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@asanyfuleknow We can surmise that the Egyptian economy was booming in his time. #MensUnderwearIndex
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowA late addition to the corpus of Lal Děd, the Kashmiri sadhika and poet, in the superb translation of poet and scho…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowTutankhamun's langot. I was previleged to see this. He has 75 of them. #EsplanadeMansion #History #City #Historicity #Hope #Loss #Ironwork #Conservation #WHS #OUV
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowThis had more twists than a season of American Horror Story.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowPanoramic photo of the structure of the ceiling of one of the buildings of #mumbaiuniversity , Fort Campus.…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @kolayalee @growingthinnah We also bought a car this year. Ab aur kitna Nation building karein? @saliltripathi @SachinKalbag Yup. Provides a very satisfying al dente experience. @appadappajappa Nude @appadappajappa karamThe new Sant Tuk
Crazy idea for @JeffBezos. Your company has taken some flak for not paying taxes and worker conditions. What an ama…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @growingthinnah @kolayalee I bought a Parle G packet and did my bit for nation building.Elite tier - Chonak, Pomfret, Rawas, Surmai Great tier - Bombill, Shark, Bangda Ok tier - Sole fish, Milk fish, C…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowMore good thinking in this interview than a barrelful of government sponsored thinktanks.
#MumbaiLocal the #BahlolDana & #HarunAlRasheed story
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @DanHusain @JunoonTheatre @KitabKhanaBooks @sanjnawithjunoo @ranjithoskote @sameeraiyengar @poetrywala is exactly what I needed today. A strong woman solving a problem.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowIran; world's largest producer of pistachios.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @ViolentVeggy @yogeshkurhade @growingthinnah Its not about the student. Its about his teachers.Sab se pehle Jannat main woh log jaayein ge jo doosron ke liye kitaabein khareedte hain
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@anishgawande @chintan_connect Absolutely. Say when. @chintan_connect @asanyfuleknow We must meet properly soon! Enough of bumping into each other!
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @asanyfuleknow The brun and chai would be fine at 8 ... in the morning. I was the silly chap who was craving them a…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowThe new course is starting in September. Admissions are now open. But seats are limited. This is the best capacity… folding table plate was made in Kochi (as per inscription) in Ming style for the Portuguese, who then gifted i…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @SloganMurugan O jaanewaale, etc.Cherub with wings of acanthus at ye olde architecture schoole. Many men in Packy's position would have shrunk from diving into the rescue, fully clad. Packy was one of them. - #PGWodehouse
Reading @asanyfuleknow's debut book of poetry at Cafe Military with brun and chai. The chai is cold and the brun s…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @anishgawande Thank you for posting this Anish! I am so glad you are enjoying the book. Must do something about the… Zulm to kiye jaate hai hum apne aap pe barpaa, Jo khud ko izaa na dete to khudi ko beghairat kehte. @yamini_as Thank you for your efforts, Yamini. This addition invaluable for a well rounded liberal curriculum. @yamini_as @ranjithoskote @anildharker @vaishnaroy Fabulous!The Chandrayaan has now entered Jules Verne territory, but still has to make a bid for H G Wells (or George Méliès) territory.
@ranjithoskote @parmeshs Two much, or, as Mehmood would put it, three much! @AmberMDarr Thank you, for this! @parmeshs @asanyfuleknow The Ustad of Ustads!
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowFinally, seeing the restored Kipling House on the JJ grounds was an unexpected treat!!! 😀 Thank you once again dear…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @parmeshs It was a delight to have you over, dear Parmesh, and to be part of the many conspiracies you are contempl… a doodle dooh! A now iconic JJ leftover from an Italian exhibition in the city.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowThe gorgeous JJ architecture.... an oasis in this city.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowTogether he and our @indiaculturelab team had the most beautiful walkabout on the JJ campus -seeing statues like th…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowWith one of my favourite Mumbai people ever - the genius guru @asanyfuleknow - who spent all day with us today at J…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow#WorldPhotographyDay
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowRK Narayan's study at his house in Mysore. Although sparse, the house, and this room is particular, allows you to p…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @ViolentVeggy Absolutely! @ViolentVeggy Dont waste your time on regret. @ranjithoskote Peace and long life, dear chap!Dif-tor heh smusma, people!
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@ranjithoskote @iamrana That bit I learnt watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. @ranjithoskote @iamrana With the spirit of our true ancestors, perhaps.It's hard to beat perfection Especially of the Shahjahani type #AgraFort #WorldPhotographyDay #shotoniphone
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowA thousand ages in Thy sight Are but an evening gone Paleolithic, Mesolithic Age cave paintings in Bhimbetka Neve…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowFaloodeh (Persian: فالوده, romanized: fālūde) is a traditional Iranian cold dessert similar to a sorbet. It consist…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @anupamaraju It is, Anupama. The magic of Faiz. Also, watch the link with Zohra Sehgal reciting this poem.This remains the best named restaurant in Pune.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowWow ! Wow ! Wow ! Thank you very much @FilmHistoryPic , you just brought back my college going days by posting thes…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowSchadenfreude homesick and need a laugh, please send some quality Marathi memes my way, dhanyawad. I'll start:
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @BeingAnda Not Marathi, but hoping this will do
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowI am very pleased to re-post this immortal poem by #FaizAhmedFaiz, whose translation is now the most visited on my… @yamini_as @ranjithoskote @anildharker @vaishnaroy Please do. @yamini_as @ranjithoskote @anildharker @vaishnaroy Excellent! All the very best for this proposal.Lives of football men remind us That we must fight, and kick, and slug; And in departing leave behind us Footprints…
The Extra-Quick Lunch, a Mutt and Jeff cartoon from 1917
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @ranjithoskote @notarealpoet_ Yes! I hope it went well. @ranjithoskote @notarealpoet_ already did.It is imperative that Goa's citizens, always robust in the defence of their cultural heritage, should oppose any at…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowDay 24: #100Days of posting covers of books I love: 1 book a day for 100 days. #MyFavouriteBooks
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowNanak by #MuhammadIqbal #Iqbal speed of this run out😳😳
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow“Yes, no, no, waiting, maybe, yes, ah fuck it”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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@VaishaliNarkar @KitabKhanaBooks Thank you, good to know. @VaishaliNarkar @uyatin @NitinKhandekar3 @ansari_shiza @Zeelaf01 @amitsarda @Chemburstudio @lochan_upadhyay
Bring her back. A poem by Sofia Kioroglou about the Caryatid from the Erechtheion on the Athenian acropolis who cur…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @asanyfuleknow And so is the translation ! 😃
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @anupamaraju @asanyfuleknow Thank you. Please buy for you and your friends and family too. haha.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @anupamaraju @poetrywala Thanks, Anupama!Congratulations @poetrywala and @asanyfuleknow!
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @satya043 Faiz is something else. @asanyfuleknow “The antidote of severance has had no effect on the burning heart, on the longing of the waiting gaz…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @litemeter Many thanks!Now on Amazon. @poetrywala's pathbreaking poems in translation. A new edition with a new Introduction. Dates for r… dete nahin aur dil pe hai har lehzaa nigaah Jee mein kehte hain ki muft haath aaye to maal achcha hai you all for your appreciation. For those interested here is the full translation of 'Shab-e-aazaadi'… Exchange. When cotton mills rolled out as much money as yardage. Murals on its facade narrate a journey: pla…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknow @ranjithoskote Delighted to have you share this, dear Ranjit!My imagined gods have a death wish while outside my mind people struggle to survive. - Hemant Divate (trans. from Marathi by @asanyfuleknow
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this stained,         pitted first-light this day-break,     battered by night this dawn             that we all ac… say you'll change the constitution Well, you know We all want to change your head The Beatles 'Revolution' 1968
@suhitkelkar Listen to Aabida Parveen singing Ghalib. @r_ganesh Ganesh, you get the dubious honour of becoming a card carrying member of the Rubbish Hindi Movie club! Yo… Alfred Hitchcock was born 120 years ago today, on August 13, 1899 (Blackmail 1929)
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowBonk! An apple a day, if well aimed, keeps the doctor away. #PGWodehouse#Soria #Expoesia मधलं माझं कवितावाचन चांगलं झालं. @asanyfuleknow च्या इंग्रजी अनुवादावरून Zingonia ने केलेला 'मी-आ…
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowThis person's drone battery running out is the epic blockbuster movie of the year.
Retweeted by asanyfuleknowTen Hindi Movies Only I have Seen. A confessional repost that may cause you to unfollow/unfriend me. Now cleaned… @anupamaraju The long reach of the State?Cry, the beloved country.