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the eccentric, debonairic, the whatevathehellic. you know how it is cause as i say life goes on so fucking get with it :-)

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@Paulbyjove1 @LoblawsON yeah....let the business keep it's well earned profit for providing people with jobs and se… @AliasAtyp @OzraeliAvi Of course I don't support them! What kind of black person supports a group who champions cri… @LoblawsON Hi. So sorry for the long response time. Here is the link. @AliasAtyp @OzraeliAvi And please refrain from ever saying you support black people. You support the few crazy blac… @AliasAtyp @OzraeliAvi are a pampered westerner with no purpose other than to see "oppression" where yo… @MrAndyNgo When it (peace religion) does take over, lets just say the "purge" sequels will be very interesting @clairlemon You know, we men should not be in a hurry to get married, especially if the main option is down to craz… @OzraeliAvi "In today's story on how to protest injustice properly, we have the Asians. Now on the opposite end, BLM......." @MrAndyNgo When I was young my father took the belt to me whenever I deserved it. I am grateful eternally for that now as an adult. @ANTHONYBLOGAN The low and weak will always envy those who are their betters.
@NASCARONFOX @BubbaWallace @TalladegaSuperS @NASCAR @FOXSports Another smollet....This is why we black people are l… @bryce_payne_ @NASCARONFOX @BubbaWallace @TalladegaSuperS @NASCAR @FOXSports Nice to see more white liberals suppor…
@Crunchyroll look.....just drop the virtue-signalling crap and focus on providing your customers (me included) with…
@BayeMcneil Remember this: People like you don't represent or speak for all black people. Maybe black Americans, bu… @BayeMcneil Oh the irony! A black expat living in mostly crime-free Japan is telling black Americans to send their… @BayeMcneil The US constitution says so. First ammendment, right of the people to peaceably assemble. Just because… @BayeMcneil I doubt Japan would have any qualms about kicking you out of the country if you go overboard with your…
@pc_optimum Hi. I was wandering if I could get a link to the PC uberflip recipes book. I tried the old link but it no longer works. @LoblawsON Hi. I was wandering if I could get a link to the PC uberflip recipes book. I tried the old link but it no longer works. @PresChoice Hi. I was wandering if I could get a link to the PC uberflip recipes book. I tried the old link but it no longer works.
@MrAndyNgo @FordhamLawNYC how do you convince an Indian American to do this?! Magic?! How do you get someone of tha…
@FoxNews So stunning and brave she forgot to shave! @MrAndyNgo so, about that 2nd amendment....... @DonLeon24 @NBCNews I can't do that. I love her but then again, I am African and we are raised to to love our paren… @ComicPerch Again, though I like Trump and Ike for his business acumen, I won't be buying Marvel comics. Not after… @RubinReport I use to go to that college......used to....... @DonLeon24 @NBCNews whatever....look, as a fellow black person I will give you some advice: Leave the leftists. Dro… @ComicPerch nice try fuck stick. I am not buying Marvel comics. Ike left the company years ago so I know they don't… @MrAndyNgo " about that gun control shit...." @TheQuartering Tim, understand, they have to keep these savages out of their gated communities by getting them to attack the non-wealthy. @DonLeon24 @NBCNews okay? but back to the subject of the guy who killed a thug trying to loot his bar and attacking… @AntiTheBand @Lowbrowdefense @NBCNews Nope. i live in a city that sees protests and also sees people defending them… @Lowbrowdefense @AntiTheBand @NBCNews good for you. @DonLeon24 @NBCNews what do you gain from insulting me? Does it prove you right? Does it change the facts? Why don'… @ChanChari4 @TheQuartering I guess his life didn't matter to those fist people @TheQuartering He is a rich elitist leftist. he has to keep his peasants....i mean audience at each others throats. @Marnie39916062 @NBCNews play stupid games, win stupid pizes @roxxyboo22 @NBCNews which one? the store owner who killed the thug attacking his father and trying to loot his store or the dead thug? @rants26CA @NBCNews sure...if you dare. @OnesimoEsc @NBCNews nah. If these thugs know that they will be dealt with if they try to loot, riot or attack inno… @Truthte41726435 @NBCNews @Starlite28639 sure....while you are bringing system down do not try and loot or riot or… @tkozal @NBCNews um, no. thugs get what they deserve and heroes who put them down get what they deserve. @StephenStonebr4 @NBCNews racist! As if only white people defend the lives of their loved ones and kill the thugs who try to rob them.. @libertarium1 @NBCNews @Addor171 don't care. he a hero. he killed a thug and saved his father and bar. @MadddWWWorld @NBCNews yeah...if my father was being attacked and my store being robbed by thugs, i would defend hi… @DonLeon24 @NBCNews it is. Black thug and his friends tried to rob white bar owner and attack his father who tried to defend the store. @AntiTheBand @Lowbrowdefense @NBCNews nah. Killing a looter who tries to attack your father and rob your store is okay regardless of race. @kudosnwandu @NBCNews Dr. Phd did you know the thug he killed was attacking his father and trying to loot his store? @nerdyblue @NBCNews IKR?! They seriously arrested him for killing the thug who attacked his father and tried to loot his store. @robertoslocos @NBCNews yeah, the cameras helped. Plus, a thug trying to attack your father and destroy your store helps as well. @Steph_Lawton @NBCNews exactly. This man is a hero who defended his father and his store from thugs. more people sh… @iam2jellybean @NBCNews true...and he was defending his father and his store from the thugs..... @mohdomarkamal @NBCNews send me nudes and I might consider it....... @nthodne86 @NBCNews He raised his son right. He killed a thug. @JeMor00 @NBCNews too true. They are one of the few states that don't punish people for defending themselves and th… @HM11898987 @NBCNews nah, more like Eye for his father and his business that they were trying loot justice @NBCNews Good. Justice for a good man defending his father and business from thugs! @BillRus55999045 @MrAndyNgo i had no idea that being tolerant involved letting someone potentially kill you...... @simarilian @JackPosobiec @JimPolk God bless those Koreans. The only way for evil to win is for good men to do noth… @Rish_TX Wendys supports Trump? Now I have even more reasons to eat there! @Martin68072602 @Breaking911 people will see this and say "This is not my America! I hate chaos. I want peace" then… @kjfriend2 @Breaking911 @hound_liberty it is their culture @Jlyack @MikeKiyoshi @Breaking911 so looting is okay if white? thugs are thugs! @user1226460945 @Breaking911 exactly. These guys are just going to offer the stuff they stole as a sacrifice so he… @MikeKiyoshi @Breaking911 please keep criticizing them. Seriously, do not let the leftists scare you with the race-… @DonWLovett @Breaking911 i know! He wanted some sneakers too! @LarryChaffinCEO @Breaking911 @MercedesBenz oh boy....@ChrisPalmerNBA isn't gonna like we all know, rioti… @Breaking911 Seriously, when I see how tainted the image of black America is due to people like this, I can't help… @praveensaraf @OzraeliAvi it is their culture. You will not see Africans in the USA or Asians acting like this......... @OzraeliAvi it's what george what-his-name would wanted......Seriously, when I see how tainted the image of black A… @iknownaama just stick to sending nudes. There are better and less stupid ways to be an attention whore. @o_jvan @FlagelloMagoo @RubinReport where did this happen? I want to avoid such places in future. @ThatMichiganGir @RubinReport which parts of America does this happen? i ask because I want to avoid it by all means. @peckham65till @RubinReport @Ruthowe33470575 if only she had some sort of projectile launching handheld device that… @doodaadori @RubinReport but black no be violent....CNN say white spuremacy is da real evil! @SYSM44 @RubinReport be sure to carry a piece just in case the prick turns full thug. @mkgeiger1968 @RubinReport yo, stick to porn. This is a serious issue I doubt someone like you can handle. @KBR_USA @RubinReport because he is a big ole meanie! that's what he is! @GnGuy2000 @RubinReport Darwin award candidate here! @RubyLaw16 @RubinReport oh yeah....shame will fix everything. I am sure when she runs into a more....proactive memb… @UpTheIrons83 @RubinReport yeah....America doesn't arrest black criminals when the race card is thrown. How many lo… @TOKiMONSTA I wanted you to clarify who your fund would be helping get bail before I donated. But I doubt you will… @BBCBreaking @MrAndyNgo Surprised the BBC actually reported on this. Figured they would try to paint the cops as racists. @RealJamesWoods @politicalbhanti @thecjpearson Got ya, fam. @MrAndyNgo Please talk about this. @OzraeliAvi Could you talk about this? People are finally waking up. the country burns, Americans are embracing their inner “Roof Koreans”: via @warisboring @RMBFLK @AdamWagner1 U.K: Passes irrelevant and stupid draconian sex laws that do nothing to help their citizens (s… @AdamWagner1 U.K: Passes irrelevant and stupid draconian sex laws that do nothing to help their citizens (seriously… @TOKiMONSTA You mention protests. rioting and looting is happening during these protests. most of the people you ai… @stephlgreen @benshapiro Rooftop Koreans had the right idea....
@TOKiMONSTA that is all well and good, but what does any of this have to do with the protests, lootings and riots? @uneekdesigns @davidscottjaffe what facts? @MrAndyNgo @OregonGovBrown @tedwheeler @JoAnnPDX She looks like an emaciated crack addict. That is all i need to know. @uneekdesigns @davidscottjaffe thanks pal. I like seeing a good joke now and then. But I asked a serious question. @TOKiMONSTA Is this being done to support those arrested in connection the recent protest/riots? @foxnation @MrAndyNgo @laralogan Andy, thank you for your great work. I hope you are armed. These....people won't give you any quarter! @MrAndyNgo Wow...It is a damn great thing Turdeau banned all those nasty guns. Heck, it is so wonderful that Canada… @OzraeliAvi It's what George would have wanted!🤣🤔🤣