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@drtigerjoseph Now you look like Wall St pedo @drtigerjoseph Why'd you cut your hair @allicovington Studying mind + body relationship and it's intricacies. Made this Neitzsche quote far more potent -… am mindfucked right now.It doesn't matter when you wake up, what matters is how quickly you get out of bed and what you do the first hour o… you're interested in something, go into it at full speed. No more of this lukewarm bullshit. Your life isn't wh…
You can outgrow friends if they're dishonest with themselves. They don't have to be dishonest to you but witnessin… @MaximinoGrant Lmaoooooo I yeeted Cabo on the map 🚀 @drtigerjoseph I've been on arthaus twice @KingJaffeJ0ffer A person.Two threads coming soon... 1 - How I took Caavo from $0-$65k in 5 weeks on Amazon (new product never existed befor… @Za__cK IYKYK @Za__cK You need Jesus.You need... A style guide. A business mentor. A fitness coach. Go find em, make yourself worthy of their wisdom a… your aural pleasure.
Retweeted by Asad @Za__cK Bacon is Haram wtf bro @ShameenYakubu They're gonna attempt to fill prisons faster
Vibrations and energy can be felt across the globe. I know because every time something big manifests, the same to… @IngriPauline @DejaRu22 💀 Carry on @IngriPauline @DejaRu22 Does that first one have a giant dick? @DuhBB @ArianaGrande hit up my boyThey have you thinking your advantages are handicaps.Money Twitter circa 2018 @IngriPauline I've yet to find an unwelcoming gym @zaiderrr Yuuuuge privilegeI'm way too dark to burn from sun rays. @StephenStorey You a real one bro I appreciate tf outta you 🤝 @halabillz You live dangerously keeping your DMs openEvery sport teaches you to be light on your feet. Pivots, cuts, quickness - none of these are possible with heavy,… saying Inshallah now like they weren't calling us terrorists 5 years ago. Gtfo. @thedulab @HiLevelWardrobe + new face @mcharl2s @Hijinx_Trev Yeah if handsome Squidward was ekali @halabillz Where'd it go? @ROGUEWEALTH Godspeed, bruv. Glad you're back. Synthwave waiting for you in the DMs. @halabillz 🤭
@Hijinx_Trev That's Chris. I'm Kanye. Get it right, dweeb. @Hijinx_Trev Dude you know who you look like...Gentlemen don't air out their feelings publicly on social media so this is false, bruv. Gentlemen also don't make… @IngriPauline Yuuusssssss I can't wait. I don't know who's alpha without them explicitly stating it so I'm lost right now 😔 @sgkdontplay Damn shame. I guess this is just how it is. @ReformedFuture Help these simps bro they're hopelessIs simping becoming more frequent? Feels like it's creeping on my timeline more often than it used to. @Za__cK Did you get em at Bofdis? @Saint_Dici 💀Music Twitter loves to criticize artists as predators and abusers even though half the people criticizing are doing… @ayyyeandy That's gonna be tough - I'm already the most humble person I know, my humility moves mountains. @ayyyeandy You telling me to trick the universe? @Rugged_Legacy This makes it clear that most people suck dick at communicating and avoid important questions before tying the knot @ReformedFuture Or if he even fw Bucket Hats...Some folks on here really drank the Kool aid. Just because someone puts together a well written thread, doesn't me… @LogFitz6 @kobegatsby @Lukealexxander 👀 @mcflyjpgames 😂😂 hell yeah @LogFitz6 @coltybrah Keep it going @kobegatsby Play life on offense. No other way to do it. @SABmetrics I was reluctant to watch it but I'm glad I did. Biggest takeaways being never explain yourself and nev… a tweet that said Moneyball is a better movie for entrepreneurs than Wolf of Wall Street. I concur. Go watch Moneyball.There's a million ways to shine, choose one... Instead of what you're doing tonight. @RationalAztec If you knew how much work went into it, you would not call it genius. - Michelangelo"I can't wait until everyone who doubted me sees what I become." Word? I don't even know who those people are. new name is Cuckcity. Population: Everyone you've outgrown. @Stephanospi 🙏🏽For your aural pleasure. @ToriNicksWho Blessings descend in these simple moments. @heydannymiranda Hell yeah. Good shit Danny.Greg Plitt once said if you feel like giving up, imagine going to a childrens hospital and telling those kids that… @Ed_Anfield ExactlyYou need just one moment of not being a little bitch. That's it. G up for the present moment and every subsequent…
@ReformedFuture gracias hermano me siento como en casa @CoachCrazy Real ones know, bruv @imajoo1 Pedals and shit @DejaRu22 Single speed bikecycle @Stephanospi Bikecycle bruv @ErickReyAds AmazingLooooool highschool I volunteered to work with disabled kids as part of my senior project. It was an eye opening experie… could all benefit from dumbing yourself down a bit. Just shut up and follow the instructions. Ask questions wh…
Copy pasta Facebook ads isn't a good strategy and if you believe any guru that preaches that you deserve to lose money.Playing to win vs. Playing to not lose Former: Abundant & full of love, ambition, brute force. Latter: Lacking &…
Instead of saying you'll do it tomorrow or next week or next month, just admit that you're never gonna do it. Stop lying to yourself.You should stop acting like you live forever and there's always gonna be time to do the shit you keep putting off.…
Business isn't complex. The hardest part is the simplicity of being tenacious. If you do not stop, you will succeed.
I didn't even respond to DMs about it. So there you go. If you enjoy something, do it only on your terms and make… I was wiped. I didn't wanna touch Amazon for the foreseeable future. I'd get angry just seeing the logo. So I… that with Amazons already challenging policies and fee increases and I found myself sleep deprived, angry, str… of focusing on the work itself, I started baby sitting dumbass boomers who don't understand Ecom in the sli… you're surrounded by more and more people who determine your career trajectory without knowing anything… throw other elements into the mix and they influence the game in ways outta your control. - shit head CEOs - i… loved understanding and playing the game on Amazon. It was my intro to ecom. But as cliche as it is, when you st…"Why don't you talk about Amazon anymore?" I've gotten this question quite a few times from quite a few people thi… came in. I'll be spending most of my day on it from now on. ✌🏽
Sometimes it's those closest to you that end up being the biggest hindrance to your peace.You aren't smart enough to understand half the books you read. Live more life and come back to them. @elizableu 🙏🏽G Code: 1. Don't be a little bitch 2. @ToriNicksWho I don't think they're ready for that smoke. Worlds done some bad shit to darker complexionsWhippin in the M3 hits different. Good choice @yourmainarab
Is he dead? That's the only time its too late. @nmesics Unaware of the haters I might have 🤷🏽‍♂️ @allicovington You set the mob on fire lolI've never known I had haters unless someone else pointed it out to me. I can't imagine what it's like to let a bu…