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Communications Manager at @WatchMixer, formerly of @MonolithDev/@WBGames. Forged in the fires of community. Personal account. Average at being excellent.

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@nickchester I started this today after falling down a Reddit rabbit hole, super interesting so far. @raphanegrao American Raphael has a very particular charm about him - it’s true @TheNinjaWolf @miDnIghtEr20C @steinekin πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… @xLEGEND_tv @steinekin I'm just realizing Celine doesn't spend nearly ENOUGH time by herself imo
@CrystalizedPika I am honored to have been the subject of your art! Thank you a ton, I appreciate it @DrVortx @steinekin @wibneypls Of all the memes I could land as, I've gotta say, this one is ace πŸ‘ŒMY FINAL FORM. Thank you, @CrystalizedPika! β˜•οΈ @FlashFerret @CrystalizedPika It's PERFECT! I'm honored! @FlashFerret I think I'm more of a gremlin than a goblin, if I'm being totally honest with myself @LuckyShotsMIX Ah it's all good! That place was a madhouse - and, I mean that in the best possible way! @chibilola @steinekin I blame Joshua Stein. Every time. @AechDub That's remarkably common around me, oddly enough @AechDub Gonna make for a great caller ID photo, let's be real @PopeBear @MosinMixer @steinekin @DeeJ_BNG @GCXEvent @A_dmg04 I DEMAND A FRONT ROW VIEWING FOR THE 1V1. @PopeBear @MosinMixer @steinekin Favorite *in the whole wide room - I was very clear with you. Mr. Bear Sir @EvGres @steinekin Everett, you had every opportunity to negotiate and you accepted the deal. I'm calling my lawyer.>Presenting: My best angle. 😬 @Valsis_ @steinekin @steinekin @wibneypls HEY @MosinMixer @steinekin @PopeBear Stein is my favorite - just in an outright general way @MalikPrince @steinekin It's like you don't even know me, man. @wibneypls @steinekin @MalikPrince @steinekin Can't you tell I'm at my happiest?? @Dapper_Tux @WatchMixer @XboxCanada @steinekin @TouchwoodPR @FANEXPOCANADA Pineapple on pizza? @nscottg @steinekin Coincidentally, that's true for most pictures of me @steinekin @mistahwoodhouse @EthanRothamel @beeonkeyco @steinekin @steinekin It's been far too long already, boo @steinekin πŸ‘€ @XboxPope Where did you find my old headshots at?! @scooobaruu @SheriffStrafe @WatchMixer @scooobaruu @SheriffStrafe @WatchMixer Oh gosh I crossed my wires! But, I stand by the handsome enhancer. 😎 @scooobaruu @SheriffStrafe @WatchMixer It's the blush, isn't it? @XboxPope @SheriffStrafe @WatchMixer Hahaha, it's worth nothing! I'm just a gremlin out here 'round the Twitterverse. @rawrsnacks Long ago, my dad advised me to drive absolutely every single car I could - if even just to know what it… @XboxPope @SheriffStrafe @WatchMixer It would truly be an honor πŸ™ŒGo ahead - make it rain. 😎 @lizziekillian @TaraMBruno @ConsumingLipids @iv_javy @ZulaiSerrano @shelby_button @TomGreen1283 YOU HAVE BECOME THE SENSEIS @TaraMBruno @ConsumingLipids @lizziekillian @iv_javy @ZulaiSerrano @shelby_button @TomGreen1283 Lizzie and Alex, nailed it πŸ™πŸ™Now that #PAXSouth2020 is over, I’ve been looking back at my photos and found @asalisbury! What a great guy!…
Retweeted by π™°πš—πšπš’ πš‚πšŠπš•πš’πšœπš‹πšžπš›πš’ @SheriffStrafe @WatchMixer Sir, thank you so much for being a member of this community! You’re so much fun to watch…
@TaraMBruno πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ πŸ™Œ @ActaBunniFooFoo @corybarlog We talkin’ Chains of Olympus?? Because that sounds legit @TaraMBruno Does an awards list take that long to code?? @ActaBunniFooFoo @corybarlog I’ve honestly never stood more corrected in my life @Zedd @MLozada THE BABY D VA SHOT 😱 @corybarlog My OnLive and I are very happy, athankyouverymuch @devolverdigital @HotlineMiami @Xbox >🎢"Roller Mobster" plays🎡 @Slyvinlisha Go kick some ass! I can't wait to see what's next! @CatchMeTVmxr @steinekin @WatchMixer Absolutely likewise! Thank you for dropping by and saying hello - it was reall… @LuckyShotsMIX Dude, happy birthday!! @A_dmg04 You finally gonna join me and go as Bulma? @HeyKeego Hey it was chilly in there!I have never been happier to have a stock of red beanies, good lord πŸ™ @SuckerPunchProd I’ve never felt more honored πŸ™πŸ™ @steinekin I guess I get to start dragging that badass chain around finally?? Thing has just been sitting in my off… @emercis There was definitely some pride associated with that answer, I’m going to be totally honest @Atheris Dude congratulations!!
2020 @ConsumingLipids @Kahjahkins Look, all I'm saying is - wherever we end up, you'd best be rolling with @Kahjahkins Can't wait for this year's Prime!! @Kahjahkins Man, I'm not even going to lie - I still harken back to how refreshing that chat I had with the two of… @Kahjahkins Is this when I pipe up and say that you're rad? Because you're just rad. @DeejayKnight Dude congratulations!! @steinekin @elliottgray Quit flippin' me your mid're finger, Joshua @elliottgray @steinekin @steinekin Now - we need you in there as Tien. πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ @Bulika117 Right?? @Seansy I'm just glad they didn't go with Chiaotzu. @OneLetter #HEEYYAYYYAAHHHHHHHHHHH (Sorry, practicing) @thelatemarkwood I honestly felt _seen_ when they revealed their lead. I will stand up for the Seattle Uniform any day. @keithpape @OneLetter Haha, it's the uniform at this point! And hey, Delsin is from a cooler part of the PNW than I am, so I'll take it!πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” @OneLetter I FEEL INSPIRED. THIS IS AMAZING. @Justin_Glorious @OneLetter I'm just glad I avoided the Chiaotzu comparisons this time, tbh @ThingsSwamp @OneLetter I mean, at least it wasn't Krillin this time?I can’t stop thinking about the guy that came up to me at #PAXSouth and told me I had a good costume. So I said,… @steinekin @GeekyFriedRice @WatchMixer @chattykinson Seriously!! Now - for us to finally venture down to RTX πŸ‘€ @HellionTV @oOGingerAleOo You’re both far too nice! πŸ™Œ
@asalisbury I'm glad I got to meet you Andy! Had a great time talking to you!
Retweeted by π™°πš—πšπš’ πš‚πšŠπš•πš’πšœπš‹πšžπš›πš’ @HellionTV Likewise man! It was awesome seeing you at the booth so much! Thank you for coming out πŸ™Œ @DJBluePDX @steinekin Not nearly enough elephants in Texas! @TheTruthTruthG πŸ‘† This is an idea I’m 100% happy to bring up once I’m home @DukeOfFlukes I’m so sorry! Today was a bunch of stuff that moved fast - but, let’s talk much sooner rather than later 🀘
Yo @asalisbury it was great getting to finally meet you!
Retweeted by π™°πš—πšπš’ πš‚πšŠπš•πš’πšœπš‹πšžπš›πš’Big shoutout to these guys @asalisbury @steinekin @HeyKeego for taking the time to connect with me regarding Comms/…
Retweeted by π™°πš—πšπš’ πš‚πšŠπš•πš’πšœπš‹πšžπš›πš’ @juggonath Likewise dude!! Thank you for dropping by and chatting this weekend - it was so nice getting to meet πŸ™Œ @jasonjames71 That’s the nicest thing anyone’s called me in ages @Tru1P @steinekin @HeyKeego @WatchMixer @pax Dude it was a joy getting to chat with you! Thank you so much for dropping by 🀘 @SHAMETHEPOET @Beard_Grizzly @MaxScoville Thank you for the tree tutorial earlier! I used to make models a ton as a kid, and it’s been super ins… @HeyLochNess It was so fun chatting Classic WoW talent trees with you! @tokyo_bat @GeekyFriedRice @steinekin πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒSo excited to finally get to meet @asalisbury!
Retweeted by π™°πš—πšπš’ πš‚πšŠπš•πš’πšœπš‹πšžπš›πš’ @TheLostDrake I’ll be around all afternoon! I’ll also be around a bit in the first hours of the day - but, closing… @DiamondbackJax More reliable than getting word from Fenchurch @dadgotgametv @Tru1P @CatchMeTVmxr @Vyr1s @BetaWulf @Kenson_Plays @TheLostDrake @KaosKingTv @JustLilethan Rock on! I’ll be around…