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@anishgawande @rhodes_trust Wonderful, congratulations!#गोवा माझ्या मामाचं गाव नाहीये पण तरीपण गोव्याला जायची वाट पाहत असतो. यंदा #GALF चं दहावं वर्ष. #चलोगोवा   #Goa Ar…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowPalaeontologists discover fossilised feathers of Cretaceous polar dinosaurs Image from Kund…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowBecause I was late to the cannibal feast, they gave me the cold shoulder.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowHappy 34th to our favorite philosophers.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | HOUSING | | IS A | | HUMAN | | RIGHT | | _______| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•)|| /   づ
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowThe flashing of black and white these Sandpipers display is caused by their black backs and white chests. Coupled w…
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Someone posted this photo of the Rumi Darwaza in Lucknow and I can’t stop looking at it! 😍
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow What image should Rajpath reflect? What should be the shape of the new Parliament house? s…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @vmingoa Anthony Gonsalves?A small abandoned chapel in Europe
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowLeonardo Da Vinci, The layers of the scalp, and the cerebral ventricles, ca. 1490-92
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Adding to the #MosquesofIndia trend with this article I wrote on the #MosquesOfKerala a few years ago. @irenaakbar .
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowMosques of the Malabar, an essay by @growingthinnah that delves into this unique typology that brings a syncretic s… @PhadkeTai Opposite Ferguson College? Grew up in that restaurant.#1930s #ArtDeco #Manhattan - Park Avenue and 39th Street, NYC. This historic 1936 is by the incomparable Berenice A…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @asanyfuleknow Jee bilkul
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @iamrana This should be the motto for sensible people on Twitter.| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| Wittgenstein says that the other side of this sign is being held up by a du…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowDo people need constant monitoring for them to become worthy citizens?
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowAsking for Trouble If you see a man asking for trouble, and insisting on getting it, the only thing to do is to…
@mmazumdar2014 @vmingoa @FestSerendipity Isn't it!two years after we lost her, here's Eunice de Souza in all her glory on a Saligao roadside (it was her ancestral vi…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @NorthStandGang @saliltripathi @BCCIdomestic @joybhattacharj @NakuulMehta @gauravkapur @BoriaMajumdar
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@vmingoa heh! how to mute this? @vmingoa Eunice?
Minimalist interiors force the elite into utter discomfort and despair. But its picture in Architectural Digest mak…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowJust to be clear, I would rather my tax money is used for providing opportunities of affordable, quality education…
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@sukhadatatke @CityLab Welcome. Garnier does cast a long shadow on envisaging new cities.The oldest mosque in Kerala is the Cheraman Juma Masjid, believed to date to 629 AD—a claim that would make it the…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowIn my writing debut from France, I wrote for @CityLab about Lyon's beloved architect Tony Garnier. Fun facts: Garni…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @sukhadatatke @CityLab Excellent piece! @m_samina Watch The Elephant QueenCome work with us. It’s all about the city we love and Deco. #modernity #artdeco #research
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow"The lie becomes the order of the world." ~FRANZ KAFKA ( The Trial )
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @suhitkelkar I will support you from outside.If you torture the data enough it will agree to anything you want.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowThe annual anniversary poem for the mammal I married. 🖤
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @bombaywalee I have neither and no one takes me seriously.
@anoopkbhat Welcome.You are cordially invited to a talk by a world renowned architect. WATERFRONT CITY ARCHITECTURE by KJETIL THORSE… on solitude: "In religion, in literature, in politics, in everyday thought, wherever I have to go, I h…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowSüleymaniye Mosque. Istanbul, Turkey
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowThe Rumi Darwaza The Rumi Darwaza of the Lucknow is one of the most impressive architecture in India.The Rumi…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowActress and scientist Hedy Lamarr was born today in 1914. On 11 August 1942 she was awarded a patent for her idea o…
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@tequieremos In Marathi, daphtar is a schoolbag.Tea Asana... a New Position in Yoga
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowWhat did it take to bring the animatronic bull from @mrinvicible’s #Jallikattu to life? 40 days of work, Rs. 20 lak…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowNeither do I He trusted neither of them as far as he could spit, and he was a poor spitter, lacking both dist…“ستارے ٹوٹ گئے لیکن سورج تو چمک رہا ہے۔ اس سے کرنیں مانگ لو اور اُن اندھیری راہوں میں بچھا دو جہاں اُجالے کی سخت ضر…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @growingthinnah vessel with a handle in the shape of a goose head. From grave circle B, Tomb O of Mycenae. Probably th…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowWhat we need is an Art Deco revival. Buildings, nation, and mankind soaring to the skies. Aesthetics matter.
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Another robust review of 'struggles with imagined gods and other poems' by @poetrywala Hemant Divate, this time by… @growingthinnah Nice to know.'I suppose if the scruples I’ve overcome in my time were laid end to end, they would reach from London to Glasgow.'…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowThis is how you build cantilevers!
“Poetry is language beyond the call of duty.” Discuss.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowBombay culture is addressing every man except your boss as boss
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @naravive @poetrywala Yes, they were.Humans dug massive pits in Mexico 15,000 years ago to trap mammoths Photo by Meliton Tapia
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A compassionate, but no - nonsense review of @poetrywala Hemant Divate's 'struggles with imagined gods and other p… Armchair. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. 1927. Image: Moma
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowdiscuss. the old man’s remains can be brought back to be interred in this his choice of do gaz zameen in his own lan…, the city that gave a whole generation the traumatic dream that one day, they would have a verandah to thems…
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Retweeted by asanyfuleknowHedy Lamarr's grave, Vienna
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowTalking of Michelangelo A chap who, as the Bible puts it, if you say Go, he cometh, and if you say Come, he g…
On a day when my timeline is clogged with horror stories about the poisonous air quality in my hometown, it beggars…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @sridala Do tell of your experience there.Babur before India: Girish Shahane on the journey of a cultured emperor who is now among modern India’s most hated…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowWalter #Gropius designed the Directors Office in the #Bauhaus Main Building, Weimar, Germany, 1919.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowEngineering masterpiece 😊💗
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowSaying that Delhi Police has leadership crisis without mentioning that Delhi police reports to Union Home Ministry…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowComposition with Three Male Nudes, 1910 #schiele #egonschiele
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funny. very.
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Retweeted by asanyfuleknowThe Beatles taking a lunch break
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @ranjithoskote The dastarkhwaan in the painting is rather enticing!
1970: One more lane will fix it. 1980: One more lane will fix it. 1990: One more lane will fix it. 2000: One more l…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @asanyfuleknow @Shujaat_Mirza @kaiwan_mehta @growingthinnah @aadildesai Absolutely agree!
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @Shujaat_Mirza @ranjithoskote @kaiwan_mehta @growingthinnah @aadildesai Only the imagination of an architect like G…
@ranjithoskote @kaiwan_mehta @growingthinnah @aadildesai None of these proposals has the slightest clue of what to… pair of pieces about two people I greatly admire: Jerry Pinto and Shanta Gokhale
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I love Shoeblossom! He is one of my favorite Wodehouse characters. Plum's school stories are the best
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowShoeblossom Shoeblossom, looking as if he had not brushed his hair since early childhood, sidled in with an at…🔶 JOHANNES VERMEER Born Yesterday, October 31, in 1632 VERMEER “So long as that woman from the Rijksmuseum in pai…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowOnce, it was a movie set in the future. Now, it’s the present. Our present. #BladeRunner
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The rain it raineth every day, Upon the just and unjust fella, But more upon the just, because The unjust hath the… ragdoll discovered by Flinders Petrie at Hawara, Egypt. Circa 350 BC- 360 BC. Materials: Woven-dyed wool, flax, a…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowI love how Muslims give one word answers - Aur batao kya haal chaal Alhamdulillah - Hamare ghar bhi aaya karo Ins…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @gaurivij @PhadkeTai Excellent advice.
@asanyfuleknow Move to the mountains, I say. I mean there will be other problems and we will all still die.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowThey trip you up, your mum and dad
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowBest case scenario? You will die a climate refugee. @ranjithoskote @tajmahalfoxtrot And the last dinosaur waved back at him.