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RJ Palmer @arvalis SF Bay Area

Freelance Concept Artist | Past: Ubisoft, Detective Pikachu | Paleoartist | Discord | Store:

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@alexriesart That critter is super cool. I dig the mandibles @AshleyPalaeo Wow is it’s tail really that long? Seems long compared to other tyrannosaurs but I’m just eyeballing it @TAHK0 I knew I saw something @TAHK0 Yes. Goku next please @DrLavaYT I hope you’re okay and continue to be so @ScalySchisms @ainikhai_ That is definitely a factor to consider. Also it’s important to know that we have scale impressions from T. rex. @ainikhai_ That trex with a sparrow feather aero shell is very wrong. There is a lot more evidence based inferences… @weavrrcat @peannlui Oh yikes, that’s way worse. @JamesBearArt @peannlui Honestly it was more funny than anything else. It wasn’t nearly as awkward as the model wit… @Margutv1 Sure doesn’t look that way to me, champ @peannlui So on the opposite end of the spectrum. There was a male nude model at my art school that on at least two… @UmbreonLibris That’s the same one I have and I’ve had mine since 2007. It’s a really strong product @Dot2262 Power move @johisart Intuos3. Had it since 2007 and it still works fine @Mewitti I still use an intuos3 hahahaWhich do you use as your primary digital art creation tool?
@ChasingPolys Use the axe and spin to win like I did @scottfeed Please tell that to my dad.
@DanStapleton Honestly its's been baffling to see how weirdly handled all of star wars has been under disney. So ma… @DrawasaurusAU Worth noting the difference between the new world vs old world vultures. Old world vultures are basically just eagles.
@_reymenn @DaveRapoza This is news to me. @DaveRapoza How much can you show in 7 seconds?ok, no more images this year. these are last ones. just first step of posing time for my horsemen
Retweeted by RJ Palmer @heyjenbartel So fuckin' big time! @piratecashoo @DAVID_FIRTH I cannot believe you haven't been scooped up by an indie horror game yet.
@prasoGORE yes @ActionKazimer monstie huntie! @artvalentinapaz They were wrongPainting is hard lol @DaveRapoza My process: Stare at photoshop in despair until a painting is complete. @DogsUnderstand @SrutisJay Please don't post drawings of me 😎 @Beavs Oh commoners with their malcontent, please pass me the Caciocavallo Podolico from the gilded cheese serving dish. @Trey_Explainer but like here's the thing, it's not really a fight. The squid just scrapes the whale a bit as its b…
@VorthosMike Ah yes, this is exactly how I would describe a satyr to someone @eatinginmycar @rhinosoros Why does he look like that when he eats??? @TonyDiTerlizzi Really rad pauldron design @kortizart @Monstermash042 Strong agree with Jared here. The alt right show know that the people that create their… @Vital_Nonsense @PineapplesToGo I should record a video on it probably. @PineapplesToGo I have discovered what I believe to be the best way. So often it looks super obvious when someone s… @Honors_Zombie @xoxogossipgita Who's popular now, Paul?
@Beast_SculptKit The mobility on these guys is so good. So much better than expected even, they look great. @TyrannosaurCarr What does this mean? @MingjueChen Is it that you think Antz is far superior to Bug's Life? @Harlack I couldn't believe that it was basically a remake of the first shitty doom movie only with way less budget. @IwriteOK This is horrifying @willsommer What a doofus. He probably does gun unboxing videos on youtube to his 34 subscribers. @torpordust Thats a shame, these concepts are neat. @4Vultures I believe it fought(and defeated) a lion @lucchedonzi It's supremely helpful. It sure made drawing orthos super painless. @EvilViergacht @JayTrexe Have you tried American Dad? The later seasons have little to do with Seth McFarlane outsi… @peacenhippiness @GinaZwicky It’s a case by case basis. Machamp and Machoke do not wear clothes, that is part of them. @JayTrexe I think Family Guy has a very good art style. It's easy to look at and serves the visual gags well. The w… @brand_sir @TAHK0 The average time to complete the main campaign is 32 hours according to How Long to Beat. So unle… @monarobot This is gorgeous
@TAHK0 By far the best pokemon designs of the 2010s decade came out of XY. @brand_sir @TAHK0 How long it takes you to beat the main campaign of a pokemon game is an incredibly stupid metric… @TAHK0 XY are the best games since Gold and Silver and I'll defeat anyone who argues differently @kortizart It was a zoid for me @BeastofOblivion @pablonopicasso Oh yikes. They are pretty skilled, they should know better. @MarkoSteffensen @BrianEngh_Art That looks rad, Watch out little whale! @Himmapaan What a power pose @BeastofOblivion @pablonopicasso Wait, who's doing this? @softsteppo What a clever take on the giant teeth on the bottom jaw design archetype.
@Personfaces Honestly it could be him. I feel the world would be a better place if Adam Sandler just lurked on Devi… of my favorite things from my experience on DeviantArt is this one follower I have that roleplays as Adam Sandl… @BryanWynia @CDWStudios Thats rad. @samu_79 Happy birthday dude! @Isvoc_art Just dmca them. Twitter's been pretty good about just removing stolen art for me at least. @TAHK0 You got it @MattyMcDee I agree @master_mata @Taijuey Can you point me to a good creature designer who hasn't studied anatomy?
@bisqke @CaraidArt @Taijuey I learned to draw people better by drawing skulls and then drawing the face over the sk… @Taijuey I constantly study anatomy. I love it so much. It's vital to being a good creature designer imo. @jcaffoe Check ebay every so often. I got the whole set for less than $100 total just by luck of finding good deals. @jcaffoe I love that thing, I have the whole set(except kong because apes suck) @jcaffoe Man I wish someone would do a high end posable version of these, like Hot Toys or something. I've wanted a… @jcaffoe You have any closeups of the two AT-STs? Also I see you there V. rex skull @ActionKazimer ❤️ @ActionKazimer Monster Hunter Goku Goku(Super Saiyan) Goku(Super Saiyan 2 Goku(Super Saiyan 3) Goku(Super Saiyan Blue) @HollanderCooper I don't have any ground to stand on. I enjoy the second 2 matrix movies much more than the first. @HollanderCooper 🙃Smash Ultimate fighters pass 1 looks great
Retweeted by RJ Palmer @MarkWitton Dang that's super cool. The 5th toe thing, that's always seemed like the intuitive way to handle it to…
@jeremysmiles Punch guys is the third group as shown by the mii fightersOkay I’m going to bed I guess. @Thdark101 @DreaminErryDay You’ve done it now @Saibashinreiart Byleth from Fire Emblem @Saibashinreiart That would have been better @DieselbrainArt I can’t believe I stayed up for this @sstarkm Hot dang, dude! NDA keeps you down so much I forget how insanely high level you are. I'd love to see some… @sweetlychii You're really fucking good at drawing @sweetlychii This looks great. @Beavs I somehow got my gig at Ubisoft via linkedin. I hadn't updated it since 2012. @kristaferanka Not doing any shows??? Who made you so powerful? @missmonstermel I'm sure your version of Jim Carrey won't be as bad as he has become on his own. @Simon98216562 Yeah that's me
@kcislands I do detailed drawings before launching into any painting @kcislands Weird because I don't consider myself very good at rendering and I believe my strengths are more in structure. @cypritree oh man I'm sorry I wont see ya there @javi_draws I just watched it last night. It’s very well shot and acted but it didn’t live up to the hype for me.