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New Yorker staff writer. I write a column called Podcast Dept. My first initial is A.

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@howardfishman @Eddie_Schmidt To be fair, I get a lot of old jingles in my head. Like this one, when I'm frazzled: @howardfishman @Eddie_Schmidt Confident! Confident! Dry and secure ... and YES.What a day to see my hairdresser, who switched careers after a few years at Miramax. “They took him to JAIL!” she said, beaming.
My dad cheerfully told a Trump supporter that he looked like a young Jon Lovitz
@_Brendonsmall 🎶 Highway Hot Hail @johnwilliamsnyt @CharlesFinch Literally when I read Charles’s tweet, “Crazy for You” started playing in my head. Weird!
I am laughing with joyful anticipation’s a really fantastic profile of Stephen Miller and his influence on immigration policy, by @JonathanBlitzer.
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@williams_paige haha @lilageten Now THAT I want to watch.With a spelling tweak, title could also work for rival cupcake expertsJust learned that Hallmark's spring lineup includes a movie called "You're Bacon Me Crazy," about rival food-truck chefs who fall in loveRosalind Solomon, An East Village Painter, New York City, 1970s
Retweeted by Sarah Larson @gabrielroth That moment made me miss my grandparents. @Biedersam How about Palin v. O’BidenAs always, if you have a newsworthy tip about any of the candidates on stage tonight, my email is:
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Experimenting with a weighted blanket, which gives bedtime a slight frisson of being murderedColonel (Ret.) Rich Hooker is a class act. He’s a decorated war veteran and former NSC colleague of mine. In this e…
Retweeted by Sarah Larson @GMPaiella @robsheff This also describes me. @katierosman Knowing that she wrote it makes her exuberant singing feel all the more glorious.She also wrote and sang one of the most iconic TV theme songs, “Movin’ On Up,” from “The Jeffersons.”
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonNow here is a thing. Brilliant enough that Bill is doing this newsletter. But to hold up the work of a writer at an…
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Happy Birthday @yokoono
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonAlexa's delivery really highlights the freakiness of the name Blood, Sweat & Tears. @RaySuarezNews They're kindred spirits—that seems destined to happen. @asarahlarson The last time I saw the Governor, before all the current unpleasantness, he bent my ear, with volume,…
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonHow long till Blago ends up in a cabinet position?Hey! This major turning point in Butte's Superfund Saga that we've been following made it onto @NPR! Check it out h…
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonI love this beautiful appreciation of the great illustrator Gyo Fujikawa by @asarahlarson so much.
Retweeted by Sarah Larson @adriennemiller Thank you!
@ericlach I haven’t gotten there yet
This is not something you see every day: more than 1100 former DOJ officials calling on the AG to resign.
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@johnwilliamsnyt I’m telling Bill
The lonely heartache of futures and families torn apart is absolutely right. Nevertheless we persist... sometimes…
Retweeted by Sarah Larson @rtraister I’ve been thinking about and missing him so much lately. Can’t wait to read this. Sending you lots of JMF ❤️.Which reminds me that I did not post this story about his musical, which is about to go up at Playwrights' Horizons:
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonIt means a lot to me that you've posted this for three years, because it's also three years since my beloved friend…
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonAir travel is getting more and more like the Nichols & May routine where she tries to sell him a discount funeral w…
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonI’m really sorry he dropped out of the race.
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonThe fight for fair maps is the fight for democracy itself. Very excited about this movie.
Retweeted by Sarah Larsonoverheard a teenage boy buying a Valentine's card that said 'we are the same kind of weird'. shop assistant said 'i…
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonHatice Cengiz: 500 days without Jamal Khashoggi, love or justice lost - The Washington Post #justice_for_jamal
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonToday ⁦@NYTmag⁩ published this haunting addition to the #1619project — a photo essay of slave auction sites, of pla…
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonHello! I published this Sanders-victory-observation post yesterday but was too fried / asleep to tweet about it.
Perhaps not since Michael Jackson moonwalked has one person so influenced the way kids dance. Jalaiah Harmon of Fay…
Retweeted by Sarah Larson @KristerJohnson I saw a "woa" the other day. @lizziekastor @nhmeems @LilyBelle05 Oh, CRANFORD! The thrill of medical discovery! @heathermmoore @nhmeems @dianebell1 And RUPERT GRAVES @LilyBelle05 @nhmeems I believe I refer to it here as a red-hot stare-fest @rx3584 @nhmeems Oh MAN @nhmeems @LilyBelle05 YES! Watch it!! Masterpiece of intense staring @nwquah Steyer’s face still haunts Iowa, no doubt
This, by @laurenzcollins, is a perfect New Yorker story. A mystery! An obscure field of study! Hilarious details ab…
Retweeted by Sarah Larson @dada_drummer I’ve been away too long!Just boarded a train in Boston alongside a guy holding a bladeless hockey stick and a bottle of ketchup.“This victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump!” Bernie Sanders said, at a primary-night party in…
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonEpisode 17 of @StrangleholdPod is out. And it's frickin' AWESOME. LISTEN to it. We just put out four podcast episod…
Retweeted by Sarah Larson"Wall Street Pete!" being chanted here at the Bernie rally @davidmackau Holy smokes @jasonmoonNHPR Same. @jasonmoonNHPR Been enjoying "Disco Inferno," though, I have to sayI've heard a LOT of "Keep On Rockin' in the Free World" this week. @comaddox No, but he thinks that though a cabinet post wouldn't pay as much as Yang could get in the private sector… just sent a texted from a bowling-alley jazz concert to bemoan Yang's dropping out: "I'm not sure giving everyo… good old Kornacki on streaming while the Bernie rally plays CNN
BREAKING: ⁦@Everytown⁩, the ⁦AFT and the NEA released a report on the impact of active shooter drills. It recommend…
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonIn the meantime, if you want to vote in this year's NY primary, it's not too late to register! The deadline to chan…
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonThe nation’s most powerful law enforcement apparatus is purely a political tool of the President’s. Loyalists can g…
Retweeted by Sarah Larson @BrendanNyhan Oof @krnsnll I voted for Hillary, friend. Let’s move beyond intra-left vitriol, as my tweet was meant to encourage. @BrianStack153 @patrickborelli @LinasPhillips No! I’ll check it out. @BrianStack153 Me too. And I’m fascinated by its unapologetic sleaze. @dada_drummer @AOC Also, I love when people call him “Bernard” @dada_drummer @AOC This actually made me cry last night as I watched it. @jbouie This makes me INSANE about him.The Strokes just announced a new album, and there’s some mild moshing and crowd-surfingDespite how much I want them to, I suspect they won’t play “Barely Legal”Being at a Strokes concert is making me nostalgic for the early 2000s: living with @patrickborelli and… @cabralnelsonb 😍😍😍The Strokes playing a fairly adorable cover of “Burning Down the House.” amused/embarrassed that I can’t hear “federal agents” without thinking “mad ‘cause I’m flagrant” @pablum_man Or they’re good listeners @dchiasso Motherfuckers @Alex_Lily Girl, you are on fire todayCynthia Nixon, at a huge Bernie rally in NH, just mentioned Hillary in 2016, got booed, and said emphatically, “Oh,… there's going to be a clip coming soon of Trump in NH shouting out to the great revolutionary city of Concord, NH.
Retweeted by Sarah LarsonOh my GOD--Trump just confused Concord NH and Concord MA
Retweeted by Sarah Larson @dchiasso I’m at the Bernie rally, where the message is similar @dchiasso @nybooks @NewYorker TNY is good for houseflies or mosquitoes
This @MJSchulman Oscars piece is utterly, utterly delicious. I literally laughed (heartily, in public) and cried.'s my night at the Oscars, from the red carpet to the Vanity Fair Oscar party, featuring close encounters with…
Retweeted by Sarah Larson @erdanton Fruit is fantastic all year roundIn New Hampshire, just found myself wishing for a drive-thru that sells fruit. @danielradosh This is completely insane. (No disrespect to dubbing professionals.).@asarahlarson's latest from the hustings, on @BernieSanders. " felt good to hear a thousand people cheering…
Retweeted by Sarah Larson @dchiasso BLOOMBERG?!I wrote about Bernie's whistlestop weekend in New Hampshire. @StrangleholdPod @nhpr I also love this campaign-trail report by @lseconnors, of the great @vprnet podcast "Jolted,…“I heard they had headaches” ... “Iran appears to be standing down” ... “All is well!” Trump’s reactions to date af…
Retweeted by Sarah Larson @Alex_Lily @NewYorker Gives me something to aspire to.