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Message received loud and clear my bredda @MagnomBeats a true thing you a talk “My Baby” a global vibe Afro DanceHa…“We not the same, I breed you and many emcees in that town, let’s keep it lyrical “Message to ayigbe toffee wrapper… all my Island Queens more me na forget unur Blessings fall pun onor.Cook something good for your King. Happy Ind… Indendence Day my sweet Jamaica. Africa and Jamaica is the same place 🇯🇲 . Watch full video on my IG TV Aseml… up in the morning thank God for Life , Alweays. ASEM
Rehearsals with the band. WEATHER CHANNEL COMING, ASEM #Asem #AsemMusic #WeatherChannel #Ep #NewMusic #Magician other news this is a video of that foolish boy qxb uvw xyz my head is big with no brain chromosomes mr meti kond… in that town confuse tv presenters / news anchors with journalists.I can count on my fingers the number of go… plan and they plot but the light guide we. A History Lesson. Are you not entertained?Message to sokoi & co A.S…
ALREADY Beyonce Shatta Major Lazer,ASEM Flava #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayVibes #AsaaseSoundClash #Already #Beyonce love Kokonte, lapiwa is highly favoured Its true that my teeth is brown like Kokonte and not white just like how… allegation,defamation. Abuse of women is bad and must be stopped. Women love ASEM ❤️ #Asem #AsemMusic abusers don’t deserve to be on Twitter. That foolish boy should be banned from any comedy show in that town.… video of QXB UVW XYZ slapping ready to fight a beautiful innocent girl on live television when they made the mist…’s a video of you on the internet slapping that beautiful woman when they made a mistake of allowing your stup… throws one stone ati kelenkele big headed humpty dumty QXB has a big fall scatter bad mind.Your entire timelin…
So the Amerado boy thinks he can steal my idea and profit off it and I won’t get my share ? Hahaha small boys are… Of All. Message to QXB UVW XYZ or whatever your name is you’re not funny. It’s on now unless you will beg m… throwing a challenge to all the so called comedians in that town who is funnier has more wit and banter than me… Accra to Lagos to New York Dey been biting my flow and jocking my style from long time and still in 2020. Fals… is already a classic hit off a freestyle and I ain’t dropped a song yet.I’m different breed lyrical beast to… piw piw piw Tiw tiw tiw tiw Fiw fiw fiw fiw. Shiw shiw shiw shiw WEATHER CHANNEL COMING SOON ASEM 🎩👑✊🏿❤️😂😂 But Coppy Kojo is funnier than a lot of the fools in that town.They haven’t hone the skill to be called comedian… coppy kojo the clown that he has a missed call. When it comes to creavity I’m his Father on all levels. Rap ,s… Im coming oh my people please who is Yakubu? I think I know a yawa rapper with similar traits ebey kwaw k3t3 ana… a new photo: your immune system with a 30 minute run in the morning to start off your week right. This also helps you get… Friday S3 EP 12 Bubbly Lady, ASEM via @YouTube
False Prophets Freestyle. Dj Khaled Drake Pop star Flip,ASEM. #Asem #AsemMusic #WeatherChannel #Ep #NewMusic up in the morning, thank God for life, alweays. ASEM 🙏🏿
ASEM - MAGICIAN ( OFFICIAL TRAILER ) WEATHER CHANNEL COMING SOON #Asem #AsemMusic #WeatherChannel #Ep #NewMusic - MAGICIAN (OFFICIAL TRAILER) via @YouTubeEveryone therefore who hears these words of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man, who built his hous…
Freestyle Friday S3 EP 12 Bubbly Lady,ASEM #FreestyleFriday #Asem #AsemMusic #WeatherChannel #Ep #NewMusic #HipHop Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters may Allah continue to shine light and love ❤️ #EidAlAdha #EidMubarakThing for you , never lost. Black Is King 👑.Full video on IG Asemlive #BlackIsKing #AlreadyVideo #Beyonce Music Playlist via @YouTube😂 it’s all love Coppy Kojo I can see you need content don’t worry I’m dropping a new video soon 😂❤️’s not allow this to destract us from the fact that weather channel is coming soon
Retweeted by ASEM #Asem #Weatherchannel #Ep #Comingsoon #NanaThis song right here goes hard 🔥🔥🔥 you Coppy kojo but Point of correction what you shld say is one of the hardest Asem joints, every asem song i… up in the morning, thank God for life, alweays. ASEM 🙏🏿Still in form, back in shape. We train to fight against oppression in the planet of apes. Black Star 💫ASEM 🦍 🌎 WEA…
The usurper is always a liar and every liar is a thief. Fools multiply when wise men are silent.Full vid on IG… usurper is always a liar and every liar is a thief. Fools multiply when wise men are silent.Full vid on IG… aware of false prophets.
Retweeted by ASEM #Asem #Weatherchannel #Ep #Comingsoon #NanaBy their fruits you will know them ,false prophets. The abuse of women on that continent around the globe must stop… was robbed today in Burbank outside of Wingstop on San Fernando. They got about 10k in cash, my backpack with my…
Retweeted by ASEM #Asem #Weatherchannel #Ep #Comingsoon #NanaAs for that yawa rapper I have nothing more else to say, been telling y’all he’s fake .ASEM #Asem #AsemMusic good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 (G)Every tree that does not bear good fru… 7:15-20 “Beware of false prophets,who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves… up in the morning, thank God for life, alweays. ASEM 🙏🏿Check out Asem on #SoundCloud
I’m a different breed, Black Star 💫 ASEM. WEATHER CHANNEL COMING SOON 🎩👑✊🏿❤️ that town eh somebody say make samini go battle iwan smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ 😂 what samini is saying is true tho i agree wit… summer Olympic games I’m contesting in the stone throwing challenge which is also known as water polo so ive b… give thanks still, Jah alone my strength & will.ASEM #Asem #AsemMusic #WeatherChannel #Ep #NewMusic #Magician to mr avu koklo. Best of luck you suck. Watch full video on IG @Asemliveoffial ASEM #Asem #AsemMusic and listen 👂🏿to the verse closely if you know you know, I’ve been influencing the game from long time ago and st… biting my style and flow all over the world and Africa. Falz The Bad Guy’s verse on JJ Rawlings. ASEM is th… up in the morning thank God for life , alweays . ASEM 🙏🏿
I had to catch a vibe on this one. ASEM MIX, RISKY REFIX big ups to DaVido and PopCaan for the inspiration.… Women Lives Matter. Justice For Breonna Taylor. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterNyc #BlackLivesMatterDC many dancehall fans I would love to see a Shatta Stonebwoy sound clash for the culture. It will be tougher Dan… you can’t talk about dancehall In that town and forget Yoggi Doggie and Mud Fish.Samini and Stonebwoy are the R… dancehall fraternity in that town ,has lots of bad bad emcees I can’t name all but I would say of recent times… have a lot of respect for Samini and his son stonebwoy for their talent and achievements in music but if we are b…’s a difference between dancehall , ragga, reggae, dub step and AfroBeats. Y’all need to do your research befo…
WEATHER CHANNEL EP COMING SOON.ASEM #Asem #AsemMusic #WeatherChannel #Ep #NewMusic #Magician #HipHop #AfroBeats King ASEM bigs up DanceHall King Shatta Wale. One Love , One Africa Music Watch the full video on IGTV📺… I never said I was the dancehall king I said I was the Musical King. Watch the full video on my IGTV… so I have a question for sokoi village,the artiste bigger than Sean ebey ASEM or Rihanna?Cus Queen Bee is bigger… Friday S3 EP 11 Friend Zone - ASEM via @YouTube your morning run replenish energy levels with some kush,fresh squeezed orange juice,ocean water and sunlight…
Billionaire Boys Club. Private island for me and my Beabey. Y’all kyant releate, we a not mates.#Asem #AsemMusic😂❤️ Asem pappy new rap group coming soon “the King & the clown 👑 🤡 U and Chelsea both finish the season in the top 4 spot with 66 pointsThe fact that Man U is 3rd above Chelsea o… chale the shattayonce already video dem release am Anaa? I Dey search am for YouTube I no Dey find. Somebody hel… massage on the rocks in the ocean ,y’all kyant releate. Appy Sundae me still deya. Swimming lessons coming soo… is good, he scores another goal to make it Chelsea 2 Wolves 0 after Mason mounted the first one. Half time… must be a win or nothing for Chelsea as they go against Wolves in this final day premier league clash. Champions… To The People. #BlackLivesMatter #BreonnaTalyor #NoRoomForRacism #GeorgeFloyd #SandraBland #TrayvonMartin am the King Of Comedy, Sattire and Farce.Message to coppy coppy kojo. In that town they all copy me all of them I…
Yes the cats out the bag, Im a black man who can’t swim so I stay at the bank laughing all the way to the bank. Swi… Channel Coming Soon. ASEM #Asem #AsemMusic #WeatherChannel #Ep #NewMusic #Magician #ComingSoon #HipHop
Freestyle Friday S3 EP 11 Friend Zone,ASEM. #FreestyleFriday #FridayMotivation #Folklore #Asem #AsemMusic Music Playlist via @YouTube is this kelvyn Colt guy ? He really killed his verse. Wassup with stonebwoy and guys called kelvyn? As for soko…
As for that other wack empty sack rapper too e say what ?Talk is cheap you can’t even face me in a rap battle you a… Of Rap.Founder flow massacre,aftershock and matters arising. Will take 10 of your songs to match 1 ASEM song… ups Hammer of the last two, Most people don’t know that I was a last two boy before his time. I decided to lea… my label mate was an rnb singer it disqualifies me from being a dope rapper? I mean where is the logic in t… good life is when you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are for what you have.… Dogg and DMX going back and forth on live camera it’s definitely going to be a gangsters party. We dont deser…