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i like to draw and play games sometimes ♡ 🇲🇽 fueled by @gfuelenergy

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@AutumnRhodess wow 😍 @angelentity2 @TSM_Beaulo it just came on the case like that
@TSM_Beaulo @KrazyR6 yeah, i guess it’s just a matter of organizing myself and figuring out how to do everything myself efficie… @thatonebritt_ dang fr? i love this rice 😂 @KidSkys @HotancoldDZ @HyperR6S jason put me on last year at USN i love ithalal guys is S tier btw 🤩 @Chaiveon 🥺🥺❤️i will def figure out how to get all of this together to make it happen @popcornspieces ty so much for the info 🥺 i will def look into it all as i’ve never done it before :)I’ve thought about starting like an Etsy shop but I don’t even know of what exactly?? Prints of my art? Keycaps? Cu…
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@VorxBTW i miss it 😂😂#GoddessRevengeTour 😈 @Xbox @GFuelEnergy @xQc Ooo Bonnie is picking up my order Me: Bonnie? Wow, who’s this Bonnie why is she getting your food ?!✋🙄 Then… @Chaiveon literal sweethearts 🥺
@TSM_Merc this is adorable @Lyssa_TV okay I love your mom 🥺🥺When I’m older I wanna be that mom that invites their kid’s friends over to Thanksgiving when they don’t have anyone to spend it with 🥺I’m extra grateful today for my family and friends in my life. I hope however you may be spending your Thanksgiving… @AutumnMaeTV he want thanksgiving ham @Ryyleiigh @ShouldHaveCat LOL i love 😂🥺 @VirtualWolfGirl @thegamehers @pizzasapien @FastAnne_ @Ryyleiigh @KayWordley @xxpolitan @iFooYa @thatonebritt_ @MissAlexaDLG 🥺❤️aweee
@Rexevy24 nope but i don’t use boxed stuff i usually bake from scratch so idrk how to make boxed brownies like better :pFlowers are getting prettier
Retweeted by 𝓐𝓼𝓱 @Lyssa_TV @bannedgirlterra cause i’m about to make cookies 😢 @Lyssa_TV @bannedgirlterra so? @protox24 kinda have had it for awhile it seems to be getting slower lately too :/ @Chaiveon apple pie my fav 😍 @pumazakii it’s just food.. my bf’s family comes from italy and he loved it so ..Man it’s nice playing siege on a really good pc ,realizing how bad I need to upgrade mine 😢 @Rexevy24 read the instructions MAN @VirtualWolfGirl @FanFitGaming omg i’ve looked at these before just never got around to getting one they’re so cool ! @LoonaGN 🥺🥺❤️ily cutieI made garlic lemon chicken pasta for the boys and I tonight 😋
@TSM_Daeda irl stream ping pong tourney in the living room @Tomas_R6 tommy just better @Fultz the amount times i’ve seen guys go to dap someone up and then the other guy just shakes his hand instead 🤣 @GFuelEnergy @dakotaz so pretty 😍 @Ovailed ?? it’s my camera quality i literally have some on r u good.. @Goddess_R6 anything for you cutie 😋I think curled hair is the play :) @TSM_Myth @TSM_Pojoman gotta hook up the major champs 😈late night cookin up in da kitchen may have lost most my ranked games but those ranked kids don't have @Ash12tyn s brownies when all is said and done
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@iFooYa @iFooYa you said this my dragon now 😈 @jocelynagarciaa wow can’t wait to go on a date w you 🥰 @bridoppp @jocelynagarciaa ur son a piggy 😂 @AceDoloX1 It’s @TSM_Merc puppy 🥺Mozzie is so fluffy and tiny I love him 🥺🥺
@BirboTheAlpha thanks i was practicing my handwriting 😈 @TSM_Achieved ruined an innocent dinosaur drawing.. @pInvictusq yeah we’ll call whatever that is I drew personality 😂do y’all like my mando drawing or baby yoda better, be honest
live for a bit :) @iconicr6s you know what they say @Royal_Penguinxx perfect pic 🤣All these superlights laying around the house I don’t think the boys will notice if one goes missing...
@Ryyleiigh ilym 🥺❤️ @Ryyleiigh GORGEOUS BESTIE 😍🥺 @suprnovo 🥺🥺omg yes @TSM_Achieved omg TY MATT 🥺You’ve outdone urself, best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had
Retweeted by 𝓐𝓼𝓱 @Lyssa_TV and I love you 🥺❤️ @Lyssa_TV yes i’d love to make them for all my fav people 🥺👉👈❤️ @maddyelizabethr whenever i get a new pc i’m def getting a white case for it 😍Btw I had to use a candy bucket as my mixing bowls and a cup to roll out the dough 🤣🤣 @kristulR6 i got u :)) i kinda made my own icing but his is similar @TSM_Pojoman note to self do not eat if u plan on playing ranked after cause that aint happenin @ConorMcIsaac11 i ate rice yesterday and thought of that 🤣 @Royal_Penguinxx yup that’s exactly what it is 😂😂 @EasilyyR6 if u got yourself to vegas already you’d get one 😤 @bannedgirlterra i can’t stand y’all 😂😂😭 @poorIighting i agree 🥰🥰 @poorIighting ma’am i have seen ur cooking you’ve posted u might have me beat 😍 @ElitezR6 idk the team house might just devour them real quick 😳i made cinnamon rolls from scratch 😋 @jordyxbee OMG 🥺🥺😭😭❤️ @jocelynagarciaa i miss ur company already 🥺I finally met my bestie @jocelynagarciaa 🥺🥺👉👈❤️ @TSM_Beaulo @LogitechGesport photo creds
@MarmaladeR6s @Caveman71298252 EMMA 😂😂 @five5fivee 💀where:)) @AutumnMaeTV this is so clean keep practicing and you’ll get even better :) ppl ask me how i learned to draw and li… @TSM_Beaulo now take another selfie for ur pfp w the new mouse
@pInvictusq 😂😂 @ZachBeachTink LOL this is the first time i’ve done it i think, i cringed but tbh they prob hear it all the time too 😂 @ItsStargazerr i was like sorry i’m dumb i meant to say have a good day 😂After the security guy checked my bags he told me “Alright you have a nice flight ma’am” and I said “Thanks you too :) ” 🤦🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by 𝓐𝓼𝓱 @Viperous @Class these flowers are actually gorgeous wow @FoxA_R6 😂😂 @suprSeth @TSM_Achieved 💀💀💀
@TSM_Beaulo @SpacestationGG 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤