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panda ✰ MINOR ✰ black ┊ art shiz ┊ they/he ┊ tryin to only post oc art (FAIL) ┊ check carrd b4 following!!┊hi im *screech* and YOU'RE watching disney channel! ⚘

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@Smol_Squiddy PLEASEEE I LOVE THIS SM 😭😭😭💕💖💘{come listen to the beat of the ocean's waves with me~~~!🐬💘🎶} skeb from @ougiyoshi!!! thank you so much!!! your wo…
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @Melanimity no its reasonable to be upset!! its hard to gain a following, especially that big! this app sucks#絵ニックス #morillion #callillust #callioP
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗god i hope my feet aremt in this shot. this brand smells alot like trail mix! might have to find another one of tho…'s new food mix just shipped in!! had to try some of it to make sure its the best quality for my boy 😈😤🙏 @yuwuki1 cant trust n e body in these streets 🤺👎 @Nootchi3 i havent played wii sports resort in so long omg!! i whooped in that 🤺 @Cuddledot u probably mean this! @Cuddledot ah its from a site actually hold on @Smol_Squiddy thank you for actually doing tis 🙏💖 good taste as well!!continuing 😁🕺🕺 -reaper: tale of a pale swordsman (never got to finish it and played it like 5 yrs ago but from what… i even count to six?? probably not (thanks for tagging yeehaw) - touhou (just the whole genre ok) - yakuza (zer…
what a cool guy‼️ | #papyrus #humantale #undertale
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @jeanesgenial HECK YEAH!! IDK WHERE THAT IS BUT HEHE I HOPE SO ❗❗💕💖💖😁 @cinnimani IM YELLIN I LOVE UR HUMAN PAPYRUS SO MUCH!!! OMG FRISK IS A BNUUY WHAHHSSH 😭😭💘💕💖💖 @hitachinsgirl THANK U!! 💕💘💖💖😁 @LOVED111333 WAS THIS SOMEONE'S BOTCHED CHEMISTRY PROJECT??? I AM LEAVING THE PLANET 😭😭😭Strrrrrretch! Kinsona time!!
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @nessalovebot HOW 😟😟😟 @ancelysia thank u sm bro!! 💖💕💕😁 @Melanimity so true oomf 🙏 @nessalovebot i do that all the time!! does she not listen to music while doin tasks??? @morthanthefairy ligma @kysdekuu it be like that 😞😞 ur so pretty tho hi!! 🙏🙏🕺 @jack_attacky HUHHHH???? 😭😭😭😭 @momochromatic THIS IS AMAZING!??! DHFHDHHD 💕💘💖💖🙏🙏🙏my whole brand 😏😏 @TRANZSMENACE me thinking u just grew two slabs of lamb meat on ya face 😞😞😞 @ayviebee naw bestie i gtg 😭 take care tho 🙏🕺 sex is cool and all, but have you ever had an artist compliment your OC or be genuinely excited about drawing them???
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @ayviebee hahah fetus <--- [ is the same age ]befriending me for art will never work because I dont even draw for myself
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @nessalovebot AS YOU SHOULD HAHAH GOOD LUCK!!! @ayviebee DESERVED BESTIE YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAHH!!!! @ancelysia ily :D @TheRobCalledZ thank u!! its been so long, i forgot i even made em 🕺all three of the artworks i submitted to my city's art institution got accepted in 😈🕺 feelin pretty powerful today… @morthanthefairy you should!! things only get better when you stick to putting ur foot down. i hope all goes well 🕺💖it sucks even more bc i have an art project to do!!!!ok nvm art block set in *falls down in a forest and lets the moss overtake me* unhappi foreverCommission from VK 🖤⭐🖤⭐🖤
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @jack_attacky BESTIE STOP UR GONNA MAKE ME PROPOSE 😭 /p 💖💝 @yuwuki1 *shoves all of them into ur hands like a bunch of apples* with my life yes @Smol_Squiddy i hope its nothing too hard!! sleep after a good day of socialization is the best!ok but what if i just give up everything and draw cute girls foreverThinking abt my tiger chef Taro tonight 😳 #oc
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @glitchpineapple SHE LOOKS SO CUTE IN UR STYLE IM YELLIN 😭💖💝 @kuraimichii KEEP EM COMINGGGGGGGG 4K IM MANIFESTING IT RIGHT NEOW!!!!!!rendered a sketch of one of my comic characters ... heh ....
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @MIHNT_0 LLTIERKALLY SHAKING FROM THE POWER THIS ART ELLUDES (IDK IF I USED THAT WORD RIGHT) BUT GOSH THIS LOOKS AMAZIJWNNAN!!!!!!!!!!!! @nessalovebot i see it (background is a gif) 4 @VAMPC0RE ASF‼️‼️ >_<
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @VAMPMAEDAZ THE EARS U DRAW ARE SO CUTE!! AAAAAAA @nbsdni i believe in you! 💖💝 @cryptidw00rm mmm yes i feel the gender in this house tonightgender?!?!?!?!?!?
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @nbsdni would u like to talk about it? is there anything i can do to help bring the urge down? @nbsdni would seeing fanart of ur faves make u feel better?? i can get some! @jack_attacky just kno,.... WHEN I SAY UR THE BEST I MEAN IT SMNCSJK CRIEES @TheRobCalledZ THEY LOOK SO COOL i love their designs!!TIRED AGAIN AAAAAAA 👎👎👎😞
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @anipwrites id say both bc. last ive heard the site isnt enforcing the rules they set in place about minors being f… @angelmaws uhhhh rei :D idk i just think shes neat yknow!!! i hope ur day gets alot better 💘💖🕺 @anipwrites probably not cuz the site is ugly ;; @kuraimichii finally something good to come outta this week!! im so happy for ya :D @Melanimity AHAHAHHAHA 😭😭😭 WHAT THEY SAY @kuraimichii THEY BEST BE FIXING TO GIVE U 3K OH MY GA HDH CH DH CONGRATS!! 💖💕💕💘🕺 @RDSB_Ren REN WITH LONG HAIR LETS GOOOOOO 💖💕💘💕😭🕺💕💘💕💖 @platoniccrush *cries* THEY LOOK SO CUTE 😭 AMAZING WORK!! @kysdekuu as u should bestie 🕺🙌 @im_kiri oh i feel this heavy @nessalovebot nvm i got my answer 🏃 @nessalovebot whats pillowfort?? is it an art platform???
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @ayviebee me when i see them (ill know its them bc people like this always emit a specific energy) @im_kiri SWEET hwats this??? @Jaydeeboo77 i never wanna see the supreme goku meme ever again!! only supreme jaydee lets get it 🕺🕺🙌Concept art for my fursona???😂 Idk but I know I want it to be based on a Xolo (also no drip, just cow threads)
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @CandleCrusaderr we really shouldnt have to go to a DAMN WIKI to look for our representation bestie 😁😁😁😁😃 @CandleCrusaderr this comment sucks hahaha anyway [shows u this] @CandleCrusaderr how many dark skinned characters are in the vocaloid franchise bestie @RDSB_Ren UR LAUGH IS PERFECT UATEYDH 😭😭😭💕💘💖 @ayviebee maybe they just deactivated/got s worded 😞😞 i hope so! ur content is too good to miss out on 🕺🕺🕺무쥬라의 가면😌
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @kuraimichii god thats so upsetting and gross.. i hit em with the r&b combo, i hope ur evening goes much better from here 💕💕
@tallyoffishial TALLY IS SO CUTE SHHEHWHWHWH 😭😭💖💖💘💕💘💕KYAAAAA!!!!!1!1!!1111!
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋ ✰panda✰ ˊˎ˗ @slimengrimen its always so hype to see what ppl can make!! i do hope i make ppl excited with mine 🕺 @nessalovebot i hope today starts looking up for u!! 💕💖🕺 @nbsdni thts ok! do u wanna see pictures of my bunny @nbsdni thats good!! whatz this og tweet about?? @Cuddledot THANK YOU now my brain can let me draw them again 😭😭😭💕 @nbsdni how are ya feelin? @nbsdni 😟😟 bestie? @ayviebee this site sucks i swear😭😭👎 @ayviebee check ur quality notifs settings!! i have mine muted for ppl with twt avatars and ppl who just joined this year, so i dont see em @yuwuki1 hey bestie 😁😁😁🙌 @nessalovebot these people peaked in MIDDLE SCHOOL i just know it