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Blogging mostly about transport cycling in London and the South East, and about how fantastic it is in the Netherlands. Chair of @GBCycleEmbassy

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@ericsfraga That's good to hear! So as far as the emergency services are concerned, this new layout has to be an improvement @samuriinbred Given I was riding a Dutch bike with wide handlebars, I'd say there was only 6-12 inches between the wing mirror and my bike @ibikehorsham What I can't understand is that, moments later, they move into the A281 lane to turn left. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @langoo My impression was complete incompetence rather than malicious (but that could be wrong)Anyway, the bit where there *is* a lane has been improved a bit. New markings, easier to access (and potentially av… through the pop-up lane again today. Then, on the section where the lane gives up, this happened (swearing w… @nedboulting Also maybe they would earn more money if they made the fees more reasonable? @baoigheallain @carltonreid @FAB_Bakery @ternbicycles FWIW iPhone has a pretty handy feature - just hold on the let… a spin along Cycleway 4 on Jamaica Road #StreetSpaceLDN @willnorman
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It was only a matter of time. I hold the astroturf anti-Low Traffic Neighbourhood 'campaigners' responsible for th…
Retweeted by Mark Treasure @Benzooki @Steve16711988 @Jay29ers @Navarthian @lucullus @MikeyCycling @GarethRic @andree_frieze Try thinking about…
One more reminder: Congestion from cars is a car problem, not a bike or bus lane problem. The solution is fewer cars.
Retweeted by Mark TreasureAnatomy of an overreaction: After 3 complaints from 2 people & becoming aware of it being on Strava, @StockportMBC
Retweeted by Mark Treasure @cyclist_london @velobetty Sorry, just to be clear, I mean that proper sinusoidal humps have a smooth curved profil… @cyclist_london @velobetty Sinuisodal humps don’t have sharp bumps though.
@Pascal_Amsterda @Paul_SLG @AndrewHWestern This is Trafford in Greater ManchesterToday was my last day cycling to work. Large parts of the A56 pop-up cycle lane were removed last week. I’ve given…
Retweeted by Mark TreasureI would not have entertained riding from school with my daughter before the cycle lane was put in.…
Retweeted by Mark Treasure @velobetty Also I've had a look at the segment and only about ~30 people have managed to top 20mph this year. Paths… @don_dapper It's not - there's a helpful explanation here from @LinusRees - @bjsmithies It's not ;-). The old A3 is lower down the hill, and has been covered in spoil. This is a pre-existing… @camcycle , my 64 year old Mum, who never learned how to ride 🚲 as child, just sent me this pic of her new trik…
Retweeted by Mark TreasureAn honest assessment of the kinds of car trips many people are making in urban areas, usually because it's convenie… most big US cities continue to dither, Berlin's leadership is conducting feasibility studies to build a network…
Retweeted by Mark Treasure @theeyecollector @pj_clinch @galwaycyclist @KatyCycles @BobFromAccounts @PompeyCyclist @Pinarello_Pete @Bugs love it when a plan comes together 😀 @Vinothentic1 @willnorman @jonburkeUK Have you spoken to companies like @pedalmeapp who are capable of delivering g… @Vinothentic1 @willnorman @jonburkeUK This street is only pedestrianised on Saturdays and Sundays. When are you making your deliveries? @Stroppycow Oh no, definitely not, @SussexRoadsPol have got the wording absolutely right, I was just making a (sill… @PickardJE Is he the first chancellor to have his own logo?“A car overturned” District councillors have done their best to sabotage this scheme by insisting on downgrading it to only ru… @ibikehorsham @CycleForumHorsh @mihe2000 @FrancisVernon “no-one using it” update (also still not finding this mythi… again. Imagine how many more kids would be using this if it went in two directions, rather than just one @LinusRees @neil_gu Thanks, that's useful @KatyCycles It looks like it is, yes (although I then followed the access road along the A3, which isn't part of the King Alfred Way) @Mrdini Yeah. I'm not sure there actually is anything to stop them doing a proper surface in the NP though. This is… @neil_gu It's not the old A3, which is lower down the slope and has been 'grubbed up'. The cycle path is the thinne… @Pionir @RantyHighwayman Bingo @Mrdini Are you thinking of the South Downs Way, or the Downs Link? Only about 5% of the Downs Link is in the Natio… @fjjcas I rode from the centre of Hindhead to the French Lane junction on the A3, which is about 3 miles, and all a… @MCRCycleSam The lower section is an access road for motor traffic, so naturally that's been built to a much higher… @MCRCycleSam It seemed okay. It looks like it had a sort of gravel bonded onto the top of it when it was constructe… means it's accessible all year round by (for instance) wheelchair users, like this lady rolling along independ… the pleasure of using the cycle path around the Devil's Punchbowl at Hindhead yesterday. Despite being in area… @jeremyhoad @rec53 Are you aware that all residential streets in the Netherlands are explicitly designed to prevent through traffic? @velobetty @DocManniday @Continental @sksfenders The Bluemels are great. Light and absolutely no rattling. They als… @Ezy_Ryder @joelcacooney It probably applies to lots of other aspects of local politics, but policy positions on cy… @joelcacooney He’s popped up in my timeline a few times and I hadn’t realised until today he’s actually a Lib Dem. @jeremyhoad @baroncols How about filtering like this?
@iambrianjones Here's a link to it - still a work in progress @angryaboutbikes @mashable Designed by idiots who can’t imagine that road space can be used for anything other than… @iambrianjones (I’ll send you the link!) @iambrianjones It’s West Sussex (although it’s a little convoluted as Horsham District have some say over highway matters) @FieldsHighbury My tongue is firmly in my cheek 😉Conclusive proof that cycling interventions like Low Traffic Neighbourhoods are for the benefit of middle-class whi… @JJJollyjim @software_opal You’re the one starting an argument here @ibikehorsham @CycleForumHorsh Well, yeah - but I'd argue that that section is so inadequate *precisely because* WS… painfully accurate summary of how most local authorities view cycling"Keep our town centre grotty, we voted to leave Europe!", says Monmouth resident. Via @dillyboase
Retweeted by Mark TreasureA Jaurès-Stalingrad ce matin, des cyclistes passent dont deux en vélos de livraison, l’un avec remorque, l’autre en…
Retweeted by Mark Treasure @CycleForumHorsh It's probably only a 20 minute cycle from Slinfold to Christs Hospital Station now. Perfect for Sl… cycled along the Albion Way cycle lane, again. No gridlock, again. Replaced the traffic signs, again, which ha…
Retweeted by Mark Treasure @briseglace Yes, it was a one-month trial. Hopefully it can be made permanent, despite the motor traffic coming back todayGeorge Street, Oxford. As of today, no longer pedestrianised. @charlie_baker23 @humantravl @theJeremyVine @HeadwayUK I think we need to distinguish between campaigning against h… are Crimewatch devoting airtime to this nonsense? @DaveHill A responsible journalist shouldn’t be uncritically sharing made-up statisticsWandsworth this morning. No further comment needed.
Retweeted by Mark Treasure @pensionlawyeruk @NicholasHellen @McphailTom @Labourstone @CarlosMorenoFr @theTCPA @chriscities @allpartycycling Yo…
And a bus in the opposite direction. Why would wands protecting the blue paint cycle lane on the right be a problem…'s a lorry driving through this pinch point. The wands were inside the white line.'m really at a loss to understand why these wands were a problem, and why an MP has been pressing for them to be r…
@steveocrom Ah, sorry, explained in the thread. Orange is a “good” LTN with some walking/cycling permeability, purp… single one of these areas can't be driven through (or it would make absolutely no sense to do so). Theoretica… orange cells are 'good' LTNs, with at least some degree of walking and cycling permeability. The purple ones ar…'t quite finished it yet, but this is a map of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Horsham. It's taken a lot longer… cycling side by side through the London Fields LTN today. Mum's got a dog on a lead too!
Retweeted by Mark TreasureLow traffic neighbourhood, Oval this morning. Cycle down the quietway (which is quiet for the first time ever 😊😊) w…
Retweeted by Mark Treasure @andrewellson @peterwalker99 @thetimes There is a modal filter at the junction with Northwold Road as well? @andrewellson @peterwalker99 You live somewhere where the vast, vast majority of people don't use cars at all, and… @peterwalker99 @andrewellson @thetimes Yes, access from the north, via Northwold Road a lot of British towns, Horsham has a car problem. Too many of them. And we certainly shouldn't have a four la… @CorporalMum @Jono_Kenyon @andrewellson @thetimes The process will be exactly the same wherever you are - an ongoin… would be more honest to write “*I* need my car and I resent my use of it in the middle of a city being made slig… author of this piece lives in Hackney where, even as far back as 2011, 65% of households (households, not indiv…
@Marrekoo This is an east London local newspaper with the same name. 😉 (The famous Guardian was originally The Manchester Guardian)Just a thought, maybe he could park his car and walk for 20 seconds, rather than going on a 25 minute drive… @JamesWh10321408 @HorshamDC Stop using your phone while drivingThose crazy bastard geniuses at @wandbc have actually done it - they’ve solved traffic by letting everyone drive ab…
@MBTom_co_uk @mangowhizz @eddieduggan @theeyecollector Most of our local campaigning effort involves trying to prev… @mangowhizz @theeyecollector @eddieduggan If I argue that narrow painted cycle lanes make close passes by drivers m… @mangowhizz @theeyecollector @eddieduggan Nope. You've decided to interpret people explaining why bad behaviour is… @mangowhizz @eddieduggan @theeyecollector This is tedious. @mangowhizz @theeyecollector @eddieduggan a) You're responding to an argument nobody is making. Nobody is excusing… @Cornwall111 @BBCTomEdwards @OnLondon And? @mangowhizz @eddieduggan @theeyecollector Well, yes. Conflict would be less of an issue if our paths looked like th… @Cornwall111 @BBCTomEdwards @OnLondon It's a poll, using a representative sample, and is being presented precisely… @MCRCycleSam @GregoryRPettit @BBCTomEdwards Snap @Cornwall111 @BBCTomEdwards @OnLondon If you know, why did you say a sample size of 1,000 isn't representative?