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RJ Palmer @arvalis SF Bay Area

Freelance Concept Artist | Past: Ubisoft, Detective Pikachu | Paleoartist | Server | | he/him | Store:

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@ksorbs This is not as clever as you think Kevin @ChrisMasnaOk probably the best there is @ColinM_Art damn yeah thats perfect @TiredLilBlob @HardDriveMag I dont even know what halo does @HardDriveMag I can tell its Halo 2 by the armor design. Even though Halo 5 has the best armor design. @MeganRoseRuiz1 The teeth one. Is that what girls want to hear? @mpmartyniuk yeah @Skygatetale @bisqke @maichannelart @UndeadSushii @april_b_arting @H_vonn dude what the hell are you talking about?… @my2k cuff @HodariNundu @B47197246 While this is mostly a goof I don't think its impossible. It would not be surprising if the… @HodariNundu @B47197246 The only conclusion, please give me my lanzendorf prize now @Tomozaurus This is awesome @thenicoleham Then they grow into messed up tumblr adults and eventually messed up tumblr old people. @Skygatetale @maichannelart @bisqke @UndeadSushii @april_b_arting @H_vonn Dude its clearly not just me that thinks… @Skygatetale @maichannelart @bisqke @UndeadSushii @april_b_arting @H_vonn lmao dude you realize "dude" does not mea… @iammarcpi this is your magnum opus
@LindseyWakefiel @skeletaldrawing @Tomozaurus this is a good feller @HodariNundu @tmkeesey unless jowls truly were a thing @Mosasaurologist Can I trade you something for it? @Bungleceratops @domesticus1 same, what idiots!!! @DaveRapoza Love it every time you push the guyver agenda @MetTiinA oh dude I love this @ManMadeMoon Can't believe you're making live action Smash Bros! @ColinM_Art @domesticus1 here is the skull @CJBROSKIN @domesticus1 Stromer's Spinosaurus or is it really Stromer's Tyrannosaur? @domesticus1 A north African Tyrannosaur is not only likely but seems to have been hinted at, name of Moroccotyrannus @Hbomberguy Astro's Playroom is the best thing on the system. Truly awesome and I mean that literally, I was in awe… @SvensPronfest Damn, you right @miukumauk I almost missed it, its very subtle in the show. @BigBlindo279 😡If you look closely you can see why it's called The Queen's GAMBIT 😱 @Monstermash042 damn this is cool @sstarkm That was my favorite movie of all time until I saw Cloverfield. Still holds up! @ArtofYorugami Lmao this guy was truly a wild find. Never expected that as a response to my tweet 😂 @FilippoFavaroMH Just get popular enough and people start trying to send you stuff in trade for posting about it. I… @April_Prime @Beavs Okay you’re right, there can never be enough Farquaad @Artlocked Same tbh @Beavs An unreasonable amount of porn fanart? @amandawtwong I meant more specifically like "I wanna work for disney" then the general "I want to be an artist". I… @benmekler to boogie, its right there in the name @Skygatetale @TateOrtena dude take the L and move on. This is getting embarrassing. @my2k The rest of their page seems pretty parody @my2k pretty sure that account is a parody @Monstermash042 Dude!!! Thats huge, love his movies @Paleoartologist This Camarasaurus is ready for the Camera @Skygatetale @April_Prime @TateOrtena Honestly man I plan my signature placement as part of my composition. The sig… @Skygatetale @April_Prime @TateOrtena aaaaaahhhhhhh @Skygatetale @TateOrtena Art has value though. This is getting weird, dude. @Skygatetale @TateOrtena what the fuck??? @acivicdilemma @MongolianMisfit this is a good joke Adam @Skygatetale @April_Prime @H_vonn man, what??? @Skygatetale @H_vonn @April_Prime @aravalis ??? @Skygatetale @H_vonn What? @marc_laidlaw These are both good jokes Marc @April_Prime 😨 @Skygatetale @April_Prime @H_vonn Yes fight me April. @April_Prime "giants" 😂 @Skygatetale @H_vonn My dream job was to be a concept artist. That was the first job I ever had. So I did start with my dream job. @April_Prime Oh no you're onto me 😬 @ArtofYorugami Imagine jesus dakimakuras and cherub plushies littering the convention floor, sounds terrible @Skygatetale @RoaminBison @H_vonn You know a lot of concept art jobs are just artists coming up with stuff completely from themselves right? @acivicdilemma 😂The church in the renaissance really be out there hiring Michelangelo to make bible concept art. @lazuliro That's fair @heyitsandre_4 Yeah thats true. Getting the right company on your resume sure helps out. @Skygatetale @H_vonn Yeah pretty much most of my career has been only working on art that I was interested in. I ha… @Skygatetale @Xpl0d3ak1tty @H_vonn lmao are you sure? @lazuliro Yeah but more specifically like "I want to work for disney" or something like that. @Skygatetale I don't understand what you're trying to say here. @Emily_Art @Skygatetale @H_vonn Oh yeah that particular type of fine artist sucks. I hope they rot in their basemen… @Skygatetale @H_vonn I would say that most of the work I do for money is enjoyable. If I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't… @Skygatetale Art is work though. If you sell a painting by your logic is that painting no longer art? @Skygatetale @H_vonn Holy hell thats a toxic attitude, dude. @DreadfulK I would buy some of it @VogtRoberts Dan Bluepoint was talking about it on GameFaqs @H_vonn Yeah thats where I've been at. Though I'm feeling the need to own something lately. @Scribbled_Death Yeah thats a fair point. Honestly that life sounds so much more peaceful. It would be nice to be a… @Kallynaaaa 😅 @Kenyu05 same @DadvinOfficial I really only have a dream jobs in the sense of getting hired to work on a property officially for… @BlackIceSheep I have constantly struggled with that perception of being a cog so I rarely work for a company unles… @xo_pinkishheart I have a lot of tips for just that if you ever want the hook up. @Skygatetale Thats not true thoAnyone think it's weird how artists all have "dream jobs"? Like they dream of putting all their creative energy and… @VindictiV_1 Thank you! @Mosasaurologist I was just saying this @April_Prime you got the best one @DadvinOfficial Did you see this guy? I hope your relatives recover as well but these kind of people don't seem to… @skeletaldrawing @Emily_Art Totally makes sense. Nice to have confirmation. @skeletaldrawing @Emily_Art Thats actually super valuable information I wasn't aware of. @Emily_Art Boy the Hartman one sure looks the most natural and lifelike here. Interesting results. @ResonantJustice @9_volt_ After you beat Phalanx you can go into the settings and input the Fromsoft Code and it unlocks the option. @ChikoritaCheez monsters(open mouths) @Silvermender oh I love it @Beavs @TetZoo Yeah that’s exactly what I’ve been saying for years. He should be doing made up phylogenies for the…
@WickedWyrm @sawyerleeart oh shit I love it @domesticus1 you have a truly special sense of humor @soupmasterino no that was the intended result @bexdeekay @vergolophus Pretty sure thats fat. Doesn't seem to be muscular. those not in the paleoart world there is this fringe "researcher" and artist named David Peters. He has some pr…