend literally died weeks earlier and the dude was like, "better seize the opportunity". I am without words for that @LukePlunkett Are you sure flesh colored horns wouldnt be more distressing?Photoshop is a power I'm glad I have but not sure I deserve @SilasKaiser117 I am a professional @fruiteater2 I was trying my best for your approval @zachsilberberg Mario body horror is a wide open field to exploreWe were all thinking it @justinchans you're a real good painter
@shiningsprocket cosplay streamer @classicallyabby If you have found meaning and are fulfilled, what else do you need to feel happy? @kimpossiblefact Its weird that she blocked you by accident and hasnt unblocked yet. Have you asked her brother to… @Susu_jpg it certainly makes air travel a hassle @ColinM_Art @RaulRamosArt the non KS exclusive paint scheme adult and juvenile T. rex @A_Zedig_Diboine shit, dude, really sorry to hear that @YingjueChen @JaenaStaAna wow this is really dynamic. I love some good lava @NazFX_Studios wow this is WAY bigger than it looked at first glance @RaulRamosArt oh dude this is excellent. Gonna be a lot to live up to for mine 😅 @kimpossiblefact I did a hatewatch of her documentary a ways back, its really funny dumbass shit. Just a miserable failure of a person @BrndnStrssng @Srirachachau Who’d have thought the guy who wrote and directed Red Dawn would raise a nutty conservative kid? @kimpossiblefact Did you know this is the daughter of the director of Red Dawn? Lmao @ArtofSekhmet They were also working on a T. rex model too as I recall @Vraerai hey, neat @zuzofait hell yeah @zuzofait have you considered ties with flame print? @cinemachine_ now thats what I'm talking about! @zachsilberberg do you think they were italian or is this just another thing the romans stole from another culture? @cinemachine_ @RacieBeep would love to see a sonic movie with this stylization @fruiteater2 finally an avenue to showcase the raw power of muppets @meganroseruiz really glad to hear things are feeling more manageable now, had been worried @RaphDeslandes holy shit this is horrible.
@lanibirdtweets same @Venommoe the algorithm wasnt as kind to this piece after about 6pm last night for some reason @Caaethil @ultraheroicHS @Silirrion @joemag_games an elegant slam @DougDinsdale @RacieBeep the venusaur print dan flashes shirt is super clever @kimpossiblefact playing right into their hands, they are proud of their bloody stool burgers @ziqqix these is the shoes that men crave @Bennadler @ThatsNoMoonEnt congrats! @heymkjoe together we can support each other to power through @LukePlunkett hope to see this become a trend @glossburn Oh yeah I save many backups during the process. Its more about not having a clear path forward and having to revert and try again @RexossArt thats definitely not true in my experience @TheKaijuKingdom These are not mega evolutions @MarkWitton oh wow how did I miss this one, excellent piece @webvein I agree and yes you should @webvein do it @Danny8bit woof @kajinman_art I wish literally any other tablet manufacturer had rotation styluses though. They are so important to… @FranDrawer03 your best one yet @chuberri_ you have he power @zachsilberberg are you working on a tight 5 to apply to a silicon valley tech startup? @James02999681 @Beavs what does this mean? @MOOMANiBE I did not think the name "bill cosby suite" was so literal jfc @osamadorias I'd like to sign it @TheFantasticIan I just want a port on ps4/ps5 pleaseeee @sstarkm maddening @TokyoDilf lookin like a keeper @Dan_Cassaro bozo @TetZoo Time to hang it from the ceiling I think @Grind3h I think we’ve all been there @Grind3h That burger the size of he @ChrisDPiazza @PPaleoartist @VCR_WOLFE @TimVersteeg4 @jimmadseni @MrGiullare Why am I still tagged in all this for some reason? @JotaO0 @718Tv It would depend what the chicken evolved into for me @drawsforfun Yes @sunset_bobby Not every Pokémon has eyes @Toarsian Hey thanks dude! @RipperTsukiyo Thank you! @SereneOverdrive But the facehugger is cute, why don’t you give it a kiss? It’s not dangerous, it’s cute, nothing bad will happen @EHeroLew @ModelAAA90 @Ninjendo92 That’s very high praise @SIKOR94 @Jeetdoh Thank you! @JotaO0 @718Tv Which one would you choose? @KurenEX Yeah I wanted something less obvious. It’s a fun challenge to make something so scary more friendly looking @arahman97 @DevSpacePrez @patrickhwillems I never called it a horror movie @KurenEX Thanks bud! @venomousbeetle @TotalTimWright Take it down a notch fella @TotalTimWright I remember that being really tonally out of place @JoraGoArt @Shudder yeah he's great, I worked with him on detective pikachu @crookedroads770 it would be called I Used to be a Piece of Shit @KelgoreTrout excited to see how it plays out @HardDriveMag goddamn you guys are sharp @porqueloin as sonic team intended @Shudder yes the van helsing werewolf is emphatically the best one @ChrisDPiazza @jimmadseni @MrGiullare I constantly see non-dinosaur people take it seriously or at the very least b… @IzzzyzzzArt I love dumpster diving