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Community Comms Manager on @Halo at 343. Formerly of @MonolithDev/@WatchMixer. Forged in the fires of community. Personal account. Average at being excellent.

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rt if you too are one of the worst fall guys players to ever live
Retweeted by π™°πš—πšπš’ πš‚πšŠπš•πš’πšœπš‹πšžπš›πš’ @thevowel @oceanbound Congratulations, e! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
@kevinxvision Happy birthday dude!! I hope you and yours are having a wonderful one! πŸ™Œ
@JustinKruger Onward and upwards man! I can’t wait to see what’s next - but more importantly, massive congratulatio… @Greenskull Dude congratulations!! @TheMavShow Okay wow, I feel like I'm getting grilled by @Faucius over here @NickGasm_ Bro the lunar year never stood a chance, you’re undefeated at this point πŸ™Œ @NickGasm_ Congrats!! πŸŽ‰ You did it!The team is still working through some network gremlins and such with our Ring 1/2 folks for Firefight with the new…
Retweeted by π™°πš—πšπš’ πš‚πšŠπš•πš’πšœπš‹πšžπš›πš’ @WhatsUpPizzas @offspring They say I’m pretty fly Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― @WhatsUpPizzas @offspring I just wish they'd sent more than uno - maybe dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, cinco, seis?? @Unyshek @343Postums For some reason, all those summertime hours spent driving a Mongoose around Sandtrap in Forge…
@LadieAuPair Thank you so much! I still honestly feel so lucky to have landed over here on this team. LET US CONQUER!Yep, it's that time – another #HaloSpotlight! This one's a doozy and has SO MANY awesome works of art. πŸ₯°πŸ’šβ€¦
Retweeted by π™°πš—πšπš’ πš‚πšŠπš•πš’πšœπš‹πšžπš›πš’ @DaleNorth Dale that looks fantastic!! I'm finally making all sorts of little adjustments to my space to get my dre… @jeffrubenstein Obrigado! πŸ™Œ @DavidEllis "It is what it is!" OKAY? AND...? It's honestly super inoffensive, but it's such a bastion for a lack… @be_MichaelRains You could just feel the panic! (Which, in fairness, I would have definitely been in the same mindset πŸ˜…) @Nyxi117 @FSGMultiplayer @RocketArena @EA That’s amazing!! Huge congratulations! πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰
@LadieAuPair Massive congratulations, Tara!! You’re going to absolutely crush it πŸ™Œ @dadsofdestiny @A_dmg04 PERFECTION. @denybatista Exact same energy - you can see their soul leave their body, and I’m here for it @jacquicollins_ @MrPope I... thought they were cookies In all three cases, I was about to buy some @ReapedPsyche @A_dmg04 @gundamman There is a downright palpable amount of pain I can feel in this πŸ˜… @go_jro πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… @SwirlyKalen I can feel the pain! @CaptainQuench I couldn't see his eyes - but, I could feel them searching in terror But it was too late! @nicvargus I just hope that the man's mouse survived the subsequent rage, that's all @go_jro Some say Emile was actually trying to scratch a death metal logo into his visor! The skull was easier. @A_dmg04 Would I be a bad person if I was actually hoping for a JoJo meme? @TwitterGaming Resting Spartan Face is more common than you think, guys @camyoureyes The first time I watched it, I felt like it was straight out of Chapelle's Show πŸ˜… @go_jro Noble team were trendsetters, let's be real @RickCasey For three generations, the entire family will as far as I can tell. @TorbisXD I'm just over here taking notes on how to properly use the equipment in H3 multiplayer! @BizOunceFPS Sometimes, in order to have one, you need to have the others - a progression of sorts! @EliteNGHTMRE I'll never take the equipment in H3 for granted again! @CaptainQuench I just love how you can ride the blue's emotional rollercoaster beat-for-beat! I felt that pain πŸ˜… @SacredIconHalo >When you can see a soul leave its bodyEvery once in a while, if you look really closely, you can see fear in a man's eyes without even seeing his face. ☠️ @JohnAratan @gerardtieng @PeterOrrestad If this is your way of flexing on us and saying you'd be the guy with the f… @gerardtieng @PeterOrrestad My name is Andy and I wish to make this a trio. @k_f4m The iPad version is toppest of top tiers as well! That game is on another level of brilliant @k_f4m For starters, the old classic: Solitare! The Microsoft version has daily quests and stuff, it's awesome. Al… @CAMIF0RNIAA Massive congratulations!! That rules! @SFShock I know, poor Ta1yo didn't even stand a chance @SFShock 😐😐😐 welp @BearPunch @Justin_Glorious Seriously! It reminds me of all the fun I used to have in scoutzknivez in CS 1.6. Just… @TheNickSalazar @DavidEllis @TheNickSalazar I die a lot so man do I hope soI earned my gold CE Sniper Rifle fair and square. Time to put those skills back to use. 😎 @JacobSt46611686 @Craig51023427 @Halo Everything about you is perfect, Craig. @Exellion_ @RenillaWafer Huge congratulations to you and yours!! That's amazing! @ImLightsGG @NickGasm_ This is gorgeous! I actually really like this one a lot - it's the closest I've found so far… @PurpleD Ah thank you for the heads-up! I've been looking into MSI Afterburner but didn't totally love it - but, I'… @Hnerskers Okay copy that! Thanks for the heads-up man - I'll dig more into this later tonight. Very appreciatedπŸ™Œ @Hnerskers No worries! All told I've been having a great time firing them all up and checking them out on this side… @ske7ch Stop trying to get out of dropping Prison with me, Sketch. It's getting uncomfortable. @Hnerskers Out of curiosity, how flexible is it? I'm an outright simpleton, so I'm mostly in love for SpeedFan show… @vNogi Let me know what you think! I'm a huge fan of the artist - and oddly, while this album was my least favorite… @vNogi This has been my, "Andy, go run, for real, please" pump up track lately and I can't recommend it enough:
@nicvargus This is a really weird pinned Tweet, Nic @SOLIDAge @HugoAgostinho @PlayApex Oh my lord, the poor little guy! Maybe he needs a fan or something beneath him?… @HugoAgostinho @SOLIDAge DM'ing my Activision ID shortly (once I remember how the hell to find it) @NickGasm_ YOU'RE NEVER DONE LEARNING NICK LET'S GOOOOOOOO @NickGasm_ Yep! Totally agreed - and, the hunt remains focused on simplicity. Open Hardware Monitor seems to be clo… @HugoAgostinho @SOLIDAge @PlayApex Alas, these days my heart lives in Verdansk. I have so much love for Apex, but I… @HugoAgostinho @SOLIDAge Look, I drive a crappy old Mazda 3. I haven't even so much as sat in an Integra! I just feel like a poser. @NickGasm_ Aye - the graphs and stuff seem to thankful be readily available. But, having something that really just… @HugoAgostinho @SOLIDAge Why not both?? Also, I like the functionality... but are there any versions of it that do… @JoseHernanddez I made my very first build at 14 or so! An AMD Athlon 2500+ and a GeForce MX 440 - but, it was enou… @MeatheadMilitia It's looking promising so far! I wish there was a way to trim it down a bit more (collapsable menu… @ManwithBeard9 @PrestonalityC That man is a genius beyond his years! Duly noted - thank you! Will download it and c… @MeatheadMilitia OKAY, this looks pretty amazing! This might be what I'm actually looking for? Downloading now! @danny_hr @MeatheadMilitia I somehow haven't heard of this one yet! It definitely looks like a powerful tool - but,… @SwirlyKalen Neat! Much appreciated - thanks for the heads-up. @ManwithBeard9 Got it! I've been hearing more and more about that one - I recall trying CPU-Z and getting lots of c… @JoseHernanddez You're going to do great! Honestly, just think of them as Legos - albeit, expensive ones. But the h… @MeatheadMilitia The closest I found to something I loved there was Real Temp! But, I think it only did CPU, not GP… @SOLIDAge Oh, interesting - I hadn't even checked that out! Much appreciated, I'll give it a look. @JoseHernanddez Alas, no real interest on my side in a mini gaming PC admittedly - but, they're great for first rig… @SwirlyKalen I recall that being good about keeping track of clock speeds and whatnot, but does it also do temperatures? @dunkman Ah got it - yeah, SpeedFan keeps them all in one window. It's not ultra pretty, but it's been nice just to…, fellow PC builders - I've been using SpeedFan for well over a decade at this point, but it hasn't been upd… @Bulika117 That’s a killer idea man! Either would be amazing πŸ™Œ @tamoorh I trust your authority as a Cyberhunk 2020 @nicvargus Like, why can't I just judge people based strictly on sports rivalries? Life would be so much simpler @joshmunsee The sheer number of #HaloInfinite BTB matches I'm going to play on tarmacs is going to be absurd. This is all so legit! @HelenAngel Congratulations Helen!! That's so awesome!I had the remarkably good fortune to work with Rocket during my entire time at @WatchMixer and I can confidently sa… @BridgeTheMan Hahaha okay fair! Then obviously, that man and his magnificence is at least 49% Bridgeman-owed @BridgeTheMan If it was his pro career, then obviously If it was his college career - Connor please stop supporting underage delinquency @BridgeTheMan Any TE that loves blocking this much has a deep place in my heart πŸ™Œ @CancelBandit That artist did such an amazing job! And honestly, kudos to George for doing it in one sitting - such a beastly piece!Me, watching George Kittle play against the Seahawks: 😠 Me, watching George Kittle do literally everything else: πŸ˜„ @BoMarit89 @Guerrilla Congratulations!! That’s huge news!
@343Postums @ConsumingLipids Alas, that train totally passed me by. :( I started BR's with Fortnite, Apex became my… @Exellion_ Congratulations dude!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ @beeonkeyco Don't feel too bad - I had to shame delete a Tweet from this morning because I wrote "if" instead of "i…